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Chapter 210: A Stronger Opponent

Chapter 210: A Stronger Opponent

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As for Earthling girls, the best way to describe them was they looked "Earthy". Or to be exact, Earthling girls looked more like human beings compared to the girls from other races, which was why they were respectively popular amongst mankind communities.

Instead of getting upset, Kaedeians actually didn’t mind being admired by the other players in PA. In fact, they wouldn’t get too close with Earthlings under normal circumstances. Nevertheless, romantic relationships between Earthlings and Kaedeians were very welcomed in the community, and both parties had been working very hard in order to maintain the harmonious relationship in the alliance. Normally, if a Kaedeian decided to start a family with an Earthling, they would adopt a Kaedeian or Earthling orphan as their child.

Wang Tong too was fairly attracted by Kaedeians; they did look amazing in an exotic way.

System notification: Einherjar Wannabe logged in!

Nowadays, Einherjar Wannabe’s popularity was second to none in PA, especially after he successfully defeated Kaedeian’s Art of the Blazing Flare with his Art of the Soaring Heaven, Einherjar Wannabe’s fame rose like never before.

The word of Einherjar Wannabe’s appearance spread across immediately like wildfire. More Kaedeians began to log in, all there to battle Einherjar Wannabe. Apparently, many players and technicians had been trying out his Art of the Soaring Heaven. However, they discovered that it wasn’t as good as it looked. In fact, battle strategies were not as simple as they looked; same strategies being used by different players would have different outcomes for sure. Since Einherjar Wannabe only battled one player in the previous Battlecraft Combat, many had doubted his capabilities. Nevertheless, people were still very interested in his battles and would like to know more about him.

Wang Tong’s recent focus in Battlecraft Combat was to finalize his Art of the Soaring Heaven and also his Art of the Iron Wall, one offensive strategy and one defensive strategy. In order to shape them into perfection, first, he would have to look for every small flaw within his strategies. In order to make them better, he would have to take part in battles. Challenging elite players would be the best way to fine-tune his own strategies.

Strangely, Wang Tong had a reason why his battle strategies were not as vivid as Carl’s. He had inputted too much stuff that focused on overall perspectives and timing, and his strategies mainly based on his own feelings in battles. Thus, they all looked weird and funny in the end.

Wang Tong had been trying out his Art of the Iron Wall against Zhou Sisi and Best during training, but the improvements were not as much as he expected. Moreover, Wang Tong didn’t dare to use Art of the Soaring Heaven, because he was afraid that his secret identity would be busted by a good player like Best, unless someone else in his team had already been trying out Art of the Soaring Heaven.

Cameron’s team immediately got busy when Einherjar Wannabe showed up. They were always standing by for his appearance. Now that his team had provided everything Einherjar Wannabe would need, all Cameron had to do was to wait in patience and see who he would pick as his opponent.

Currently, more players were trying to challenge Einherjar Wannabe, and Cameron’s staff had taken the trouble to sort out a list of impressive challengers. However, Cameron had also sent Einherjar Wannabe another system notification, requesting him to inform the administration about his arrival one day earlier. If he weren’t able to do so, it would be great if he could standby for a moment and give some time for his opponents to get ready. Surprisingly, Wang Tong replied and agreed to Cameron’s suggestions.

Wang Tong had decided to fully concentrate on his training; the stronger his opponents, the better he would be able to focus. Moreover, he would not have to think about anything else besides focusing on his training.

Since her last defeat, Rhin had been busy researching the methods of countering Art of the Soaring Heaven. She even asked her classmates to imitate this strategy that was used by Einherjar Wannabe. However, she realized that no one else was able to be as perfect as Einherjar Wannabe. Not only did their versions contain a lot of flaws, but Rhin was also able to knock them out with her Art of the Blazing Flare like a piece of cake.

In other words, the best way to conduct her experiments was to challenge Einherjar Wannabe once again.

However, she realized that Einherjar Wannabe had never fought the same opponent twice. Apparently, he was only interested in newer and stronger players. Even though Rhin had improved a lot lately, still she wasn’t really confident in winning against Einherjar Wannabe.

As a matter of fact, Kaedeians had discovered a bunch of flaws within Art of the Soaring Heaven after using it a few times during simulation battles, especially its super weak defense in the early stages. It would never be able to stand a chance as long as the opposing player developed a decent anti-interference system. Hence, many Kaedeians began to ignore this strategy.

Nevertheless, Rhin sought her senior Parese’s assistance. Parese was one of the members of Her Highness’s Guard Regiment, and she was also Kaedeians Royal Academy’s No.1 among second graders. After all, Rhin was the only person who did fight against Einherjar Wannabe for three matches, and she could tell that his Art of the Soaring Heaven was way different from the conventional ones!

However, most of her friends were telling her that the reason she lost was due to the element of surprise. She was caught off guard because she had never seen such strategy before. Now that it had been widely researched, his strategy would never be as intimidating anymore.

Opportunistic strategies like this could be easily countered. All that a player had to do was able to set up a perfect recon at the beginning of the match, and deliver a sudden ambush later, catching the enemy off guard and ending the match with the speed of lightning.

Nonetheless, Rhin still had her doubts, which was why she sought Parese’s assistance. She needed guidance from an experienced Kaedeian fighter.

It took her quite some time to persuade Parese. After all, most of her time was occupied by her position as Her Highness’s Royal Guard, not to mention she also needed time for her own training and also learning political knowledge. Unlike Earthlings, Kaedeian’s government constitution resembled the political status of the Medieval Ages.

The reason Parese agreed to help wasn’t because she wanted to avenge the defeat of a fellow Kaedeian. After all Kaedeians were unlikely to fight against Earthlings. She agreed to help Rhin because only Einherjar Wannabe was able to demonstrate the real Art of the Soaring Heaven, and she also believed that it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Furthermore, Parese was also quite curious about how strong the real Art of the Soaring Heaven was.

Rhin had been eagerly waiting for Einherjar Wannabe’s appearance. She had to show the other Kaedeians that his Art of the Soaring Heaven was not as weak as it seemed, and it was extremely effective against their existing battle strategies. Although Kaedeians weren’t interested in the fight of reputations, still it didn’t mean that they had no sense of crisis. After all, their home was based on another race’s planet, so they had to build up their own strength in order to survive and thrive.

Wang Tong was looking at the two lists of challengers prepared by Cameron’s staff, one for METAL Combat and one for Battlecraft Combat. Apparently, the challengers in METAL Combat were mainly players with glamorous IDs but funny battle results. Meanwhile, the challengers in Battlecraft Combat looked more promising.

After much consideration, Wang Tong decided to select an opponent who had participated more than one thousand matches and with the winning ratio of more than eighty percent. Based on the available data, Wang Tong was certain that his next opponent was definitely not some random weakling from nowhere.

Nevertheless, luck would decide on how strong his opponent really was.

Just when he was about to press the accept button, a long and unique name caught his eye. Wang Tong had no idea what the Kaedeian writings said, but he was definitely attracted to the translation at the end that said: Parese, Kaedeian Royal Academy’s No.1 among second graders.

Wang Tong instantly changed his mind and selected Parese instead. He had always been longing to fight against Kaedeians, because their operating maneuvers and awareness were very different compared to Earthlings. He was certain that having a match against a Kaedeian girl would be able to bring him some inspirations.

Wang Tong’s main focus was to strengthen both the Art of the Soaring Heaven and the Art of the Iron Wall to a certain level before he passed both strategies to his team. It might sound cruel, but there was no other option for Ayrlarng at this moment except getting stronger and stronger. Moreover, Wang Tong was a man who would keep his promises. So, he would still be assisting Samantha in strengthening the academy while letting her know that she wasn’t alone at all.

He knew he would be able to do that.

Ding Dong…

System notification: Einherjar Wannabe would be fighting against Parese in Battlecraft Combat.

Wang Tong let his opponent decide when she wanted to start; nevertheless, the sooner, the better.

Rhin smiled immediately when she saw Einherjar Wannabe accept Parese’s challenge. In fact, she was quite confident that Einherjar Wannabe would pick Parese, because he was obviously a man in search of greater strength.

As for METAL Combat, Wang Tong scrolled down his list to spot his next opponent. Since Wang Tong had already fought against Ivantians before, this time, Wang Tong picked a Martian opponent instead.

Wang Tong chose this opponent because of his unique name, Hwo Quan. It was a real name, in fact, Hwo was an exclusive surname of a family on Mars. They were known for being House of Lie’s faithful followers since ages. Generations of the Hwo family had been serving House of Lie ever since they fully obtained Mars’ governance. In return, people from House of Lie would select a few youngsters from Hwo family from time to time and would be teaching them Tactics of the Blaze.

Wang Tong was eager to witness the power of its extraordinary blazing attacks.

Nevertheless, it was basically his wild guess because no one was able to tell if this Hwo Quan fella was really a member of the Hwo family. Nevertheless, Wang Tong was already happy enough to have Parese as his opponent.

The notification about Einherjar Wannabe’s upcoming matches was immediately spread across every game developed by DREAM; such a convenient free publicity!

Regardless of being a PA player or not, most people were definitely interested in matches like these. As soon as the news spread, the virtual universe was once again lit up by an incredible uproar.

Even the server indicator of PA had turned from blue to red, meaning the number of users logging in was skyrocketing persistently. The unprecedented appeal of Einherjar Wannabe was absolutely amazing in this era which was already filled with different varieties of entertainment!

Recently, people even began to wonder if a God-like all-rounder such as Einherjar Wannabe really existed.

It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe was really planning to dominate both categories, but he would first need to overcome the gigantic obstacles in front of him.

If he were only trying to dominate METAL Combat, people could still imagine that he was actually an ace from nowhere who received strict training since a young age and later miraculously mastered some high-level tactics randomly and began to dominate with his extraordinary talent and hardwork. At least, people were still able to "explain" why he was able to perform like a real Einherjar.

However, this person was also trying to dominate Battlecraft Combat, which was not something that could be easily mastered by someone from a family that practiced martial arts. Battle strategies required recon and teamwork, especially complicated strategies like Art of the Soaring Heaven. Anyhow, Einherjar Wannabe would really need to bring out his best game if he wanted to make Art of the Soaring Heaven into a proper battle strategy.

In general, METAL Combat and Battlecraft Combat were two completely different territories, and Einherjar Wannabe was up for a challenge like never before.