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Chapter 206: Shrewdness

Chapter 206: Shrewdness

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Without a doubt, Li Shimin was a fine young man. Not only was he the top-notch elite amongst the younger generation of Earth Confederation, he was also a well-disciplined person who had zero negative news about him. Wu Xin had met him a few times and noticed that the young man was polite, confident and wasn’t as arrogant as those boys from rich families, not to mention Li Shimin had never caused any troubles during his training days in the military base.

Such a fine gentleman!

Wu Xin then summoned Samantha into the room right after Li Shimin left. This time however, Ma Dutian halted his restless wife from her series of interrogations.

"Sam, people from House of Li told me that Xiaoru’s EMF isn’t very stable. I want to know why. In fact, I’m sure you that you know what’s been troubling her, so please tell me everything so that I don’t have to go find out by myself." Ma Dutian said with a solemn face. Although this dominator of Earth Confederation’s economy wasn’t a top-notch fighter, yet he did have an irresistible majesty.

Nevertheless, Samantha knew that this would happen someday, and she was in the dilemma of telling the truth or not.

"Sam, you’re the closest person to Xiaoru. I know she’d definitely tell you all of the things that she wouldn’t want to let the both of us know. So tell me, who bullied Xiaoru?" Wu Xin had been a hot-tempered lady since she was young, and even though her temper had become better after marrying Ma Dutian, still she would go "berserk" if she found out that her precious daughter was bullied by someone else. Back then, Wu Xin was very popular in school, and almost all of her admirers got their asses kicked after getting rejected. Yet somehow, she ended up fancying the average looking Ma Dutian, who at that time was still hiding his identity as the successor of House of Ma.

"Nothing much happened recently, but I think there’s only one thing that would affect Xiaoru..." Samantha replied with a simplified version of the story, mentioning that Ma Xiaoru fell in love with a boy in Ayrlarng, yet the boy only treated her as a friend.

Wu Xin was pissed off before Samantha could finish her words, "That sonuvab*tch, how dare he treat Xiaoru like that? Find him! I’mma kick his ass!"

Ma Dutian looked at his wife and said, "Calm down honey, we can’t force someone to fall in love with our daughter anyway. Sorry for taking your time, Sam. I’m sure you’re very busy at the moment. Don’t worry about Xiaoru, I’ll keep you updated."

"I’d like to stay, uncle. Right now, Xiaoru is more important than the other stuff."

"Samantha, you’re not a kid anymore. Hence, you should learn what’s important and what’s not. Don’t worry, the Elder from House of Li is with us. I’m sure it’ll be fine." Ma Dutian insisted, hence Samantha had no choice but to compromise.

"Remember what you’ve promised in the beginning. So far, you’ve been doing a good job, but from now onwards, you’ll be facing a tough road ahead. So be prepared!" Ma Dutian gave Samantha a solemn advice.

After Samantha left, Wu Xin and Ma Dutian were the only ones in the room, then Wu Xin crossed her arms and stared at Ma Dutian, "Looks like you know something, my dear husband. Why don’t you be a good boy and spill it all out for your beautiful wife here? Don’t say I didn’t warn you!"

The manly Ma Dutian instantly became a timid little man as soon as his wife said that. In fact, Wu Xin would behave like an obedient wife who stayed behind her husband whenever there were outsiders around. But when there was no one else, Wu Xin would become the boss.

"Relax my dear wife, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. Calm down." Ma Dutian said with a wry smile.

"Hmph! Tell me, who on earth had the balls to upset our dear daughter?"

"Well, it’s just a small matter amongst youngsters..."

"Cut the crap and just tell me everything, and don’t you dare hide anything from me, unless you prefer to have your bones broken today!" Wu Xin threatened Ma Dutian while pulling one of his ears.

"Alright, alright, his name is Wang Tong, Xiaoru fancied him but the kid fancied Samantha. Aside from that, Xiaoru also had another love rival named Zhou Sisi. Actually, this was just a small matter that triggered the instability of her EMF after achieving a great advancement in her tactics. Now that I’ve told you everything, promise me not to release your anger on the other kids, okay?" Ma Dutian said with a smile.

"Hmph, you think this is a joke?" Wu Xin was pissed off. No wonder Samantha acted like she was trying to hide something from her just now. Yet, even though Wu Xin was hot-tempered, she was not an unreasonable person.

"Don’t worry too much my dear, it’s just puppy love. Instead, we should be worried if they were mingling with each other."

Wu Xin began to calm down, then said, "Oh, by the way, I think Li Shimin is a good kid, and it seemed like he’s interested in Xiaoru as well. Wouldn’t it be a match made in heaven if the two of them got together?"

"Let’s see how it goes, honey. As you know, both Houses are still being targeted by the public. If there’s another marriage between both families, we would definitely become the enemies of the state. Most importantly, Xiaoru is similar to you, she has no interest in boys from rich families at all." Ma Dutian gazed passionately at his wife.

"You and your sweet talk. So, what are we gonna do next? Going back would only make Xiaoru even more upset."

"I’m sure the people from House of Li have already found a solution for that." Ma Dutian replied calmly, "Since Xiaoru’s condition has gotten better, I think it’s time to see what’s their suggestion for this."

The Elder from House of Li’s advice was to seal off Ma Xiaoru’s memories of her past months at Ayrlarng, and transfer her to Capth immediately. She would be taken care of by Li Ruo-Er in Capth, and at the same time, helped out with her tactics of the Enchantress.

"Sealing off memories? Would it have any side effects?" Wu Xin seemed worried.

The Elder who was in his forties gently shook his head and said, "This is the safest way to handle her Soul Energy fluctuations. Xiaoru’s memories would be released after her Level Five tactics and EMF had settled down. It would be just like having a dream, and wouldn’t cause any harm to her body."

"It’s our fault too Uncle, I didn’t expect Xiaoru was that talented." Li Shimin blamed himself.

"Haha, you don’t have to feel bad Shimin. I’m sure it was just a coincidence." Ma Dutian said.

"Coincidence your ass, Xiaoru inherited my talents. Of course, she’s good!"

"I’m so jealous of your family, Auntie Wu Xin. Everyone seems so cheerful. Unlike our strict old man who only treats his kids with a grim face. Ahh, how I wish I could be your daughter instead." Li Ruo-Er said while holding Wu Xin’s arms.

"Haha, I’d like that too my pretty child, but I’m not strong enough to fight against your Einherjar daddy if he came to our place looking for you." Wu Xin smiled and gave Li Ruo-Er’s nose a gentle pinch.

"Haha, it’s okay to count on us since we’re just like a family. Dutian, right now is the best time to seal off Xiaoru’s memories since she is still asleep. When she wakes up later, you’ll just have to tell her something else, for instance, she went for a trip to another planet." The Elder explained with a smile.

After a brief consideration, Ma Dutian nodded and said, "Thank you Elders. I’ll leave the rest to you then."

Ma Dutian was well aware of a couple of hidden secrets of House of Li. Judging from the appearances of those two Elders, they seemed to be related to Zhou Zi, the enchantress, who happened to be one of General Li Feng’s confidantes.

"You’re welcome."

Ma Xiaoru was asleep in her room like a little princess. However, she had no idea that her memories of some people and incidents would be gone when she woke up later…

"O sickness and pain, begone!"

Both Elders were gathering their Soul Energy around Ma Xiaoru as they began to chant the sorcery. Without a doubt, Tactics of the Enchantress contained greater risks compared to the other tactics. In the beginning, Ma Xiaoru wasn’t showing a lot of interest in the tactics, not to mention her personality was not that suitable for practicing Tactics of the Enchantress, and her progress had stopped after leaving House of Li. Yet, no one expected she would be able to make such a breakthrough.

Nevertheless, sealing off memories was the best way to handle the situation of going berserk.

Both Li Shimin and Li Ruo-Er left after making sure that Ma Xiaoru was okay when she woke up. In fact, Li Shimin shouldn’t have been here in the first place since he was on duty in the military. He actually broke the law and came here when he found out that something happened to Ma Xiaoru, but he didn’t mention anything to anyone.

They boarded the private plane that was scheduled to pick them up at House of Ma’s mansion. After taking off, Li Ruo-Er stretched herself and said, "Brother, I won!"

"Alright, what do you want?" Li Shimin smiled.

"Hmph, yea yea, you and your poker face. Don’t you wanna know how I did that?" Li Ruo-Er said proudly.

"Haha, let’s see. After noticing Xiaoru had reached Level Five, you challenged her to a duel on purpose, then you purposely told her about Wang Tong fancying Samantha as soon as her EMF was unstable, making it into a ticking time-bomb. Am I right?" Li Shimin said.

"Hmph, that’s not fun at all. My plan was so perfect, yet you’re able to know what I’ve planned in such a short period of time… BORING!"

"Well, you’ve been a great help this time." Li Shimin said.

"Of course, I wouldn’t want my future sister-in-law to be snatched away by a poor little whimp. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect Uncle Ma would agree so easily, big brother. You’re officially this close to achieving your dream!" Li Ruo-Er patted on Li Shimin’s shoulder.

Li Shimin smiled unpleasantly, like he was trying to say that he would be able to achieve anything anyway if he wanted to. Moreover, Li Ruo-Er had never doubted her brother about that.

"So, tell me dear sis, what do you want?"

"Haha, my only request is to keep your hands off Wang Tong. He’s mine!" Li Ruo-Er giggled as she played with her fingers. Unlike the innocent look in front of Wu Xin, right now, Li Ruo-Er looked like an evil enchantress.


"I’m your sister, of course, I’d know what you’re trying to do." Li Ruo-Er smiled at his brother. If she didn’t make this request, Wang Tong would definitely be dead in less than three days.

"Alright then, but make sure you ‘take care’ of him after you get bored. I don’t wanna leave any troubles behind my back." Li Shimin said as he glanced through the documents from his Skynet.

"Yup, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of my future sis-in-law, and no one will be able to get close to her!" Li Ruo-Er hopped up and left the cockpit cheerfully.

Later, Li Shimin dropped the conversation and focused back in his work. To him, everything had been settled already.

Meanwhile, at House of Ma, Wu Xin was busy taking care of her precious daughter. As soon as she woke up, Ma Xiaoru was told by her parents that she went on a galactic voyage and was hit by a space storm. Fortunately, she was alright, but she had missed Ayrlarng’s enrollment ceremony. In order not to cause any trouble to Samantha’s strict policies, Ma Xiaoru’s parents decided to transfer her to Capth, and she would be taken care by Li Ruo-Er there.