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Chapter 270: A Wrench From Mars

Chapter 270: A Wrench From Mars

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The students' motivation also helped the S club extend its member list. S club had become a platform where students from A class academies could exchange information and insights. It also existed as a reminder of their determination to surpass the S academies. The Zhang Brother had established an online forum for all the S club members to facilitate the exchange of information. The most talked topic was the fleet combat techniques, such as the one used by Karl.

After confirming Ma Xiaoru's condition, Wang Tong had no more things to worry about, so he spent all his time on cultivation and physical training. He would have a work cut out for him when he faced the Li in the tournament. He thought it was ironic that he had gotten his tactics from Li Feng, yet he would have to stand up against his descendants.

Unlike when he first started cultivating, Wang Tong was no longer hasty in making progress. After going through the war and witnessing his comrades' death, Wang Tong felt that he was not as powerful in a real war as he was in the PA system. It lit up the determination in him to train with much more attention to the detail and technical finesse.

In addition to the cultivation of soul energy, he also poured more vigor into learning textbook knowledge that would help him make a decision on the battlefield. After the war, he had noticed that a right decision could save more lives than a power fighter. For example, if he had seen that the cave he entered into was a trap, Ma Xiaoru would not have been injured, and Big Head, Iron Tooth, and Over Bite would still be alive.

Nothing seemed to be able to disturb Wang Tong any longer, so he returned to his study with resolution.

Hu Yangxuan had also learned valuable lessons from the battlefield. The 5g environment shocked him at first, but then, he conceded that this was something that he had to work hard to get used to if he wanted to become a real soldier.

As Wang Tong was experimenting different training routines, he found that his soul energy was recovering rapidly. With the solid understanding of the techniques he had acquired and combined with the real-life combat experience, the power of his Tactics of the Blade had increased by leaps and bounds. This unexpected benefit had made him understand the importance of the depth of one's sea of consciousness. The academy's teaching had focused mainly on charging and exploding one's soul energy in one deadly attack. This method was effective in tournaments when one needed only to face a few opponents, but it would tire the user out very quickly on a battlefield. Endurance and stamina became more critical players in a real war against the Zergs. Wang Tong had slipped up many times because he didn't pay attention to his overdrawing soul energy. Luckily, Goldie had saved him last time, but Wang Tong knew that Goldie wouldn't be there for him all the time. He needed to find a way to increase the depth of his sea of consciousness.

Wang Tong had never been more craving for power as he was then. However, he never regretted his training methods in the past, because back then, he had no ambitions but only one goal in his life: to improve his and Old Fart's living condition.

The last battle seemed to have gravely injured both Goldie and Mr. Wannabe, but Charcoal was unharmed. Looking at Charcoal's blinking eyes, Wang Tong envied his robot friend's simple life.

Wang Tong had been preparing for his fight with Lie Jian, but his bigger problem was travel expense. He wouldn't be able to afford a ticket to the Moon, much less the Mars. Besides, he felt that he was unprepared, since he was still recovering from his injury and recharging his sea of consciousness. After all, Lie Jian was the best among fighters of his age.

Lie Jian vented his anger and frustration on the PA system, brutally murdering any players that dared to fight with him. Mr. Wannabe had teased out his thirst for a real fight, but then dropped the ball on him. So, Lie Jian sent out his four deadliest fighters on the PA system, looking for an alternative before Mr. Wannabe resurfaced again.

This was the origin of the recent infamous incident on the PA system called the "Martian Killers." The four Martians challenged anyone they saw fit, and murdered whoever dared to accept their challenge. So far, they had been victories in all their fights.

The four of them were all capable of deploying poison flame, which would melt the METAL suit upon contact. Many students from the A-Class academy had accepted their challenges, but they all failed the moment the agonizing flame burned through their METAL and scorched their virtual flesh. To force Mr. Wannabe to fight with him, Lie Jian had practically held the entire PA system hostage, turning it into his own playground.

Lie Jian hoped that his outrageous brutality would also be able to draw out one or two worthy opponents among the ranks of the Great House. However, none of the fighters from the Great Houses had risen to the bait.

The four killers were all top notch fighters in the S class academy, who had mastered the Tactics of the Blaze. Therefore, without the intervention of the great houses, they were invincible in the PA system.

There were some that might be able to hold their ground against the four, but they either didn't have any interest in fighting them, or were afraid of Lie Jian's power. For example, none of the fighters from the S class Academies on the Moon had partaken in stopping Lie Jian's rampage. They understood that Lie Jian was after the earthling boy Einherjar Wannabe. So, if they intervened, it would make them look like the earthling boy's goons.

The four Martians' target was very clear: powerful fighters of age thirty and under.

Wang Tong and Zhou Sisi were discussing techniques for the close quarter combat.

"The Lancaster's law has stated this: Providing a linear formation during close quarter combat, the strength of each combatant is proportional to the number of units to the power of two. Therefore, if the average strength per unit of the blue army were four times that of the red army, 100 unit of the blue army would be equivalent to 400 red army units in ranged combat. However, in a close quarter combat, when the blue army was decimated, the red would still have 346 units left. " Zhou Sisi said patiently.

"Hmm...close quarter combat must be very beneficial to us humans since the Zergs outnumber us."

"This law could also be used while fighting against the humans. The military had also deployed this strategy, which was why they could afford to downgrade the solider's METAL suit to tier one. As long as the soldiers were well positioned, their power as a team could grow exponentially, thanks to the Lancaster's Law."

"Ah ha! I see now. So, the humans would be able to even out the disadvantage of the smaller number of force and the lower tier METAL."

"Hey, Boss! Look at this! These four sons of Martian b*tches were posting their challenge notice again. For f*ck sake, I can't believe you could just sit through this!" Karl rushed in and interrupted the discussion.

"Forget it. I'm still recovering. Otherwise, I will pack them each a knuckle sandwich and send them home."

"I have checked their profile, and these four are all hell of a fighter. Lie Wushuang was also among the four; perhaps he was the leader. He must have been quite touchy lately, since Einherjar Wannabe had parried his Tactics of the Blaze with a single finger. The other one worth noting is the so-called Fire Beast, Lie Xuan. It had said that she could dish out an incredible amount of damage when her inert ability was triggered."

"She is also extremely hot, hence the name: Fire Beast. Her body is like..." Hu Yangxuan joined in the conversation and traced an exaggerated hourglass shape with two of his fingers. He had been increasingly fickle in his love affairs after he knew that Ma Xiaoru had already set her eyes on Wang Tong.

"Hu Yangxuan, do you want to give it a try and fight against her? I think you can do it. Teach her a lesson!"