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Chapter 240: An Anonymous Recommendation

Chapter 240: An Anonymous Recommendation

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Hu Yangxuan didn't want to assume the risk of being killed by Zergs, since his family had been counting on him to pass down the family name. Although he was hand-picked to attend the Templar's court, he never liked adventures. That being said, he did acquire the taste for group activities, so he eventually decided to go to Norton if his friends were going.

Karl had always followed Wang Tong wherever he went, so he had signed up as a volunteer the minute he knew that Wang Tong was going to do so. Due to his excellent performance in the tournament, one of the fleet captains had noticed his name and requested him to his fleet. Everyone knew that serving in the navy was the quickest way to climb to the top, so most of Karl's classmates were very jealous of his luck.

Karl wanted to refuse the invitation and join the ground forces where Wang Tong was going to be, but his appointment in the fleet was set in stone, so he had no other choices but to obey the order.

The fleet captain was very impressed by Karl's performance during the tournament. As a young fledgling, Karl had established a unique technique that was named after himself, and he had quickly become famous outside of Ayrlarng.

The few students who had taken the initiative to join the military had given a measure of pressure to the rest of the students. In a few days, the number of volunteers at Ayrlarng started to increase steadily.

It was clear then that the influence of the S club had exceeded all the other student groups combine. It had also exerted its influence in the Bernabeu thanks to Cao Yi. Cao Yi had been working diligently on all matters of the club since Apache was too lazy to do anything. That being said, Best and Luo Manman also helped Cao Yi in handling some minor tasks. Despite the considerable influence of the club, only the members of the club knew that their leader was Wang Tong, the boy who had defeated Capth.

The victory of the Ayrlarng and Bernabeu alliance over the Capth was the hard earned honor for both schools, and it was Wang Tong who had saved the day. Otherwise, Wang Tong would not become the club leader so quickly.

Cao Yi's initial intention of working for the S cub was to make the exchange of information between the two schools more convenient. However, he didn't expect the club to develop such a far-reaching influence.

Having heeded Zhou Sisi's suggestion, Wang Tong published a motivational letter in the name of S club to his schoolmates. The message called out to all students who were confident and determined to become future soldiers to challenge themselves and partake in the campaign.

Zhou Sisi drafted the letter, and Wang Tong signed it. The passionate rhetoric and Wang Tong's scintillating speech had motivated a lot of students.

‘Do you want to be the next Wang Tong?’

‘Do you want to be a real soldier?’

‘Take your first step TODAY!’

‘Let the danger on Norton be your stepping stone to your success!’

This motivational speech would be meaningless in other schools since no one knew who Wang Tong was, but it had proven extremely effective in Ayrlarng and Bernabeu. Thanks to Wang Tong's emotional speech, all the members of the S club had volunteered to go to Norton. Although their application still needed to be approved since most of them were in their first year, they had made their voice very clear.

Humans were strange creatures since they were willing to risk their life for their pursuit. Danger meant challenge and challenge meant opportunity and success.

For a whole week, the S club had successfully carried out their own campaign and created a wave of enthusiasm among the students of Ayrlarng and Bernabeu that was rarely seen in any other academies.

Although the battlefield was dangerous, the government and the military would ensure the safety of the future of the Confederation.

Watching the pile of applications in front of her, Samantha was pleasantly surprised and also afraid at the same time. She knew right then that only a few out of these hundreds of applications would be approved. As the principal, she was responsible for the safety of her students, and therefore, she would have to make sure the applicant was qualified to join the battlefield.

Thanks to the S club, Samantha and Martyrus had been two of the luckiest principals in the matters of filling their quota. Although the military didn't set a clear quota, principals knew that it was essential to provide a satisfactory number of 'volunteers.' If they didn't, there might be an adverse effect on the relationships between the academy and the military. And everyone knew that a good relationship with the militarily was the key to running a military academy.

There were only so many new positions with a promising outlook for new graduates, and the competition was fierce. Therefore, the "relationship" would become the determining factor in securing these positions.

The students' enthusiasm at Ayrlarng and Bernabeu had greatly pleased the military. Feeling pressured, the other principals started working hard on encouraging their students to partake in the military campaign on Norton.

Although the military didn't set a quota, it did set an upper limit on the number of volunteers from each school. In a few days, the situation had reversed entirely as the students got all excited by propaganda and motivational speeches, and were practically competing with each other for the rights to be the volunteer. The military soon followed up with an announcement saying that they would be looking for another group of volunteers when the first group had done their duties.

Wang Tong had submitted his application, and all he could do now was wait for it to be approved. As Samantha stared at Wang Tong's name on the approved list, she was dumbfounded.

Samantha had never handed in Wang Tong's application for personal reasons. She had reasoned that it was better and safer for Wang Tong to continue his school since he was guaranteed to earn more reputation during future tournaments. She was confident that Wang Tong would do well on Norton, but she also understood the way military worked: reward was reserved only for those who prevailed, even if it meant that they had to steal it from someone else.

Samantha was caught off guard when she saw Wang Tong's name on the list, and It had occurred to her that someone had been messing around with the application.

Samantha quickly pulled her strings in the military to investigate. Her friend told her that someone had recommended Wang Tong and he would definitely be sent off to the Norton unless any unforeseen event happened that stopped him from leaving Earth.

However, even Samantha's source in the military was not able to confirm the identity of the person who made the recommendation.

Samantha sank her body into the chair, feeling exhausted. She heaved a sigh and rubbed at her temples as she started to miss Ma Xiaoru.

The right sense was always cruel. Many politicians had warned about the danger of an infatuation to one's career. Once one became sentimental and emotional, they would quickly lose their judgment, and their love would also quickly become his or her weakness, ready to be taken advantage of by opponents. This had been the unbroken rule for many professionals, and there had never been any exceptions.

Samantha wasn't sure if Wang Tong truly wanted to return to Norton. If he had gone back to his nightmare in the name of helping her, she would do anything she could to stop his foolish act.

The motivation of the person who had recommended Wang Tong seemed perplexing. It could be as benign as someone wanting to challenge Wang Tong after witnessing his incredible performance during the tournament at Capth, or, it could be more sinister as someone wanting to hurt Wang Tong and thinking that Norton would be the perfect place to finish him off.

After thinking on it for a while, Samantha decided that the latter was not very likely since the odds of a student offending anyone as powerful as the instigator was very little. Eventually, she had decided to talk to Wang Tong and see what his thoughts were.

Karl had already received his approval to join the fleet, which made Wang Tong jealous.

Wang Tong knew that the odds of him being assigned to a fleet was very small, so he took what he got and tried to be positive. After all, the 5G environment would be very useful in improving his tactics.

Karl would be leaving for Norton next week, and the students who were assigned to the ground units would leave a week after that.

Wang Tong thought the timing worked well since he still needed to finish that battle with Lie Wushuang. While Wang Tong was still pondering on his schedules, the ring tune of Skynet startled him.

Wang Tong read the message and it was from Samantha, she wanted him to go to her office.

When Wang Tong arrived at Samantha's office, he saw her sitting quietly at the other end of her desk, waiting for him. The two of them stared at each other without saying a world.

Finally, a laugh escaped Wang Tong's teeth and broke the silence.

"What's up, principal?"

"Grab a seat, how's everything going?"

"Could be better." Wang Tong grimaced.

Samantha smiled knowingly. She took off her glasses and said, "Good. I was wondering if you had forgotten about your first love. I have heard that women would always remember their first man, but men were the exact opposite."

Wang Tong grinned with a slight hint of indignation in his eyes.