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Chapter 216: One-Strike-KO

Chapter 216: One-Strike-KO

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Wang Tong’s face suddenly turned red, and he felt that his body was boiling.

Hwo Quan burst into laughter as he saw that, "Hey A-Hole, you’re good, but you’ve definitely underestimated me and the ultimate Tactics of the Blaze. Right now, the poison from my toxic flame has penetrated into your heart. Even if I choose not to fight you, you’ll still be knocked out in less than five seconds!"

Hwo Quan was extremely overjoyed!

Obviously, nobody liked to be a loser, and surely Hwo Quan didn’t either. In fact, Hwo Quan didn’t really care if his opponent was actually from House of Dower or House of Li. All he wanted to do now was to swing his hammer and smash the sh*t out of this Einherjar Wannabe fella!

Wang Tong was surprised by his current condition. Clearly, there wasn’t any abnormality with his EMF. However, he did sense something burning in his cinnabar field. Most probably that was the "poison" that Hwo Quan was talking about.


As Wang Tong began to initialize his Tactics of the Blade, instead of penetrating into his heart, the poison from Hwo QUan’s toxic flame immediately moved along with the flow of energy in Wang Tong’s body, instantly turning the incineration into a warm and comfortable sensation.

Wang Tong couldn’t believe how lame these Tactics of the Blaze that everyone had been talking about were. After all, nothing would be able to stand against his real version of Tactics of the Blade!

Five seconds had passed, yet Einherjar Wannabe was still standing!

Hwo Quan dashed forward and slammed his warhammer towards Wang Tong. However, Wan Tong calmly raised his right hand and caught it…


Hwo Quan didn’t hold back his strength at all, but he never expected that Einherjar Wannabe was still able to muster his strength even though he was poisoned.

Wang Tong sneered at his opponent, and then unleashed a palm strike…

A red aura dispersed from Einherjar Wannabe’s palm, as red as an inferno!

Was that the Firmament Palm Strike?

Or perhaps Tactics of the Blaze?

No, that was the Firmament Blazing Palm Strike!


Einherjar Wannabe’s palm directly hit Hwo Quan on his abdomen, and Hwo Quan’s face immediately turned green upon impact, like a wave of energy had burst through his defense and instantly transformed into pillars of flames that began to incinerate his insides.

"That’s impossible… How did you learn Tactics of the Blaze...?"

Hwo Quan was lying on the ground with his eyes wide opened. He was completely stunned by the fact that Einherjar Wannabe was able to initialize Tactics of the Blaze!

There was no injury on the side where he was hit. However, there was a distinguish burn mark on the back of his body. The camera was even able to capture and make it into a three-dimensional close-up.

People began to wonder what on earth was that palm strike that was able to deal such a bizarre looking damage…

Some suspected it was Tactics of the Blaze judging from the scorch mark. Yet, how the hell was Einherjar Wannabe able to imitate the ultimate Tactics of the Blaze?

Apparently, every spectator from the Earth, Moon, and Mars were absolutely startled by what they saw. They even wondered if there was really anything that couldn’t be learned by Einherjar Wannabe.

Even Tactics of the Blaze from the Five Great Tactics was not able to stop him…

Lie Kent’s face immediately went solemn. It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe wasn’t someone from House of Li or House of Dower, but clearly it wasn’t someone from the House of Lie either!


Lie Kent was so pissed that a slam from his hand completely shattered the marble table, "Goddammit! Who the f*ck is this ugly-ass troublemaker?"

"Calm down, Lie Kent. Obviously, that dude didn’t know Tactics of the Blaze. The palm strike was just a way for him to release the poison in his body. Yet, I’ve never seen such a brutal palm strike before." Michaux Odin said with a smile.

"No, you don’t get it because you’re not familiar with Tactics of the Blaze. There’re only two ways when it comes to dealing with the poison accumulated in one’s body, either directly neutralize it with your family’s Tactics of the Deity or to forcefully suppress it and spit it out with Tactics of the Vayu. Yet, this A-hole was capable of infusing the poison into Firmament Palm Strike, which is a totally different case!" Lie Kent explained. He seemed to have calmed down a little.

Nevertheless, Michaux Odin seemed to have gotten used to Lie Kent’s short-temperedness, "Interesting! However, I do believe that the ones that paid most attention to this were the people from House of Li."

"Hmph, Li Shimin!" Lie Kent’s eyes were blazing with flames of fury…

Einherjar Wannabe had once again hit the headlines with his sneaky mimicking skills. The number of his supporters was getting bigger, and in fact, many even hoped that he would become the next Einherjar. After all, Einherjar Wannabe was literally the best candidate for stopping those from the Five Great Houses from reigning the title.

Without a doubt, Einherjar Wannabe had become the final hope of most people. After all, no one had really come this close to surpassing the elites from the Five Great Houses.

The fact that Einherjar Wannabe was able to mimic Tactics of the Blaze had immediately blown everyone’s mind. Especially the people on Mars, it had even created an uproar throughout the media. Everyone was extremely curious if Einherjar Wannabe really knew how to utilize Tactics of the Blaze!

Some even suspected if he was actually someone from House of Lie, and things were getting more complicated as the rumors and suspicions developed!

It seemed like the focus had turned towards Einherjar Wannabe’s final palm strike instead of his victory. The fact that Einherjar Wannabe mimicked the Tactics of the Blaze was indeed more than enough to shock the whole universe.

Tactics of the Blaze was a set of complicated tactics of above two hundred nodes. It was insanely difficult to practice due to its strong incinerating attributes. Every single attack of this tactic contained recoil damage, and the stronger the attack, the more careful one had to be during practice. In fact, all Five Great Tactics had to be taught by masters and mentors. Practicing in secret was already incredibly dangerous, let alone mimicking during a fight.

If Einherjar Wannabe really were able to mimic tactics of the Blaze in a short period of time, it would make his identity even more mysterious. And most of all, what sort of tactics were able to overpower the world renowned Five Great Tactics?

Einherjar Wannabe’s fight had become the number one topic on Earth, Moon, and Mars. Even the media corporations began to focus on Einherjar Wannabe, instantly turning him into a worldwide online celebrity.

Everyone was questioning the same thing: how was he able to do that?

On the other hand, Wang Tong was somehow disappointed. If it were a real battle, he would have the opportunity to study further about Tactics of the Blaze. Nevertheless, it might sound a bit arrogant, but he did believe that his two hundred and fifty-six nodes Tactics of the Blade was the best tactics of all, and the other tactics were actually created based on Tactics of the Blade. All of those tactics had later developed their own circulating effects as time went by. However, there was not a single set of tactics that would be able to absorb and fuse with the other tactics, and no one would even imagine something like that existed.

A strange idea came to Wang Tong’s mind. He suspected that the "poison" was actually some sort of derivatives of one’s Soul Energy. In short, Wang Tong believed that the incinerating sensation was actually caused by a double-dosed attack on the mental and physical self. Perhaps that was the secret of Tactics of the Blaze’s dominance.

Normally, Soul Energy only served as an agent of extracting GN Force and turn it into attacking power. Yet, Tactics of the Blaze had fused Soul Energy into GN Force itself in its attacks. And to top it off, its incinerating attribute had enabled the attacker’s Soul Energy to "sneak into" the opponent’s body and begin dealing mental damages while physical damages were dealt by GN Force itself.

Double dosage of damage indeed!

Somehow Tactics of the Blade looked similar to Tactics of the Enchantress. However, Tactics of the Enchantress’s mental damage was more direct. The attack could even control her enemy without taking any action if her practice had reached a certain level. Nevertheless, this would still be depending on the level of mental resistance possessed by the opponents.

As Wang Tong looked at the extra abilities of the other tactics, Wang Tong couldn’t help but wonder why Tactics of the Blade only consisted of boring attacking methods.

Wang Tong began to submerge into his thoughts. Up till now, he had fought against both Tactics of the Enchantress and Tactics of the Blaze. Both of these tactics contained their own uniqueness. Furthermore, both tactics were similar when it came to turning Soul Energy into an offensive usage. As for Tactics of the Blade, Soul Energy was only an agent in GN Force extraction, just the same as the other tactics.

Wang Tong really wanted to reexperience the burning sensation from Tactics of the Blaze. Unfortunately, his own Soul Energy was not able to do so. Honestly, Wang Tong was impressed of Tactics of the Blaze’s attacking methods, and surprisingly, the way he unleashed Firmament Palm Strike by infusing the fiery Soul Energy accumulated in his body was somehow similar to the effectiveness of Einherjar Wannabe’s original Palm Strike.

Sadly, Wang Tong’s imagination was limited, not to mention his current position was not suitable for him to do too many experiments. The only thing he could do was to remember the burning sensation as much as possible.

Nevertheless, Wang Tong was still bothered by the question of whether it was the Soul Energy that possessed the incinerating element or the Soul Energy causing GN Force to develop a fiery attribute? He knew that this question could not be solved for now. After all, Tactics of the Blaze would never be so intimidating if it were that simple.

"Oh, leaving already? Why don’t you stay for a little longer?" The shopkeeper was sad to see his "golden goose" leave, "Hmm, looks like your credit has finished."

Wang Tong, who was busy thinking, was surprised by the shopkeeper’s words, "Excuse me?"

"It seems like you’ve used all of your credits. Would you like to reload?"

Wang Tong was stunned, then he suddenly remembered that he had been spending a lot lately, especially during the wonderful days he had with Samantha. He had totally forgotten about the importance of income.

"Ahem, maybe next time."

"You sure? We’re having a promotion right now!" The shopkeeper seemed worried when he saw his golden goose wasn’t going to reload.

"Haha, it’s okay. Maybe next time." Wang Tong was kind of embarrassed. Lately, as he had been focusing on "S" Society, causing him to have less time to do part-time jobs, not to mention his previous training had also taken a lot of his free time. It seemed like Wang Tong had no choice but to cut down his expenses in order to survive, which included cutting down his visits to DREAM Heaven.

Wang Tong began to calculate his expenses as he walked out the door. He really had been spending too much lately. Hence, he would have no choice but to eat less expensive food in the future. As for his clothing… it seemed like he really had overspent a lot for going on dates with Samantha.

As Wang Tong was busy thinking of ways to cut down his expenses, the shopkeeper of DREAM Heaven was seen chasing him from behind.

"Hey kid, hold on for a sec… Congratulations, you’ve just been selected as our lucky customer, and we’re giving you one hundred credits for free!"

"Lucky customer?" Wang Tong suspected there was something wrong with the shopkeeper, but so far, he couldn’t think of anything fishy.

"Here, take it. Today’s my birthday and also happens to be the opening anniversary of my shop. You’re so lucky!" The shopkeeper lied.

The shopkeeper then hurried back to his shop after handing Wang Tong the card. The shop was still fully occupied by the rest who were busy discussing the match on the forum.


"Ouch, my head!" Wang Tong immediately placed his hands on his head and slowly walked back to Ayrlarng after accidentally knocking his forehead onto the lamp post.