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Chapter 228: Polar Blizzard

Chapter 228: Polar Blizzard

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Wang Tong halted his practice as soon as he made the unexpected discovery. After all, it would be fairly dangerous to train in an environment with extreme weather. Since his "mission" had been accomplished, Wang Tong decided to head back after remembering the five responding genome sources.

"Mr. Wang Tong, are you practicing some kind of sorcery in the middle of this beautiful environment?" Li Ruo-Er said as she approached Wang Tong, followed by the shy Ma Xiaoru.

"You are..." Wang Tong glanced at the unexpected "guest". He wasn’t sure who was the person in the thick jacket that was standing behind, but Wang Tong was sure that both of them were from Capth.

"You little- !" At first, Li Ruo-Er was surprised by the fact that he didn’t remember her. But she immediately realized that he did that on purpose, "I didn’t know you’re so forgetful, Wang Tong."

"Ahh, isn’t this the famous Ms. Li Ruo-Er? I’m guessing you must have something important to tell me since you’ve been stalking me for the whole day, eh?" Wang Tong reacted coldly. This was not what Li Ruo-Er expected.

"Who said I’m stalking? This place isn’t yours, and clearly, we’re just going for a stroll."

"Really? Well farewell then. Sorry for interrupting your stroll." Wang Tong was not interested in mingling with the bossy young lady of House of Li.

"Ah, before you go, I just wanna say me and my friend here LOVED your dance. I didn’t know you’re such a good dancer." Li Ruo-Er said as soon as she noticed that Wang Tong was trying to leave. Since she had been following him for the whole day in this cold weather, of course, she would never give up the chance to mess with him.

Wang Tong gave her a cold grin and said, "May I know what are you trying to say?"

Wang Tong had never liked Li Ruo-Er’s guts, perhaps it was due to her aggressive and bossy attitude like a spoiled princess.

"Ruo-Er, let’s go back." Ma Xiaoru was afraid that this might turn into a fight, so she went forward and stopped Li Ruo-Er.

As Wang Tong was about to leave, he was startled and turned around upon hearing that familiar voice… He had always been wishing to see Ma Xiaoru again. In fact, Wang Tong got a bit emotional as he recalled all the happiness and regret all these times, but Ma Xiaoru didn’t notice that.

On the other hand, Li Ruo-Er was fairly happy. Things were about to get even more interesting.

Unlike the other animals, humans were born with complicated emotions, and the basics of Tactics of the Enchantress was none other than the manipulation of emotions.

"Oh, now you’re not leaving?" Li Ruo-Er said suddenly.

Wang Tong couldn’t move a muscle, no wonder those glittering eyes looked so familiar…

Ma Xiaoru was feeling weird as the stranger in front of him stared at her, "Sorry if we disturbed you, Mr. Wang Tong. We were just a bit worried when we saw you wandering around. We mean no harm."

Wang Tong remained silent. Ma Xiaoru’s voice didn’t change at all. He couldn’t help remembering all those days and nights they spent discussing and doing revisions together, as well as all those ups and downs they had been through together. Sadly, the Ma Xiaoru he knew didn’t exist anymore…

The current Ma Xiaoru standing in front of him was just a stranger with no memories of all those times they spent together.

Wang Tong suddenly remembered that Samantha once told him that Ma Xiaoru needed to be treated with care, especially not to bring up anything in the past since her memories for the last six months had been sealed away.

Wang Tong began to suspect Li Ruo-Er was trying to mess with him. After all, she knew about Ma Xiaoru’s condition, yet she chose to bring her along.

"Why don’t we head back together." Wang Tong decided not to mingle with her for good.

"Oh? But we wanna stay here for a little longer."

"Ms. Li Ruo-Er, the climate in the Polar Region is extremely unpredictable. We shouldn’t be staying here for too long."

Ma Xiaoru felt strange as she checked on the guy in front of her. Apparently, this boy named Wang Tong seemed to care a lot about her, totally different from what she expected the masked dancer would be.

"Are you the masked dancer?" Ma Xiaoru asked all of a sudden.

Wang Tong turned towards Ma Xiaoru. To be honest, he was dying to see that familiar face again, but he chose to hold back his emotions. After all, his heart was still quite complicated.

"Yes, but please don’t tell anyone else. That’s only a one-time thing." Wang Tong admitted confidently.

Ma Xiaoru nodded her head. Actually, she was quite touched, because the whole world was busy finding the real identity of the masked dancer yet Wang Tong didn’t deny. She didn’t expect that he would trust the two of them.

"Hey, don’t you think that you’ve trusted us too much? Aren’t you scared that we would tell the whole world about your secret identity?" Li Ruo-Er was enjoying herself teasing Wang Tong. Perhaps it was the right decision to save him from her brother.

"Haha, why should I be worried? First of all, you’ve already known about it since the beginning. Secondly, I’m pretty confident that you wouldn’t tell anyone. Moreover, nothing would happen even if you tell everyone." Wang Tong had no reasons to be polite in front of Li Ruo-Er. He was not some random dude that could be threatened so easily!

After all, to dance or not was up for him to decide, and even if his identity were revealed, the media would never be able to prove anything as long as he kept denying.

Ma Xiaoru was having a bad feeling, "Ruo-Er, let’s go back. It’s getting windier. Looks like the weather is changing."

"No, I’m not going back! You can go back yourself if you want to!" Li Ruo-Er seemed pissed after she failed to provoke Wang Tong. Most importantly, she couldn’t imagine herself listening to Wang Tong’s advice to head back.

"I suggest you listen to me, Ms. Li Ruo-Er. It’s getting colder here. I suspect a blizzard is coming this way." Wang Tong said after observing the sky.

"A blizzard? In a day with such fine weather? No Way!" Actually, Li Ruo-Er was trying to say: "Listening to you? Are you out of your mind? Who do you think you are?"

Li Ruo-Er marched forward after saying that. Ma Xiaoru had no choice but to follow her, then she turned towards Wang Tong, nodded and said, "Excuse me."

Practicing Tactics of the Enchantress had definitely improved Li Ruo-Er’s wits, but in the end, she was still a fifteen year old girl, and there were always times that she would act capricious and childish.

In the end, Wang Tong chose to follow the two of them. To be honest, he could leave Li Ruo-Er by herself because he remembered that Ma Xiaoru once told him that she was not particularly fond of the people from House of Li. However, he couldn’t bear himself to leave Ma Xiaoru in this dangerous environment.

Wang Tong could tell that the weather was about to change. Apparently, the five genome sources in his body had been sending some sort of signal to his brain since a while ago.

In fact, animals were known to possess an ability to sense changes in weathers and climates, for instance, the detection of earthquakes and tsunamis. As for human beings, this ability was forgotten during the process of evolution. As men began to unlock their own power and potential, they were also rediscovering the forgotten abilities that connected them to mother nature and even the vast universe.

Additionally, there was a huge possibility that actually one of the reasons behind General Li Feng creating all of these was to alter the development direction of mankind. The Mayans had proven that the development of technology would only lead to more destructions, and it was already too late for them to change their fate when they realized the importance of training their bodies. Many years later, General Li Feng invented METAL Suits. It might look like an invention to ward off Zergs, yet this was also a creation to alter the fate and development of humanity.

Nevertheless, these could only be conjectured by the further generations. Although no one would be able to tell the real intentions of General Li Feng, there was one thing for sure, general Li Feng had created a new chapter in the history of humanity.

The weather seemed to be changing a lot quicker than Wang Tong had expected. After all, polar climates were always unpredictable. Within minutes, the land was taken over by strong currents of wind and heavy snow.

It would be a rather beautiful scenery if they were inside Aurora City, sitting in a warm room and having a cup of hot Earl Grey while spending the rest of the afternoon watching the blizzard outside the barrier.

However, this spelled disaster to all three of them. Apparently, they were being put in an extremely dangerous position in the wilds, not to mention they weren’t fully prepared for this unexpected happening. Somehow, they had forgotten that mother nature was not something that could be messed with.

Wang Tong seemed to have braced himself for such things, but clearly Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru weren’t prepared for this.

"Ruo-Er, let’s head back."

In the end, Li Ruo-Er gave up as the strong current of wind raged ferociously. After all, no one would like the idea of ending up dead as a snowman in the heart of South Pole Region.

Both ladies were wearing good jackets that were able to automatically adjust their body temperatures. However, the environment was getting harsher. In order not to be blown away by the strong winds, they had no choice but to channel enough GN Force to stabilize themselves.

The sky was getting dark, like the beginning of the apocalypse. The whole sky seemed like it was about to fall and crash onto them.

Apparently, it was too late to get back, Wang Tong didn’t expect that the weather would change in a blink of an eye. Luckily, his ability to improvise was better than both ladies. Even if they were to speed up, still they would never be able to make it back to Aurora City, not to mention the high risk of getting lost in the middle of the snowstorm.

Wang Tong immediately grabbed both ladies by their hands, "Hold tight, Xiaoru, and cover your mouth. I’ll find us a shelter!"

Li Ruo-Er was startled and pissed when she noticed that he was bold enough to grab her by the hands. Li Ruo-Er then tried to break free by flinging her arm, but not only that she had failed to break free, her mouth was immediately covered with snow while she was trying to speak.

As for Wang Tong, he had no time for games. If Li Ruo-Er flung her arms again, he would choose to let go and only focus on Ma Xiaoru.

Wang Tong remembered that there was an ice-capped mountain on the right side of the region, which would be a good place for shelter.

All of them had unleashed their GN Force in order to speed up their travel, but the blizzard was getting worse as they walked. Polar Region might be wonderful when it was at peace, but it would instantly become a living hell once it raged.

The bodyguards of both ladies were stunned by the sudden change of weather. They had been trying to keep a distance with the ladies in order not to make them angry. However, both ladies had wandered off too far from them. In the end, they had no choice but to save themselves first. After all, aside from the Einherjar himself, no one would dare to mess with this extreme weather.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was still grabbing the ladies by the hands while traveling as fast as he could with every bit of his GN Force unleashed. He had to proceed according to his memory and senses because his vision was completely blinded by the raging blizzard. Although Ma Xiaoru and Li Ruo-Er were almost equally matched against Wang Tong in a battle, they had no experience at all in surviving this harsh environment. Hence, they had no choice but to stick to Wang Tong. In a situation like this, Wang Tong would have to be fully focused in order to make quick decisions, or else all of them would be doomed in no time.