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Chapter 266: Attack Missed

Chapter 266: Attack Missed

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Zhou Sisi had prepared her tutor notes and made it into an interactive program for Wang Tong. She had cleared her schedule so that she could use to time to help him with his study.

After a night of tutoring, Wang Tong had caught up with most of the materials that he had missed. The two both heaved a sigh of relief. Zhou Sisi didn't ask him about his soul energy, knowing that she wouldn't be able to help him on that anyway. After tutoring Wang Tong, she set off to make some night snacks for the two of them.

Thanks to Wang Tong's new soul energy, he felt his study was much easier than before. The two chatted joyfully while enjoying the night snack. Wang Tong briefly talked about the incidence with Li Ruoer at the five-star hotel.

"That girl is crazy! But I am luckier though. Her soul energy had stimulated my sea of consciousness. You should be very careful around her. " Wang Tong said while chewing mouthful of food.

"She is so..." The word evaporated from her mouth, and she found it difficult to find a replacement.

"Don't take it too personally. I heard that it was normal for the Enchantress to go crazy for a while, side effects and all. Just be careful, that's all."

Wang Tong's concern for her safety made Zhou Sisi feel a sense of warmth. She asked, "Are you planning to find Ma Xiaoru?"

"I am trying. So far, I have gotten no luck. Even her Skynet is offline."

"I am sure she would contact you once she is awake. But if she is still in a coma, I don't think House of Ma would let anyone be near her. That being said, since Li Ruoer knows about her condition, I suggest we start with her." Zhou Sisi reasoned. Zhou Sisi always felt that Ma Xiaoru would be a better girlfriend for Wang tong than Samantha, not only because the latter was a principal, hence the scandalous undertone, but also because Ma Xiaoru was a more caring person than Samantha.

"To ask her for help? I would if I could trust her. But I don't trust a coo coo." Wang Tong shook his head quickly. He would give in to Li Ruoer if all she wanted were to beat him up. But he was convinced that what Li Ruoer wanted was much grimmer than that.

"Let me handle it for you." Zhou Sisi smirked.

"Fine, but don't confront her face to face. No one knows what she would do. Be careful!" The thought of Li Ruoer's ability to create illusions made Wang tong worried for Zhou Sisi.

Zhou Sisi smiled and then said, "I know I know! Eat your food and shut up, will you? I'm going to head home soon. Don't forget to review what we had gone through today."

"Will do!" Wang Tong answered as he extended two fingers into a V. His new sea of consciousness had been very useful in helping him remember all of the knowledge in the textbook.

After Zhou Sisi left, Charcoal appeared out of the crystal. Although Goldie was still in the recovering mode, Charcoal was unharmed, and was able to act without Goldie's control.

Although charcoal lacked the same intelligence as Goldie, he had been weaponized and would help Wang Tong on the battlefield.

Wang Tong patted the top of Charcoal's head and gave a command, "Charcoal, would you please help me with cleaning the dishes?"

"Yes, Master!"

Despite the new weapon updates, Charcoal had been doing what he used to do all the time: cleaning.

Wang Tong started to cultivate the Tactics of the Blade. He used to have to prime the tactics by first moving a smaller number of nodes and slowly progressing to the full version of 256 nodes. However, with the new sea of consciousness, he would be able to initiate all GN nodes at the same time. As he looked down at the GN nodes and the Soul energy surrounded them, He was surprised to find out that they had changed their color to gold.

The morning next day, Hu Yangxuan dragged Wang Tong to the training field as he had been doing every morning since Wang Tong's injury. After Wang Tong's soul energy had recovered, his life also returned to normal, and so did the S club. New members joined the group with even greater enthusiasm as they were marveled at Wang Tong's miraculous recovery.

They were convinced that Wang Tong was not only powerful but also very lucky.

After a day of class, Wang Tong's head felt heavy after learning about many equations and law of physics. He wished that the Blade Warrior should give him another gift: a calculator brain. With his friends' help, Wang Tong barely passed the exams. Cao Yi also joined ranks among Wang Tong's tutors. Everyone wanted him to become not only a force to be reckoned with on the battle field, but also a well-rounded leader.

The second the class bell rang, signaling the end of a class, Hu Yangxuan picked up his textbook and darted towards the door with Wang Tong hot on his heels. But when he got to the door, he was stopped cold in his track. Wang tong didn't have the time to react, so he rammed into Hu Yangxuan.

"Balls! Move, will you? Why stop?" Wang Tong cupped his forehead with his palm. But when he saw what had stopped Hu Yangxuan, he was shocked.

Li Ruoer stood right in front of him, blocking the sunlight behind her. Wang Tong's hair stood on ends as he felt a coldness crawl under his skin.

Due to the Great Houses' appreciation for their privacy and their substantial influence in the Media, not a lot of people knew what Li Ruoer looked like. However, Hu Yangxuan would stop for a beautiful girl at any time, regardless of her family background.

Before Hu Yangxuan started drooling, Wang Tong closed in and asked in a cold voice, "What do you want?"

"Doesn't Ayrlarng accept visitors? Just want to see what this famous historical academy is all about." Li Ruoer said in an innocent voice.

"Wang Tong, you gonna have to talk politely to our beautiful guest." Hu Yangxuan then turned around and smiled at Li Ruoer, then said, "Your face is beautiful… and familiar. Have we met before? Do you need a guide?"

Li Ruoer ignored Hu Yangxuan. She threw Wang Tong a glance and then closed in. Wang Tong's body tensed up, ready to use his tactics at any time.

Li Ruoer approached Wang Tong very slowly and without any ill intention. She hooked her wrist into the crook of Wang Tong's arm and whispered into Wang Tong's ears. "Do as I say… Otherwise, you will never see Ma Xiaoru."

Wang Tong's body relaxed, but his mind was even more tensed up since Li Ruoer's threats had stricken home.

"That's it. Make me happy and I will lead you to her." After her words, Li Ruoer glanced at Hu Yangxuan pitifully, "Sorry handsome, I'm here for my boyfriend."

Wang Tong wanted to protest, but he couldn't find the words.

Disappointed and frustrated, Hu Yangxuan went off to the lunch room. He swore that he had seen that girl somewhere.

"That girl was hot… and she looked so familiar!"

"No kidding, I think she looked like Li Ruoer."

"Li Ruoer?"

"How do Wang Tong and Li Ruoer know each other?"

After a night of reflecting on her strategy so far, Li Ruoer conceded that she had overlooked Wang Tong's personality. She decided to use more devious and indirect methods to continue her plan of revenge.

"Wang Tong, how many girlfriends do you have? Zhou Sisi was at my door first thing this morning."

"Where is she now?" Wang Tong thought to himself.

"What? Why are you so afraid of me? I don't bite!" Li Ruoer beamed joyfully as if she really meant no harm to him.

"Are you sure? Plus, do you know anything that's called friendship? Oh, wait... I forgot that you don't have any friends." Wang Tong rebuked.

" Careful, Wang Tong! Be very careful!" Li Ruoer chided.

"I am honest. that's what you want me to do right?" Wang Tong protested.

"Whatever. Anyhow, you can forget about Ma Xiaoru. Her father had already agreed to her marriage with my brother." Li Ruoer said while watching Wang Tong's change of expression.

"Xiaoru is safe now? Thank God!"

"Are you listening or not? I said MARRIAGE with my brother!" Disappointed by Wang Tong's gleeful expression, Li Ruoer reminded Wang Tong about the marriage.

Wang Tong rounded his eyes at Li Ruoer and then said, "Ma Xiaoru didn't agree yet, so it doesn't count."

"Are you really that dumb? Do you think Ma Xiaoru will have a say in this matter?" Li Ruoer watched at Wang Tong's face carefully, waiting for the panic to surface at any moment.

However, she was disappointed again.

After having been to death and brought back alive, Wang Tong had finally realized that Ma Xiaoru was his true love. He had promised himself that he would never give up on her as long as he was still breathing.