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Chapter 244: Showdown

Chapter 244: Showdown

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Wang Tong laughed while Mr. Wannabe scolded. Although he was not able to disaffirm Einherjar Wannabe’s theory on elements, it had still inspired him to discover the method of utilizing elements.

Wang Tong got the idea of his scorching element from House of Lie’s tactics, while the idea of his sheer cold element actually came from his previous experience at the polar region, as well as his urge to counter Lie Wushuang’s fiery attacks.

In fact, those happenings served as Wang Tong’s triggers to unlock those elements. However, he was not able to unleash the forces of other elements, because his EMF had never come across any of those elements before, and Wang Tong was not able to make that up.

Nevertheless, Wang Tong’s biggest discovery was his ability to copy his opponent’s element through making contact with it, and somehow, his copied version was even stronger than the opponent’s original version.

Sometimes, by utilizing the right opposing elements, fighters would be able to generate a great deal of damages to his or her opponents, just like Wang Tong’s battle a while ago. Honestly, Lie Wushuang would be left unhurt if Wang Tong had only infused his attacks with normal GN Force. Yet, by infusing the opposite element, Wang Tong was able to significantly enhance his attacks and maximize the damages dealt.

Wang Tong too had begun to accept the fact that he was quite a genius. He was very proud of his flawless and risk-free decisions.

In the end, Wang Tong got lectured by Einherjar Wannabe for being too cocky. However, Einherjar Wannabe couldn’t help wondering how Wang Tong demonstrated the dual elements that effortlessly. Yet, instead of begging Wang Tong for answers, Mr. Wannabe decided to find out on his own. After all, he was the almighty omniscience Einherjar Wannabe.

Nevertheless, Einherjar Wannabe decided not to put too much effort into finding out. After all, Wang Tong had inherited Blade Warrior’s mystical Tactics of the Blade.

Most of all, this was the first time Einherjar Wannabe discovered something that he didn’t know. Moreover, he was deeply surprised by Wang Tong’s godly improvements.

Upon noticing Einherjar Wannabe’s troublesome look, Wang Tong decided to reveal his "secrets". However, he was stopped by Einherjar Wannabe before he could say anything.

"Hush, I’ll figure it out by myself!"

"Relax, big guy, take it easy."

"No, no, no, I insist on figuring out by myself!" Einherjar Wannabe threw down the words and returned to the Space Crystal in a flash.

Wang Tong was well aware that the utilization of elements was not as simple as it seemed. Now that he has unlocked the door, the rest of his mastery would be all up to his imagination.

The overjoyed boy then happily skipped and hopped on his way home, while the other people on the street stared at him thinking he was a lunatic.

No one in the administration of PA dared to bring excessive publicity to Einherjar Wannabe’s recent success, as it might sabotage House of Li’s position and infuriate them.

Moreover, the Blade Warrior would always remain as the existence closest to God, and the only legendary warrior of mankind.

However, most people reacted differently. To them, Blade Warrior’s legend was already centuries old, and had become unreal. Some even doubted Blade Warrior’s ability to destroy the whole armada of Battlecrafts by himself, and wondered if it was just an overexaggerated "fairy tale" created by the Confederation to boost mankind’s fighting spirit. After all, that sounded simply fake, and seemed impossible for a normal person to achieve.

Nevertheless, no one cared to find out the truth, since it was already ages ago. Furthermore, Blade Warrior’s tale did help a lot in boosting the fighting spirit of mankind during their fights against Zergs.

Yet, a new legend had been born — a boy wonder named Einherjar Wannabe!

Basically, Einherjar Wannabe was the only level four fighter in this world that possessed the ability to subdue level five fighters. Most importantly, he was the only one who possessed two elements!

Not to mention he was only sixteen!

Two private forums seemed to have become big hits right after the match. One of them was called "Hero’s Blade", founded by Skyscraper himself. Being a PA fighter as well as a student of a military academy, Skyscraper had begun to upload his own analysis videos on Einherjar Wannabe recently, and the new perspectives in his videos seemed to have drawn a lot of attention from TPA players. Hence, the forum was getting more and more popular.

The other forum was called "Rise of the King". It was the first forum to discover the amazing abilities of Einherjar Wannabe. In the beginning, it was just an unpopular forum with only a few viewers, yet all of a sudden, it was packed with PA players and had instantly gone viral.

The uproars in those forums had proven that Einherjar Wannabe represented a miracle, and apparently, more people had begun to place their faith on him!

After all, Einherjar Wannabe had never once let them down, even though he would face tough challenges from time to time; not even once.

Unlike the other elites or even Einherjars who focused only on hand to hand combats, Einherjar Wannabe was even able to miraculously dominate Battlecraft Combat aside from dominating METAL Combat. His signature battle strategy, Art of the Soaring Heaven, was truly amazing. Even the elites from Kaedeian Royal Academy were not able to withstand for more than ten minutes.

In fact, no one except him in the Confederation was able to achieve so, let alone the descendants of the Five Great Houses, who were lucky to be born in different well-respected families.

One post in "Rise of the King" even boldly predicted that Lie Kent would not be challenging Einherjar Wannabe, as he would never want his a*s to be kicked by a nobody!

Apparently, Einherjar Wannabe had begun his conquest as the people’s new God!

As soon as that rumor was posted in the forum, even more people were turned into Einherjar Wannabe’s supporters. It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe’s splendid performance had penetrated deep into their hearts.

As a matter of fact, mankind would always need the presence of an idol, regardless of the era!

Even the Five Great Houses had always been trying to become the spiritual sustenance of mankind. However, they were yet to achieve that. As for Martians, they found their sustenance in the Church of the Deity. However, Court of the Templar seemed not to be interested in gaining popularity amongst citizens of Earth and Moon. Instead, they chose to hide behind curtains while silently training generations of elites.

Moreover, even if Court of the Templar did wish to expand their forces, the Confederation would never let that happen.

Nevertheless, Einherjar Wannabe’s influence had begun to spread like wildfire.

As for Lie Kent, people were somehow curious about how he would respond to Einherjar Wannabe.

Moments later, Lie Kent responded through the live telecast on Mars, agreeing to fight Einherjar Wannabe, but only if Einherjar Wannabe agreed to one condition, which was to fight in a real duel. As the descendant of House of Lie, Lie Kent would never bother to waste his time in those childish "games".

To Lie Kent, real men were not supposed to fight in the virtual world like sissies!

Lie Kent even left Einherjar Wannabe to decide on the venue, date and time, as long as he agreed to show up in person!

What a tricky response indeed!

Nevertheless, Lie Kent really meant what he said. After all, he had placed the pride of his family at stake the moment he challenged Einherjar Wannabe. However, he wasn’t scared at all. Instead, he saw it as a good opportunity to boost up his popularity.

Still, being one of the descendants of the Five Great Houses, Lie Kent had to maintain his "supremacy". Furthermore, his tricky request had also once again caused a lot of people to question Einherjar Wannabe’s real identity.

Most importantly, would Einherjar Wannabe take the bait?

If he really wanted to become the next God, Einherjar Wannabe would need to show that he really had what it took. Just like the mysterious and secretive Blade Warrior, he was crowned as people’s God in the end because he suddenly disappeared and left no traces behind.

However, that was centuries ago, when the detection methods were not as advanced. In fact, Einherjar Wannabe’s secret identity would immediately get revealed as soon as he showed up.

Given the fact that Lie Kent was not an ordinary person, a duel in the virtual world would do him no good, as people were eager to see him betting the pride of his family into a life and death battle in reality. Compared to Einherjar Wannabe, who had nothing to lose, Lie Kent seemed to have more burden on his shoulders.

Lie Kent did wish that Einherjar Wannabe would take the bait!

At the end of the broadcast, Lie Kent turned towards the camera and arrogantly taunted, "So, are you chickening out, Mr. Einherjar Wannabe?"

Gauntlets were thrown for sure!

Yet, there was no immediate response from Einherjar Wannabe. In fact, most Martians were born to be straightforward and outgoing, and they hated people like Einherjar Wannabe who were always secretive.

People were expecting to see the clash of titans!

Generally speaking, the difference in terms of terrain and culture had caused Earthlings, Ivantians, and Martians to develop different ideologies. Based on personalities, Earthlings appeared to be moderate, while Ivantians were proud of themselves, and Martians were very outgoing.

Nonetheless, Earthlings were okay with Einherjar Wannabe’s secretive characteristic. To them, this should be how an unrivaled fighter looked like.

As for Ivantians, aside from strength and secretive characteristics, arrogance was also another key personality of a strong fighter!

The Ivantians did believe that they were the most perfect race compared to Earthlings and Martians. Ivantians represented the future, while Earthlings represented the old times; they seemed not to give a damn about Martians though.

This was why Ivantians were mostly born with a great sense of pride. Same went for the House of Dower, who seemed to be keeping a low profile, but in fact, chose to keep their distance because they didn’t like to be compared with the other houses.

However, even the Ivantians did recognize Einherjar Wannabe’s strength and mysteriousness.