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Chapter 259: Kill Kill Kill

Chapter 259: Kill Kill Kill

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Wang Tong's heart sank. He wondered if he had been followed ever since his first encounter of the day with the Zergs.

Suddenly, Wang Tong thought about the crazy behavior of the Zergs who chased after him while Jansining was murdering the queen. The Zergs even passed Jansining despite their queen's agonizing shrieks… Unless, the shrieking was not a plead for rescue, but it was the last command: Kill the strongest.


"Master, I have registered a large number of biological signals. They are all converging toward you."

Before Goldie's voice slipped away, Wang Tong had initiated his tactics to the full extent and stormed out. He was concerned for the safety of his comrades on the ground, and wondered why the Zergs would want him dead so badly. Then, it occurred to him that there must be a Encephalon Zerg somewhere in this cave. Otherwise, these cretins would not have the patience nor the memory to continue their dead queen's dying wish.

It was the first time in a long while that Wang Tong ever fell into a Zerg's trap.

The situation on the ground was much worse than Wang Tong would like to see. The platoon had retreated at first sight of the attackers, but was then forced to separate into two groups with communications to both Wang Tong and each other cut off by the disturbance signals.

The lower tier Zergs had encircled the platoon, letting the higher tier Zergs flex their muscles against the human soldiers in the middle of the encirclement.

Very quickly, half of the platoon were either mortally wounded or dead. The Zergs inched toward the last two members of the platoon, brandishing their sharp claws, some of which still had bits and pieces of human flesh hanging on it.

"Ma Xiaoru, I command you to leave the battle!" Jansining shouted.

"I can't and I won't!"

Ma Xiaoru had initiated her super METAL. Despite its power, it drained her soul energy rapidly. After killing a dozen high-level Zergs, her attacks came with less frequency and vigor. She should have a chance of breaking the encirclement by herself had she focused on escaping from the beginning of the engagement. However, she could not leave her comrades to die. So she stayed, struggling to save her teammates' lives, and then failed. Her teammates died one after another, then it was her turn.

Jansining had already lost an arm. A piece of bone stuck out from the stub, the whiteness of the bone was jarring against the mush of meat and blood. Having witnessed his brothers' death, Jansining's mind had been fried many times over.

He had known this day would come.

"Take this!" Jansining handed over a mini nuke to Ma Xiaoru using the only arm he had left.

"Bros, wait for me. I am coming!" Jansining plunged himself at the Zerg while screaming profanities at his enemies hideous but indifferent face.

A sharp talon penetrated Jansining's chest. Only with slight hesitation, Jansining continued his charge, driving the tip of the claw deeper into his body. A warm smile appeared on Jansining's bloodstained face; his last thought was his wife and daughter, home sweet home.

In a blink of eyes, Ma Xiaoru was the only one left on the slaughter ground. She felt the flow of soul energy was threatening to falter at any time, and she was aware that the moment her METAL suit turned off due to lack of soul energy was the moment of her demise.

Wang Tong stormed towards his teammates while annihilating any resistance he had encountered in an instance. The tip of his blade trembled against the immense GN power it was imbued with, and its body hummed like a rumble of thunder. It was the lightening effect of the GN force that could only be unleashed by an Einherjar.

"Get away! away!"

Nothing could stop Wang Tong as he screamed and stormed through the tunnel. Goldie's voice repeated insistently: "Master, please be aware of your power usage. Large hostile force detected on the ground. Large hostile force detected on the ground."

"Shut up!" Wang Tong bawled out.

Finally, with a blaring thunder, Wang Tong emerged out from the tunnel entrance, but it was too late.

Ma Xiaoru attempted at the mini nuke, but lacked the proficiency in using such a sophisticated weapon with limited time. Before she could aim at the mass of the Zerg army, a Diamond Beetle flew into her wrist and came out from the other end. She dropped the nuke, but another air born Zerg flew by and picked it up before it even landed on the ground. The pain in her wrist sucked the remaining soul energy dry. Her METAL disappeared as a Scorpian Zerg cast a stretchy shadow over her frail body.

Under the sun, the ground glistered with fresh blood; red, human blood.

Wang Tong let out a saddened howl laced with the unswerving promise of death. His eyes burned with an unnerving golden luster that screamed for vengeance, and his soul energy soared up to an uncountable magnitude. Wang Tong's soul energy permeated through the air, drawing the Zerg's attention.

Wang Tong dashed forward, and with a bright flash, a Diamond Beetle was sliced in half

The attack had broken Wang Tong's blade in two. The upper portion of the blade was then lined by a deadly glow of GN force, forming a sharp edge that protruded out from where it had broken off.

In one sweep of the blade, Wang Tong had ended the life of a dozen Zergs in front of him. Waves of soul energy spilled out from his body like boiling poison in a cauldron. The rest of the Zergs retreated a step back, fearing to wade into that deadly deluge of soul energy.

Fear was contagious, even among the Zergs. But their collective fear, once sensed by the mastermind, quickly turned into an appetite for power. The mastermind had locked onto his target: the strongest opponent it had met in a few hundred years, a satisfying entrée.

Ma Xiaoru's face was pale, and she still refused to take off that warm smile in front of Wang Tong "If... I will never let you go!"

Ma Xiaoru reached out to Wang Tong's face, and her blood-stained finger paused midway before it collapsed with her arm.

It was too late for Wang Tong to be finally convinced that Ma Xiaoru had recovered her memory.

Throwing his head back, Wang Tong screamed at the sky. Regret and remorse would not bring Ma Xiaoru back, but that heartache was the only thing left of her. Rage burned through the thin pretense of reason, leaving Wang Tong with only one thought: Kill

"I am sorry Mr. Wannabe; I won't be able to bring you to the Hall of Valhalla anymore" Rays of bright lights shot out from his skin as his physical body was no longer able to contain the roaring torrent of GN force.

As he laid Ma Xiaoru's body on the ground, he felt her body was light as a feather.

"Kiddo! Kill these bastards!"

Wang Tong heard Mr. Wannabe's voice.


The heat of anger had vaporized the tear and sorrow in Wang Tong's eyes. Instead, the two golden pools burnt with the luster that meant only death.

"Master. Weapon."

Two curved blades suddenly showed up in Wang Tong's hands, surrounded by a dark light that threatened to devour all living things.

Kill! kill!

Kill! Kill!

KILL! Kill!


The blade traced dark and forbidden curves one after another, slicing and cutting through the shell into the flesh of Zergs.


More Zergs swarmed at Wang Tong; their sanity seemed to be nibbled away by the extreme display of power in front of them.

Among the Zerg forces stood a strange shadow. It was strange preciously because it was standing like a human. There was a particular measure of placidity in the strange shadow that contrasted the crazed action around it.

The Tactics of the Blade whirled inside Wang Tong's body. It was expanding and exerting more control over Wang Tong's consciousness, like a red hot train engine driving a train towards a rock cliff.

Wang Tong's soul energy had long since depleted, what was fueling the flame in his body was his life force. Wang Tong didn't mind; he didn't expect to get out of this alive.

Wang Tong let go of his life as he exploded, squished, and twisted the Zerg's bodies into pulps. But after a hundred Zergs had fallen, another thousand followed suit.

Wang Tong felt his attacks were slowing down already, and he had been burning Einherjar Wannabe's soul energy for a while. Fearing that he would kill Mr. Wanna by depleting his soul energy, he turned off the METAL, hoping one day, another lucky lad would stumble upon the loudmouthed ghost.

‘Goodbye, Mr. Wannabe.’

Another wave of Zergs charged at Wang Tong. He picked up Ma Xiaoru's body and held it tight in his arms.

Only after she was gone had he truly appreciated her existence. Her care and love were subtle and insubstantial like the air—he wouldn’t even realize he needed it until it was gone.

Old Fart always said that money could buy anything except for bribing your way out of regrets. He was right like he always was.

Wang Tong pressed his lips on Ma Xiaoru's as if a kiss before bed.

At the last moment of his life, before the nuke exploded, he finally found his true love.