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Chapter 235: Tactics of the Bladder

Chapter 235: Tactics of the Bladder

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"Li Ruoer, how about we have a deal? You know there is no way you will win today, so just open the door."

"No way, I'd rather let us both die here." Li Ruoer looked at Wang Tong as if she wanted to swallow him whole. Her determination ruffled Wang Tong. He remembered that Old Fart used to tell him not to mess with women, and it appeared that he was right.

Wang Tong studied Li Ruoer and reasoned that his top priority should be finding a way out of here. Despite the immense influences exerted by House Li, Wang Tong figured that they would not dare kill him outright under so many watchful eyes.

"Miss Li, I am just a street dog. Wouldn't it be a shame if people found out that you had died with me?"

"The humiliation and the wrong you had done to me were beyond words. So, you can waggle your tongue all you want, but you are NOT getting out of here. " A mad curve found the corner of her lips; she would no longer listen to any reasons.

Wang Tong became desperate. He had disappeared for a while; Zhou Sisi must be getting worried.

"Li Ruoer, you better do as you were told. I have many methods that you don't want to know."

"Oh really? Try me! " Li Ruoer lifted her head with pride.

Wang Tong closed in onto Li Ruoer, and the latter slowly stood up and locked her eyes with Wang Tong's.

"Miss Li, how would you explain to people if they found you naked here?"

The question caught Li Ruoer off guard.

"What...what are talking about?" There was fear in her voice.

"Oh, Don't you worry. I have zero interest in ...this." Wang Tong said as he studied Li Ruoer from head to toe. "I know eventually someone has to come rescue us. What if they saw your naked body?"

"You...you are an asshole!" Li Ruoer shouted. There was an edge of calm in her voice that threatened to crumble.

"You made me do it." Wang Tong said indifferently.

"No, you won't ... You... can't!" Li Ruoer shook her head; fear was slowly festering inside of her.

"You spoke too soon, my lady."

"Then come! Even if I die, I will haunt you!" Li Ruoer gritted her teeth.

Li Ruoer watched in fear as Wang Tong's hand inched toward her body. She closed her eyes, trying to lock the tears within.

"I WILL KILL YOU…I WILL KILL YOU..." She repeated in her mind.

Wang Tong stopped, his scare tactic didn't work on her.

Recognizing that nothing was happening to her, Li Ruoer opened her eyes and saw Wang Tong was already trying to find another way out. Wang Tong's eyes found Li Ruoer's and the two stared at each other for a while until Li Ruoer broke the silence, "Beg me, and I will let us out."

Wang Tong looked away. He punched at one side of the wall, but it didn't budge.

"Don't waste your energy; we are in a vault. Not even a missile could penetrate these walls, much less you."

The thought of Li Ruoer evacuating a vault just for her sick game made Wang Tong speechless.

Wang Tong tired another few punches until his knuckle started to bleed, but there was not even a dent on the wall. Wang Tong gave up and decide to just wait for the rescue.

"We will see who would be the first to die of thirst and hunger." Wang Tong thought to himself. "Wait...thirst..."

Wang Tong slowly turned his head toward Li Ruoer, and an ugly grin crossed his face.

"What... what do you want, pervert."

"Shut up, drink!"

Wang Tong took out the bottled water and poured it into Li Ruoer's mouth. In about ten minutes, Wang Tong had forced all four bottles of water into Li Ruoer.

"You want my stomach to explode? Four is not enough you idiot."

"Not stomach." Wang Tong said slowly and quietly.

"Uh? Wait, what? Not stomach, what then? Hey! What?" Li Ruoer yelled at Wang Tong as the latter sat down and waited.

A few moments later, Li Ruoer found the answer she was looking for.

She wanted to pee very badly, but she wouldn't allow herself to lose face in front of this jerk Wang Tong. Wang Tong watched Li Ruoer's contorted face and tired his best not to laugh.

"Don't hold it, it will explode. I'm not joking with you." Wang Tong said with a smile, and he started to whistle a little tune.

"Wang Tong, I want you to know that I will remember this day and you will pay for what you have done to me! I swear under the name of my ancestor!"

Li Ruoer soon became panicked. Even Wang Tong's life would not be able to repay the humiliation she would have suffered, as the stakes had grown too high. So, she pushed a button on the telecom and said, "Open the gate!"

A large alloy metal panel cracked open, and four fully armed men stood at the gate. Wang Tong could tell that the four were top notch fighters, and a duel with any one of the four could be a fierce battle for Wang Tong.

The leader of the four saw the injured Li Ruoer and immediately issued a command to the other three, "Kill him!"

"No, let him go! Get the f*ck out of here!"

"My lady... you..." The guard was perplexed by her order.

"You too, get the f*ck out of here! NOW!"

"But..." The four looked at each other, unsure what had happened.

"If anyone of you dares to hurt him, I will personally strangle you to death. Do you understand?" Li Ruoer uttered a threat while pressing down on her lower belly; it almost came out.

Wang Tong shrugged. He knew that Li Ruoer didn't spare his life out of kindness, she saved his life only because she wanted to kill him with her own hands.

"Calm down, Miss Li. Anger builds up pressure inside of you if you know what I mean. See you...ah... I mean... NEVER!" Wang Tong waved his hand nonchalantly and set off.

After the four guards were gone, Li Ruoer slowly got up. Half-leaning against the wall, she gritted her teeth and swore that she would make Wang Tong pay ten times for what he had done to her.

As soon as Wang Tong walked out of the building that he was held in, he was surprised to find out that he was just a block away from the hospital.

"I need to get the heck out of this city." Wang Tong thought to himself.

Zhou Sisi was walking back and forth inside the medical room as Wang Tong appeared. Wang Tong gestured her to be quiet.

"We need to get out of here!"


"Pack your stuff now."

"We haven't done the paperwork yet."

"No time for that. Let's move."

Curiosity was written all over Zhou Sisi's face. Seeing Wang Tong's dirty outfit, she knew that he had been in a fight, but she found it incredulous that a fight would break out in Aurora City.

Wang Tong felt his body ache, exhausted and weak. Li family controlled this hospital, and Wang Tong could not afford to fall into another one of their traps.

Ten minutes later, Wang Tong and Zhou Sisi were on their way to the airport.

Li Ruoer lay on her belly on a medical bench; a few nurses were tending her wounds on her rump. No one dared to speak a word, but Li Ruoer knew that the horrified expression on the nurses' face was a tell-tale sign that Wang Tong had gotten her pretty good.

"I'll kill you...I'll kill you..."Li Ruoer repeated in her mind.

A few knocks on the door broke Li Ruoer's train of thoughts.

"Who the f*ck is that?" Li Ruoer bowled out.

He anger stopped the person at the door. He stood in the hallway and announced the news fearfully, "My lady, they...They have reached the airport. Shall we..."

"What!" Li Ruoer stood up, but the pain on her rump made her wince.

She chewed on the news for a while and gritted her teeth, then said, "Let them go. Remember, none of this had happened, do you understand?"

"Yes, my lady, nothing ... had happened."

Wang Tong's heart was in his throat until they safely boarded the airplane. He briefly described what had happened to Zhou Sisi, omitting a few embarrassing details.

"What a spoiled little bitch! I want you to sue her!" Zhou Sisi said indignantly.

"Save it. We don't have any evidence anyway. I have already taught her a lesson. As long as we don't see each other, which I'm sure we won't, I'll let the sleeping dog lie."

"Gosh, the people of the Great House, why are they so different from Ma Xiaoru?"