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Chapter 276: Fighting An Einherjar

Chapter 276: Fighting An Einherjar

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Although Zachery could not pinpoint the exact location of Wang Tong, he knew his prey was not far away.

Sensing Zachery's approaching soul energy, the Zergs poured out from the hive to respond to Zachery's blatant taunt by walking so close to their territory. A wave of Zergs threw themselves at Zachery, and Wang Tong saw Mr. Wannabe's real power for the first time.

In a blink, a hill of Zergs bodies piled up in front of Zachery.

More Zergs rushed toward Zachery.

Zachery opened up his sea of consciousness and unleashed a shock wave that disintegrated all Zergs around him, as he slowly levitated into the air. His body was surrounded by cracking energies that resembled lightning. The lightning-like energy jumped around form Zachery's one hand to the other, resembling a deadly lightning bolt in his hands.

"Come out!"

"Come OUT!"

Every shout that tumbled out of Zachery's contorted mouth sent a small earthquake across the land. Wang Tong remained still, but his soul energy was able to sense exactly what was happening outside.

Wang Tong wagered that although Zachery had already known that he was inside the hive, the old pirate was not able the pinpoint his exact location. Zachery's shouts also confirmed Wang Tong's suspicion that his opponent was still injured. Otherwise, he would have already stormed in and annihilated any living thing inside the hive.

Wang Tong was unruffled by Zachery's taunts as he continued thinking methodically. Wang Tong had already given up the hope of getting out of the crystal space alive, and all his remaining hope was to trap the psychopathic ghost here even if it meant that he, too, would have to be trapped for eternity.

The Zergs were not ruffled by Zachery's display of strength either. After waves of cannon fodder came the humongous tank Zergs and other higher tier Zergs. From within the hive, Wang Tong could hear the outrageous roar of the Zergs that were charging out of the hive to punish Zachery for his conceit.

Wang Tong reasoned that although Zachery was a powerful fighter, years of confinement might have made him underestimate the strength of Zergs.

However, he soon learned how wrong he was. Wave upon waves of high tier Zergs rushed at the old ghost, but they were dead before they could even make a scratch.

For the first time, Wang Tong witnessed the usage of GN shield in real life combat. As long as Zachery had enough soul energy, the Zergs would not be able to harm him due to the protective layer of GN force that covered his body.

Wang Tong reasoned that the flawless defense was what gave the powerful fighters such as Zachery and Einherjar the ability to unleash a massive amount of damage while staying unharmed.

The Zergs had poured all of their forces in the hive at Zachery, yet, the old ghost stood his ground and did not waver the slightest.

"It looks like Zachery was never injured. Could I be wrong in thinking it was otherwise? " Wang Tong asked himself. He held back the urge of rushing out with the Zergs, still fearing the power of Mr. Wannabe's palm strike.

"He would slap me into a pulp like a fly if I go out there." Wang Tong reminded himself.

"Should I bug out?" Wang Tong's mind raced. He knew that if he made a wrong decision, there would be only death waiting for him in the crystal space.

The Tactics of the Blade was still running inside of Wang Tong's dantain, quickly calming his mind. Wang Tong remembered Old Fart’s saying that to win a girl's heart, one needed to act like as if he didn't care. So, Wang Tong reasoned that if one wanted to kill his enemy, he should first conceal his power. By the same token, if Zachery were shouting taunts at him, his real intention might be trying to scare Wang Tong and send him running.

Wang Tong found it puzzling that ever since Zachery had engaged the Zergs, he had not yet moved forward an inch. With that much power, Wang Tong reasoned he should have already made his way into the hive a while ago.

"Was he afraid because he was indeed injured?"

"But he didn't look like he was injured at all."

"What is he hiding?" Wang Tong's mind raced as questions kept on popping up.

Wang Tong decided to head out and find out the answers to his questions himself.

Hiding in the shadows of the Zergs, Wang Tong slowly sidled up to Zachery. As Wang Tong got closer, he could see that the pirate's powerful soul energy was maintained at a constant level without any sign of depletion. Things didn't seem to add up, so Wang Tong paused and pondered the cause of this strange finding.

A few moments later, realization dawned on Wang Tong's face as he figured out another strategy used by Zachery: recycling of soul energy. As long as Zachery remained still, he would have an unlimited supply of soul energy due to recycling. Therefore, he could continue killing Zergs until they were all dead.

This was an amazing unheard technique!

Wang Tong conceded that he would have to break Zachery's recycling circle. Otherwise, when the Zergs were all dead, so would he be.

He only had one shot at this!

It would be a dangerous task even if he succeeded. However, Wang Tong knew that he didn't have any other options.

Finally, the Zergs had sent out their highest tire warriors: Were Kongs, Diamond Beatles and a few other Zergs that even Wang Tong could not name. Sensing the new wave of strong opponents, Zachery adjusted his GN force to prepare for the combat engagement.

Zachery's adjustment finally presented an opportunity for Wang Tong to strike, so he dashed out of his cover and attacked at Zachery.

Zachery's lips curled up slightly as thousands of GN force tendrils lashed out at Wang Tong. Seeing his opponent's counterattack, Wang Tong gritted his teeth and continued his strike without any hesitation. Wang Tong had channeled all of his power into this strike, counting on it to interrupt Zachery's energy recycling. However, Wang Tong reasoned that if Zachery still wanted to survive the Zerg's attack after his recycling was disrupted, he would need to reserve some energy instead of pouring them into this counter-attack.

When Wang Tong's fist pounded on Zachery's chest, the tendrils of lightning shot though Wang Tong's body almost simultaneously. Wang Tong felt the taste of blood in his mouth which almost make him gag, but he didn't hesitate as he carried the punch with its full intent. Zachery's recycling was interrupted, and as a the Zergs swarmed at Zachery, his soul energy started to drop down slowly.

Zachery's face turned black at this turn of events. Out of sheer rage, he slammed a fist on the ground, and the earth trembled due to the incredible force.

After finishing off a few Zergs in front of him, Wang Tong stated to run away from Zachery, who was then too busy fending off swarms of vicious Zergs to pay attention to Wang Tong.

Wang Tong was injured by the attack of the lightning tendrils, but he could still run fast. His top priority right then was to find a hiding spot to lick his wounds.

Another advantage that gave Wang Tong the courage to attack with abandon was his incredible ability to heal, which, Wang Tong wagered was an ability that the old ghost did not possess.

The pain in Wang Tong's body was unbearable. A few times, Wang Tong wished that he could slow down and take a breath, yet he carried on. He lamented that he couldn't even hide in another Zerg hive since after having sustained such a lethal blow, any Zerg would be able to gobble him down the throat with ease. So, Wang Tong kept on running.

A few hours later, the sky turned dark. Wang Tong finally stopped and buried himself again in the ground. He prayed that he wouldn't be spotted by a Zerg or any other dangerous animals.

Wang Tong could barely survive a gentle touch of the lightning tendrils, much less a full-on assault. At the very last moment, before the lightning GN force was going to crush Wang Tong's sea of consciousness, the Tactics of the Blade saved Wang Tong's life by engulfing the lighting GN force completely. Wang Tong's new and purer form of soul energy had also helped during the process of dissolving the belligerent energy in the lightning GN force. As the golden energy flew across Wang Tong's body, it slowly transformed the trapped invading energy into that of Wang Tong's. Although the emerald colored lightening force was extremely stubborn in the process of transformation, Wang Tong's golden energy was persistent and carried out the procedure with tenacity.

Wang Tong's breath slowed down. He felt like his body had ceased to exist, and only his consciousness floated in this dreamlike time and space. Wang Tong felt that life inside of the crystal seemed to be ethereal, and was beyond death and decay. Only In this world, Wang Tong found that he could finally devote both his soul and body to the fight.

Wang Tong had accidentally unlocked the ultimate fighter mod.