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Chapter 234: Eye For Eye, Tooth For Rump

Chapter 234: Eye For Eye, Tooth For Rump

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Li Ruoer's swift revenge had caught Wang Tong off guard.

Li Ruoer closed in onto Wang Tong and patted Wang Tong's face like patting a dog, "Aren't you mad at me? Aren't you mad that the girl who you just saved is doing this to you? Please don't. Because a piece of sh*t like you doesn't deserve to get mad at me. DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I can end your life with a FLICK!"

The more she talked, the better Wang Tong understood what she was going through. Wang Tong reasoned that she must feel ashamed after being rescued by a no-account. It made her look weak and therefore had hurt her fragile self-esteem.

As Wang Tong thought about his situation, Li Ruoer's baton landed on him again. This time, Wang Tong exaggerated the pain on his face.

"You still look down on me, don't you? Why don't you use your GN force as protection?" Li Ruoer narrowed her eyes as she spoke. She squeezed her eyelids as if she could squeeze some truth out from it.

Wang Tong remained silent, staring at his tormenter indifferently. He figured that if he had used GN force to protect himself, Li Ruoer would also fuse her attack with more GN force. The fact that she had not done so seemed to suggest that there was still some reason left in her.

"You think I wouldn't kill you, don't you?"

"You crazy b*tch, come at me!" Wang Tong said coldly. He had studied his bondage. Although he couldn't tell what kind of material it was, it was fastened securely. He reasoned that he might be able to break the bondage using his GN force, but he had only one shot, so he waited for the perfect moment.

Wang Tong watched as Li Ruoer kicked delivered a kick squarely at his belly. She had used her GN force, so the kick sent him flying until he smashed into the wall.

"You have a dirty mouth. Well, we will see how long you could do this. To put it simply, you will die here today, unless..."

Wang Tong leaned against the wall and slowly, stood up back onto his feet. "If you want to kill me then just do it."

Wang Tong's bone ached. He counted himself lucky that Li Feng didn't leave his Tactics of the Blade to his heirs. Otherwise, they would be even more corrupt and degenerative. It occurred to Wang Tong that it was time to re-introduce some basic housekeeping rules for the Li family for the sake of their glorious ancestors.

"Haha… How many kicks do you think you have in you? BUT, if you are willing to kowtow trice while barking like a dog, I might consider letting you live." A sardonic smile etched onto Li Ruoer's face.

Wang Tong heaved a sigh of relief and then grinned," That's it? Kowtow and bark? Why didn't you say so? I can do it hundred times if you have the time."

Surprise flashed in Li Ruoer's eyes, "...What? You...you are willing to do it?"

"You bet I do. I don't want to die so young."

Li Ruoer rolled her eyes and said," I know you want me to release you. I'm not dumb. Even if I did, you'd be dead before you could touch me."

"Li Ruoer the Enchantress… Yes, of course, I have heard of your name and methods. It's fine if you kept me as is, I'll still do as you command." Wang Tong pleaded earnestly.

"Haha, well, you are smarter than I thought. Here." Li Ruoer pointed at the space in front of her and gestured Wang Tong to kowtow at that spot.

Restricted by his bondage, Wang Tong lowered his body slowly, but halfway down to his knees, Wang Tong's body sprinted forward at Li Ruoer like a cannonball.

Wang Tong's head strike squarely at Li Ruoer's chest. Before Li Ruoer had gotten up from her chair, Wang Tong channeled his GN force into his wrist, twisted his arms and shattered the bondage. Wang Tong had been preparing for this moment since he got kicked in the belly. While Li Ruoer wasn't paying attention, Wang Tong took the opportunity and froze the bondage with his icy soul energy. That was the reason why the bondage could be broken with ease at the right moment.

Wang Tong didn't hesitate and delivered a furious punch at Li Ruoer, who was still trying to regain balance. Wang Tong had fused the power of his tactics into this blow, considering the strength of his opponent.

The punch sent Li Ruoer flying. Her body thudded heavily onto the ground at the corner of the room. Her resistance was nearly nonexistent, a telltale sign that she was still recovering from the ordeal in the blizzard.

Wang Tong didn't feel any remorse for punching a girl. He wouldn't hurt her if she didn't threaten to kill him earlier. Although Wang Tong never expected gratitude for saving her, neither did he expect vengeance.

Wang Tong walked to Li Ruoer and picked her up with a cold and indifferent expression on his face. He was surprised to see the crazed laugh on Li Ruoer's face. "Do it! Kill me, you coward! DO IT!" Li Ruoer taunted at Wang Tong, knowing he wouldn't have to heart actually to kill her.

Li Ruoer suddenly heard a loud and crisp snap and then a burning sensation on one side of her face. She heard Wang Tong's voice, "You made me break my gentlemen's rules."

"Wang Tong! You...You dare SLAP ME?" Li Ruoer's voice broke at the end of her desperate shriek.

Li Ruoer finally tasted bile in her mouth, No one ever touched her as she grew up, much less slapping her in the face. Even her brother Li Shiming had reduced his methods to coxing as one would do to a child.

Li Ruoer heard another snap, and the other side of her face was burning, while her ear started to ring.

Wang Tong cracked a smile and then said, "The first slap was to teach you the importance of saying 'Thank you' when someone saves you’re a*s. The second one was to teach you not ever again to break the law and kidnap anyone. Think about what you have done, for the sake of General Li."

"Wang Tong, why don't you just kill me already! I swear I will hunt you down as long as I am still breathing."

"Kill you?" Wang Tong regarded Li Ruoer from head to toe, and then said, "Too dirty for my hands. I could if I wanted to, I could squish you dead like a bug. God, you are so pathetic! Is that all you learned from General Li?"

Blood rushed into Li Ruoer's head as she took the insults. She wished she was not injured so she could let Wang Tong have a real taste of the enchantress right then.

Finding it impossible to channel her soul energy, Li Ruoer resorted to a more primitive strategy as she lashed her teeth onto Wang Tong's hand.

The pain stole Wang Tong's breath. Despite the pain, Wang Tong shook his hand violently and said, "Let go! I will knock your pretty little teeth off if you don't !"

Li Ruoer didn't mind the threat. She registered Wang Tong's pain, so she clenched her jaw even harder.

Wang Tong refrained from hitting her face. He was certain that if he did, he and all of his friends might as well find a way to befriend the Zergs quickly.

"Let go... Let go you... are you a dog? Is that why you are so b*tchy? Ahh..."

Seeing Wang Tong didn't have the heart to actually knock her teeth out as he claimed, she became emboldened. Out of utter desperation, Wang Tong raised his hand and spanked her with all he got.


The pain made Li Ruoer bit even harder. Wang Tong didn't give in, and he continued his punishment until Li Ruoer's lower rump started to become swollen.

Wang Tong felt a slight hesitation in Li Ruoer's bite, so he jerked his hand and finally pulled it out of the trap. The motion threw Li Ruoer off balance as she stumbled back a few steps.

Wang Tong held his bleeding hand, trying to cope with the excruciating pain.

"She is nuts! She is completely nuts! WTF is wrong with the Li?"

Li Ruoer thudded on the ground and started crying loudly.

"Cry your eyes out!" Wang Tong muttered. He studied the room and discovered that there was no apparent exit. Then he tested the wall with his punch, but it too wouldn't give in.

Wang Tong's eyes found the crying nut case on the ground, and considered that he would have to put up with her until he knew how to get out of here.

"Stop crying now. STOP!" Wang Tong howled out at Li Ruoer, and the latter suddenly became quieter.

Wang Tong noticed a pair of watery eyes gaze indignantly at him and it suddenly occurred to him that Li Ruoer was rather attractive looking when she was quiet. Her innocent face then was marled by patches of dirt and sod which made her look particularly pitiful. Wang Tong's callous heart softened. Suddenly, the frail body on the ground sprinted towards Wang Tong. Wang Tong ducked, and he heard a distinctive sound of two rows of teeth clasping, locking down on each other.

Li Ruoer's boldness had rattled Wang Tong again.

He picked up Li Ruoer and without saying a word, beat her on the rump furiously. He no longer cared about the consequences of his action. First and foremost, he thought that he needed to show her the consequences of her actions.

After a while, Li Ruoer stopped making any sound altogether. Wang Tong paused, fearing that he had beaten the girl to death. But upon closer look, instead of a dead girl, he had found a pair of bloodshot vengeful eyes, filled with the promise of madness.