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Chapter 227: Elemental GN Force

Chapter 227: Elemental GN Force

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Nevertheless, Li Ruo-Er still couldn’t decide if she should mess with him right now or to let things develop for a little longer. She was worried that things would not be able to proceed as planned if Ma Xiaoru bumped into Wang Tong too early, not to mention her memories were only sealed off recently. It might even ruin her brother’s plans if this triggered her to regain her memories. After a short period of consideration, Li Ruo-Er still decided to bring Ma Xiaoru along. To her, nothing was more important than the pleasure and excitement of this "drama", not even her brother.

"Xiaoru, are you done? I’m coming in."

"Hey, wait for a while, I’m still drying myself!"

Li Ruo-Er had already undressed while Ma Xiaoru was talking. Instantly, the steamy bathroom was cramped by the presence of two sexy and voluptuous naked figures. Ma Xiaoru then wrapped herself in a towel, "Geez, you’re always so impatient."

"Hey Xiaoru, why don’t we take a bath together?"

"Huh, no... no way!" Ma Xiaoru dashed out while Li Ruo-Er laughed out loud when she saw Ma Xiaoru’s expression.

Li Ruo-Er was just like a little mischievous imp while Ma Xiaoru was gentle, mature and unlikely to get angry, which was why both of them were able to hang around each other happily.

"Xiaoru, would you like to know the real identity of the masked dancer?" Li Ruo-Er said while gently caressing her body. She had always been proud of her perfect body; it was truly a gift from God. As a girl who practiced Tactics of the Enchantress since young, she could easily get whichever guy she fancied. But sadly, she had never done this to anyone because none of the guys in this world could draw her attention, not to mention normal guys were not worthy to be paired with her dazzling beauty.

Somehow, Li Ruo-Er was kind of narcissistic.

But with that lustrous dark long hair, fair and radiant skin and also her perfect breasts and curvy waist, she had what it took to be narcissistic.

"Oh, do you know who he is?" Ma Xiaoru asked. For some reason, she really wanted to know who he was.

"Well of course."

"But that’s impossible! You were with me all day long for the past few days!" To be honest, Ma Xiaoru wasn’t a big fan of concerts like this, but she was totally attracted to the masked dancer. Perhaps it was because of the mysteriousness, but Ma Xiaoru would really want to find out who that guy was.

She watched his dance again when they came back to the room, and Ma Xiaoru couldn’t help feeling a familiar yet strange sensation, which explained why she was extremely curious about his identity.

"It’s a secret. Anyway, follow me tomorrow if you really wanna find out who on earth the person is that has been hiding behind the mask!" Li Ruo-Er said in a mischievous tone.

Every student of military academies had been taught that one’s combat performance was respectively related to the point performance, maneuverability, overall Avionic performance as well as weaponry performance. In general, the VZPE Battery was able to significantly enhance the mentioned factors. Hence, it had currently become the most valuable technology throughout the universe.

It was clear to all that there would be some huge changes in the military development once this technology was used.

The SPM Conference began with a brief introduction by FFC regarding the theories behind this technology. They introduced the power extracting "core", which happened to be the key component of VZPE Battery. However, FFC didn’t explain how it was made. Even though this crucial technology had solved the extraction procedure of VZPE energy, yet that didn’t mean that the super armada would be constructed in no time.

Construction of the super armada required the precise calculation of total energy output, redesign of the overall blueprint, and most importantly, the utilization of this whole technology. As of now, the VZPE Battery was only being known as an alternative source of power extraction, because the real extraction would also involve new elements aside from just a couple of technical problems, not to mention the extraction of those elements was not as simple as it seemed.

Whenever a problem was solved, another or even more problems would pop up as always. Yet, learning how to solve problems was actually an important process of having improvements.

After the basic introduction, people seemed to have understood that this technology was not a dream anymore. However, it still needed to be improved in order to be used in the development of military and daily household usage!

Aside from the extraction of the new elements, FFC also had to think of ways to modify it. For instance, they were still working on the way to shrink this ginormous battery. Although it was useable, this battery was still too big, and for now, it could only be used as one of Earth’s power hubs. But to be honest, VZPE Battery would become worthless if it only served as a power hub. After all, almost every planet still preferred solar energy, nuclear energy, and antimatter energy, that were more mature and trustable.

Nevertheless, if the future remained as predicted, VZPE Battery would be replacing all of those in the future, as well as widening the universe of mankind for sure!

FFC’s session with the press ended after the discussion on a few topics. As for the upcoming sessions, only physicists, mathematicians and other experts of related fields were allowed to attend. Apparently, they would be discussing their ideas of solving the current difficulties in VZPE technology. After all, true knowledge and techniques would only be possessed by those with real talents. Yet before they began, everyone had to sign the confidentiality agreement that was prepared by FFC in order to protect their own technology.

As the session began, the hall was filled with loud discussions among scientists.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was seen walking alone in the wild right outside Aurora City, but he was still remaining in the safety perimeter. Apparently, the developer of Aurora City had set up a safety perimeter around Aurora City, because they knew that the rich ones loved excitement. In other words, this area of "wilds" was totally safe.

Wang Tong hated such a ridiculous restraint and decided to walk further, but his buzzer began to wail as soon as he left the perimeter. "You have left the safety perimeter. Please stop going further and turn back to avoid dangers!"

The snowy land became quiet once again as Wang Tong ripped off his buzzer and turned it off. The weather was colder than he expected, but it didn’t bother Wang Tong since he had been keeping himself warm with a bit of GN Force. Obviously, Wang Tong was much stronger than the ordinary people. After all, he did survive the harsh conditions in an environment with five times greater gravity.

A few minutes later, Wang Tong noticed that his body had gotten used to the coldness and didn’t need to keep himself warm with his GN Force anymore.

Wang Tong took a deep breath of the cold and pure air of the snowy land, feeling his body get refreshed and energized instantly.

"Is he crazy?" Ma Xiaoru said while looking at him from a distance.

"Most probably." Li Ruo-Er suddenly remembered Wang Tong’s performance during the tournament against Capth. Nevertheless, it was nothing compared to her strength.

"I still think this is a bad idea." Ma Xiaoru said after realizing that they had left the safety perimeter. It could be dangerous if they chose to travel further.

"C’mon, this is fun. Do you really wanna go back and have your butt followed by those bodyguards? I’m sick of them to be honest."

"Ruo-Er, that’s their job. So let’s not make it difficult for them."

"But we’ve come this far already, and you’re asking me to turn back now? Sometimes, I do wonder if you’ve actually practiced Tactics of the Enchantress or Tactics of the Good Mistress." Li Ruo-Er was surprised that Ma Xiaoru had become such a coward. During their younger days at House of Li, Ma Xiaoru was always competing with her. Yet, she had completely changed after leaving House of Li. In fact, Li Ruo-Er would even have thought that Ma Xiaoru had become weak if it weren’t for of her recent advancement.

This was completely abnormal in terms of Tactics of the Enchantress.

In the end, Ma Xiaoru had no choice but to follow Li Ruo-Er since she insisted on following the guy.

Wang Tong gazed upon the massive glacier on the snowy land, then he closed his eyes and began to think about attributes…



"He’s not moving. Is he okay?" Ma Xiaoru seemed a little worried.

"Don’t bother."

The two ladies had been following Wang Tong for quite a while, and they expected that he would stop. But instead, he was still traveling further. They seemed a little worried because the navigation system might not work if they were too far away from Aurora City.

Actually, Wang Tong was well aware that the was being followed, but he didn’t bother too much because he was neither rich nor particularly handsome. Hence, he didn’t have to worry about being robbed or kidnapped.

The cold air was giving Wang Tong the inspiration that he had been searching for. Einherjar Wannabe’s previous "lectures" about attributes had given him some new inspiration.

As a matter of fact, attributes and elements did exist within the bodies of mankind. However, that didn’t mean that everyone had what it took to unleash the hidden elements. Moreover, it had to be incorporated with the corresponding tactics.

For instance, Tactics of the Blaze could only be learned by those with fire attributes. The stronger the attribute, the better the performance would be. Of course, in the end, one’s talent would still be playing an important part in the learning process.

There were no existing methods of detecting attributes. Most of the time, it required the observation of a mentor who practiced the same tactics, which was the reason why the practices of attributes were not so popular. Family members of House of Lie practiced the same method in the discovery of attributes, but luckily for them, most Martians were born with fire attributes, and some of them were even born with profound talents. Hence, people from House of Lie were mostly born to practice Tactics of the Blaze.

Although Wang Tong understood the theory, yet his Tactics of the Blade was unlike Tactics of the Blaze that could easily draw out the power from one’s attribute. However, he did believe that he would be able to discover his own attribute through looking into his own genome source carefully.

Wang Tong had no idea what his attribute would be, but he was certain that the cold weather would inspire him a little. That was also the intention of this little "field trip".

Wang Tong began to initialize his Tactics of the Blade in the middle of the snowy land, and then began to observe the changes of his genome source under this chilly weather.

Wang Tong came up with this idea because he remembered that Einherjar Wannabe had also taught him about the resonance of one’s attribute with the environment.

Obviously, Wang Tong would choose to freeze himself rather than jumping straight into a burning furnace.

The initialization of his Tactics of the Blade was doing well in this pristine environment. Wang Tong was focusing on his observations, and within minutes, he was overjoyed upon noticing that a genome source on his left chest was responding to the environmental condition. After one round of initialization, he had found five genome sources that responded to the coldness of this environment!