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Chapter 223: For the Greater Good

Chapter 223: For the Greater Good

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Hu Yangxuan looked around him and noticed the obsessed look on every girl's face as they stared at Wang Tong. He had learned a new lesson, ‘Never bring Wang Tong with him to anywhere there were girls.’

"Hey Hu Yangxuan, does he have a girlfriend?" An attractive and sultry dancer asked Hu Yangxuan.

"Yea, of course. So many of them. He is the biggest playboy I have ever seen." Hu Yangxuan felt a sense of satisfaction after he had framed his best friend.

"Oh really? That's perfect! That means I will have a chance with him as well!"

Hu Yangxuan felt like he was about to collapse to the floor.

"Are you OK, Hu Yangxuan?"

"Yea, yea, just … old wounds..."

In fact, it was an old wound that would never heal.

Staring at the starry sky above, Wang Tong heaved a sigh of relief. He had shed all the stress and pressure with that dance. He felt happy to have agreed to dance because he needed it after all. He felt his heart was much lighter and his body energetic after all the stress was gone.

One thing he knew for sure was that he was not going to be a dancer, no matter how good he was. He knew that greater things were waiting for him in life.

"Sifu, you rock!" Sisi had already caught up with him.

"Do you think that I can do this for a living? I heard people make a lot of money." Wang Tong simpered.

"If there were no threat of the Zergs, I would recommend you consider switching profession. But I think our world needs a great general more than a great dancer." Zhou Sisi contemplated the question and said.

"I am no general, ha-ha. I think I like dancing; it's a good exercise."

A laugh escaped Zhou Sisi's lips," Haha, I knew you like to be on the stage."

"Ha-ha, it was alright. Being under so many people's attention was nice. No wonder so many people want to be famous. But, I think I will get bored of that kind of life very quickly."

"That's for sure. You are born to be a soldier. Watch out though; Mike will not let you slip away so easily."

"What could he do? We will leave here right after our vacation anyways."

"True that."

"Yiyi, PLEASE! I beg you!" Mike pleaded Zhou Yiyi to help him recruit Wang Tong.

"I wish I could help you Mike, but we are just acquaintance."

"But how about your sister? She seems to know him well. Please, just one performance, just one!" Mike plastered an innocent look on his face while he begged Zhou Yiyi with a whiny voice.

"Mike, you know he is from a Military Academy, and they don't like to be associated with us. I have heard that Wang Tong and his friend are here only because they defeated Capth." Yiyi hinted at the fact that there was better future waiting for Wang Tong than being a dancer.

"I know all their stupid rules. We can cover his face with a mask and let him appear during HG's performance as a mystery guest. That ought to surprise everyone. The shock effect alone would be able to push HG's popularity to a new height. You know, I always felt that your band was too... soft, for the lack of better words. Therefore, you NEED him. It would be critical to your success. Hell, it might as well be the deciding factor of whether you will forever remain as the most popular band or eventually be forgotten. You NEED his energy!"

"Is it really that...?"

"Yes, it IS!"

"Even if he wanted to join our performance, he won't have the time..."

"Of course he will! I can guarantee you that much! Talk to your sister first." Mike uttered anxiously. "Ah... and I will pay for his friend's concert tickets, as well as all of their expense while staying in the city."

"Are you sure Mike? Those girls looked like shopaholics. It's not going to be cheap."

"I can tell that his friends have great influence on him. So yes, as long as Wang Tong agree to join us, I will cover all of his friend's cost." Mike finally revealed the manly side of him as he pounded his flat and bony chest.

"Alright then, I will give it a try."

If one could not confront his enemy directly, then one should try to flank him.

It was the Saturday morning. Wang Tong woke up on time and finished his morning routines as usual. He then opened the door and was startled by what he saw outside.

A row of people stood outside of his door; their expression screamed anticipation.

"Er...you guys..." Wang Tong watched his friends with a quizzical expression.

"Boss, I think you should give it a try, even if it is just once. It would be the most precious memory!" Karl announced earnestly.

Wang Tong stared at these familiar faces and felt like they were strangers, "How dare you..."

"Wang Tong, Karl is right. You should accept the request, for everyone!" Hu Yangxuan held Wang Tong's hand and shook it sincerely.

"You.." Wang Tong felt dark clouds were gathering around him, and it looked like he had no way out of the approaching storm.

"Apache, are you with them too?" Wang Tong turned his face to Apache. His gaze held Apache's like a drowning man grasping onto his last piece of drifting straw.

"Yes, they do speak for me," Apache said without any hesitation.

"What the f..." Wang Tong screamed in his mind.

"Tell me, how much did he give you. I want to know the price."

"What? What? We are bros! Why would we sell you for money? Our friendship is priceless! You think too much!...Er...fine..." Karl gave up after the icy hood of Wang Tong's glance caught him. "Well... I always wanted a stereo system."

"A stereo... and you..." Wang Tong had gotten so mad he could not even finish his sentences.

"Boss, calm down. How would I sell you for merely a set of stereo? It was the OPIO! The limited edition! Please boss, I really wanted it!" Karl's only interest was in collecting stereo sound systems. The OPIO was a handcrafted system for the most advanced collectors, and it was no longer for sale on the market. The set that Karl was promised was from Mike's personal collection.

"What about you?" Wang Tong turned his head to Hu Yangxuan. He saw two laugh lines etched onto Hu Yangxuan's face despite his extreme effort to not laugh.

"Hehe...hehe...He was going to set me up with a supermodel. Her name is Yeda. Hehe...hahaha... You have to see her face...hehe."

"Dear club leader, please, for the greater good, accept his request. I... overspent on my credit card while shopping yesterday... so..." Luo Manman held a sweet and innocent smile. Mike had promised to not only pay for her credit card debt, but also give her a free dress, custom designed by her favorite fashion designer.

Wang Tong felt cold and empty inside; he had finally touched the harshness of the world. He turned his head to Apache and wondered what had changed Apache's mind.

"Don't stare at me like that. You know I hate this place and always want to get out of here." Apache shrugged his shoulders. He said it nonchalantly, utterly devoid of guilt or remorse.

To get out of the perimeter of the Aurora City, the visitor needed to battle against countless red tapes and paper works. But with Mike's connection, it could be easily arranged for Apache within an hour.

"We all wanted to see you dance again. They will let you wear a mask and be very discrete about this as well. At the end of the day, it is your choice." Zhou Sisi felt guilty after seeing the pressure everyone had been giving Wang Tong.

Wang Tong stared at his friends indignantly and said," Remember this day when I sacrificed my dream and principals to your worldly desires! You guys better... better lend me money next time I ask!"

For the greater good, Wang Tong decided to accept the request. He could care less about how well his performance was, but he wondered what Mike's plan was. There was only one day left until the concert. Was he going to start from scratch?

Mike was elated after hearing that Wang Tong was going to join in. His eyes glinted as he thought about his artistic and financial achievements after this brilliant plan was done. Although he was an artist by trade, he was also a natural businessman.

As for what he could get out of Wang Tong's performance, Mike decided to focus on absorbing as much inspiration from him as he could. Mike knew that he couldn't keep Wang Tong, and therefore he couldn't turn it into a long-term business.

Mike and Wang Tong exchanged a few ideas on how to seamlessly merge Wang Tong's performance with that of HG. Ever since hearing Mike's DJ performance, Wang Tong had gained a bit of respect for this feminine looking man. Wang Tong knew that it was not an easy job to match music with his emotions, and only the best of the best artist could do that.

After a few hours of discussion, they had decided to let Wang Tong go freestyle, counting on his spontaneity.

Their plan was as crazy as Mike's personality. Mike had given up on rehearsal and decided to let Wang Tong roam free before the show started in the night. He told Wang Tong that he needed a little bit time with himself to prepare.

After Wang Tong was gone, Mike started his work. Under Mike's fingers, the audio mixer changed its tunes from one to another seamlessly; his creativity poured out at once like water from an opened floodgate.

Many great pieces of art were born in an instance, like a spark. There was no need for revisions since the first version was usually the best.