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Chapter 233: Complete Madness

Chapter 233: Complete Madness

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Not even the slightest gesture would escape the Enchantress. As Li Ruoer noticed the small but intimate interaction between Wang Tong and Zhou Sisi, she felt the rush of anger shoot through her body.

"Xiaoru, it looks like they are busy. Let's come another time." Wang Tong swore that the cutting edge in Li Ruoer's voice could kill.

Zhang Jin turned her head halfway, so the hood of her glance caught Li Ruoer as she slowly said, "I have heard that Princess Li had reached the fifth level of the Enchantress. I had expected more control over her emotion than this."

There was perhaps only one person who dared to call Li Ruoer out in such manner, and she happened to be sitting right in front of her.

"Zhang Jin? Why are you here? How do you know Wang Tong?" Li Ruoer quickly calmed herself after seeing Zhang Jin. Zhang Jin was right, ever since Li Ruoer met Wang Tong, it had become increasingly easier for her to lose her temper, and it had deeply troubled her.

Zhang Jin turned her face towards Li Ruoer and then said, "That is my business. But, feel free to ask around if you are so interested. Maybe, you will even find out the answer."

Zhang Jin's taunt didn't seem to irritate Li Ruoer as the latter cracked a smile and then said, "You better be careful, Sister Zhang. Nothing good will come from getting so close to this womanizer."

Clearly, Li Ruoer didn't appreciate her lifesaver as much as anyone else did. Wang Tong didn't mind, and he had never expected much appreciation from the two.

Zhou Sisi could no longer listen to this conversation and was about to retaliate, but Zhang Jin was one step ahead of her, "OH, someone is jealous."

Li Ruoer's face turned black. Zhang Jin knew exactly which button to push so Li Ruoer knew that she would never win the argument. After all, the tactics of the Enchantress was particularly vulnerable to that of Zhang Jin.

"Hff... Dream on!"

Li Ruoer turned her heel without half a second’s hesitation. Ma Xiaoru smiled awkwardly and said," My apologies...we were supposed to ... I'm sorry." Finding herself at lack of words, Ma Xiaoru bowed quickly and set off to catch up with Li Ruoer. She knew that although Li Ruoer's physical wound had recovered, it would be a while until she got over the trauma.

Li Ruoer had blamed Wang Tong for everything. She was convinced that if Wang Tong stood put and didn't roam free, nothing would have happened.

Zhang Jin shrugged her shoulder and then said," Sorry to crush your dream, Wang Tong. Your princess just ran away."

"You are badass, Zhang Jin. We needed to show that bitch some color. She's so spoiled!" Zhou Sisi said.

"Sorry about it, Zhang Jin, to get you involved. You know, I never expected them to thank me. I just did what I had to do. I will save her even... even if she is an UNGRATEFUL LITTLE PRICK." Wang Tong raised his voice at the end, knowing that Li Ruoer was hiding next door listening to their conversation.

The three of them tried their best to not laugh out loud after hearing a heavy thud come out from the room next to them. Clearly, Wang Tong's words had tipped off the Enchantress again.

"Take care, Wang Tong, I will come revisit you."

"Thank you. One more thing, is there a way for me to get the heck out of here sooner? I'm turning into a couch potato."

"I'll see what I can do. Let me ask the doctor first. If he thinks that you would need more time, you better do as you are told or else I will make sure of that!"

After Zhang Jin was gone, Zhou Sisi locked the door and turned toward Wang Tong," OK, can you tell me now? Please?"

"Tell you about what?"

"About Zhang Jin. She came here for the VZPE battery conference, not for you. If you two were just acquaintances, she would never come visit you, much less stand up for you during the argument." Zhou Sisi sat on the edge of the bed and rounded her eyes at Wang Tong.

"I have met her once on Norton, and she was the lieutenant of the rescue team. That's it, I swear. Maybe it was old feuds between her and Li Ruoer that made her rattled up." Wang Tong didn't feel that her attention was out of place.

"Fine, I believe you. I'm going to report to the principal now. Make sure you rest more."

Wang Tong nodded. His heart still ached after seeing that familiar yet strange face of Ma Xiaoru. She had changed, the old Ma Xiaoru was no longer there.

Wang Tong heaved a sigh and laid down. He stared at the geometric patterns of the ceiling and lamented over the recent tumultuous events.

The saving grace of the incidence was that no one was hurt. He also made a mental note to avoid Li Ruoer, her name spelled trouble.

"Kiddo, Stop sighing! It will make you look old."

"Mr. Wannabe, are you alright?"

"I'm not a wimp like you. I will be fine." Mr. Wananbe only appeared when there was no one around. He then said, "Zhang Jin has a soft heart. She protested for you on purpose."

"Oh? for what purpose?"

"Hmm... Are you an idiot or are you an idiot? She was protecting Zhou Sisi. Think! If it were Zhou Sisi that spoke out for you against Li Ruoer, do you think that poor girl would still have a future or even a life?"

"Oh shit! What about my future?"

"Haha, you selfish prick. Well, I don't know! Your better option might be to recruit her into your harem."

"Oh, f*ck off. I don't have a harem, neither do I want the trouble. Didn't you see how vicious she was? Anyhow, guess who I had just seen?"

Wang Tong briefly went over his encounter with General Li. The topic immediately piqued Mr. Wannabe's interest. Despite the fact that he felt Wang Tong could have asked more meaningful questions for him, Mr. Wannabe had found the first clue in solving his predicament; it was General Li Feng.

"Don't overthink it. If the youngster from the Li came looking for his ancestor's secrets, just get rid of him."

"I still feel like I should let his family member 'save the world.' You know me, frail and fragile like a little ant... Am I supposed to save the world with my powerful antenna?"

"Bullshit! You are the chosen one. Chosen by that 'Goldie' or 'Gandhi,' or whatever the f*ck his name was. That means you are more powerful than that little prick from the Li. I have confidence in you! Let me know if you need my help, and I'm on your side!"

Wang Tong felt like that if Mr. Wannabe could give him a pat on the shoulder, he would. Mr. Wannabe wouldn't offer his help for free; it had occurred to Mr. Wannabe that the more powerful Wang Tong became, the more secrets of the crystal would be unlocked, and the closer he would get to his freedom. Therefore, helping Wang Tong was the same as helping himself.

"Well, thank you. Whether I will stand a chance or not, at least you have some clue about your own problem now."

"Yes! From now on, I will be your personal trainer. F*ck the rules, great houses, and all that horse crap! Those were for the underachievers. Life is about living in the moment. I am a ghost with dementia, and you are a penniless teenager. We have nothing to lose! It will be Einherjar and Wang Tong on an adventure! Einherjar and Wang Tong, son! Einherjar and Wang Tong on an adventure forever! It's Einherjar and Wang Tong! Einherjar and Wang Tong forever for HUNDRED YEARS!"

Wang Tong shook his head as Mr. Wannabe shouted frenetically, spittle flying out of his mouth uncontrollably. The old ghost was letting dementia get the better of him again, as if he was triggered by a fragment of an ancient memory.

"Calm down you old fool! I want to tell you that I have discovered five cold nuclear cores. Perhaps it matched the disposition of my GN force, which was why I could use it."

"We will talk about that later, son. You need to recover. Signing off now."

Wang Tong and Mr. Wannabe's conversation was interrupted by a series of knocks on the door, as a beautiful nurse walked in. "Mr. Wang, it's time for your treatment."

"Thank you." Wang Tong felt shy when the young and attractive nurse came close to him and stuck a needle in his arm. The process had been much less awkward when he was unconscious, but now, Wang Tong could smell the lavender perfume coming from the sumptuous body and was unable to find a place to set his gaze.

"Take a rest now. Ring the bell if you need me please."

"Than...thank...oh shit!"

Wang Tong remembered seeing the world spinning before he collapsed to the bed, unconscious.

A ray of Intense bright light.

A splash of cold water.

Wang Tong finally woke up, realizing that he had been kidnapped. He lamented that human lacked scruples as much as Zergs did. He made a mental note of being more careful next time, if there were still a next time.

Judging by the nodes on his hands, he could tell that the culprit didn't want him to die, yet.

"Could it be for the Tactics of the Blade?" Wang Tong's mind raced. He hoped that it wasn't the case.

As Wang Tong regained his sight, he was surprised to find out that he was in a middle of an empty storage room, and there were no signs of nightmarish devices one would typically expect in a torture chamber. He was even more surprised to see Li Ruoer standing in front of him, holding a bucket of water.

"Wang Tong, do you like my surprise?" Li Ruoer batted her lashes as she spoke flirtatiously.

Wang Tong calmed his nerves and announced. "Did you know how many codes of conduct you have just violated? As the heir of the House Li, you should have known how to behave properly!"

Wang Tong felt an excruciating pain as a baton landed on his thigh.

"What the f..."

Li Ruoer smiled lustfully at the Wang Tong's contorted face. She set a chair squarely in front of Wang Tong and then sat down, every movement of hers spelling lust. "Tell me please, I want to know everything about the rules. Look, I have even brought the police baton, just in case if you are... naughty. "

Wang Tong glared at Li Ruoer as realization dawned on his face. No wonder Zhang Jin had to protect Zhou Sisi from this woman. She had utterly gone mad.