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Chapter 208: Super Energy

Chapter 208: Super Energy

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The next day, both Wang Tong and Hu Yangxuan were having a headache due to the hangover. Nevertheless, Wang Tong had felt better. Perhaps it was time to forget about everything for the sake of everyone else.

It was time for him to gather himself!

Hu Yangxuan went back to sleep after class. His body felt more tired than Wang Tong’s because he had been sleeping on the floor for the whole night.

However, Wang Tong grabbed Hu Yangxuan before he could leave, "No more sleep my man! We have to cheer up. C’mon, let’s go for training. We need to let everyone know that we didn’t defeat Capth due to a coincidence. We need to train harder!"

"Spare me from your torture, buddy. At least lemme have some sleep!"

"No time for naps, go get the rest of the team as well. Or else, we’ll turn lazy again!"

"Alright, alright, let go of me. What do you wanna train?"

"METAL Combat of course! We’ve been wasting too much time lately. My body is covered with rust." Wang Tong answered energetically.

"Huh? Can we do it some other time? I’ve not completely recovered yet!"

"Nope, right now, we’re the only main fighters of Ayrlarng’s METAL Combat team. I won’t be able to do this alone. Are you trying to run away as well?"

"Calm down, I’m not going anywhere. Oh f*ck it, let’s do this!" Hu Yangxuan joined Wang Tong in the end, as he would never let himself held back by women! After all, men should be focusing on their career instead of wasting their time thinking about girls.

However, Hu Yangxuan soon regretted accompanying Wang Tong in his torturous training, as he was screaming in pain from time to time…

Wang Tong notice that he had gotten quite free recently. Hence, he began to fill up his free time with different activities in order to move on. He had never contacted Samantha ever since the breakup, and Samantha too had never called him since that day. However, he did hear a lot of things about her.

Aside from his own training, Wang Tong had also begun to input his effort in building up their "S" Society. Besides the lessons in class, he realized that one’s personal training was also very important, as it would help enhance the learning process.

The original members of "S" Society had become the main aces of Ayrlarng. Rumi no longer needed any supervision after joining the special training, and she even managed to recruit a few students who also majored in Intel Programming Battle. Although they were not extremely talented, these students showed a great interest in this subject. Furthermore, these strong-willed students would also have the chance of learning through battling with the Zhang Brothers.

Besides Rumi, Tita had also recruited five new members to his team, and since then, he had been training them hard with tons of physical activities. However, he was even more strict about himself, and he trained harder than anyone else. To the other students, Tita might be one of the heroes, yet Tita knew that he was, in fact, one of the weakest in his team. He was in charge of Ayrlarng’s Heavy Armed Brawl team, yet he had never won a single match. After watching the match between Scarlet and Jia Gang, Tita was well aware of the real distance in terms of strength. He had to work harder!

He might be the best in Ayrlarng, but he was definitely less skilled and talented compared to the other candidates from different academies. Hence, he had no choice but to train harder in order to become one of the best in this category!

Aside from being the chairman of the society, Wang Tong was also the one that everybody looked up to. Wang Tong was in charge of Battlecraft Combat and METAL Combat, while Zhou Sisi took the role as his assistant. Hu Yangxuan had also become more serious lately, and his job was to get "beaten" by Wang Tong everyday. After all, he was the only one in Ayrlarng that was strong enough to be Wang Tong’s sparring partner.

During their spars, the brave Hu Yangxuan would always charge towards Wang Tong while shouting "By the power of the almighty Templar!". However, he would always get KO-ed in the end by Wang Tong. In fact, "S" Society’s medical expenses had been gradually increasing ever since Wang Tong became the main person in charge.

A week had passed in the blink of an eye. Wang Tong was going through a report submitted by Zhou Sisi regarding the latest updates of every academy. Wang Tong found this very important as information was one of the crucial factors of success!

Nevertheless, that information was prepared by Cao Yi, who was extremely skilled in intel-gathering. Sometimes, he was even able to obtain intel from Moon and Mars, with the help from the Zhang Brothers.

Something big happened this week; it was a huge announcement from the CEO of FFC.

Apparently, they had found the solution to the energy source problem that has been bugging mankind during intergalactic explorations!

Before that, antimatter energy was the only option for energy source during intergalactic explorations. However, this energy source was extremely difficult to be extracted. After years of research and development, FFC had finally come up with an advanced option for an energy source, known as VZPE Batteries!

With the VZPE Battery, mankind would be able to set off into real intergalactic explorations without worrying about energy source!

This was, in fact, the "infinite energy" that everyone was dreaming about!

Studies of quantum physics had always been mentioning about an enormous energy force in the vacuum space that was subject to fluctuations about a dormant zero average-field condition. This energy was known as Vacuum Zero-point Energy, or VZPE. Its existence had been proven by scientists through conducting researches and precise measurements based on Casimir’s theory (Casimir Effect is a small attractive force that acts between two close parallel uncharged conducting plates. It is due to quantum vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field.). Basically, it was like a vast powerhouse in a vacuum space where fluctuations of energy existed in both positive and negative space. This energy existed in a vacuum state as it contained no physical particle, and this new battery was able to generate power through extracting energy from the positive space. At last, after many years of experimentation, the theory finally came to life.

With FFC’s technology, they had finally invented the VZPE Battery, allowing mankind to access infinite energy source!

Energy had always been one of mankind’s core issues, but from now onwards, this invention would change everyone’s lives, from daily lives to voyages into the vast universe!

This tremendous announcement had instantly created an uproar throughout mankind’s universe, and had even rippled its way to Centaurus Clusters and Andromeda Galaxy.

As a matter of fact, both Centaurus and Andromeda were not discovered by spacecrafts. They were actually randomly discovered through Hyper Jumps. Before that, scientists had been observing and researching for years in order to pinpoint their exact locations. Nevertheless, they had failed for many times throughout the process. And because discoveries like that would cost a fortune every time and Hyper Jumps were incredibly risky at that time, there had never been another discovery after Centaurus and Andromeda.

However, with the new VZPE Battery, mankind had finally opened the gateway to the vast universe, and with the assistance from Hyper Jump technology, mankind’s intergalactic era had finally begun!

Yet, that didn’t mean mankind would be treating outer space like their backyard. Instead, it was a doorway for mankind’s future generations. After all, humans were destined to move further as time progressed, as stated by Albert Einstein in his Theory of Relativity.

This also explained why House of Ma was able to stand tall amongst other Houses. Somehow, they were always able to surprise the world with a piece of new technology every few decades, and people wouldn’t even see it coming many time. Their life-changing inventions covered all aspects of mankind, some even suspected that House of Ma was actually hiding a top-secret technique or possessed extraterrestrial technologies in their household. Nevertheless, those were only speculations, and House of Ma undeniably possessed an excellent R&D team that surpassed the Ivantians.

This sudden announcement had once again enabled the House of Ma to become the center of attention amongst the other Great Houses, while Ma Dutian, the current successor of House of Ma, had become the man of the year. Somehow, this technology in his possession was even greater than the past inventions of Space Crystal and METAL Suits!

In terms of strength, House of Ma might look like the weakest compared to the other four houses. However, some suspected that House of Ma was actually the strongest of all, because they could be possessing some high-tech firepower that hadn’t been made public yet. But in the end, those were only speculations. After all, they looked more like businessmen than fighters. Nevertheless, no one dared to mess with House of Ma, because people needed their inventions to thrive and prosper. After all, they were the hope of mankind’s evolution.

Many forces had been trying to infiltrate House of Ma by sending in spies from time to time. If their espionages ended up dead, House of Ma could be definitely considered to be hiding something. But every spy they sent in was able to come back alive with no broken bones. Most importantly, they were not able to find any proof that House of Ma was hiding any sort of secret technology. In short, House of Ma was a colossal business tycoon of this world.

No hidden technologies, no extraterrestrial spacecrafts, nothing secretive. Yet, new technologies were introduced every few decades.

Additionally, House of Ma actually wasn’t as weak as it looked. After all, they were one of mankind’s Five Great Houses. And this fact was well acknowledged by their friends, allies and enemies across the universe.

Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoru had also become to center of attention as soon as the little princess of FFC transferred to Capth. Surprisingly, no one asked why she transferred to Capth, because it seemed normal to most people. After all, she had done her part in helping Samantha. Also, a normal academy like Ayrlarng didn’t suit her uniqueness.

FFC’s stock price skyrocketed like never before, and their wealth was definitely second to none.

However, the principal of Capth, Lieutenant General Flark, stood up and scolded the media for creating too much disturbance for the academy, and that it would affect the learning progress of the other students. Furthermore, Capth didn’t like their students being dragged into the gossips of the outside world.

Basically, he was asking for the reporters to back off from Ma Xiaoru’s life. Fortunately, people did listen to Flark from time to time.

The media knew not to mess with both House of Ma and Flark, so they obediently backed off. After all, both parties were powerful enough to make things quiet.

Although the media coverage on Ma Xiaoru had stopped, that didn’t mean that her fame had decreased. When people mentioned FFC, the first thing that came to their mind was VZPE Battery, followed by the name Ma Xiaoru. Rumors had it that her Tactics of the Enchantress had improved a lot, and was even able to defeat Li Ruo-Er, not to mention she was gentle, charming and well-mannered. She instantly became the dream girl of the year, and almost everyone was crazy about her.

On the other hand, scientists seemed to have gone crazy as well. Apparently, every physicist, astronomer, engineer, and mathematician was overwhelmed by FFC’s latest invention, and they were amazed by the versatility of this VZPE Battery. Finally, the problem that had been bugging them for years had been solved for good.

To most of the scientists, this was a pure scientific breakthrough that widened their knowledge, and had nothing to do with money at all.

FFC later decided to organize a special conference regarding this invention. In fact, FFC would always share partials of their technologies with the rest of the world. But of course, FFC would still be keeping VZPE Battery’s core technology to themselves. After all, those were their business secrets.

Still, it was able to create a gigantic uproar amongst forces and corporations of different aspects.

In general, mankind’s future was in Ma Dutian’s hands!