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Chapter 254: Princess Warrior

Chapter 254: Princess Warrior

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Wang Tong learned that the thirty-two GN node tactics that his comrades were cultivating were called the Tactics of Steel Blade. It was an offense-focused tactics that transferred the soul energy to pure damage output. It dealt decent damage to lower tier Zergs, but quickly fell short when it was used against better armored higher tier Zergs such as the Were Kong.

It was almost impossible for Jansining and his platoon to switch to other tactics because they had spent a considerable amount of time on their current tactics. Not only was it difficult for them to adapt to other tactics successfully, but forcing different tactics into their system could also be deadly.

Wang Tong scratched his head as he struggled to come up with an effective method to improve his teammates' combat ability.

Members of the ninth platoon were down to the earth and not judgemental. To them, Wang Tong was as capable as any elite soldiers despite his young age.

After a day of training, soldiers were throwing banters at each other while cleaning up their new METAL suits. Jansining walked into the locker room and brought news to everyone.

HQ had assigned them another student.

Members of the ninth platoon hoorayed when they heard the news, hoping that it would be another badass addition to the team like Wang Tong.

However, their heart sank as soon as they heard more about this new student.

She was from one of the Great Houses.

"What? Are you sure? Is she here on tour or what? What's there to see on Norton anyways."

"Haha, we might as well change our job title to travel guides."

"Why would princess want to come to this sh*thole? Can you refuse the assignment, lieutenant?"

No one on the ninth platoon wanted a useless burden, let alone one that required 24/7 care and protection.

Wang Tong's mind reeled as he wondered if it was Li Ruoer who came after him for revenge. If it was true, he not only worried about his own life, but also those of the entire platoon. It would be effortless for the Li family to let the ninth platoon to 'disappear,' they just need to order them to go on a suicidal mission.

Frustrated and feeling helpless, Wang Tong finally regretted ever offended Li Ruoer.

"This is an order from the higher-ups. We got no choice."

"Lieutenant, do you think we should pull some tricks on her and scare her away?" Little O suggested.

"Little O, why don't you use your brain? This girl is from one of the Great Houses! My question is, why did she choose to join us?" Big Head scowled at Little O and then was immediately puzzled by his newfound question.

"Wang Tong, you two are of similar age. We will be counting on you to look after her. Don't let us down." Jansining quickly threw his best soldier under the bus. But unknown to him, he might as well have just sent Wang Tong to his doom.

"Could you please let someone else look after her? I... I... ouch.. my stomach hurts. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to carry out the mission. Iron Tooth, how about you take over my duty?"

Iron Tooth took a step back into the shadows. "No. I like busty mates, not interested in prickly little princesses. Choose someone else."

"Ah... Lieutenant, I need to do dishes."

"OH...right, I need to tidy up my room."

Soon all the members of the ninth platoon were gone, leaving Wang Tong and the lieutenant alone, staring at each other.

"Wang Tong, you are part of our team now. You are our most trusted comrades and the most capable fighter. I am the lieutenant, and I have too many things to deal with every day. So, I have made my final decision to leave the duty of looking after this new member to you. We appreciate your sacrifice!"

Jansining gave Wang Tong a look that was half pity and half relief before he walked out of the room.

Wang Tong wiped the bead size sweat off his forehead as he became worried about his safety at the hands of the new team member.

After Wang Tong mulled over this conundrum for a while, he conceded that he would not be able to avoid the consequences of his actions. He hoped that time would eventually wash away this old feud. However, judging from the current situation, Wang Tong figured that Li Ruoer would return every ounce of suffering she had endured back at him.

Wang Tong heaved a sigh and accepted the reality. He reasoned that if Li Ruoer dared to conspire against the platoon, he would let her pay a costly price.

As he regained some confidence, fear overtook him again. He shriveled and cursed at the air, "Damn you, crazy woman!"

The next morning, everyone had shaved their scruffy faces, styled their hair carefully and put on their cleanest uniform to show respect for the Great House. Although the new member was only a student, her ancestors had contributed to the founding of the confederation.

When Jansining appeared at the meeting hall, everyone's jaw dropped at the beauty of the girl following Jansining's lead.

"Everyone, this is Miss Ma Xiaoru from House Ma. She is the new member I told you guys about."

While studying the delicate features on Ma Xiaoru's face, soldiers of the ninth platoon felt a slight ache in their heart at the thought of this beautiful and tender girl fighting against the Zergs.

"Don't let her appearance fool you; Ma Xiaoru is a level five fighter. She can defeat anyone of you within seconds."

"Comrades, I am nothing but a youngster here. I will rely on your advice to make myself a better soldier."

Wang Tong was shocked by the sudden turn of event. He felt like being elevated into the heaven straight from hell.

Hundreds of different emotions rushed into Wang Tong's heart at the same moment. There were all shades of sadness, happiness, and everything in between, colliding with each other and forming a symphony of feelings, that eventually reduced into a wisp of fussy warmth in Wang Tong's heart. Watching the smile on Ma Xiaoru's face, Wang Tong felt genuinely happy for the first time in a long while.

Ma Xiaoru greeted every soldier and soon was standing face to face with Wang Tong. She extended her hand courteously and said, "Wang Tong, nice to see you again."

"Haha! You two know each other? That makes things much easier, doesn't it! Wang Tong is a hero; he had proved his mettle in the battle against a Zerg Queen!" Jansining praised Wang Tong generously, hoping to leave Ma Xiaoru with a good impression of Wang Tong. Being in the military for so many decades, Jansining knew that a good impression in the minds of the Great Houses was half the battle in climbing the ladders of military ranks.

"Congratulations Wang Tong. Yes, I have heard about Wang Tong. He had defeated Capth during our tournament."

"I thought you were from an A-class Academy… and you defeated Capth?"

"You little sh*t, we had underestimated you after all!"

Jansining was shocked by the revelation as well. He had heard about Ayrlarng, and knew that it used to be a top-notch S class school but had since fallen and was downgraded into an A class academy. As a student of an A class school, it was an incredible feat for Wang Tong to defeat opponents from the S class.

"Haha, we will learn from each other!" Wang Tong drew a deep breath and heaved a sigh of relief. ‘Thank gods it wasn't the other princess.’ He thought to himself.

"Lieutenant, Ma Xiaoru is at your command! "

"Good! Welcome aboard!"

Jansining was relived after finding Ma Xiaoru was very approachable, unlike other children of the Great Houses. The connection between Wang Tong and Ma Xiaoru should also make Wang Tong's task much more manageable. No matter what would happen, Jansining could not afford to let Ma Xiaoru get hurt, since the Ma family controlled all the equipment of the military, including the METAL suit Jansining was wearing right then.

Jansining started to announce the team tasks and new training routines, but Wang Tong didn't pay any attention to Jansining as he was troubled by the thought of Ma Xiaoru's amnesia. A strange feeling rose inside of Wang Tong as he shifted his eyes towards Ma Xiaoru to study her, ‘Did she forget everything?" Wang Tong asked himself.

As if Ma Xiao felt his gaze, she turned her head back and locked her eyes with Wang Tong's, then a warm smile appeared on her face. Wang Tong looked away immediately, and his heart sank at the sight of the smile. He was convinced there and then that she had forgotten everything.

Wang Tong then thought perhaps it was for the better. He should treat her like a stranger from now on, which was what he should have done when they first met. It would only be fair for all three of them.

"Wang Tong, Wang Tong!"

"Yes, Sir! I will finish the task!"

"What task? I was only telling you to walk around the camp with Ma Xiaoru and help her to familiarize the environment on Norton. Can you do that without getting distracted?"

"Yes, Sir! I will finish the task!" Wang Tong repeated mechanically as his teammates snickered.

‘Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! Why would I agree to that?’ Wang Tong screamed in his head.

Ma Xiaoru's approachable personality and good work ethics had made the soldiers rethink their stereotypes about members of the great houses. They conceded that those stereotypes might be wrong, at least it was in the case of Ma Xiaoru.

Wang Tong walked around the camp with Ma Xiaoru and explained a few things that were not described in the paper handout. Ma Xiaoru was not here for a show, and she wanted to follow Wang Tong's footstep to start from the bottom, fighting as a nameless soldier.