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Chapter 213: Undefeatable

Chapter 213: Undefeatable

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Parese immediately requested for a rematch, and of course, Wang Tong accepted happily. However, changes had to be made to his strategy since his opponent would definitely give him more pressure this time. Without a doubt, Wang Tong would be doomed if he deployed his invisible troops like how he used to do.

Round two began without wasting any time. This time, Parese chose to deploy with maximum speed while Wang Tong chose to play defensive at the beginning and deploy his planes later. As usual, their controlling maneuvers were evenly matched. However, the defensive side had the better advantages, and right after Parese’s unsuccessful attacks, Wang Tong immediately deployed his planes and blew off her radar towers. In the end, Parese surrendered before Wang Tong could send over his invisible troops.

Rhin and her schoolmates remained still and silent. She was well aware that her senior was not able to keep her cool after the previous defeat, and seemed to have run out of ideas for going all out at the very beginning. But clearly, she had no other choices because Einherjar Wannabe’s strategy was incredibly strong.

It took quite a while for Parese to calm down, then she clenched her teeth and requested for a third rematch.

Apparently, she still had one last trick up in her sleeves!

On the other hand, Wang Tong seemed to be more and more familiar with his own strategy. He even discovered a crucial factor of Battlecraft Combat, which was to immediately make up his mind on a certain strategy as soon as one noticed the opponent’s intention, and also not to rely on luck. Victory would eventually come as long as he was able to make a firm decision regarding his choice of strategy. However, most importantly, he had to first make sure that there was no mistakes in his controlling maneuvers.

Wang Tong happily accepted Parese’s request for a third round.

Meanwhile, students of every academy were seen discussing excitedly amongst themselves. Top-ranked players like Flash and Bisu had realized that in order to deal with new strategies like this, regardless of going defensive or offensive at the early stage, it would definitely turn into a dogfight in the end. This type of strategy was actually a sort of offensive strategy that was based on gaining control of the overall situation, and only those who had a great deal of confidence in their controlling maneuvers would be able to do so.

Yet, the most terrifying thing about strategies like this was their versatility. Instead of going step by step like a math formula, it could be improvised on judging the overall situation. After all, stubborn strategies were practically suicidal.

Flash seemed to know what Parese was up to. He wasn’t sure in the previous round, but he could instantly see her pattern in the third match. Unfortunately for Flash, his hands were not as quick as Bisu’s, or else he would really love to fight against Parese. But even if his hands were speedy enough, his odds of winning would still be very low because she seemed to be very skilled in her own strategies.

The third match had begun!

All of a sudden, Flash laughed and surprised the other students of Capth. Then, he sighed and continued, "It seems like the Kaedeians have used up everything they have."

Flash was clear of what was going on while the others remained confused. Flash might not be stronger than Parese. However, he was still able to read the overall situation and tell what was going on with his extraordinary perspective.

As Flash predicted, one minute later, everyone began to notice that Parese was demonstrating the same setup as Einherjar Wannabe. Turned out Parese’s last resort was to use Einherjar Wannabe’s strategy against him.

The match instantly escalated to a battle of obtaining total control. Both players were demonstrating parallel dual controlling maneuvers as well as aerial combat maneuvers at the same time, focusing on the overall operating maneuvers as they battled.

Through connecting Soul Energy to the system, mankind had created individual overall controlling method, and this method required superb mastery in terms of control and multitasking.

Aside from performing the same setup, they seemed to strike at the same time as well.

Wang Tong was fairly excited about this one-on-one dogfight, and there was no reason to hold back.

Parese was demonstrating impressive controlling maneuvers. After all, Kaedeians were known to be extremely skillful in this category. However, she could vividly feel the gap between Einherjar Wannabe’s controlling maneuvers and hers.

Aside from being one of the ace fighters of Kaedeian Royal Academy, Parese was also given the nickname of "The Elegant Crusher". Undeniably, Parese had demonstrated her best performances. Both Einherjar Wannabe and her APM had exceeded five hundred at this point. At the same time, both of their bases were also very busy at the moment. However, their difference in terms of strength was clearly seen on the monitor as soon as the camera switched to another angle. It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe was leading in terms of development, and to make things even scarier, he had deployed his second plane towards her base.

It was definitely another bold decision of Einherjar Wannabe. After all, no one would have the guts to attack while competing against a stronger opponent in terms of control.

As for Parese, it was obvious that she had reached her limit in terms of maintaining her operating maneuvers and competing against Einherjar Wannabe. In other words, Einherjar Wannabe’s magnificent and precise controlling maneuvers had clearly outraced Parese.

Kaedeians had always been proud of their controlling maneuvers, yet this time, they didn’t expect to meet someone who possessed a greater dominance than them.

Einherjar Wannabe quickly proceeded to his parallel tri controlling maneuvers, and immediately deployed a jet fighter to start bombarding Parese’s base with his spiral bombing attack.

Parese was able to do nothing but sit still as she helplessly watched her last resort get blasted in front of her.

As usual, the match ended in less than ten minutes.

There were two types of reactions instantly spreading across the society. While the Battlecraft Combat players in PA were cheering aloud and praising their superstar with thunderous applause, the other spectators from various academies remained silent instead.

They were all praying not to fight a guy like this in the future. After all, no one would like to have their asses kicked by an intimidating player like Einherjar Wannabe.

Flash’s vision and judgment were incredibly accurate as he was able to exactly tell what would happen at the beginning and in the end. However, the only thing that he didn’t foresee was the huge gap in both player’s overall performances.

As the No.1 amongst second graders of Kaedeian Royal Academy, Parese was basically unrivaled in the category of Battlecraft Combat. Yet, she had never imagined that she would suffer such humiliating defeats.

In METAL Combat, general capabilities and actual strength were the key factors of victory. Hence, there wouldn’t be many changes in one’s battle results regardless of fighting one match or ten. However, Battlecraft Combat was different, as it contained too many variables as well as battle strategies. Due to the heap of existing imponderables, winning and losing was normal to most players, and they would focus on the victory ratio instead.

However, it was obvious that Einherjar Wannabe was not interested in victory ratio. His terrifying dominance and monstrous attacking methods had got him surrounded by an intimidating aura, like he was trying to warn his opponents that they would never be able to defend against his insane attacks!

Normally, students would cheer for the victor after witnessing a spectacular victory. But tonight, they were unable to do so because they were somehow "traumatized" by the insane dominance of another peer.

Wang Ben and the rest of the Metal Combat fighters were able to understand why Flash and his team kept quiet. After all, the pressure from Einherjar Wannabe was way too intense.

Nevertheless, people began to wonder who else would be able to subdue Einherjar Wannabe’s mighty Art of the Soaring Heaven!

Parese seemed pale. She was actually hoping that mirroring Einherjar Wannabe’s battle strategy would be able to change the outcome, but instead, it got even worse. As a matter of fact, Kaedeians possessed a strong sense of pride, and they didn’t like to copy methods used by Earthlings. Yet, Parese chose to copy Einherjar Wannabe, but still wasn’t as good as him in the end.

Zhang Jin smiled and commented, "Looks like the Confederation would have no choice but to approve his battle strategy. It might look simple from the outside, but is actually the most difficult one amongst all existing battle strategies."

"This strategy is ridiculously insane, not only because it requires parallel controlling maneuvers, but also it would consume a lot of Soul Energy. Parallel dual controlling maneuvers is already difficult as it emphasizes on flawless precision, but the bar is literally too high when it also requires parallel tri controlling maneuvers." Luv Ma nodded in agreement.

"Even if he didn’t use Art of the Soaring Heaven, Einherjar Wannabe would still be a tough opponent as he possesses an outstanding perspective, flawless controlling and operating maneuvers. No matter where he goes, he would still remain as the incredible dominator." Cao Yi shook his head as he commented. He was truly overwhelmed by Einherjar Wannabe’s superior performance.

"Art of the Soaring Heaven definitely is meant to be used by Einherjar Wannabe. However, he does remind me of somebody else." Best said.

Everyone else knew who was Best referring to, and immediately a wild thought came across their minds: how would Wang Tong’s superb defensive strategy handle Einherjar Wannabe’s outrageous Art of the Soaring Heaven?

Unfortunately, Einherjar Wannabe would never be interested in a nobody from Ayrlarng. After all, Wang Tong was still not THAT famous yet.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was exercising his fingers while taking a rest. Matches like these were extremely tiring, not to mention Parese had given him enough pressure from the very beginning. Wang Tong was fairly impressed by the controlling maneuvers of Kaedeians as their bodies were softer and nimbler compared to Earthlings. Hence, they were able to handle controlling maneuvers that were much more difficult. In short, their nimbleness and strong bones served as a couple of huge advantages during the execution of controlling maneuvers.

In recent years, none of the strongest players amongst Earthlings had been able to obtain an upper hand when they fought against Kaedeians, and Einherjar Wannabe was the first to achieve this. People often suspected that the victory against Rhin was just a coincidence since she was still quite a rookie. But he had once again proven that nothing was a coincidence. Parese was Her Highness’s royal guard, and he would never be able to lay a finger on her if he weren’t good enough.

To Wang Tong, the three matches were definitely more than enough to break a sweat. Through battles like these, he would be able to forget about everything else and enjoy the excitement from the challenges.

All three matches took less than ten minutes to complete each. Einherjar Wannabe had been pressuring his opponent at the beginning of every match and later turn it into dominance.

Wang Tong too had gotten more familiar with his strategies. The main objective of his Art of the Soaring Heaven was to gain control of the overall situation instead of deploying invisible troops for the win, as that was only one of the things he could improvise during a fight.

Changes like these were able to make his strategy more complicated, and creating more pressure on the opponent at the same time.

"Goddammit! These bunch of idiots got me waiting for ages! What took them so long?" Hwo Quan was extremely impatient already. He was bored to death while watching those two shooting at each other with airplanes.

None of the students from the Academy of Deity said anything because they were well aware that Hwo Quan was extremely hot-tempered. He was one of Lie Kent’s favorite adherents as both of them shared the same attitude and liked to act before they thought. Hwo Quan was very loyal to Lie Kent. In fact, Hwo Quan grew up getting trained with Lie Kent. Thus, his Tactics of the Blaze were not to be underestimated.

Normal tactics would never be able to stand against Tactics of the Blaze. Its uniqueness was the incinerating element within one’s GN Force upon initialization. Hence, it was able to deal extra damage to the opponent. In fact, the greater the mastery, the heavier the extra damages.

Rumor had it that the level nine of tactics of the Blaze would enable its user to vaporize the opponent in one single strike. Moreover, equipping METAL Suits wouldn’t be able to do any good as the power of its incineration was extremely intense, unless the opponent had been learning the other four tactics for self-protection.

One of the things that Hwo Quan hated the most was waiting. The only person in this world he would wait for was his boss Lie Kent. Hence, he had decided to teach Einherjar Wannabe a big lesson for letting him wait. He would burn all of Einherjar Wannabe’s glory into dust with his one and only Tactics of the Blaze!

The second challenge was about to get messy...