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Chapter 209: Return of the Golden Goose

Chapter 209: Return of the Golden Goose

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Wang Tong slowly turned off his Sky-Net. He saw the picture of Ma Xiaoru’s life in Capth; she was smiling like an angel.

Then, Wang Tong pinched himself; time for him to get over it!

"Dear mentor, you done with that? Here you go, have some coffee." Zhou Sisi walked towards Wang Tong with a cup of aromatic coffee in her hands.

Wang Tong shook his head gently, "Nah, I’m good, thanks. Oh, by the way, you can just call me Wang Tong next time."

Wang Tong was trying to keep his distance with Zhou Sisi, as he didn’t want to hurt another girl again.

It startled Zhou Sisi for a while, then she laid down the coffee on his table and said, "You know, not every girl who was close to you would fall for you at the same time. Rest assured, you’re not my type. I prefer boys like Hu Yangxuan. Unless either one of us transferred to another academy, you really don’t have to distance yourself from me, because it’ll just make everything seem awkward. And by the way, I didn’t know that you’re such a mawkish boy!"

Zhou Sisi then turned around and walked away, "Enjoy your coffee while it’s hot, it’ll taste bad if it gets cold."

Wang Tong stared at Zhou Sisi, then turned towards the cup of aromatic coffee and said, "Thank you..."

However, he didn’t notice the disappointment in Zhou Sisi’s heart at all...

It had been a quiet weekend. After their crusade against Capth, both Ma Xiaoru and Samantha had disappeared from Wang Tong’s life. And since Hu Yangxuan had also gone home for the weekend, Wang Tong was left alone once again.

After going through tons of ups and downs, Wang Tong finally understood what "worry" tasted like. Nevertheless, it was time for him to gather himself and get busy, he had to move on.

Fortunately, Wang Tong was an optimistic person who would never let things like this get in his way.

Wang Tong still got up early in the morning for his training, even though it was a weekend. Aside from doing his regular training, Wang Tong also began to work on the improvement program for himself as well as for "S" Society.

Basically, the students of Ayrlarng were still weaker compared to those from the other academies. If Hu Yangxuan and he were first class students, Zhou Sisi would be second class, while the rest of the team was only close to second class. Now that Wang Ben and Ma Xiaoru had left, Ayrlarng’s situation was not looking good. Instead of relying on a few students, the academy needed an overall improvement. Fortunately, the students of Ayrlarng were recently showing great enthusiasm in general.

Surprisingly, Wang Tong wasn’t alone in the morning as the amount of people training in the field had increased significantly. This was way beyond imagination, because not many students would show up at this hour in class during weekdays, let alone their precious weekends. Many would prefer to relax rather than working out. However, students recently seemed to have realized that their time in the academy was actually the best time in their lives to learn. After all, this knowledge would be very useful in the future.

Recently, Wang Tong was selected by Gansus as his assistant, and since he was also getting paid for his work, it was definitely killing two birds with one stone.

Although Wang Tong’s knowledge about Zergs was straightforward and effective, the way he understood things was not systematic enough. Sometimes, he would be confused by his own understandings or even end up with funny conclusions. Knowing that normal lessons would never be able to satisfy Wang Tong anymore, Gansus decided to hire Wang Tong as his assistant, enabling him to acquire more experience and precise knowledge while helping him in dissecting Zergs and preparing reports.

After becoming his assistant, Wang Tong realized that Gansus was more than an ordinary teacher. Moreover, he possessed extraordinary knowledge in extraterrestrial studies, which was totally different from those that were usually seen in data and reports.

Aside from work and studies, Wang Tong didn’t talk much, and Gansus too was not very interested in his private life. Hence, Wang Tong was very comfortable spending time around this teacher.

Gansus was totally different compared to the other teachers. He even told Wang Tong that it would be fine for him to skip his class and focus on his own tasks instead. Normally, a teacher would never say such things to his or her students, even if the students were above average standards.

Nevertheless, Ayrlarng needed unique students and teachers like them. Ever since Samantha took over Ayrlarng’s administration, Gansus had gained more freedom. Back then, Gansus was bound by the traditional teaching methods where all of his decisions required approvals and permissions, and students were not interested in his unique teaching methods. However, times had changed, and Gansus’ popularity was increasing day by day, making him the role model amongst teachers.

Instead of pleasing the students, Gansus emphasized on improving his students’ performances as well as increasing their enthusiasm, and he did it.

Wang Tong’s morning workout was quite simple. First, he would go for a five-kilometer run to wake up his body, followed by one thousand pushups using different fingers. Then, he would carry on his training at the Gravity Chamber and later begin to initialize his Tactics of the Blade for one circulation. After finishing every training, he would then have his breakfast and do some readings.

Basically, that was the daily routine of Wang Tong’s morning.

At noon, he would be seen working alongside Gansus. Surprisingly, both Gansus and Wang Tong were able to get along very well. They had similar personalities and didn’t talk much except exchanging information. If he were happy, Gansus would tell Wang Tong stories about the days when he was serving the military or some of his speculations about Zergs. Most of Gansus’ speculations were yet to be proven, but Wang Tong was smart enough to identify which one was useful and which one was not.

Normally, people would lose their appetite after performing dissections on those horrible creatures, except Gansus and Wang Tong, who were still able to have their lunch with great appetite as usual. Some were trying to be like them, yet it didn’t bother Gansus because in general, no one was as strong-willed as the two of them. Even if a person were able to eat as normal in the afternoon, he or she would definitely throw up or even have nightmares at night. People were terrified by the foul smell, those disgusting internal organs and the gooey slimy liquid of Zergs, but all of these didn’t disgust Gansus and Wang Tong at all. To them, it was like dissecting frogs and handling playdough, and they were extremely interested in the structures of Zergs and the secrets within those creatures’ bodies.

Then, Gansus would treat Wang Tong for dinner after work. Apparently, Gansus was very friendly, and thankfully, Wang Tong wasn’t shy either. To Wang Tong, Gansus’ treat was satisfying enough even though it was mainly simple dishes from the academy’s cafeteria. After dinner, both of them would call it a night and part ways. It was a strange combination indeed, and perhaps Wang Tong was the only person who was able to hang around Gansus.

Without worrying about love and relationships, Wang Tong had become energetic once again. Nevertheless, he hoped that things would continue to keep him busy. After all, it took time for every bit of his emotion to die down.

Perhaps he should bury his feelings into the bottom of his heart and turn those unforgettable experiences into sweet memories.

Fortunately, Einherjar Wannabe had calmed down a lot after turning into a METAL Suit. Wang Tong was able to understand his depression. After all, Einherjar Wannabe had been trying so hard in order to find a way to get out from the Space Crystal, and no one would be able to handle such an unexpected outcome.

Anyhow, Wang Tong really wanted to help Einherjar Wannabe, but he was too busy recently and had no time to bother at all. Perhaps only Old Fart would be able to tell where the Space Crystal came from. Sadly, Old Fart was still missing in action. There were times when Wang Tong would wonder what on earth was Old Fart hiding from him, and how he wished Old Fart would resurface and make sense of everything that had been bothering him.

Luckily, Wang Tong was not a person who liked getting to the bottom of a question. Those things that he had no idea at all, Wang Tong would set them aside and let them be. After all, whatever would be, would be.

Normally at this hour, Wang Tong would be chatting and chilling out with Zhou Sisi, but he had learned his lesson after the incident. Perhaps it would be better for him to be alone and keep his distance. Suddenly, Wang Tong realized that he had not been logging into PA for quite some time. Hence, Wang Tong decided to go check it out. Maybe he would be able to find an opponent if he were lucky.

The moment Wang Tong stepped foot into DREAM Heaven, the shopkeeper almost rushed out and gave him a hug, "Long time no see my friend! Been busy with classes lately?"

"Haha, yea, tons of homework."

"Haha, indeed! I heard that Ayrlarng has become popular recently. The people of Shangjin were extremely proud of you guys. I’m even planning to send my kid to Ayrlarng in the future."

"Wow, good for you mister. Got any room for me?"

"Of course, the usual." The shopkeeper was overjoyed to see Wang Tong. He had been fussing about business getting bad lately. However, he was confident that business would become better when the "Golden Goose" arrived.

The shopkeeper enthusiastically handed Wang Tong his access card, then immediately said his prayers to the God of Prosperity.

Wang Tong didn’t check the forum. To be honest, he wasn’t really interested in what people thought about him. He remembered Old Fart used to say, "Instead of worrying about how the others see you, you should be focusing on how you feel about yourself". Lately, Wang Tong had been thinking a lot about Old Fart; sometimes he would remember his cute reddish nose.

Although Einherjar Wannabe had been missing in action for quite a long period of time, his popularity still didn’t die down. In fact, his existence in PA had even caught the interest of a number of Martians and even Kaedeians.

Kaedeians were exceptionally unique and exotic. Even though Earthlings and Ivantians had seen Kaedeians before, yet to them, Kaedeians still felt like those foreign beauties from western countries. Only Martians were familiar with them, after all, both Martians and Kaedeians were living on the same planet. However, Kaedeians were rarely seen by Earthlings and Ivantians.

Kaedeian was a matrilineal race. Hundreds of years had passed, yet the community status of Kaedeian men remained low, but they seemed fine with it. Nevertheless, the confederal government would never interfere with the customs of other races. Which also explained why the Kaedeians in PA were mainly female players.

Judging from the current society, Ivantian girls were known to be more perfect and elegant, and they also had better contours. Martian girls had darker toned skins and were more energetic, perhaps it had something to do with the environmental factors on Mars. Martian girls were known for their great enthusiasm and straightforward attitude, and it might have something to do with the influences from Kaedeians. However, Mars had a more patriarchal society compared to Earth and Moon. As for Kaedeians, its governance was fully controlled by females. However, they did follow the rules of Earthlings when they had to deal with them, and would remain silent most of the time. Their beauties were out of this world, like the muses and goddesses of ancient Greek mythology, but the extraterrestrial version of them.