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Chapter 219: One Step Further

Chapter 219: One Step Further

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After finishing his night-time practice, Wang Tong noticed that it was time for him to have a little chat with Einherjar Wannabe. Basically, Wang Tong’s life changed upon his encounter with this mystical Space Crystal, yet he realized that he had never thanked Einherjar Wannabe for that, which was kind of rude.

Moreover, he really had to put more effort into helping Einherjar Wannabe.

"Yo kiddo, wassup?" Einherjar Wannabe looked pissed. Clearly, he was still depressed over what happened previously.

Wang Tong replied politely, "Mister, perhaps it’s time for us to have a good little chat. Let’s take this opportunity to sort a few things out."

Einherjar Wannabe was stunned by his unexpected attitude, "What’s wrong with you kiddo? Lovelorn?"

Wang Tong forced a smile. Perhaps it was really more obvious than it seemed, "Yea, but it’s not about that. There’s something that we need to sit down and sort out."

Einherjar Wannabe was surprised by the sad-ish politeness of that stubborn kid, and replied normally, "What’s on your mind? First thing first, don’t you dare ask me to teach you anything."

"It’s not about that. I’m just curious of what’s going on with this particular Space Crystal and the mystical power of these Tactics of the Blade. There’s something I have to tell you. Apparently, Tactics of the Blade was a dual-core tactics that consisted of the upper circulation powered by EMF and the lower circulation which was in fact the Qi circulation of one’s Cinnabar Field… I made up that name myself. The combination of both the circulation was able to generate a great deal of strength, which has proven that this is actually the real Tactics of the Blade. Also, there is a huge possibility that this Space Crystal originally belonged to Blade Warrior himself." Wang Tong said.

Wang Tong did not tell Einherjar Wannabe back then because the guy always acted weird and secretive. As Old Fart said, "It is wise to always be somewhat reserved to someone else before knowing him or her properly.".

Yet, Wang Tong somehow noticed that first, he would have to open himself to the others if he wanted to be treated back the same way. After all, both Einherjar Wannabe and he had no families at all, and for Einherjar Wannabe, the only person he could talk to would be nobody else but Wang Tong.

Einherjar Wannabe didn’t expect Wang Tong would take the initiative to talk about this stuff. To be honest, he knew that this had been bothering Wang Tong for quite some time, but since he wasn’t very sure himself, Einherjar Wannabe chose to keep quiet instead.

"I promise you, Mister…Someday, I’ll definitely get you out from this Space Crystal."

"What’s wrong with you lately? Too many sitcoms? It scares me when u suddenly become so sentimental!" Einherjar Wannabe had been waiting to say this since the beginning.

No one would like to stay forever in vanity where time and space doesn’t exist. Somehow it felt worse than death.

"Nah, just that I think I’ve grown up a bit after going through a lot lately, haha." Indeed, Wang Tong had been through a lot lately.

"Good for you, now back to business. It seems like Blade Warrior is our only lead for now. Why don’t you tell me something about the Blade Warrior? I’ll see what can I recall." Einherjar Wannabe said.

"Easy, there’re tons of documentaries about the legendary Blade Warrior, I’ve got one right here which is quite detailed, hope it helps." Wang Tong then played the video clip, and both of them watched together.

One was sitting down, and the other one was floating.

It was a detailed documentary indeed. Almost everything about Blade Warrior was mentioned in the video, from his first appearance to the amazing battle he fought.

The whole documentary was about two hours. Both Einherjar Wannabe and Wang Tong began to think as soon as they finished watching the video.

"Unfortunately, I’m unable to find Old Fart, or else he’ll be able to tell me where this Space Crystal came from, and perhaps it’ll give us some idea. There’s also a place called the Hall of Valhalla that still contains clues about the Blade Warrior, but it was currently being guarded by Court of the Templar, and even the Templar’s followers are not allowed to enter. Rumors have it that it holds the gateway to another dimension which even the current technology is unable to decipher. Even if it’s possible, still Court of the Templar would never let outsiders access the Hall of Valhalla. To them, the Blade Warrior is their God of Creation. According to them, all existing tactics, including the Five Great Tactics, actually originated from Blade Warrior himself." Wang Tong explained.

Einherjar Wannabe said, "Hey kid, do you think I’m actually from that era?"

"Possible, perhaps you had offended Blade Warrior, or maybe you were the villain at that time."

"Perhaps, but I really can’t remember."

"Or maybe Blade Warrior was trying to save you. After all, he wouldn’t pass you his Tactics of the Blade if he didn’t trust you." Wang Tong made another assumption.

"Yo, are you tryin’ to mess with me?" Einherjar Wannabe glared at him.

"Of course not. I’m just trying to make sense of everything. To be honest, I don’t care who you really are. After all, you’re still the Einherjar Wannabe I know. Right now, we should be focusing on getting you out instead." Wang Tong scratched his head. As a student, there’s no way he could have access to some advanced technologies, "Let’s say you’re really in the state of a spirit, does that means all you need is just a body? Even so, it’s illegal to clone a person."

"Things aren’t as simple as you think kid. Right now I’m in the state of an energy force, yet materialization occurs when I turn into a METAL Suit; which means I’m able to transform into something that’s in a solid state. However, it seems like I’m unable to control my transformation. As for the Blade Warrior, he seemed to be a good person based on historical facts, but still, I’m not buying it." Einherjar Wannabe said.

"Oh, I have an idea. If we were to make Einherjar Wannabe more God-like in PA, it might be able to catch the attention of the person who once owned that Space Crystal, or maybe we’ll be able to attract the attention of certain related parties. Perhaps then they’ll be able to help us." Wang Tong said.

Wang Tong seemed to be unaware that Einherjar Wannabe had already caught the attention of many parties. Instead of his real identity, they seemed to care more about his Tactics.

"Sounds good. But still, it’s better for us to proceed with caution. Judging from your current capabilities, there’s no way you’re able to protect the Crystal by yourself. To be honest, I’m not happy about you, but I do hate more about the Crystal being held by another person. Furthermore, Old Fart might have lied to you about the Crystal. Perhaps the Crystal does belong to him."

"For God sake, this is getting more complicated!" Wang Tong smacked himself on the head, "Oh, by the way, did you notice the changes in my Soul Energy? After my previous injury at Capth, a golden light orb seemed to have appeared in my EMF. Maybe it has something to do with your unexpected transformation." Wang Tong then tried to describe how the light orb looked like.

"Light orb?" Einherjar Wannabe couldn’t recall anything about this strange phenomenon at all.

"What’s it like to be inside the Space Crystal? Are you able to find anything else?"

"Nothing but vanity. I can either remain conscious or go into sleep-mode. Most of the time I’ll be drifting around in an unconscious state, or else I’ll definitely become crazy. I can definitely sense there’s something else, but I can’t control or decide anything at all, one of them being Tactics of the Blade." Einherjar Wannabe seemed to be frustrated by all of these troubles. Sadly no one else would be able to help the both of them.

Suddenly, Wang Tong felt bad for Einherjar Wannabe, but he kept quiet about it. Obviously, Einherjar Wannabe was a tough guy. He didn’t give up his hope despite being stuck in despair. Wang Tong believed that Einherjar Wannabe had to be some big shot back then.

"Relax kid, things like these take time. As for your Tactics of the Blade and the light orb, I’m guessing that changes would occur to the Space Crystal whenever there’s improvement in your performance. If that’s the case, why don’t we try to build up the image of Einherjar Wannabe in PA and see if it catches the attention of any party? Meanwhile, you can try to train harder and improve more, then we shall be able to monitor those strange phenomena!"

"Yea, I was thinking about the same thing!" Wang Tong grabbed his fists.

"Brace yourself kiddo. If Blade Warrior was able to do it, so can we!" Einherjar Wannabe said in excitement.

In fact, the way Einherjar Wannabe saw Wang Tong had changed a bit after their little chit-chat!

Einherjar Wannabe seldom commented on Wang Tong’s practice because Old Fart had done a good job in fortifying Wang Tong’s basics, and there was no problem in Wang Tong’s initialization. Nevertheless, Wang Tong’s dual-core tactics did surprise Einherjar Wannabe, as not even he himself was able to do so. Moreover, Wang Tong’s tactics had exceeded two hundred nodes, but it totally had nothing to do with the Five Great Tactics.

Einherjar Wannabe didn’t allow Wang Tong equip the METAL Suit that he transformed into, because Wang Tong’s Soul Energy was too weak. His body would never be able to sustain the pressure, and he would be the first to pass out instead of his opponent.

Although super METAL Suits would usually grant much better defense and offense, yet at the same time, these armors would consume a lot of Soul Energy. For instance, the Suit of Einherjar that was only accessible to the Einherjar himself was able to grant its user enough strength to blow up the whole city. But it had to be maintained by an extensive amount of Soul Energy, or else, the user’s vitality would be completely drained.

Without a doubt, Wang Tong was very strong, but his Soul Energy was only at Level Four. Einherjar Wannabe was worried that something bad would happen to Wang Tong, which was why he had been telling Wang Tong to proceed with caution.

However, Einherjar Wannabe wasn’t that good in giving advice in a sentimental way.

Yet, Wang Tong didn’t mind. Instead, he was quite touched when Einherjar Wannabe warned him. He knew Einherjar Wannabe hated guys acting like sissies.

Nevertheless, Wang Tong realized that he had found the right person to help him practice the Soul Energy infused attacking methods.

Wang Tong was fairly surprised when he discovered that Einherjar Wannabe’s tactics consisted of thunder attributes. It was absolutely stunning and destructive at the same time!

Einherjar Wannabe seemed pleased about Wang Tong’s reaction. Just as Wang Tong suspected, techniques like these were based on one’s utilization of GN Force.