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Chapter 265: Resurrection

Chapter 265: Resurrection

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Since Wang Tong's physical strength had reached that of an Einherjar, his body could output an incredible amount of GN. However, his old sea of consciousness was not strong enough to withstand the strain of discharging such a significant amount of GN force, and would eventually collapse under such weight. However, his new sea of consciousness had turned the situation around.

Wang Tong realized that he had been given a second life. Due to massive consumption of power, Goldie was still in slumber, and Mr. Wannabe seemed to have sustained heavy losses in his soul energy as well. But Mr. Wannabe still guided Wang Tong to complete his first round of the tactics using the new soul energy.

The room was messy; random object were scattered around the floor and on the bed. Wang Tong conceded that he had underestimated Li Ruoer's power, and felt pity for her because she wouldn't be able to level up in her cultivation until she had regained that lost soul energy.

Looking at the unconscious girl that had accidentally given him the second life, Wang Tong no longer felt angry. He saved her life once, and now, her debt was paid.

Wang Tong wanted to walk away then and there, but the joy of regaining his power made him walk to Li Ruoer and wake her up.

Li Ruoer slowly opened her eyes and saw Wang Tong's face right in front of her. She yanked her arm to slap him, but Wang Tong stopped her hand. "Save it. You almost went into derangement earlier. Karma kills you know; I would consider being a better person from now on if I were you."

Li Ruoer's mouth twitched, conceding her defeat as she shouted, "You b*stard! Finish me off!"

Li Ruoer closed her eyes but held her indignant expression. She had lost control of her power and wasted too much soul energy. She would need at least a couple of days to recover from this incidence. Should Wang Tong have touched her on any other day, she would already have his arm chopped off.

Wang Tong picked Li Ruoer up and laid her down on a sofa, "I don't want to harm you, and neither do I expect to become friends with you. Let's just call it off for now."

Wang Tong turned back and walked away.

"Wait! You have recovered your soul energy?" Li Ruoer asked incredulously.

"Thanks to you, yes." Wang Tong turned around and cracked a smile.

Wang Tong could see a mixture of feelings inside of Li Ruoer through her eyes. He held her emotional gaze for a while and decided to leave the room. The longer he stayed here, the more trouble he would be in.

"Hold on!" Li Ruoer shouted out to him, but Wang Tong didn't slow down. He had just recovered, and if he got caught by one of the House Li's warriors, he was as good as dead.

"Don't you want to know what happened to Ma Xiaoru?" As Soon as Li Ruoer finished her sentence, Wang Tong froze in his track.

Li Ruoer's lips curled up into a smirk seeing that Wang Tong had yet again risen to the bait.

"If you beg me, then I might tell you."

Li Ruoer's words seemed to evoked reason in Wang Tong's frozen mind. He took a step towards the door.

"You a*shole Wang Tong! Ma Xiaoru was so nice to you, and you don't even care about her injury!"

"Now I know she is alive. Thanks again!"

Wang Tong almost lost his voice at the end of the sentence. He tried as much as he could to conceal his excitement, but his excited voice still caught Li Ruoer by surprise. He slowly walked out of the room, trying to look as normal as he could. Then, he shut the door close and collapsed against the wall.

"She is still alive! I knew it!"

Li Ruoer was shocked as she had never expected Wang Tong to lose his cool. Even when he was under her torture, he had never even flinched. But one word about Ma Xiaoru had almost brought the tear to his eyes.

Could it be?

A trace of bitterness crawled under Li Ruoer's skin.

No one knew what had happened to Ma Xiaoru since all activities around her had been done in extreme secrecy. Li Ruoer only knew that Ma Xiaoru was gravely injured when she was brought back from the battlefield. However, she reasoned that despite the bell and whistles the Ma Family had gotten, House of Ma would not be able to bring Ma Xiaoru's life back without experience and powerful soul energy —something the Ma lacked but the Li had an abundance of.

Li Ruoer knew that her father and brother would not pass up this opportunity, twisting the Ma's vulnerability to their advantage. So, she was convinced that they were going to table the marriage proposal as a bargaining chip to House of Ma, and Ma Dutian would have no choice but to accept.

In other words, Wang Tong would never have a chance with Ma Xiaoru.

Wang Tong dragged his exhausted body to his bed. The excitement still lingered in his mind. He clenched his fists, trying to reflect on the information he had gained about Ma Xiaoru. He no longer held resentment towards Li Ruoer. After all, she had brought him two good news.

He wanted to visit Ma Xiaoru, to bang on her door and plead to let him in. But, he knew that House Ma wouldn't crack open the gate for him. He knew he needed to find help if he wanted to see Ma Xiaoru again.

The only person he thought that might help him was Samantha. However, she was barely on the campus recently. The council had summoned her to report on the results of the student's military campaign.

Judging by Li Ruoer's tone, Wang Tong doubted that House of Ma would even allow Samantha to visit Ma Xiaoru. Wang Tong reasoned that the only person who could persuade Ma Dutian would have to be from the House of Li.

"Should I go back to beg Li Ruoer?" Wang Tong asked himself. It was a terrible question, and the thought of Li Ruoer gave him the jitters. However, if she were the only one who could help him, then so be it.

The recovered soul energy had given Wang Tong some confidence in handling Li Ruoer's devious tricks. He was further emboldened by his suspicion that the Tactics of Blade was the perfect counter for the Tactics of the Enchantress. If it weren't the case, Wang Tong figured he would have already been killed by Li Ruoer's flood of deadly soul energy.

The next day morning, Wang Tong told Zhou Sisi about the recovery of his soul energy. Zhou Sisi hugged Wang Tong out of sheer happiness. The rest of his classmates also felt happy for him and the S club. Thanks to his influence in the S club, Wang Tong's recovery meant the club's deteriorating morale would soon correct its course.

When the news reached Bernabeu, Cao Yi and his friends were elated as well. This was a much-needed turning point in the S Club's recent spiraling down path. The students' enthusiasm had faded, and the process of recruiting new members had also been halted. Like any other organization, the S club was soulless without an influential leader.

Cao Yi knew that the main selling point of the S club to the students of A or B academy was its legendary leader, the boy who had defeated Capth. So, Cao Yi was distraught about the club's future once he heard about Wang Tong's injury. However, Cao Yi didn't bring his concern to Wang Tong, fearing it would distract him from his treatment.

To everyone's surprise, Wang Tong had done the impossible once again.

"You rock! It looks like I would never become the number one at Ayrlarng" Hu Yangxuan gave Wang Tong a warm hug.

"What's the big deal! I knew he could do it from the beginning. He is Wang Tong." Lips twitching and hands trembling, Karl's seemingly calm voice could not hide his excitement.

Among all of the S club members, Karl had benefited the most by following around and learning from Wang Tong.

"Haha, yeah that was very lucky. I now just have to wait for it to stabilize."

"Take your time. We are always here for you!" Zhou Sisi nodded at Wang Tong. Everyone knew that Zhou Sisi had a crush on him, but his heart already belonged to someone else.

With everyone's support, Wang Tong became even more focused on strengthing and stabilizing his new sea of consciousness. He didn't tell anyone that his sea of consciousness hadn’t just recovered, but was washed clean and then refilled with a purer form of energy—an upgrade. If the sea of consciousness was the field where one could harness the soul energy that grew out of it, Wang Tong's field had an infinite supply of nutrients.

The S clubbed talked about going to a restaurant to celebrate this great news, but they didn't end up going since Wang Tong was frail and overeating might hinder his recovery. Instead of going to the restaurant, they decided to help him with the study he had missed while he was in the hospital.

Wang Tong recognized that although most subjects were entirely useless, there were a few important ones that he would need to catch up with.