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Chapter 252: Deadly Battle

Chapter 252: Deadly Battle

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Seeing the Zergs were distracted, Jansining didn't want to pass up the opportunity to kill the queen. Should the queen retreat into the labyrinth of caves, there would be zero chance of finding her again.

All of the Zergs' attention was on the ground troops; this was their only shot.

"Big Head, Iron Tooth, Big O and Third, did you see the four openings? I want you each to block one of those. I will distract the Were Kong." Jansining spoke with a raspy voice while half-leaning against the rock wall.

"Lieutenant, I can distract the Were Kong. You can go kill the queen."

"I am the leader, and I will handle it!" Jansining commanded.

"Lieutenant, I will do it. Wang Tong could kill the queen, and you could watch out for us!" Third announced.

"It won't work. I had run in with these Were Kongs before, so I can handle them better than anyone could. We only have one shot at this, Please, trust me, only I can do this!" Wang Tong pleaded. The other soldiers were too weak to face off the Were Kong, and therefore, they won't be able to distract them for longer than a second before they were killed.

"Alright, Kiddo! We all count on you now!" Jansining nodded and conceded that he would have to let Wang Tong take the risk.

"Let's do this brother! It's a GOOD DAY TO DIE!" Jansining shouted out to his comrades. "Wang Tong, tell us your plan."

"I will engage the Were Kongs first, luring them away from the queen. The others would try to hold off at the four entrances. Remember, no matter what happens, don't come near me. You should be able to finish off the queen after I have lured the Were Kongs out."

This was a very risky plan, but they could no longer back out. Reinforcement was here, but they wouldn't be able to reach the ninth platoon in time. So, the soldiers' only chance of survival was to kill the queen during the chaos.

Everyone nodded, and they tightened their grip on the blade, getting ready for a tough fight. Wang Tong took a deep breath, then darted out of the cover and threw his blade squarely at the queen. One of the largest Were Kong was the first to respond. It sprinted to cover the queen with his giant body. The blade penetrated the Were Kong's hide and through his body. The other Were Kongs let out heart-wrenching cries before they charged at Wang Tong. The largest Were Kong pulled the blade out of its body and joined the others, as if nothing had happened to it.

Time was ticking, as the massive Zerg Army rushed towards their queen. Wang Tong couldn't afford to waste precious time fighting the Were Kongs so close to the queen. He needed to lure them away as soon as possible. He opened up his sea of consciousness and cranked up his soul energy to the fifth level. Two Were Kongs were mere inches away from him, so he launched himself into the air while stepping on two eggs. The eggs popped open under Wang Tong's feet, and at the same moment, Wang Tong initiated the Tactics of the Blade and swung his blade at the two Were Kongs.

The blade cut through the Were Kongs like cutting through a cake. The two Were Kongs' dead bodies thudded heavily onto the ground. The other Were Kongs were shocked by the incredible power. At the command of their queen who was shrieking at them with a strange tune, the remainder of the Were Kongs threw themselves at Wang Tong. The queen didn't seem to be ruffled by the danger. Instead, it watched Wang Tong with a corrupt desire in its two bulgy lidless eyes, tracing Wang Tong's movements like a greedy vulture.

If the members of the ninth platoon were not veteran warriors, they would be stupefied by Wang Tong display of strength. Under their lieutenant's command, the rest of the soldiers rushed towards the four entrances to stop the flood of Zergs coming into the chamber.

Jansining waited patiently. As soon as Wang Tong lured the Were Kong a bit further, he would be able to finish off that defenseless queen. The Were Kongs were incredibly swift. If Jansining made the slightest mistake in estimating the distance, the Zergs would be able to turn back and reach him before he would be able to deliver a single blow at the queen.

Wang Tong's attack had killed two Were Kongs, but his palm was numb from the impact. He kept on stepping on and destroying the eggs, trying to infuriate his opponents.

At the corner of his eyes, Wang Tong noticed that Jansining had initiated his attack as he dashed towards the Queen. The Were Kongs also saw their queen was in danger, so they turned on their heels, but were intercepted right away by Wang Tong.

The Zergs outside the hive had also reached the entrance. The soldiers of the ninth platoon were fighting as hard as they could, trying to push them back. All hope was in the hands of Jansining right then.

However, Wang Tong realized that he had underestimated the Were Kong's wits as much as he had overestimated Jansining's speed. The Were Kongs ignored Wang Tong and rushed directly at Jansining, who was still making his way to the queen.

Wang Tong's heart sank. Recognition dawned on his face as he realized that he would have to do the impossible, to kill the queen himself while fighting against the Were Kongs.

Jansining was aware of his perilous situation. But no matter how hard he tried, he still seemed to be too slow. Jansining bit down his lower lips until it started to bleed. Suddenly, his soul energy increased a few folds.

Eyes bloodshot, Jansining gathered his last breath and released it in a heart-wrenching howl as he plunged into the pile of grotesque flesh in front of him.

Suddenly, the Zergs froze in mid-motion as the Queen screamed agonizingly at Jansining's near mindless hacks and slashes.

The Zergs paused less than a second before they started to attack with more ferociousness. Some had utterly lost their minds as they plunged towards the soldiers. The sudden development unnerved Wang Tong.

The soldiers' defense quickly crumbled under the frenetic assaults; however, none of the Zergs bothered even to scratch any of the soldiers, including Jansining. Instead, they all rushed towards Wang Tong.

"Big Head, get Lieutenant out of there. I will distract them!"

Wang Tong shouted at the Zergs and quickly attracted their attention. The Zergs rush towards Wang Tong like a tsunami wave about to engulf a strangled boat.

Wang Tong turned on his heels and started running. A few seconds later, Wang Tong turned his head so that he was half facing the Zergs behind him, and taunted them, "Come on you dirty bugs! I will let you taste BBQ Zerg meat if you can catch me!"

Wang Tong loved the BBQ Zerg meat when he was the first time on Norton.

"Goldie, where the hell are you? Help me! Otherwise, you are going to be a piece of antique and General Li might have to pick a Zerg as his successor." Seeing there was an intersection coming up, Wang Tong yelled at Goldie.

"Master, please input destination."

"Balls, the ground, of course!"

"Master, based on the energy signal, the ground level is very dangerous right now. The military is conducting an air raid."

"Then somewhere else that does not have any Zergs!"

"Turn left please."

Wang Tong darted to the left. He had thrown away his metal blade and picked up a smaller and lighter piece of Zerg's bone as his weapon.

The Zergs chasing after Wang Tong had gone nuts. They stomped over each other's body without following the unspoken order like they always did. The chaotic scene puzzled Wang Tong, as he had never seen Zergs move in such a frenzied motion before.

Zergs were very intelligent creatures; they strictly followed orders when they were on the battlefield. So, one would seldom see a group of Zergs charging without a formation, let along stomping on each other.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the air force had finished bombing, and the ground forces were in position, ready to kill off any remaining Zergs. Soldiers lined up behind rows of heavy tanks as the battle groups slowly pushed forward.

Wang Tong ran as fast as he could, and soon found that there were only a few Were Kongs left, still chasing after him closely.

Wang Tong felt the leader of the Were Kong looked strange, as if he had stolen some traits from other nightmarish creatures at some point during his evolution process.

Half an hour later, Wang Tong noticed that there was only the leader of the Were Kong behind him, while the rest couldn't keep up. Wang Tong stopped running and decided to finish the Were Kong off.

A smirk crept on to Wang Tong's face as he studied the empty surroundings. He was going to unleash the most badass move he could think of, and didn't have to worry about hurting anyone else in case his power went out of control.

Wang Tong waited until the Were Kong plunged towards him, and then punched at the Were Kong with a fiery fist.

Dark Fire Fist!

This was the strongest move Wang Tong had invented. It was inspired by Mr. Wannabe's palm technique, and Wang Tong added the elements of fire to the GN force.

The arm of the Were Kong, thick like a tree trunk, exploded as fire spout out from Wang Tong's fist and penetrated Were Kong's body, reducing it to ashes in an instance.

Wang Tong was shocked by the power he had delivered through the punch.

Wang Tong would never be able to use this technique in a PA system fight; it was too powerful. The ground started to shake, and Wang Tong figured that he had to leave the cave as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would be buried down here once the cave eventually collapsed.

The humans had two ways of dealing with the Queen Zerg hiding underground: one method was to send elite soldiers down the cave, and the other was to use GBD cannon to deliver a deathly blow through miles of rocks and dirt.

The battle on the ground ended soon after the ground force was dispatched. The soldiers started to clean up the mess and tend to the wounded.

High up in the space, a super battleship aimed its GBD cannon at the confirmed location. One direct shot from the GBD cannon would guarantee the death of the queen Zerg.