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Chapter 236: Raise the Bar

Chapter 236: Raise the Bar

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"No kidding. I don't even want to think about that, so disappointing. Ah... I forgot to bid farewell to Zhang Jin."

"That's fine, just shot her a message on Skynet."

"Yeah, alright." Wang Tong nodded as he lamented over how quickly things had gotten out of control.

In Wang Tong's Emergency Room, Ma Xiaoru sat on the bed and stared into the distance through the window pane. Wang Tong's voice echoed in his mind.

"Xiaoru, you must be strong! I will save you!"

Her eyes were flooded with tears. Wang Tong had saved her again. Recognition dawned on her face as she finally understood why Wang Tong seemed so familiar as she remembered his warm smile.

When Wang Tong was carrying the two girls back to the Aurora City, to protect the two girls, he had channeled some of his GN force into their body. Due to the unique effect on the Tactics of the Blade, Wang Tong's GN force had removed the seal on Ma Xiaou's memory.

When she woke up from her coma, the first thing she thought about was to reconnect with Wang Tong. But in the end, she didn't have the heart to do so. She remembered that Wang Tong belonged to Samantha, and Samantha was her best friend.

‘His eyes lingered elsewhere.

The Arctic wind carried that memory.

A city was waiting for me.

Love had already drifted away.

Because of him, I use to believe in tomorrow,

If it were a dream,

then let the dreamer sleep.’

Wang Tong was worried for his safety on the first couple of days back at Ayrlarng. He thought Li Ruoer would follow him to seek revenge. However, nothing happened during these few days. Media's attention was focused on Aurora city because of the VZPE battery, so Wang Tong thought that Li Ruoer had reasoned that it was too risky to make a move while being under so much attention.

Wang Tong didn't care even if Li Ruoer did make a move, he would just have to just deal with it accordingly. He was convinced that not all members of the Li family were crazy like her. Someone ought to stop her if she dared do anything crazy outside Aurora City.

School life was peaceful, and Wang Tong needed it.

He reflected on the moment that he had broken the bondage, and realized that he could not have pulled it off without the cold GN force.

"Mr. Wannabe, do you think all this is just an elaborate scheme? The crystal and all. "

Mr. Wannabe hovered in the air and chewed on the question. He had been busy remembering if he had any relationship, if not feuds, with the Blade Warrior.

"I don't see that being the case. Your ability was the same as that of the Blade Warrior."

"General Li Feng was too stingy! If he wanted me to save the world, then he should have given me something better, like the power of invincibility or what not. Heck, even a fleet of spaceships would be better than what I have. I can't even save myself in most cases." Wang Tong complained. Although the Tactics of the Balde was powerful, it was nonetheless only a tactics and was useless while facing an army.

"Don't you think I should return the crystal to the Li? Li Shimin ought to have an easier time than me in saving the world and solve the mystery of the crystal."

It hurt Wang Tong's head to think about the whole "save the world " business. He just wanted a quiet and simple life.

"Are you dumb or are you dumb? If he got hold of the crystal, there would be no more 'world' to save, because he would destroy it. At any rate, if you gave them the crystal, what do you think is going to happen to me? OK, let's stop the unnecessary worrying and focus on the benefits you could reap from it, shall we? " Mr. Wannabe scowled as he spoke.

"Kiddo, being so hesitant is never your style. Why don't you forget about all this and try to reach level 6 instead, so you can unravel more secrets in this damn crystal? "

"True that. I do need to focus on my cultivation. Should I not have discovered the ice GN force, Li Ruoer would have already killed me." Wang Tong's heart raced even thinking about Li Ruoer's crazed laugh.

"I am impressed. Unlocking the special attribute means that you have already reached level five. You have learned a lot from that Arctic trip, but you still need to practice your special ability in real combat."

Wang Tong knew Mr. Wannabe was right. So far, the coldness from five of his GN nodes could only alter the temperature but could not do any real damage. What made it worse was that the cold effect could only be triggered when Wang Tong's life was under threat, which meant that Wang Tong could never have full control over it. Wang Tong realized that he needed to first focus on gaining more control over the cold effect.

"The cold effect only happens when I feel my life is under threat. But, where could I find the opponent who could do that to me? Definitely not in Ayrlarng." Wang Tong pulled his hair as he spoke with frustration.

Wang Tong was right; danger was not that easy to come by in a controlled environment.

"Why don't you try the PA system? Crank up the realism to 120 percent."

"That's suicidal! No one would accept the battle request anyways."

"Well just ask! Based on your popularity right now, I don't think it would be a problem."

Wang Tong nodded as he agreed with Mr. Wannabe. Suddenly, a glint flashed in his eyes, "What about Lie Jian? He is the heir of House Lie and the best at using the Tactics of the Blaze. Don't you think that it will be easier for him to draw out my cold GN force? You know, ice and fire."

"I guess so. Heck, I haven't seen a good fight for so long. Based on your description, it sounds like it is going to be an uphill battle for you. It would be a good opportunity to see exactly how much stronger you have gotten."

"I have just reached level 5. I suspect that Lie Jian has already reached the peak of level 5 if not even higher."

"Great! I can't wait to see you’re a*s getting handed over to you! Haha"

"Hehe, don't draw your conclusion so soon. It's not that easy to defeat me."

The two started laughing. They didn't care about the outcome of the match. As long as it served as good practice, it would be a good fight.

Wang Tong took action right away. He rushed to the Dream Heaven, the virtual café that he hadn't visited for a while. He was surprised to find out the owner had installed a statue of a mascot at the entrance.

As Wang Tong walked into the virtual cafe, he saw the place had been completely renovated, and looked much cleaner and spacious.

"Hi, Is this your first time here?"

"A receptionist? How much money did the owner make? " Wang Tong thought to himself.

"No, here." Wang Tong gave the receptionist his membership card.

"You are the VIP member. Terminal number 5 please."

"Ah...Ah...ha! Isn't it my lucky..Er... Wang Tong? How are you doing! Long time no see! "

"I'm doing great. You have a good memory."

"Of course! Did you see my new café? I have renovated everything. Make sure you tell your friends, OK?"

"Sure thing!" Wang Tong nodded. The owner had been kind to him, so he thought he shouldn't refuse the request.

The receptionist's eyes were filled with admiration. Finally, she had met the "lucky charm" her boss had been talking so much about.

When Wang Tong walked into room number 5, he saw that the small room had also been fully renovated. There was even a juice machine right next to the terminal. It suddenly occurred to Wang Tong that a cup of juice would have cost more than what he had paid.

"How generous, but what a bad business decision." Wang Tong muttered to himself.

Outside the room number 5, the owner too, muttered to himself. "Thank God, my lucky charm has returned!"