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Chapter 214: Arm of the Blazing Kirin

Chapter 214: Arm of the Blazing Kirin

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The next match seemed much more interesting. After all, METAL Combat was still the favorite of many people since it was much easier to understand than Battlecraft Combat. Furthermore, one of the fighters was, in fact, the successor of tactics of the Blaze.

This fight was, in fact, the duel between two of the Five Great Tactics.

The match would begin in five minutes. The live broadcast was completely packed, and the viewers from all three planets had exceeded fifty million people. The level of excitement was like never before!

Hwo Quan was known as one of Lie Kent’s "Ferocious Four. Of course, he was also famous for hanging around Lie Kent and disturbing the community like a bunch of hooligans. Nevertheless, setting his attitude aside, without a doubt Hwo Quan’s talent was not to be underestimated.

Wang Ben and the rest of the team were fairly excited. They couldn’t wait to see how Einherjar Wannabe would stand against the Tactics of the Blaze’s incinerating attribute. After all, it was almost impossible for someone to subdue Tactics of the Blaze without equipping METAL Suit. Moreover, the incineration would occur even if it were a normal clash between GN Forces.

Not to mention, Hwo Quan had also been playing the role as Lie Kent’s "human sandbag", aside from learning companion. In other words, Hwo Quan’s strength was trained by getting his a*s kicked since a young age. Hence, the standard of his strength was definitely above average.

Although Wang Ben’s Fist of the Racing Tiger was known as one of the strongest tactics, it was nothing compared to the Five Greatest Tactics of the mankind.

This match had received a lot of attention from the public, mostly because Tactics of the Blaze was involved in it. As a matter of fact, only the people of House of Lie preferred making public appearances like this. The rest from the other four Great Houses preferred to keep low profiles instead.

"Haha, this is gonna be fun, and looks like Quanny the dog is even more arrogant than usual today." Li Ruo-Er teased while hugging Ma Xiaoru by her arms.

"Shh, keep it down Ruo-Er."

"Relax, they can’t hear us from here." Li Ruo-Er smiled towards Ma Xiaoru.

Two of the students from Capth who were sitting in the front row stood up and gave away their seats immediately when they saw Li Ruo-Er smile towards them. Then, the boys went off and stood happily at the back like a couple of puppies enjoying their treats.

Wang Ben gave Ma Xiaoru a cold glance, then turned around and focused back on the screen.

It seemed like Wang Tong had no intention of questioning Ma Xiaoru about her transfer to Capth, because he had his own secrets to keep as well.

"Ruo-Er, is that Wang Ben?"

"Yup, that’s the boy genius among us first graders whose Soul Energy has exceeded two hundred and thirty sols within half a year after mind-opening. He was also recently added to the top ten ranking of Capth. Impressive, isn’t it?" Li Ruo-Er smiled.

"Shh, quiet… Seems like he hates me. Have I done something that offended him?"

"Nah, you think too much. He’s always like that with his emotionless expression. You don’t have to bother with him." Li Ruo-Er was trying to divert Ma Xiaoru’s attention.

However, Ma Xiaoru felt like she recognized Wang Ben even though it was her first time seeing him… or perhaps it was just her imagination.

It was easy for Li Ruo-Er to disregard Hwo Quan. In fact, she was the only one in this room who could do so. After all, people from House of Li were born with the right to be arrogant, especially his almighty brother Li Shimin, a.k.a "the Little Emperor". In fact, Li Shimin and Lie Kent were the only two within the Five Great Houses who had fought each other. That match ended with Li Shimin defeating Lie Kent, instantly raising the former’s popularity throughout the Earth Confederation.

Unlike Lie Kent, Li Shimin was often praised by the people for his down-to-earth reputation, like the boy next door. He had never asked for any special treatment in the military, and he preferred to be treated like an ordinary kid.

In short, Li Shimin was not as mysterious as Patroclus the "hermit" and also the young Cardinal of Church of the Deity. But most importantly, he wasn’t as troublesome as Lie Kent the philanderer.

As for Hwo Quan, without a doubt, he was the perfect candidate to test how good Einherjar Wannabe really was. After all, everyone was curious if Einherjar Wannabe was really that God-like, or he was actually just an extremely vulnerable weakling who was only able to withstand a punch or two…

Li Ruo-Er and her Tactics of the Enchantress were just like a match made in heaven, not to mention Li Ruo-Er’s personality did resemble a lot to a real enchantress. As for Ma Xiaoru, her condition remained the same. Nevertheless, Li Ruo-Er still wondered how Ma Xiaoru able to achieve level five of Tactics of the Enchantress. But it would be fairly impossible to know the answer since Ma Xiaoru’s memories were sealed off for the time being.

Surprisingly, Li Ruo-Er had been incredibly friendly to Ma Xiaoru upon her arrival at Capth. The reason of them not being close back then was because they barely had time to get familiar with each other. Moreover, with Li Ruo-Er being able to freely manipulate her expression and emotions through Tactics of the Enchantress, she was able to turn herself into someone Ma Xiaoru was comfortable with. All it took was a little bit of time.

Li Ruo-Er’s next step was to use her influence to guide Ma Xiaoru into fancying Li Shimin, and when the right time came, the marriage between House of Ma and House of Li would be the biggest gossip of the entire universe. To be honest, Li Ruo-Er didn’t really care about the outcome; all she enjoyed was the fun and excitement of being the matchmaker and manipulator in this series of events.

Apparently, the reason Li Ruo-Er stopped her brother from killing Wang Tong was just because she saw him as a good chess piece to spice up this "drama". Somehow, the game would lose its excitement if everything went just as she had planned.

An impish smile seemed to be hiding at the back of Li Ruo-Er’s pure and elegant face.

The atmosphere in the auditorium was immediately altered by the presence of both Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru as they sat down. The students of Capth couldn’t help staring at those two beauties while concentrating on the match.

Finally, the match between Hwo Quan and Einherjar Wannabe had begun.

Hwo Quan was almost two meters tall, quite tall for a Martian, not to mention he seemed powerful indeed. Martian fighters looked distinctive from Earthlings and Ivantians. In fact, all three races were fairly easy to be told apart. Although Martians actually originated from planet Earth, yet their temperament had changed a lot after living on Mars for many generations.

Both fighters entered the virtual arena. Wang Tong had regained his strength after initializing Tactics of the Blade for one circulation during his break. As for Hwo Quan, he didn’t even bother to warm up his body.

Lately, Wang Tong noticed that his Soul Energy had improved a lot ever since his encounter with the golden light orb. With such an improvement, he would normally already become a Level Five Fighter. However, Wang Tong felt that his Cinnabar Field seemed to be holding back his Soul Energy, and automatically assumed that the failure to break through was due to the lack of Soul Energy. Hence, he had been training even harder lately and trying to accumulate more Soul Energy for the advancement.

Judging from Hwo Quan’s physical appearance, he was obviously an impulsive fighter. Nevertheless, Hwo Quan was well aware that a person’s appearance could be decisive. Hence, he had been spending some time looking into Einherjar Wannabe’s profile before the fight in order to understand his opponent thoroughly.

To be honest, Hwo Quan really wasn’t interested in Einherjar Wannabe since he wasn’t a PA fan. The reason Hwo Quan took on Einherjar Wannabe was because someone else was interested in this fella. So, he decided challenge Einherjar Wannabe in order to find out who on earth was hiding behind the "mask"!

As a matter of fact, everything in this universe could be imitated except for the Five Great Tactics. Even though Einherjar Wannabe had been surprising everyone with his ability to mimic the other fighter’s tactics, but definitely not his!

"Yo, ready to get you’re a*s kicked?" Hwo Quan yelled across with huge confidence.

Wang Tong smiled while giving him a signal to strike at him anytime.

Hwo Quan was holding two warhammers when he arrived, but he decided to drop them on the ground when he saw Wang Tong wasn’t armed, "Well then, here’s a couple of punches for you!"


Hwo Quan’s body was surrounded by a reddish glow as his GN Force ignited, looking dangerous and intimidating like a ferocious ogre.

Hwo Quan’s warcry was immediately followed by him thrusting a fierce and hard punch towards Wang Tong. That punch was totally different from Wang Ben’s Fist of the Racing Tiger. As it turned out, Fist of the Racing Tiger’s fierceness was generated from the inner strength. However, Hwo Quan’s powerful punch was instead generated from the outer physical strength of his body, like he was born with such a monstrous ability.


Wang Tong couldn’t wait to witness his opponent’s Tactics of the Blaze. He was curious of the secret behind these extraordinary tactics which was also known as one of the Five Great Tactics.

But as Hwo Quan’s punch approached, Wang Tong’s "spidey sense" kicked in and noticed the grim smile on Hwo Quan’s face. Suddenly, Wang Tong sensed another ginormous pressure coming towards him, and at the same time, he noticed Hwo Quan’s left arm puff up, like magma-hot flame was trying to burst through his arm. Then, a thunderous roar shocked the whole arena as Hwo Quan’s fist landed on Wang Tong.

Being one of the younger generation’s "Fab Five", and also the successor of House of Lie, Lie Kent had been receiving the toughest training from the best coaches since childhood. He was even sent to a special department to enhance his Soul Energy. With Hwo Quan as his sparring partner, Lie Kent had been trying out his tactics and techniques against him, and using him as a sandbag day after day. This was why Hwo Quan’s capability was definitely not something to be taken lightly.

That punch immediately reminded everyone that Tactics of the Blaze was not something that could be learned by anyone else!



The impact from the punch sent Wang Tong flying across the arena. It was a brutal and forceful punch indeed…

That was the power of Hwo Quan’s "Arm of the Blazing Kirin"!

Hwo Quan stretched his neck after throwing that punch. To be honest, it wasn’t very satisfying. He did warn Einherjar Wannabe that he was going to throw him "a couple of punches", yet Einherjar Wannabe didn’t get his hint at all. Perhaps the fella was dumber than he expected?

To him, it seemed like both Earthlings and Ivantians had become extremely weak recently, and TPA seems to be filled with nothing but weaklings. No wonder a jackass like that was able to "succeed and dominate". Furthermore, those No.1’s from various academies seemed to be even worse. Perhaps the era of Mars had finally arrived!

Hwo Quan took a quick glance at Einherjar Wannabe, who was currently lying on the floor, while waiting for the system to declare a one-hit knockout. It seemed like his young master was right about that fella.

All of a sudden, Hwo Quan flung his fist towards the ground and followed by another downward thrust that shattered the arena floor.

Wham… Bash…

A burst of flame then engorged the shattered arena floor. Einherjar Wannabe, who was lying on the ground earlier seemed to have vanished.

Suddenly, he reappeared and charged towards Hwo Quan with a chopping attack. Hwo Quan noticed his presence and immediately leaped and dodged without breaking a sweat. Surprisingly, he was able to perform such nimble movements despite his colossal and well-built body.


Both fighters took a few steps back as they landed on the ground almost at the same time. Einherjar Wannabe’s abdomen was scorched by Hwo Quan’s burning fist.

Hwo Quan’s thick brows frowned. He didn’t expect Einherjar Wannabe would be able to withstand his Arm of the Blazing Kirin. Perhaps he wasn’t that weak after all!

On the other hand, Wang Tong was still feeling the burning sensation in his abdomen. Aside from EMF, the other strongest defense in his body would be the Field of Qi, which was generated by the circulation in his abdomen. If it weren’t because of the circulation from his Tactics of the Blade, Wang Tong would’ve been knocked out instantly a moment ago.