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Chapter 217: The Real and The Fake Tactics of the Blaze

Chapter 217: The Real and The Fake Tactics of the Blaze

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"Were those the Tactics of the Blaze?" Miao Xiu was thinking as he stroked his chin. It didn’t look like tactics of the Blaze, yet it seemed similar.

"Nope." Zhang Jin replied positively.

"Oh? But..."

"Although it’s not the Tactics of the Blaze, it has proven that the Tactics practiced by this man were not afraid of the poison from its toxic flame, and were even able to store it for his own usage… In fact, none of the Five Great Tactics are able to have such ability."

Einherjar Wannabe might have logged out, yet the uproar was still escalating. If Tactics of the Blaze was not able to hold him back, it seemed like nothing from the other four Great tactics would be able to subdue him either.

The Five Great Tactics had always been the mightiest existence of all tactics that were unreachable for most people, which also explained why the Five Great Houses were always staying on top of the pyramid. Deep down, everyone had been hoping to create other tactics that would be able to surpass the Five Great Tactics.

Eventually, Einherjar Wannabe had done it.

Nevertheless, how would the Five Great Houses react to this?

Hwo Quan’s defeat was not the main focus of this match, but it was the fact that Einherjar Wannabe had achieved something that the other existing tactics were unable to achieve.

Every media source seemed to have instantly focused on this shocking news.

Mars’ FLT Channel had even requested to interview Lie Kent himself, and Lie Kent happily accepted the interview.

The interview was broadcasted throughout the whole universe. Amongst the successors of the Five Great Houses, Lie Kent was the only one who enjoyed showing off as well as living under the spotlight.

After a series of blabber, the voluptuous and sexy reporter then asked something that everyone was concerned about, "Is that true that the final strike used by Einherjar Wannabe was in fact Tactics of the Blaze?"

Lie Kent was deeply fascinated by the beautiful reporter sitting in front of him. Sexy, steamy girls were always his cup of tea. However, he was acting serious in front of the camera.

"Yes, that’s definitely the Xinfa of Tactics of the Blaze. According to what I know, Tactics of the Blaze were the only tactics that possessed an incinerating GN Force in this world."

"So, you are saying that he literally knew how to use Tactics of the Blaze?" The beautiful reporter asked again.

Her question seemed to have pissed a lot of the viewers off. Clearly it wasn’t the Tactics of the Blaze. They were surprised that the voluptuous reporter would ask such a dumb question.

However, sexy girls would never get Lie Kent angry. He happily answered, "It’s NOT the Tactics of the Blaze. In fact, it was none of the Five Great Tactics, and I believe it would be the strongest tactics of all. Even the perfect tactics of the Deva King would never be able to do so, let alone the other tactics."

People were surprised that Lie Kent would praise another human being, especially due to the fact that Einherjar Wannabe was an Earthling. However, Lie Kent still managed to make room for discriminating Li Shimin.

"Are you planning on challenging Einherjar Wannabe?" The beautiful reporter asked.

"If Einherjar Wannabe is a Martian, perhaps I’m already fighting him as we speak."

Lie Kent then waved his hand, signaling that it was time to end the interview and time for some "relaxing" activities instead. In Mars, girls would never let go of any opportunity to get close with Lie Kent.

Zhang Jin turned off her TV and started to giggle. She was amused by the way Lie Kent discriminated against the Tactics of Vayu saying they were weaker than Tactics of the Deva King, and also the way he hinted that Li Shimin was a loser and trying to taunt him to challenge the unknown Tactics that had surpassed the Five Great Tactics. In the end, if Li Shimin did take the taunt and challenge Einherjar Wannabe, his reputation would still be affected regardless of winning or losing. Lie Kent had always been trying to mess with Li Shimin, and it seemed like his troublemaking ability was just as good as his lasciviousness.

Zhang Jin was really eager to see how would Li Shimin respond to Lie Kent’s taunt. However, judging from Li Shimin’s endurance, he would never be simply provoked by such a taunt.

As for Einherjar Wannabe, it seemed like he had overly exposed himself to the public and attracted the attention of a few parties. Whether they were the old or the new forces, they seemed to be extremely tempted in his dominating new Xinfa that was capable of mimicking Tactics of the Blaze and any kind of tactics simply by engaging in a single battle. After all, the party that got their hands on this set of tactics would have the ability to expand its forces and rise as an empire.

Possessing a set of powerful tactics had always been how the great forces in Earth Confederation secured their political status, except for House of Ma, which instead maintained its status through inventing state-of-the-art technologies from time to time.

As a matter of fact, Zhang Jin would also be attending the conference organized by House of Ma at Earth Confederation. Of course, she would never miss such an opportunity to witness the magnificent VZPE Battery. Although she wasn’t sure how advanced its development was, yet since FFC had made a public announcement regarding this, Zhang Jin assumed that this technology was already suitable to be used in the military.

With this further improvement in the energy source, FFC would be able to hit the jackpot by providing an upgrade to the Energy Barriers of Space Battlecrafts. Fortunately for House of Ma, their profit didn’t cause any conflict of interest amongst forces, and this recent invention was very well-received instead.

Meanwhile, an uproar had spread across Capth, Ayrlarng and Bernabeu. Every student seemed to be busy discussing the unbelievable incident. In the beginning, most of them thought that Einherjar Wannabe was nothing more than a performer and people enjoyed watching him fight because it was entertaining. However, students began to realize that things seemed to have changed after witnessing all of the aces and elite fighters get defeated one after another.

Not only that Einherjar Wannabe was able to mimic the Tactics of the Blaze, but every other tactics as well. Most of all, he was even capable of subduing a Level Five Fighter with his Level Four Soul Energy…

If all of these weren’t achievable by Tactics of the Deva King, then what on earth was that?

Who the hell was Einherjar Wannabe?

All of these questions seemed to have driven people crazy, and Einherjar Wannabe had immediately become an existence from another dimension.

Not only did he possess an ultimate set of tactics, at the same time, he was also extremely talented in Battlecraft Combat. He had even created Art of the Soaring Heaven that overpowered the Kaedeians. Yet ironically, no one in Earth Confederation had ever come across such a genius in all existing academies. What a joke!

Einherjar Wannabe had to be a student in reality since he was only sixteen years old, yet both Yalden and Capth, which were the biggest S-Ranked academies on Earth Confederation, didn’t have the record of having such student.

Or were they trying to hide him from the public?

There was a rumor in the forum, saying that Einherjar Wannabe was actually an ordinary kid in a military academy with average scores. Still, it would be impossible to identify which one since the majority of the students were average as well.

"Young master… sir!"

"Did you find him?" Li Shimin asked. He looked smart in his neat military uniform.

"Even DREAM was trying to find out who he was, but apparently, his ID was untraceable."

"Einherjar Wannabe had brought a tremendous amount of profits to the whole PA. Perhaps he is one of DREAM’s..."

"Do you want me to send someone to look into it?"

"Never mind. Someday, I’ll personally make him show himself." Li Shimin replied coldly.

To be honest, Li Shimin wasn’t bothered by Lie Kent’s taunt at all because he knew what that idiot was thinking. However, the last thing he wanted was Einherjar Wannabe’s existence ruining the reputation of the Five Great Houses. After all, House of Li did have the biggest influence amongst the five Houses. Einherjar Wannabe might be doing good in provoking history, but soon, Li Shimin would personally make sure that his "legacy" ended immediately. In the end, there could only be one "God" in this world.

Li Shimin was confident that he was the only one who would become the almighty God.

He had gone through every file about Einherjar Wannabe. Yet, Li Shimin would still need some time to piece the puzzles together in order to figure out Einherjar Wannabe’s real identity.

It would be extremely hard for most people to look for such a mysterious character. However, it wouldn’t be a problem for Li Shimin. Now that Li Shimin had learned that Einherjar Wannabe was a sixteen-year-old boy from Earth Confederation, all he had to do now was to throw in a bit of stimulant and make him reveal himself.

Nevertheless, Li Shimin was also wondering how such a secretive character, or perhaps organization, was able to stay hidden in Earth Confederation without getting noticed.

Anyhow, Li Shimin decided not to spend too much attention on this shadowy figure as he had more important things to attend to. After all, Einherjar Wannabe was only a "superhero" in the virtual space, unlike Blade Warrior, who was the real deal in the real world.

The next day, someone wrote a letter to the Battle Strategy Committee and requested them to acknowledge Art of the Soaring Heaven as a legitimate battle strategy. For the first time, the committee had agreed to acknowledge a battle strategy that was created by an unknown individual.

Meanwhile, DREAM was still trying their best to pinpoint Einherjar Wannabe’s whereabouts, but his ID was totally untraceable. Instead of letting the computers run an automatic trace, DREAM still preferred to let human beings handle everything. After all, mistakes caused by machines were much more disastrous than mistakes made by humans.

Although high-tech machinery had lightened the burden of mankind, yet mankind seemed to have much more confident in themselves than machines and computers.

Einherjar Wannabe still remained the number one gossip amongst students of different academies. Surprisingly, no one would say that Einherjar Wannabe was a "clown" after the match simply because he was able to mimic Tactics of the Blaze. Instead, they began to admire the flexibility and variability of his mysterious Tactics.

In fact, the Confederation had been secretly trying to persuade DREAM to let their special task force take over the investigation of Einherjar Wannabe. It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe was immediately branded as a potential threat to the Confederation government after the match in PA. Hence, they decided to take further actions on finding out who he was.

To be honest, the Confederation government wouldn’t need to be so tense if Blade Warrior didn’t exist. Undeniably, Blade Warrior was the liberator of mankind. However, no one could confirm if Einherjar Wannabe was a savior or a doombringer that was created by some secretive organizations that were planning to destroy the world.

If he were really a terrorist, the situation would be extremely dangerous.

The Confederation government had been trying their best in fighting crime, but there still were a great deal of terrorists living and hiding in various planets, especially the notorious space pirates who had been terrorizing people for many years. After all, no matter how good the administration was, there would still be loopholes in the system.

There would always be conflicts among democracy, freedom, and supervision, while bad guys and terrorists would always find ways to take advantages of the flaws in the system.

Although the government had been trying its best to bring peace to the universe, the conflict amongst politicians, military, and scientific research institutions had been progressively escalating in recent years. However, people seemed to have developed more faith in scientists rather than believing the words of politicians and military officers. After all, scientists played an important role in the development of mankind.