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Chapter 211: Double Battles

Chapter 211: Double Battles

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Apparently, Einherjar Wannabe was trying to dominate one more category than the legendary Blade Warrior!

METAL Combat emphasized on one’s battle experience and capabilities, whereas Battlecraft Combat emphasized on a person’s commanding and operating methods. To Einherjar Wannabe, he had no other options but to go big or go home this time.

With Einherjar Wannabe’s fame gradually getting bigger, people were somehow expecting that he would eventually be challenged by much stronger elites and possibly even Level Six Fighters. They wondered if he would be able to handle the heat when that day really arrived? Would his level four Soul Energy still able to create miracles against opponents with such an overwhelming difference?

In fact, a great deal of strong fighters had been born ever since General Li Feng created METAL Combat. However, none of those fighters were able to dominate both METAL Combat and Battlecraft Combat. However, people did believe that it was a matter of time for such a human being to appear someday.

Perhaps it would really be Einherjar Wannabe, but only if he were able to win this time.

PA administration later uploaded the player’s information of both challengers in order to create a surprise element and increase their publicity. After all, they were only here for bigger business and paychecks.

Parese, a second grader from Kaedeian Royal Academy, not only was she the No.1 student in her grade, but she was also a member of Her Highness’s adherent. It was almost certain that she would become a famous character amongst Kaedeians in the future. After all, those who got the position as Her Highness’s adherent had bigger chances of becoming a general in the future. Based on her information, Parese was definitely a player that would cause Einherjar Wannabe some troubles.

Obviously, Einherjar Wannabe’s Art of the Soaring Heaven had caught the attention of fellow Kaedeians. Hence, they had sent out a much stronger player to defeat Einherjar Wannabe and his surprising strategy.

As for Hwo Quan, it seemed like he was indeed one of the members of Hwo family from Mars, and apparently, he was also one of the top-notches in his family. Only the strongest and toughest kid of the Hwo family would have the chance to learn Tactics of the Blaze, and it seemed like Hwo Quan had mastered it.

This meant that tonight, Einherjar Wannabe would be going head to head against tactics of the Blaze, which was also known as one of the Five Great Tactics of mankind!

In fact, some even said that it was the fiercest tactics amongst all five!

After missing in action for half a month, Einherjar Wannabe was finally back, and people were fairly excited to witness the two upcoming matches.

In the beginning, the administration intended to postpone the matches to Sunday, but their plan failed as both challengers showed up before they could make the announcement. Even if they were late, they would still never agree for sure. To them, it had nothing to do with profits or publicity. All they were interested was the chance to face off against Einherjar Wannabe.

Cameron was well aware of that, hence he had no choice but to make this as eye-catchy as possible.

Battlecraft Combat would begin at 2000 hours sharp… The match would feature Einherjar Wannabe against Parese.

METAL Combat was scheduled at 2100 hours (subjected to change), Einherjar Wannabe versus the almighty Hwo Quan. It would be the most anticipated match of a lifetime!

Right after General Li Feng created METAL Combat, a great deal of martial art geniuses had been trying to invent tactics that would surpass the Five Great Tactics. In fact, intimidating tactics like those had been recorded in history before, but they contained a lot of flaws, and most of the flaws would badly hurt its users or even cause a fatality. Hence, up until now, there was nothing that could overpower the unrivaled Five Great Tactics.

These five tactics were literally mankind’s strongest tactics.

As a matter of fact, not even a single decent tactics was seen used by someone else in a fight when PA first launched, let alone the Five Great Tactics. However, it all changed when Einherjar Wannabe showed up, as his mightiness was later challenged by Fist of the Racing Tiger and Firmament Palm Strike one after another. And now, even Tactics of the Blaze was about to make its debut in this virtual space. The anticipation of people got bigger and bigger. As long as Einherjar Wannabe remained undefeated, stronger challengers would definitely show up one by one, and to most people, this was the type of show that they had been dreaming of.

Nevertheless, the biggest question remained, was Einherjar Wannabe able to remain unrivaled?

Meanwhile, at Capth, Cisco, Wally, Wang Ben and the rest of the team were patiently waiting for the match to begin. Although none of them were lectured by Halmond, they still blamed themselves for losing to Ayrlarng, and they had to get stronger and aim for much bigger glory in order to offset the humiliation that they had brought to Capth. Honestly, losing was not a big deal since they were still young and there would be plenty of chances for them to shine, but before that, they had to improve themselves. Ayrlarng’s victory had alarmed Capth that they were about to be overtaken by the aces from other A-Ranked academies.

After all, to maintain a situation was definitely harder than to create one, and the most important factor to do so was to keep on improving.

Wang Tong’s dominance had shown them that they were not as undefeatable as they thought, not to mention there was still another monster in the virtual world that went by the name Einherjar Wannabe.

Without a doubt, Einherjar Wannabe had literally exceeded every peer around his age.

As for Wang Ben, he was immediately recognized as Capth’s No.1 amongst freshmen for his outstanding performance in the previous tournament, without even challenging someone else to a duel. Everyone was certain that his level of strength was more than enough to dominate both first grade and second grade of Capth, and as time went by, he would definitely become stronger and stronger.

After all, actual strength was the only thing that mattered in Capth, and Wang Ben’s family background had nothing to do with his current achievement.

However, Wang Ben’s straight face remained the same even though he had become No.1. It seemed like he had decided to go by that attitude until graduation. Surprisingly, his coolness and cold reactions had increased his popularity in Capth instead. Everyone agreed that the cool expression was a perfect match for his top-notch identity.

Cisco was the first amongst the team who suggested to pay attention to Einherjar Wannabe, and to be honest, he was quite surprised by Wang Ben responding to his suggestion as well. But it didn’t seem strange because Wang Ben was also defeated by Einherjar Wannabe once. But his defeat had instead blessed him for successfully going through his second Mind-Opening Operation. Hence, it was expected for Wang Ben to have a respectful attitude towards Einherjar Wannabe.

Aside from the team, many other students of Capth were also joining them to watch the live streaming. Some of them were actually here to be in the same room with Wang Ben and the other celebrities of Capth, instead of watching Einherjar Wannabe.

Meanwhile, the students of Bernabeu and Ayrlarng had created a shared room in PA so that all of them could discuss together while watching the matches. Students of Ayrlarng were, in fact, one of the earliest ones who had noticed Einherjar Wannabe’s existence right after his debut. As for Bernabeu, Cao Yi had even done some research on him before, which was why the students of both academies would pay attention to the upcoming matches and organized this group viewing session.

"Where’s Wang Tong?" Apache asked, still looking as cool as always.

"Something happened to him lately, but he’ll be alright, don’t worry." Zhou Sisi replied briefly.

Apache didn’t ask anything further since he wasn’t someone who liked sticking his nose into someone else’s business. But somehow, he could tell that it had something to do with Ma Xiaoru. Even though everyone had learned about Ma Xiaoru’s transfer to Capth, still they were curious why would she and Wang Ben do that.

"Don’t worry, I’m recording the match for him."

"Guys, remember to pay attention to his Art of the Soaring Heaven. It’s time to see if his creativity was a yay or nay." Best said.

"I thought he had proven its capability last time?" Carl asked.

"Haha, not everyone is as lucky as you and your Carl-ism. Your strategy is vivid and organized, and you’re using your real identity when you demonstrated it, which was why Carl-ism was immediately approved by the ministry. As for Wang Tong, the ministry didn’t approve his Art of the Iron Wall because it wasn’t vivid enough. New battle strategies are seriously not as easily approved as you think they would be. Although Einherjar Wannabe’s Art of the Soaring Heaven was vivid at some point, it wasn’t as perfect as it seemed after being tested. It could be easily subdued as long as the opposing player ambushed earlier with Art of Lightning. Hence, it still requires some fine-tuning, or maybe, Einherjar Wannabe is able to prove that it works fine later. Yet, I doubt that would happen." Best explained.

After his previous amazing performance, Carl had become famous, at some point, even more famous than Wang Tong amongst the Battlecraft Combat community. After all, not many academies were aware of his matches in the previous inter-academy tournament. Moreover, the news would only mention about Capth’s careless mistakes, and some people would instead suspect that it was an under-the-table agreement between Capth and Ayrlarng. However, Carl’s Art of Carl-ism was an officially approved battle strategy, and the people of every academy would remember those names who had created something new. Even teachers would be researching his new strategy in order to explain to their students during class.

Soon, his fame would get even bigger.

Best really envied Carl’s achievement as he would be remembered by history for his creation, and people would bring up Carl’s name whenever his strategy was being used. However Best himself would only be remembered by most people as the decent ace player amongst his batch, and nothing else.

Carl nodded after hearing Best’s explanations. Despite his sudden success, his doggedness remained the same. Sometimes, people did wonder if he really were the person who created Carl-ism.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t arrogant and had been trying his best to keep on improving. As Gansus predicted, Carl would definitely shine someday, and he was destined to go places.

Upon returning to Ayrlarng after the tournament at Capth, Carl had been training even harder, because he was well aware that someone else might KO him someday with the Art of Carl-ism that he created, and he would never want that to happen. After all, one would have to create long-term achievements in order to maintain his or her dominance.

Meanwhile, on Moon, Zhang Jin was seen chatting with her team while waiting for the matches. Her guests were well treated by her hospitality as there was a selection of brewed coffee, fresh fruit juices, and even delicate pastries.

Ivantians did know how to enjoy life, even if they were only students.

Luv Ma and Miao Xiu had become Zhang Jin’s regular guests. Lately, Miao Xiu had been busy challenging the aces in the academy, and had even become the No.1 amongst freshmen, but wasn’t too happy about that because there was still one b*stard amongst first graders that was yet to be challenged. Although none of the direct successors of all Five Great Houses were in the academy, still he thought that he wasn’t worth being called No.1; the title was kind of humiliating instead.

On the other hand, Luv Ma had finally gotten more familiar with Zhang Jin, and his affection and admiration towards her had gotten bigger as well. To him, Zhang Jin had an indescribable and attracting vibe; she was definitely the most perfect dream girl of his life. However, Luv Ma didn’t dare fancy her because she was absolutely way out of his league. Nevertheless, Luv Ma was still fairly excited about being able to hang around the perfect and smart muse of his.

In fact, Luv Ma had even decided to serve House of Zhang after graduation, and it would even be better if he could be one of Zhang Jin’s core members.

While the world was busy guessing Einherjar Wannabe’s real identity, Zhang Jin seemed to have discovered something. Even though she still couldn’t confirm Einherjar Wannabe’s true identity, yet she was able to find some clues from his tactics, and she needed some time to confirm her speculations.

Based on the old data from her archive, the real Einherjar Wannabe was dead for ages without a doubt. However, she still wasn’t able to find any record of that person’s real identity. In fact, his existence seemed controversial at that period of time.

Nevertheless, Zhang Jin needed rock-hard evidence in order to prove everything.

As the successor of House of Zhang, her duty was to make sure that both history and intel were based on facts.