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Chapter 232: Zhang Jin

Chapter 232: Zhang Jin

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Ma Xiaoru and Li Ruoer's return and recovery was a huge weight off both family's hearts. They felt lucky that the two were unharmed.

The blizzard came without any warning and trapped the two girls. After having learned that Wang Tong was also caught in the storm, Samantha used up her connections to find help, but she could not change the cruel reality that there was nothing she could do other than wait.

She never thought Wang Tong would return alive, much less be able to save the other two girls.

"It's quite a romantic trip." Karl nodded his head at Wang Tong admiringly. He had thought that Wang Tong had taken the two girls with him touring the Arctic.

"If it were you, there would be one more frozen stick out there on the tundra." Luo Manman said to Karl.

"Hey, don't be mean. I know I am not as heroic as boss, but I'm more handsome. At the least, I would become a 'handsome' frozen stick." Karl tossed his hair and posed in front of everyone.

The news of Wang Tong's recovery had brightened everyone's mood.

Wang Tong's friends stood outside the emergency room and watched as Wang Tong slept. Wang Tong was as unlucky to have encountered the blizzard as he was lucky to have survived it.

They said everything had a silver lining. Perhaps this incident was a blessing in disguise for Wang Tong.

After confirming with the Doctor that Wang Tong would be OK and his recovery was only a matter of time, the students left the Aurora City, leaving only Zhou Sisi to look after Wang Tong once he woke up.

It had been a few days since Zhang Jin and Luv Ma had arrived at the City of Aurora, and yet Zhang Jin had made little to no progress in getting any information on the VZPE battery. It went without saying that the FFC had been extra cautious with the Iron Curtain Zhang. As the heir of the Zhang Family, Zhang Jin knew that much and so, she had let her family's covert unit do the work on the streets. She had focused on an entirely different mission: to collect information on Ma Xiaoru and Li Ruoer.

However, even that had proven to be impossible with her limited resources in the Aurora City.

Nevertheless, the news of the two girls' rescue had eventually reached Zhang Jin. The name of their rescuer, Wang Tong, caught Zhang Jin's attention. She wanted to know if it were the same person as that simple-minded boy she had saved from Norton. Every time Zhang Jin thought of Wang Tong's innocent smile, she always felt a sense of comfort. Her interest had already been piqued once when she heard about Wang Tong's name in the news about the tournament at Capth, and her curiosity was heightened again.

The medical facility in the Aurora City was the best on earth. The two of the most advanced industries of the Confederation were that of Medicine and Aerospace. Unlike Aerospace, the level of medical development was directly linked to a city's concentration of wealth. Since it related to a matter of life and death, some of the medical equipment was up for sale at a heftier price tag than that of a spaceship.

To Li Ruoer and Ma Xiaoru, money was not an issue. Therefore, the entire hospital was devoted to curing the two girls. The doctors and the nurses were aware that if anything happened to the two, they might as well quit their job and choose another profession because they would never find a job in the medical industry ever again.

As the two princesses' rescuer, Wang Tong had received the same special treatment. Even the director of the hospital had shown up in his room a couple of times, making sure that Wang Tong was recovering. Under so much care and attention, Wang Tong recovered rapidly. Truth be told, there was no need for Zhou Sisi to stay with him since the nurses were very diligent and careful. However, Samantha had ordered Zhou Sisi to stay, fearing that the loneliness after Wang Tong woke up would affect his recovery.

Wang Tong's body recovered much faster than his depleted soul energy. However, he felt that as long as he was awake and conscious, his soul energy would be recharging slowly but surely.

The free food and accommodation had made Wang Tong wish that he could stay here just a bit longer. Why would he go back and live in squalid while he could live here like a king?

"Have another one." Sisi careful peeled another orange.

Wang Tong opened his mouth, and Zhou Sisi fed the slice of orange into his mouth. He didn't even need to move a finger.

"Sisi, we should head back in a couple of days. This place must be expensive." Wang Tong mumbled as he chewed on the orange. He knew that Samantha needed money to pay for Ayrlarng's development, so he thought the money was better spent on where it was needed instead of his personal indulgence.

"Not yet. You will stay here a few more days. Don't worry; you are now as precious as a panda bear. You can't imagine the rank of the persons that had visited you when you were unconscious. They made it look like you were important enough to be on the cover of the 'Guose' Magazine."

Zhou Sisi stuffed another slice of orange into Wang Tong's mouth. The Guose magazine was the most popular female-focused magazine. The main draw of the magazine was its cover page that promised a display of the most successful and handsome gentlemen of the time, such as Li Shimin from House Li.

"Who visited me?"

"Both the house lords of the Li and the Ma. You had saved their princesses' life. What an idiot you are! Didn't you know that you almost died because of that? Can't you use your brain? They all say that it was a gallant act and it ought to win the hearts of the ladies. How did you know the Zhang's?"

"Zhang? What Zhang?" The question dumbfounded Wwang, Tong.

"There's only one Zhang, you silly. Zhang, the Iron Curtain. They had also inquired the doctor about your condition and said if the hospital needed any assistance in improving your condition, they would be more than happy to provide the aid. Three of the five great houses were concerned about your safety; I won't stress about the medical bill if I were you."

Zhou Sisi found it hard to make the connection between the penniless Wang Tong and the Great Houses.

"The Iron Curtain? I have no idea!" Wang Tong pulled a poker face as he spoke. He didn't want to sound like a name dropper.

"Wang Tong, you don't remember me?" Zhang Jin knocked on the door and asked with a warm smile.

"Lieutenant Zhang?"

"Haha. I am no longer a lieutenant, just call me Zhang Jin. I am in the second year at the Starry Sky Academy. Hi, Zhou Sisi."

Zhang Jin wore an earnest and warm smile on her face. She was not sexy like Samantha, nor mischievous and cute like Li Ruoer. Yet, she was easy going, friendly and trustworthy.

"Zhang...Jing..ahh! You are from the Iron Curtain Zhang!" Wang Tong pretended that he had just realized the connection. His acting was terrible but passable.

"I have heard that your condition had been stabilized, so I decided to come visit you myself. You are the luckiest person I have ever met: First it was Norton, then an Arctic Blizzard… I wonder what it would be next time. Haha" Zhang Jin set the fruit basket aside on a coffee table.

"I see you every time I have a close call with death. You might be my lucky star." Wang Tong jested. He was pleased to see Zhang Jin again. Although they had only met once, Wang Tong felt that they were old friends.

"I knew I was right about you being a badass. No wonder you could survive that long on Norton. I bet that you were just fine on Norton with or without our rescue."

"Don't joke about that, it's not funny. If you guys came a second later, I might as well have become a nut job."

The two girls in the room laughed simultaneously at Wang Tong's eccentric language.

"You risked your life for the two beautiful princesses. Are you going to marry them soon?" Zhang Jin teased Wang Tong.

"Er...I never thought that much. They needed my help, and therefore I offered it. As a matter of fact, if not because they were both sick, they wouldn't need my help... when the ..."

"Oh, come on, don't pretend you never thought about marrying them and tried so hard to impress them! You almost lost your life for God's sake!" Zhou Sisi cut Wang Tong short. Sisi really liked the way Zhang Jin carried herself. She was in full control during the conversation, but still not pushy. She had the perfect look like a typical Ivantian, but lacked the annoying pretentiousness.

"She is right! You should rightful accept any gratitude from the two houses, including their precious daughters. Don't be so fake and pretend you don't want it!" Zhang Jin's words hit the mark. She posed like an elder sister. Wang Tong felt the urge to confide in her and seek advice on things that puzzled him.

"You guys have a party here?" Wang Tong heard Li Ruoer's mischievous voice at the door, and there was a sharp edge in her voice. She had recovered much faster than Wang Tong.

"Ruoer..."Trailing behind Li Ruoer, Ma Xiaoru pulled Li Ruoer's sleeve. She felt slightly embarrassed, after all, Wang Tong had saved their lives.

"Thank you, Wang Tong. Let me know if you need anything in the future. I promise I will get it for you."

Wang Tong's heart sank after hearing Ma Xiaoru's gratitude. He then quickly plastered a smiling face and then said, "You are welcome."

Even Zhou Sisi had felt the awkwardness of the two's conversation, but she felt a squeeze on her hand from Wang Tong, suggesting her to keep quiet.