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Chapter 218: All The Best

Chapter 218: All The Best

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Parliament remained as the supreme governing body, while the military was in charge of homeland security. As for the Scientific Research Institution, instead of being controlled by the military, they had formed an independent force that possessed the technologies of mankind development (For instance, the Battlecraft Combat Department).

This was why FFC’s VZPE Battery technology had received a lot of attention from the Scientific Research Institution. It seemed like the whole institution was totally focused on this matter.

Confederation government did promise DREAM that they would be conducting the investigation secretly, but the request was immediately declined by DREAM. Clearly, they were afraid that the government’s interference would ruin their profit in PA.

After all, having Einherjar Wannabe’s identity exposed by the task force would cost them dearly. Not only that DREAM would be losing Einherjar Wannabe forever, but they would also be losing the whole PA. Hence, they would never do anything to ruin their own business. However, DREAM was aware that they were only a small company that didn’t have the influence to stop the government from doing what they wanted. Nevertheless, they said no and hoped that there would be a negotiation with the government.

Obviously both sides had their own agendas in this issue. In the end, the Confederation government agreed to compensate for the unavoidable losses throughout the investigation, while DREAM had also agreed to let the special task force take over the investigation starting from Einherjar Wannabe’s next appearance.

Nevertheless, the higher authorities of both parties had agreed to keep this deal as a secret amongst themselves. After all, things would definitely get complicated if the public found out that the government was trying to take down Einherjar Wannabe even though he didn’t commit any crime.

As for Wang Tong, he had been spending the whole Sunday training in the gym. To be honest, he wasn’t interested in tactics of the Blaze at all. However, he did seem interested in the way it utilized Soul Energy as a support in every attack.

Tactics of the Enchantress’ methods of utilizing Soul Energy was not very suitable for Wang Tong since his Soul Energy was only at Level Four. He might be able to use it defensively but definitely not for offensive purposes. However, Tactics of the Blaze seemed better because it didn’t depend on one’s Soul Energy. Furthermore, Hwo Quan was also only a fighter with Level Four Soul Energy. In Tactics of the Blaze, aside from being used to extract GN Force, Soul Energy was also able to alter the attribute of one’s GN Force as well as being used as an enhancement in attacks.

Wang Tong was trying his best to analyze the secrets of this set of tactics, but it was extremely complicated. Perhaps, Lie Kent would laugh out loud if he found out that Wang Tong had been working his ass out to figure out what on earth was the Tactics of the Blaze.

Wang Tong had been trying very hard to recreate the blazing sensation by initializing his own Tactics of the Blade, but it failed no matter how many times he tried. Unlike Firmament Palm Strike or Fist of the Racing Tiger, which he could recreate with tactics of the Blade, Tactics of the Blaze seemed to be on a different level.

Yet, Wang Tong believed that he was able to do so. He was confident that he would be able to catch the feeling if Hwo Quan could hit him another time in reality. After all, those hits on TPA were not enough for Wang Tong to memorize the burning sensation with his body.

Wang Tong felt hungry and opened his eyes. He was surprised to see Zhou Sisi sitting at the corner while staring at him.

"Oh hi Sisi, wassup?"

"Gosh, you’ve been sitting here for a whole day. What’s on your mind?" Zhou Sisi asked.

"Really? I thought it was only one hour or two, no wonder I’m starving like hell." Wang Tong scratched his head and was embarrassed by his growling stomach.

"C’mon let’s go, I’m starving too." Zhou Sisi got up and rubbed her tights.

"You’ve been sitting there whole day waiting for me?"

"Nah, but I did drop by a few times to check on you."

"What’s up?"

"I heard that you’ll not be going for the Polar Concert next week, but everyone else in the team would be going. Since we’re given this privilege by Madam Principal, don’t you think it’s kinda waste?" Zhou Sisi said.

Wang Tong faked a smile, "Nah, you guys go ahead. I’m not in the mood."

Suddenly Zhou Sisi pinched Wang Tong’s face and said, "Hey, cheer up young man, get up and move on already. The Wang Tong I know is not a coward nor a loser!"

Wang Tong stood up in embarrassment, "How did you know? Dammit Hu Yangxuan, you jackass!"

"Hey don’t blame the others. You two were completely wasted that night and had been sleeptalking for the whole night." Zhou Sisi smiled and teased Wang Tong.

"What… did I say?" Wang Tong was shocked after learning that he had the habit of sleeptalking after getting drunk. Since when did he inherit this bad habit from Old Fart?

"Everything. However, I didn’t remember all of the contents. SO, don’t act like a sissy anymore. Look at Principal Samantha, she wasn’t troubled at all and was even able to finish her tasks orderly. Relax buddy, look forward and move on already." Zhou Sisi didn’t expect that she would play the part as Wang Tong’s romance counselor.

Wang Tong was embarrassed by the fuss he had made while he was drunk… Wang Tong thought that he had walked back to his room by himself that night, but it seemed like both he and Hu Yangxuan were helped by Zhou Sisi in the end.

"Thank you, Sisi." Wang Tong said it from the bottom of his heart.

"For what?" Zhou Sisi flicked her hair.

"Everything. Thank you very much."

"So, are you going or not?"

"Why not? How could I miss the chance to support your dearest twin sister? Perhaps I could even get her signature… and later post it on the online auction..." Wang Tong said cunningly.

"I’mma hit you hard if you do that!"

"Easy, don’t forget I’m your mentor!"

Wang Tong then ran towards the cafeteria, somehow chatting with Zhou Sisi had cheered him up. Clearly, it was time for him to truly move on and stop being emotional. Everything would become better if he could stand up and take a step forward.

Samantha did promise the team a trip to the Polar region if they were able to defeat Capth, and it seemed like she really did keep her promise. Concert or not, this would still be a rare opportunity to visit the Aurora City. Everyone was eager to see how the city looked like.

Most importantly, Zhou Sisi’s twin sister would be performing along with the team members of her idol group "HG". Of course, no one would miss such a chance to get close to the pop stars and have fun with each other.

Even though human beings didn’t have to rub scent on each other like animals when it came to socializing, yet to spend time together in reality was definitely way better than communicating in the virtual world.

To be honest, Wang Tong was looking forward to getting together with the team, especially since he had now opened his heart and freed himself from the negatives. It was time for him to really consider his future.

Whether he was really trying to search for Old Fart or becoming the Space Baron, Wang Tong would have to work harder in order to achieve his goals. Wang Tong had promised himself that he would walk the talk in order to not waste his life.

Aside from learning how to love, it was also important for a guy to learn the significance of thinking on her behalf. Since Samantha had already decided to pursue on her own ambitions, why wouldn’t Wang Tong do the same?

She would never be satisfied by him clinging to her in a relationship.

Wang Tong adored Samantha because she possessed the elements of hope that Wang Tong admired. Nevertheless, it might be better for both of them to part ways. After all, Samantha still had to fight for her dreams, and Wang Tong also had his own goals to achieve.

Wang Tong then calmed himself down and began to analyze her feelings for Ma Xiaoru. To be honest, Ma Xiaoru was indeed a better girlfriend for him, because she was willing to sacrifice her own dreams and career for the one she loves. Perhaps, she was willing to do so because she was the sole successor of FFC, but even if she had done that, would they be able to live happily forever after?

The answer was obvious. The house of Ma was a huge family with great influence, but he was just a nobody from nowhere. Ma Xiaoru was out of his league!

Nevertheless, Wang Tong had finally got back on his feet after spending some time in the vortex of love. Instead of waiting for the others to accommodate themselves for him, it was time for him to change his attitude towards everything.

Ma Xiaoru? Samantha?

Honestly, no one had the answer for that for the time being.

Anyhow, Wang Tong had let go and freed himself from his misery. Finally, he had gone back to his old self.

"You sure y’all are coming, sis?"

"Yup, that’s the prize for our victory!"

"Congratulations to all of you, you guys are amazing indeed. I can’t believe y’all really defeated Capth. Oh, by the way, I heard that the boy was the star of the whole tournament. Plus, I’ve even shown his dance to our producer. It blew his mind, and he’d like to meet him badly."

"Erm, let’s see how it goes. After all, soldiers are not that interested in this business."

"Sis, don’t jump to the conclusion that quickly. Oh, I gotta go. It’s time for my rehearsal. I’ll do my best too!"

"Okay, all the best!" Zhou Sisi turned off her Skynet.

She was proud of her sister Zhou Yiyi. No matter what she did, she would always put all of her efforts into it.

As for Zhou Sisi, she had also been busy making her own plans and learning hard. Honestly, she was well aware of the existing gap in terms of strength, but that didn’t mean that she would fail in the end. Zhou Sisi was confident that she would be able to improve as time went by, including the relationship between Wang Tong and her.

Zhou Sisi had been practicing her Cloning Techniques every day. Instead of focusing on speed, she decided to begin with her accuracy. Aside from improving her Cloning Techniques, her daily training would also be able to improve her controlling maneuvers, Soul Energy Lock-on and many other categories.

Unlike Wang Tong, who chose to focus on METAL Combat and Battlecraft Combat, Zhou Sisi seemed to have developed an interest in all sorts of knowledge about the vast universe, especially about all sorts of dangers that people would face during space voyages and battles. She had been spending a lot of time expanding her general knowledge recently.

After all, reading had always been one of Zhou Sisi’s favorite pastime. She would always do a bit of reading and initialize her tactics before going to bed.

That was a part of Zhou Sisi’s daily routine.