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Chapter 264: A Blessing in Disguise

Chapter 264: A Blessing in Disguise

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"What have I done? I have done nothing! Come on... I just want to watch this show with you. Ohh...She looks so pretty, don't you think? I wonder if her body is as nice as her face?"

Li Ruoer glanced at Wang Tong and felt that he was getting angrier by the second. ‘Perfect! it's working!’ She thought to herself.

Wang Tong heaved a sigh and pleaded, "Release her, and I will give you whatever you want."

Li Ruoer's face beamed with satisfaction as and she said, "All I want is to continue watching this show with you. Don't you want to as well?"

Wang Tong wanted to calm his anger but failed. He lurched towards Li Ruoer, but without any soul energy, it was like hitting a rock with an egg.

Wang Tong flew away at a slight touch of Li Ruoer's fingertip, crashing into a wall. He thought he heard his bone snapping under the pressure. Li Ruoer laughed joyfully, savoring every moment "Be patient, Haha! Fine, fine, kowtow to me one hundred times and call me 'master' from now on. Then, I might let both of you go. "

Wang Tong stood up slowly, and the pain seemed to make him more alert to details. He found it strange that as an heir of house Li, Li Ruoer would be so careless as to kidnap a girl while risking her family's reputation. This kind of boldness was not common among the great house.

A strange sensation shot through Wang Tong's body. He closed his eyes for a second and when he opened his eyes again, Wang Tong noticed that the image on the wall had already disappeared.

It was an illusion created by the Tactics of the Enchantress!

Wang Tong marveled at the level of effort Li Ruoer had gone through just to torture him. She could have done away with him with ease using her power.

The development had relieved Wang Tong's stress since it was clear that Li Ruoer had not gone completely insane.

But immediately, Wang Ton was perplexed by another question: how did he see through the illusion without any soul energy?

Wang Tong held back the pleasant surprise and tried to initiate the Tactics of Blade, thinking that the tactics might miraculously start working without any soul energy as well. However, he was disappointed to find out that not only his soul energy was depleted, the link between the sea of consciousness and his Dantian had also ruptured. So, the tactics wouldn't be initiated.

Wang Tong's silence burned through Li Ruoer's patience. She finally asked in an annoyed voice: "Well, are you going to do it or not?"

Seeing Wang Tong still not answering her questions, Li Ruoer closed in and picked him up while shouting, "Do it! Don't you care about your friend?"

"Is this all you can do? I really wish I didn't say this."

Gazing at Li Ruoer's beautiful face, Wang Tong uttered his hatred slowly, "F-*-C-K Y-O-U."

The rage exploded in Li Ruoer's eyes. Sensing that Wang Tong would not fall for her trick, Li Ruoer threw Wang Tong into the air and followed with a roundhouse kick.

She suddenly remembered that Wang Tong had lost the protection of his soul energy, but it was already too late. With only the slightest hesitation, Li Ruoer continued her kick, and Wang Tong crashed back to the same wall that he had crashed into earlier.

The pain was unbearable, but as the pain propagated to his sea of consciousness, it was sucked dry like a drop of water on a parched land.

Could it be the effect of the Tactics of Enchantress? After all, general Li Feng and Zhou Zhi were couples.

Swallowing down the pain, Wang Tong struggled up and taunted his opponent, "Too soft. Even my grandpa can do better than this."

Li Ruoer's eyes turned into two pools of molten anger, "You still think that I wouldn't kill you?"

At this critical moment of her cultivation, Li Ruoer's soul energy was volatile. By then, anger had burned away the thread of order she needed to control the chaotic energy, and her soul energy quickly took control of her body, as it expanded through the air towards Wang Tong. The tremendous soul energy slightly ruffled wang Tong's mind, but his body seemed to crave it like a kid craving for treats.

"Good, "Wang Tong thought to himself "Come at me now!"

Wang Tong yearned for the recovery of his soul energy. He didn't even mind risking his life for it.

"Hey, you! I will slap your sassy a*s if you don't hit hard this time!" Wang Tong gave Li Ruoer a scornful look.

Li Ruoer's body trembled as boiling soul energy seeped out from her body; she could no longer control the power inside of her. She yanked her hand up and caused a gust, which blew Wang Tong to the edge of the wall. Despite the pain in his muscles and joints, Wang Tong felt the wave of energy was as refreshing as a dampening mist blow over a dry field.

Wang Tong then knew that this could be his only chance, as long as his body could survive Li Ruoer's attack.

"Wang Tong! You asked for it!"

Li Ruoer's GN force weighted on Wang Tong like a smothering blanket. However, as his soul energy absorbed more soul energy, Wang Tong felt the sea of consciousness was slowly coming alive.

Wang Tong finally saw a sliver of hope as well as the full extent of Li Ruoer's real power. Her soul power had reached over 300; Wang Tong reasoned that if he didn't dodge this attach in time, he might be in danger.

He struggled to make up his mind as to whether he should run away or stay. After all, he had promised himself to never back away from danger. Finally, he mustered all of his courage and gritted his teeth as he darted toward the exit.

It was locked.

Li Rouer's body floated in the air. Her eyes burned with a purple luster, and hair tossed around by the intense soul energy that spilled out from her body. Bottles, cups, phone, and lamps rattled violently under the influence of the invisible power.

Wang Tong wished helplessly that Li Ruoer would forget about him amidst her trance.

With a full sweep of her arm, Li Ruoer attacked Wang Tong with her soul energy directly. This was the most potent form of attack the Tactics of the Enchantress could unleash.

Wang Tong's body tensed up as Li Ruoer's soul energy surged into his dantian, but Wang Tong didn't seem to be in any mortal danger. His sea of consciousness gulped down one wave after another of the soul energy from the enchantress. Although at one time, Wang Tong felt he was about to drown in the flood of energy, as his sea of consciousness picked up its speed of absorbing soul energy, the drawing sensation quickly went away.

Wang Tong's soul energy was recovering rapidly while the Enchantress's soul energy was depleted by the second. A few moments later, the enchantress finally used up her power and fell back to the ground.

Wang Tong still couldn't move his body, so he stood still and let his body recover. He heard Mr. Wannabe's voice calling out to him, "Kiddo! What a miracle! You have connected all your GN nodes in your body! Ha! You would be able to walk the divine path in no time! I wish I had this much luck" His last sentence was practically a grunt.

Due to the complicated structure of the human's GN node, only a few GN nodes could be used at one time. However, it was not the case for the most potent fighters such as an Einherjar, who would be able to use all of the GN nodes at the same time, resulting in an exponentially increased damage output.

Li Ruoer's soul energy had been the key that unlocked the mechanism in Wang Tong's body, that would allow the utilization of all GN nodes.

Wang Tong felt an intense heat rise inside his dantian, eventually culminating in an explosion within his sea of consciousness. Wang Tong soon registered that this explosion was not destruction, but creation like the thunder of early Spring, signaling the genesis of a brand new world.

Wang Tong tried the Tactics of the Blade and found it ran exceptionally fluidly. The smoothness resulted in a newfound clarity in the movement of the GN nodes, that enabled Wang Tong to see the moments in his mind.

He no longer needed to prime the 256-node version of the tactics by first running the eight nodes, then to the 16 nodes, all until the number of nodes eventually reached 256. With the new soul energy, he could start at any number of nodes he wanted to.

With all the GN nodes connected, there would be no more bottlenecks of cultivation that Wang Tong could not surpass. As long as he continued his training and cultivation, he would be guaranteed to become an Einherjar, and the first person in history that achieved the status of Einherjar through his own diligence.