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Chapter 207: Crescent Moon

Chapter 207: Crescent Moon

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"But mom, I wanna hang around Sam. People in House of Li are too strict. They make me uncomfortable."

"Haha, don’t worry. Ruo-Er is an energetic and happy-going girl. More importantly, your condition is still unstable after your EMF reached Level Five, and Ruo-Er will be able to take care of you in Capth."

"Oh? How come I have no idea about my tactics reaching Level Five? Was it a blessing from that accident?" Ma Xiaoru immediately checked on her EMF after hearing about that, and it was definitely a sudden surprise.

"Calm down, you don’t have to rush. Right now, you need to rest. Are you hungry my dear? You want mommy to get you anything?"

"Cool, I’m starving mom. I missed your food!"

Meanwhile, Ma Dutian was having a conversation with another man dressed in a black outfit.

"Do you think it’s coincidence, or perhaps there was something wrong with her tactics?"

"There was nothing wrong with her tactics, probably she was just being careless during the progress of her tactics advancement. Judging from the reactions of the people from House of Li, it seemed like they really didn’t expect milady would be able to advance to Level Five within such a short period of time. Yet, I have a feeling that Li Ruo-Er did know about this after her duel against milady. Nevertheless, those are only my speculation. After all, they are only kids."

"Kids huh..." Ma Dutian looked solemn, "Hmph, yet this happened right on the day that we got our hands on the new technology. My guts are telling me that Li Taoche was particularly interested in on our latest VZPE Battery."

"Don’t you think it’s too dangerous to send milady to Capth?"

Ma Dutian shook his head, "That’s the safest place since it’s one of the areas of House of Li. They’ll be held responsible if anything happens. I won’t let them get away with it!"

Anyone that messed with House of Ma and infuriated Ma Dutian would never be able to get away unharmed!

"What do you think about Li Shimin?"

"Better than his old man." The man in black outfit commented.

Ma Dutian closed his eyes and said nothing. Again, he was different from his timid character that got bullied by Wu Xin a while ago.

After Ma Dutian ended the conversation, the man in black outfit stepped back and walked through a door that suddenly appeared on the wall. The door vanished as soon as the man disappeared.

Rumors had it that House of Ma’s Sky Mansion was filled with secrets, as new technologies would emerge every couple of decades…

Honestly, Ma Xiaoru’s transfer didn’t affect Ayrlarng very much as her role in promoting Ayrlarng has been done. Moreover, the academy had also improved significantly based on the recent performances of fellow students. In fact, Ma Xiaoru leaving Ayrlarng would also increase the competition amongst students. After all, her uniqueness had overshadowed the other students in the academy.

Right now, Ayrlarng had become the academy of ordinary people.

Nevertheless, this wasn’t made public yet.

"Sam, didn’t you promise to let me help you? Why did you listen to my mom in the end?" Ma Xiaoru was chatting with Samantha through Skynet.

"Miss genius, your sudden advancement to Level Five had shocked everyone in House of Li. So, of course, they’ll prefer you to stay with them at this moment. And since your EMF is still unstable, you should be more careful in your future training, okay?" Samantha advised.

"I’m surprised too, I really didn’t expect that I’ll be able to unlock Level Five after taking a nap. Hehe, I might really be a genius indeed!"

"Xiaoru, promise me you’ll take care of yourself after enrolling in Capth, alright?"

"You sure you don’t need my help, Sam?" Ma Xiaoru was still looking adorable as always. Perhaps she would be happier by forgetting what happened in the past six months.

"Haha, I’m only using your name as a gimmick in order to achieve my goals. Are you trying to ask for an endorsement fee?" Samantha laughed.

"Alright, I’ll listen to mum. But I really hope that I’ll be able to help you, Sam."

"I still have a few things to handle right now, Xiaoru. I’ll get back to you later, promise." Samantha felt guilty every time she looked into Ma Xiaoru’s innocent eyes. Samantha felt like she had done the worst thing and broken Ma Xiaoru’s heart.

Samantha remembered the time Ma Xiaoru confessed to her about fancying Wang Tong, yet in the end, she had "stolen" Wang Tong from her.

Samantha had always been a fearless and honest person, but she was deeply depressed about this matter. Somehow, she even felt ashamed to look at Ma Xiaoru.

As for her story, Samantha told Ma Xiaoru that she had later found someone pretending to be her and helped out Ayrlarng during the time she was unconscious. Fortunately, Ma Xiaoru didn’t participate in any METAL Combat matches during the tournament against Capth. But even if she did participate, they could say it was a stand-in hired by the House of Li. Moreover, people from House of Li would make sure that no one talked about this in the future.

Samantha stared blankly at the window. It was a sunny day but her heart was not cheerful at all. She knew that she would have to make everything right in order to return to her normal self.

Mankind was born to be greedy, yet sometimes, it would be difficult to act greedy.

After days of consideration, Samantha realized that it would be inappropriate for her to continue her relationship with Wang Tong. Perhaps she could be greedier and enjoy Wang Tong’s companion if Ma Xiaoru was okay, but now that Ma Xiaoru had lost her memories, Samantha felt bad to look her in the eyes. Under these circumstances, she would never be able to continue her relationship with Wang Tong.

In fact, Samantha’s relationship with Ma Xiaoru was even deeper than the one she had with Wang Tong. To her, Ma Xiaoru was her dearest little sister who completely trusted her and shared everything with her… She didn’t even confront Samantha when she found out that Wang Tong was in love with her. Yet, this time, Samantha realized that she had hurt the dearest person in her life.

Samantha’s face went pale upon realizing that. Then, she gathered herself and sent a message to Wang Tong’s Skynet. It was time for her to put everything to an end before it was too late.

This time, she didn’t use her dream and career as excuses. She made up her mind and told Wang Tong about the true reason behind their breakup.

Samantha felt weak after writing that message, but there was no time for her to lie down and cry as there were still a lot of things that required her attention. Now that her tasks had multiplied after Ayrlarng’s success, perhaps work would become the best remedy for her broken heart.

Samantha might be strong in many things, but she was just like someone else when it came to love and relationships.

Actually, Wu Xin didn’t tell Samantha that Ma Xiaoru’s memories were only sealed off temporarily. Perhaps, Wu Xin was still a bit mad about Samantha. After all, her daughter was hurt because of Samantha’s involvement, even though she didn’t do anything wrong. Nevertheless, Wu Xin was still quite upset because it was her daughter that got hurt.

Wang Tong then received the message from Samantha. He was shocked to hear that Ma Xiaoru’s body went berserk and nearly got her killed after learning about the relationship between Samantha and him. To be honest, he was surprised to learn that the little princess loved him that much, and it broke his heart when he learned about Ma Xiaoru lost her memories for the past six months due to this incident. After all, human life was made out of memories, losing it would mean losing all of the happiness they shared together, and Wang Tong’s name would be erased from Ma Xiaoru’s mind from now onwards.

Everything would be turned into a piece of blank paper.

Wang Tong had no comment about Samantha’s decision of breaking up with him, and he didn’t plan on seeing Samantha. Perhaps it was because their relationship was still in an early stage, or perhaps Ma Xiaoru was as important as Samantha in Wang Tong’s heart.

He suddenly remembered the silly girl who waited for him in the self-study room, the girl who would just smile at him every time he was late…

"Dammit, what have I done!"

Wang Tong realized that he had never rejected Ma Xiaoru thoroughly, maybe it was because he was still bad in keeping distance with girls. Regretful or not, she was already hurt.

Wang Tong was spacing out for the rest of the day, Hu Yangxuan didn’t dare to ask him, but he seemed to have guessed what happened. After all, Hu Yangxuan was a bright kid, and he was one of the few who knew that Ma Xiaoru would be transferred to Capth soon.

Hu Yangxuan dragged Wang Tong along with him after school. No one said anything as they walked towards the pub. Nevertheless, Hu Yangxuan knew that right now Wang Tong needed someone to get drunk with him.

Apparently, Hu Yangxuan was upset too about Ma Xiaoru’s transfer. In the beginning, his aim of enrolling in Ayrlarng was to date Ma Xiaoru. Even if she weren’t interested in him, he would still like to admire her from a distance. But unfortunately, his muse would soon be gone…

Gulp after gulp, mugs after mugs, somehow, today’s beer tasted extremely bitter.

First it was Old Fart, then Wang Ben left, and now, even Ma Xiaoru was leaving. Thank god Wang Tong still had Hu Yangxuan by his side, or else he would be completely lonely.

Even though it was okay to be alone, yet it was an unpleasant feeling. The saddest thing was not being able to have someone to share your happiness with.

Wang Tong was completely wasted, but at least he would be able to forget about everything for tonight. Both boys then hooked their arms on each other’s shoulders and wandered on the streets, mumbling words while walking in their staggering steps…

The boys fell to the ground before making back to the academy’s entrance. A shadowy figure noticed the boys were drunk outside, then immediately looked for the security guard to help carry the boys back to their dorms.

"Thank you, mister! They’re drunk because something bad happened to them lately."

"Don’t worry young lady. I’ve been there myself. I’ll let them go this time, after all, they were the pride of us Ayrlarng."

"Thank you very much for helping."

"Haha, so who’s the one you like miss? If I were twenty years younger, I would definitely ask you out." The security guard then smiled and sighed after turning towards the drunk boys, "It’s good to be young."

Zhou Sisi shook her head as she witnessed the drunk and asleep Wang Tong kick Hu Ynagxuan off his bed. Aside from Hu Yangxuan, Zhou Sisi was the other student who knew what happened. She was upset to see Wang Tong behaving like that, and couldn’t help wonder how he would behave if she were the one who left instead.

Wang Tong suddenly whispered a name in his sleep. It wasn’t Samantha, but Ma Xiaoru, and he was saying it in front of Zhou Sisi.

Somehow, people would only learn what they really wanted after losing it. Without a doubt, Wang Tong was attracted to Samantha’s sexiness, cheerfulness, and strong-willed personality. However, he had mistaken it for love.

Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoru was always right by Wang Tong’s side, and asked nothing in return from him. It was clear that Wang Tong would be happy with her, but instead, the boy liked challenges, and ended up fancying someone way out of his league. Anyway, it was already too late.

Zhou Sisi then adjusted Wang Tong’s blanket and covered Hu Yangxuan with a piece of bed sheet. After taking care of the boys, she quietly closed the door and left.

It was a beautiful night, and the crescent moon was hanging brightly in the dark sky...