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Chapter 220: Men Were Supposed to be Macho

Chapter 220: Men Were Supposed to be Macho

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Human bodies consisted of the elements of wind, water, earth, fire, metal, and wood, and advanced tactics were able to infuse these basic elements into the attacks, like Einherjar Wannabe’s thunder attribute that actually belonged to the element of wind. In order to achieve so, one must first identify his or her own element. Elements were represented by a few genome nuclear sources, and these genome nuclear sources first had to be identified during the developing process of GN Force.

Wang Tong immediately understood the general idea after listening to Einherjar Wannabe’s explanation. He was happy that he had once again learned something new. Normally, people would only care about the increase of Soul Energy after initializing their tactics and didn’t bother to analyze the element of their genome nuclear sources. To be honest, it wouldn’t make any difference even if they knew about their elements. After all, the whole theory was kind of abstract. Only those who understood it would want to give it a try.

Einherjar Wannabe’s explanation helped Wang Tong a lot, but still, it was quite difficult to identify his own element. It would be even better if Einherjar Wannabe were able to help him in person. After all, things would proceed smoother if a mentor was by his side. But unfortunately for Wang Tong, Einherjar Wannabe was not a "person". Hence, he was on his own this time.

Nevertheless, Wang Tong was more than happy about the current information he had. Now that he had understood the overall theory, all he had to do next was give it a shot.

Wang Tong had decided to improve his strength as much as possible, and hopefully this time, he would be able to catch the golden light orb during his training!

In fact, Wang Tong had even come across a ridiculous idea to injure himself badly and see if the light orb would appear as planned. But this insane idea was immediately rejected by Einherjar Wannabe.

In the end, all they wanted to do was to solve the mystery behind that damn Space Crystal!

Wang Tong was deeply impressed by Einherjar Wannabe’s patience and dignity. If he were in Einherjar Wannabe’s place, he would’ve used every method he could think of in order to break free.

Einherjar Wannabe once said, "A man can lose anything, but not his dignity!". His words touched Wang Tong’s heart.

Wang Tong was even busier during the following week. However, he seemed to be even more energetic. Honestly, he was afraid of being bored, but now that he had found the goal that he wanted to achieve, he wouldn’t mind working his ass off in order to do so.

Meanwhile, as the leader of "S" Society, Wang Tong had made up his mind to put more effort into shaping the team, not only because of victories, but also in order to catch up with those S-Ranked academies.

One of his biggest actions was recruiting more members in order to form a refined Battlecraft Combat team. As a matter of fact, Wang Tong realized that the training and competitions that they had been participating in were too simple. Instead of theoretical stuff, the team needed some refinement.

The refinement was all about teamwork. Aside from strengthening the basics, training of would also be focusing more on real battles. Other than that, there would also be specific tutorials regarding the Weaponry System, Intel System and Supply System of Battlecraft fleets. It was important for the team to know that these systems were not commanded by one person, but were commanded respectively by the Fleet Commander, Commander’s assistant, and Fleet Tactician.

For instance, during final showdowns, the Fleet Commander or any person in charge would have to connect his or her Soul Energy with the entire fleet. It was easier said than done because it actually consisted of a series of procedures that had to be mastered to perfection, one of them being requesting for permission from higher authority to take control of the entire fleet.

If the crew were not able to cooperate or had bad sense of timing, the entire fleet would be wiped out by the enemies before the connection was made.

Basically, Battlecraft Combat only focused on battle strategies and perspectives, while refined Battlecraft Combat contained more exposure regarding real battles.

Another example would be Cloning Techniques. In basic Battlecraft Combat, most of the Kaedeians were able to demonstrate Cloning Techniques under any circumstances while Earthlings were able to do so against a smaller group of enemies. However, it would not be that simple in refined Battlecraft Combat. Instead of simply pushing a few buttons, one would have to look for a well-aimed angle while piloting a ginormous vessel, not to mention there might be a slight time delay while adjusting the aiming angle. In short, one’s ability to establish perfect control in basic Battlecraft Combat would not guarantee that he or she would also be able to do the same in refined Battlecraft Combat.

It was, in fact, more difficult than it seemed.

Basically, those who were capable of cloning more than two hundred fleets in basic Battlecraft Combat would likely be able to clone thirty to fifty fleets in real battles, but only if they could first establish excellent teamwork amongst the crew.

There was no such thing as a refined Battlecraft Combat team in Ayrlarng. After all, they had been performing badly in the basic Battlecraft Combat, let alone this advanced category. Furthermore, it had been ages since the last time a student of Ayrlarng became a Fleet Commander. In fact, Fleet Commanders were always admired by the society. Most of them were top-notch elites from various planets, and only those who passed the real battle simulation were able to become one.

Almost everyone dreamt of becoming a Fleet Commander. After all, no one would turn down the chance of being able to take charge of the entire armada of Battlecraft fleets and becoming the conqueror of the universe. Every year, hundreds of thousands of soldiers would compete against each other for this exquisite position in the army.

In order to return Ayrlarng to its former glory, Wang Tong decided to take on this challenge. Hence, he knew that he had to do something in order to brace himself for the competition ahead.

In the end, Wang Tong managed to select enough candidates from the "S" Society to form the new team. Fortunately for Wang Tong, Samantha had previously purchased a whole set of equipment which allowed his plans to proceed. Furthermore, Samantha was very supportive regarding this new project of "S" Society. After all, she would be okay for Wang Tong to do as he preferred as long as it wouldn’t ruin Ayrlarng’s image and reputation.

Later, Wang Tong eagerly led his team to test out their refined Battlecraft Combat maneuvers, and everyone was immediately startled by their test results.

All failed.

The whole team was a mess. What was worse, the whole armada was wiped out by the Space Hives of Zergs before they could fire a single cannon.

All of them were depressed and frustrated about the huge increase in difficulty. Suddenly, the basic Battlecraft Combat began to look like child’s play.

Sadly, none of Ayrlarng’s teachers were able to provide them any guidance in this category.

Yet at the edge of despair, Bernabeu came to the rescue. Cao Yi had combined Bernabeu’s lessons and practices on refined Battlecraft Combat into a course book and gave it to Wang Tong. All these years, while Ayrlarng was gradually getting worse, Bernabeu had been busy improving themselves. And in fact, Martyrus had never given up on refined Battlecraft Combat. However, the difficulty was too much for them even though they had Best, who was extremely talented in operating maneuvers. After all, there would be more people competing for the Fleet Commander position for sure if the entire subject was as easy as the basic version.

Fortunately, the students of Ayrlarng didn’t give up despite the terrible result. Somehow, they had expected that it would be this difficult. Carl even swore to overcome every challenge with the team under Wang Tong’s leadership!

Carl’s frenzy was out of the world. Basically, everyone except Wang Tong felt bad for the previous failure, yet it didn’t bother Carl too much. To be honest, Carl’s recent improvements were amazing, which also explained why no one was offended by his big mouth.

Carl even engraved the words "World’s Second Best" on his shoulder as a self-motivation.

Wang Tong was the best, so he would be the second best.

Being crazy and arrogant had always been Carl’s way to push himself further.

Of course, the team didn’t forget about the other subjects while focusing on the studies of refined Battlecraft Combat. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the happiness the challenges and improvements. Most importantly, everyone in the team was bringing out their A-game, and no one felt tired at all because they were working together as a team!

Time flew by, and another week had passed. As promised, Samantha had booked their flight tickets and accommodations, and also selected Mr.Simon as the teacher-in-charge of the team’s trip to the Polar Region.

‘All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Everyone seemed to be fairly excited about this trip as they began to pack their bags and luggage.

Meanwhile at Capth…

"C’mon Xiaoru, let’s go together. You have to come with me!"

"But I’m really not a fan of HG." Ma Xiaoru wasn’t interested at all. She had never been a fan of pop idols, and to be honest, the songs of HG seemed too boring for her.

"It’s not about the songs, all I’m saying is you’ve been training a lot lately, and I had also been busy training because of you. Hence you and I seriously need a break!"

"Can I stay here, please?"

"Nope, you’re coming with me. C’mon, it’s been ages since our last time having fun together. You have to come with me!" Li Ruo-Er kept nagging Ma Xiaoru.

In the end, Ma Xiaoru had no choice and agreed to accompany Li Ruo-Er. To be honest, she would love to travel to the Polar Region and visit the famous Aurora City too.

Meanwhile at Moon…

"Thanks again for inviting me." Luv Ma said while packing his bags.

"You’re welcome. Actually, my intention of this trip is to meet Capth’s very own Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru, and also to know more about this VZPE Battery. Anyway, I could use an assistant." Zhang Jin joked.

Lately, she discovered that Luv Ma was quite a talented person. He might be inexperienced, but this boy seemed to be very good in statistics and analysis.

"This would be my first time traveling to Earth, I’m looking forward to it!" Luv Ma said excitedly.

"Haha, me too!" Zhang Jin said. She didn’t pack too much for the trip.

It was time for her to meet the successors of both Houses on Earth, and she could tell that this would be an extremely enjoyable trip.

In the boys’ dorm, Miao Xiu was seen hugging Luv Ma’s left thigh, "Don’t leave me here buddy. I wanna go too!"

"Bro, it’s not up for me to decide. This time Zhang Jin only planned on taking me along… And we’re there for business, not pleasure."

"That’s not fair dude, why don’t you try asking her. I can be treated as baggage if she wants to!" Miao Xiu seemed to be quite desperate about visiting Earth.

Luv Ma then kicked Miao Xiu to the side. He knew the reason Miao Xiu wanted to visit Earth badly was none other than hitting on Earthling girls.

Two hundred years ago, the location of Aurora City was just a place roamed by animals. Yet right now, it had become one of the Earthlings’ greatest wonderlands.

In fact, Polar Region had the best ecosystem throughout Earth, and it was often visited by the elites. As for the Aurora City, it was being known for its marvelous combination of human technology and the elegance of mother nature.

This place also happened to be the most expensive city to live in due to the high demand in this small region. As a matter of fact, the real estate pricing of this area was similar to the prices on Moon.

A lot of world-renowned bigshots happened to be living in this city, and at the same time, scientists had also discovered that this was the perfect place for doing scientific research. Within decades, Aurora City had developed into the hub of business, entertainment as well as research and development.

Although the surrounding temperature was below fifty degree Celsius, yet it was always filled with warmth and happiness. People were seen having afternoon tea in a plaza filled with blossoming flowers while enjoying the snowy view outside the protective barrier. Sometimes, there were even polar animals passing by or checking on the people inside the barrier. This place was indeed a perfect heaven.