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Chapter 215: Onslaught

Chapter 215: Onslaught

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Wang Tong might be experienced in fighting Zergs, but he was definitely still quite inexperienced in fighting against other human beings. After all, human brains were way more complicated than those creepy crawlies. Nevertheless, Wang Tong really didn’t expect that the first forceful punch was only a decoy. Clearly the number of talented fighters in this world was way more than he expected.

However, Wang Tong did feel happy for getting hit, as that was a chance for him to witness a totally different initialization of GN Force. Even though that punch was packed with an intense power, yet he didn’t feel any sort of incinerating force at all aside from the burning sensation. Perhaps Tactics of the Blaze was kind of overly exaggerated?

Or maybe it was because his opponent still wasn’t strong enough to do so?

Meanwhile, Hwo Quan was also wondering why Einherjar Wannabe wasn’t knocked out by his ferocious punch. He began to suspect if Einherjar Wannabe actually possessed a rare and unique type of defensive GN Force.

Nevertheless, the tougher his opponent, the more excited he would become.


Hwo Quan unleashed a mighty stomp, and his bulky body was seen dashing across the arena, turning him into a colossal titan on fire as he charged towards Einherjar Wannabe!

Wang Tong remained still as he began to initiate his Tactics of the Blade. It was time for him to see how strong Hwo Quan really was.

Einherjar Wannabe roared like a tiger and countered with Fist of the Racing Tiger!

Hwo Quan grinned. He was surprised that Einherjar Wannabe would counter with such a worthless technique, "Take this, loser!"

The clash between the blazing fire and the roaring tiger!

Hwo Quan wasn’t bothered by the clash at all, because the flame from his Tactics of the Blaze was strong enough to scorch through any sort of obstacles easily.



Both fighters were evenly matched, and the battle then immediately escalated to a match of close combat. After analyzing Hwo Quan’s body structure and tactics mastery, instead of going full force, Einherjar Wannabe seemed to have chosen a more relaxed sparring method to mingle with Hwo Quan while searching for an opening to finish him off.

Nevertheless, Einherjar Wannabe’s imitated Fist of the Racing Tiger was much weaker than Hwo Quan’s real Tactics of the Blaze. After all, loud cries had absolutely nothing to do with the power of a punch.

If this situation carried on, Einherjar Wannabe would be in deep trouble.


Both fighters took a few steps back after throwing more than fifty punches at each other. Hwo Quan seemed to have gotten more arrogant. As for Wang Tong, he realized that Hwo Quan’s punching techniques were not as good as he thought, and he seemed to be relying on the power from Tactics of the Blaze instead. In general, Hwo Quan’s punching techniques was no match for the Fist of the Racing Tiger. However, Wang Tong did feel surprised by the force from his arm. Based on Wang Tong’s observation, Hwo Quan would need time to prep himself before unleashing this altered form of GN Force.

"Anything else you’d like to show me?" Wang Tong asked. Without a doubt, this was a rare opportunity for him to witness the unique techniques from such ultimate tactics.

However, he seemed to have pissed Hwo Quan off.

Li Ruo-Er couldn’t help laughing when she heard that. She began to notice that Einherjar Wannabe was actually quite cunning himself, and he was definitely planning something. Nevertheless, his question sounded a bit childish, like a kid asking for more candies.

Hwo Quan looked puzzled. Without a doubt, Einherjar Wannabe’s GN Force seemed a bit strange. At this point, he should’ve been knocked out by his toxic flame already. Yet, Einherjar Wannabe was still looking fine after getting hit by his Blazing Punches and also the horrendous strike from his Arm of the Blazing Kirin.

Einherjar Wannabe would never be able to neutralize the poison from his toxic flame, especially since he had completely taken the hit from his Arm of the Blazing Kirin… unless he practiced any of the Five Great Tactics.

But right now, instead of waiting for the toxic flame to work its magic, Hwo Quan wanted to smash Einherjar Wannabe into pieces instead!

Hwo Quan focused his vision and tilted his body. The reddish aura that surrounded his body had was becoming hotter as he was accumulating strength.

Einherjar Wannabe was standing on the other end like a spectator, waiting for his opponent to prep himself.

"Charge of the Blazing Kirin." Ma Xiaoru said softly.

"Haha, that’s just brute strength. However, it really does suits Tactics of the Blaze. Einherjar Wannabe seems to have totally underestimated Hwo Quan. Although the exquisiteness of Hwo Quan’s techniques was not as good as the previous opponent, the most fearsome thing about Tactics of the Blaze is its ability to unwittingly finish off its opponent. Haha, I’m actually quite curious of how Einherjar Wannabe is feeling right now." Li Ruo-Er said with a fascinating smile.

"Do you mind giving a further explanation, Ms. Li Ruo-Er?" Wally, who was sitting far back, asked all of a sudden. However, some did suspect that he was just trying to strike a conversation with the beautiful lady.

"Unless he practiced the other four Great Tactics or some powerful tactics like Fist of the Racing Tiger since a young age, the poison from Tactics of the Blaze’s toxic flame would have penetrated into his body upon contact. In fact, I believe that the poison has spread across fifty percent of his body already, and it would be a matter of time for the effect to kick in. Perhaps there’s a delay in the live streaming." Wally was mesmerized by Li Ruo-Er’s gentle smile as she explained.

After all, no one wouldn’t be attracted to her beauty and charm.

According to Li Ruo-Er’s explanation, a biological "time bomb" had been planted into Einherjar Wannabe’s body.

All of a sudden, Hwo Quan charged towards Einherjar Wannabe in a flash. He didn’t yell as he charged, but the momentum of his attack was even fiercer than before!

Einherjar Wannabe’s sense of danger was tingling again!

Upon narrowing down the distance between him and Einherjar Wannabe, Hwo Quan’s enormous body suddenly gained speed in a blink of an eye, dashing with the speed three times faster than before like a derailed express train!

This time however, Hwo Quan didn’t strike with his fists because he knew it would be ineffective against Einherjar Wannabe, as punching was not part of his mastery. Instead of practicing basic techniques, Martians tended to focus more on those epic techniques.

Hwo Quan unleashed the Dash of the Blazing Kirin!

Hwo Quan’s left arm became three times bigger than before, huge enough to cover Einherjar Wannabe’s whole body. It really looked like a train that was trying to ram him down.

Wang Tong quickly defended. However, brute force like this would still be able to deal some serious damages regardless of defending or not.

In general, the charging action at the beginning was just an ignition to the real attack, which normally would be unleashed as the range was narrowed down to three meters. As for Hwo Quan, he seemed to have infused the GN Force from the toxic flame into the charging force with his Arm of the Blazing Kirin, which was packed with GN Force from Tactics of the Blaze. With its wide striking area, it seemed like more than half of Einherjar Wannabe’s body was located within the strike zone.

Without the protection from a METAL Suit, Einherjar Wannabe’s defense was practically useless!

As both fighters clashed, Wang Tong’s body was shot across the arena like an arrow, followed by a hard landing as his body hit the barricade of the arena.

Hwo Quan stood proudly while thinking what an idiot his opponent was. Originally, Einherjar Wannabe could’ve just being knocked out by the poison from his toxic flame. Yet, that fella chose to piss him off by taunting him to a fight. If this were a real battle, Einherjar Wannabe’s bones would’ve been completely shattered already, not to mention he would still have to deal with the poison from his toxic flame. Without a doubt Einherjar Wannabe would beg to be killed right away… Hwo Quan couldn’t help showing off a grim smile as he imagined Einherjar Wannabe’s struggling expression.

That was definitely a one-hit-KO!

Hwo Quan turned towards the monitor. However, the system was not showing the "knockout" notification. Could it be some sort of technical problem?

All of a sudden, everyone gasped as they witnessed Einherjar Wannabe get up on his feet. He was nowhere near becoming a Level Five Fighter, yet Einherjar Wannabe was miraculously able to withstand the power of tactics of the Blaze.

To be honest, Hwo Quan’s techniques were not bad, judging from the connection between his GN Force and Soul Energy. However, the effectiveness was surprisingly weaker than it seemed. With Wang Tong’s current defense, there was no way Hwo Quan would be able to win against him. Meanwhile, it seemed like Hwo Quan was still waiting for something to happen to his body. But Wang Tong didn’t feel anything strange for the time being.

Hwo Quan was completely startled when he saw Einherjar Wannabe patiently fix his attire… That was absolutely absurd!

Meanwhile, students from various academies were seen chatting amongst themselves with discretion. No one had any idea what was going on. As for Li Ruo-Er, Ma Xiaoru and those who understood the power of Tactics of the Blaze, they were also surprised to see what happened.

"How come he wasn’t affected by the poison from his toxic flame?"

"Perhaps he has successfully blocked it? The poison should never be able to penetrate into his system if his GN Force defense mechanism remains intact." Cisco said.

As Li Ruo-Er was about to say something, Wang Ben, who had been keeping quiet, suddenly said, ‘The poison from Tactics of the Blaze is extremely permeable, it would gradually penetrate the body even though the opponent had successfully defended it. Only those who practice complicated tactics of the same level would be able to neutralize the poison. Another option would be suppressing it with an offensive GN Force."

Obviously, Einherjar Wannabe wasn’t the one who was offensive in this match, which meant there had to be something weird with his tactics!

Could it be Tactics of the Vayu? Or maybe it was Tactics of the Deva King?

Only those two amongst the Five Great Tactics were the ones that Einherjar Wannabe could possibly practice. Could Einherjar Wannabe possibly be the secret descendant of those two Houses?

Suddenly, Hwo Quan remembered that he was here to find out who Einherjar Wannabe really was.

"Haha, I guess I’m on the right track. After all, Earthlings and Ivantians love to mystify things and at the same time increase their own influences. If I’m not wrong, either he’s one of the Dowers, or he’s the A-hole Li Shimin himself!" Lie Kent said while laughing out loud.

Sitting opposite to him was a young man wearing a grayish robe with an aloof expression, smiling as he heard Lie Kent’s claim.

"Actually, there’s no need for you to uncover his secret identity."

"But I’m sick of him!" Lie Kent revealed an impish smile. One of his greatest enjoyments was to make others miserable.

Hwo Quan became more solemn. Clearly, his toxic flame was useless against Einherjar Wannabe. Hence, he would have to speed things up and leave no chance for Einherjar Wannabe to regain himself.

Hwo Quan unleashed another Charge of the Blazing Kirin!

On the other side of the arena, Wang Tong remained still and lifted up his arms, moving his palms into an arc shape.

Was he trying to defend by catching Hwo Quan?


A loud bang echoed through the arena as Hwo Quan’s Arm of the Blazing Kirin ram into Einherjar Wannabe directly. This time however, Wang Tong’s fingers clung onto Hwo Quan’s arm, stopping him from charging further.

At the same time, everyone immediately turned towards Cisco when they saw that. Clearly, Einherjar Wannabe got that idea from his previous battle with Cisco. It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe had always been able to surprise everyone by "stealing" the techniques from other fighters and make it into something even scarier.

Sadly, he would only be able to use the techniques he "stole" from his previous fight this time, as Tactics of the Blaze was inimitable after all.

Wang Tong focused every inch of his strength into his muscles while Hwo Quan was still trying to break away as he ground his teeth. He was infuriated when he found out that Einherjar Wannabe was only using his fingers to defend against his ultimate Charge of the Blazing Kirin!

Later, Hwo Quan was seen yelling aloud as he mustered the strength on his legs. Apparently, he was trying to ram Einherjar Wannabe into the wall and turn him into "meat sauce".

Meanwhile, Wang Tong quickly gathered his strength as he roared aloud, and then he jammed his fingertips into Hwo Quan’s shoulder! Hwo Quan couldn’t believe that his Arm of the Blazing Kirin that was loaded with GN Force had been severely wounded by Einherjar Wannabe. The pain was extremely intense.

Then, Wang Tong immediately countered with a roundhouse kick and sent Hwo Quan’s colossal body straight to the ground.

Cisco’s eyes were filled with nothing but envy at this point. He had been training the strength of his fingers in order to improve the effectiveness of his Iron Claws. However, it seemed like Einherjar Wannabe was quicker than him!

Without a doubt, Einherjar Wannabe’s fingers had become as strong as steel.

Hwo Quan’s left arm had recovered from Einherjar Wannabe’s attack, but the pain was extremely unbearable since he had preset the level of pain for this virtual fight to "extreme" before the match began.

Yet, the intense pain seemed to have thoroughly infuriated Hwo Quan. He got back up and "summoned" the warhammer that was still lying on the floor. As long as he still had one arm left, there was still a chance for him to pound Einherjar Wannabe to death with his hammer.

On the other hand, Wang Tong realized that his opponent had run out of techniques. It was time for him to study how to generate the force like Hwo Quan by altering GN Force, or was it a uniqueness of his tactics?

Suddenly, a strange feeling emerged from his body. Wang Tong couldn’t help but stagger and take two steps back.