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Chapter 278: Soga

Chapter 278: Soga

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Protecting Ma Xiaoru from this crazy maniac had become the only thing that supported Wang Tong in continuing his fight in this dreamlike world.

Wang Tong stood on a cliff while looking down. Beard and mustache had grown stubbornly on his face, as craftiness shone through his eyes. He had matured a lot over the year he had spent in the crystal, and not only his combat ability had increased, but also his willpower.

It was the time to harass Zachery again. He had to stop Zachery from absorbing the energy from the world. Otherwise, the pirate king would only become stronger until he was unstoppable.

Zachery was sitting underneath the cliff, eyes closed. Suddenly, the pirate opened his eyes and shot Wang Tong a glare. Wang Tong immediately sensed that Zachery had already fully recovered.

Wang Tong gasped and then noticed Zachery had already disappeared from under the cliff.

Half a second later, Wang Tong could feel Zachery's soul energy pressing down on him. The strength of the soul energy confirmed Wang Tong's suspicion: Zachery was fully recovered.

It was already too late for Wang Tong to run away. Wang Tong cranked up his soul energy to get ready for the battle. He had previously reached the peak of level five, so his soul energy had soared to five hundred in a blink of eyes. In real life, Wang Tong's soul energy combined with the Tactics of the Blade should make him almost invincible. But when faced with the Pirate King, it seemed less than adequate.

Zachery nodded approvingly and allowed Wang Tong some time to charge up his soul energy to its maximum capacity. Zachery reasoned that since he had already recovered, finishing Wang Tong was merely a matter of time. So, he was in no rush anyways.

"Let me see what you have learned in this one year," Zachery said calmly.

Wang Tong took a deep breath. Although he had been avoiding confrontation with Zachery at all cost, he knew right then that the time for the final battle had come.

"Charcoal, gear up!"

Wang Tong had been relying on Charcoal's weapon ability extensively ever since he was trapped in the crystal world. Wang Tong was not sure how Charcoal had gotten into this world, but this little robot had already saved his life many times.

A black light flashed around Charcoal, and then he turned into a spear. Wang Tong had fought Zachery ninety-three times, and every time he had tried a different weapon that charcoal was able to morph into. He knew that spears were the only weapon that could fend off Zachery's palm strike.

Wang Tong's understanding of weapons was different than that of a weaponry expert. He neither knew or cared about the elegant spear technique of the Dower family, which made the spears such a praised option for weapon masters. His choice of using spear was hinging on the fact that only the aggressive and overbearing attacks of the spear would be able to rival Zachery's overbearing palm strikes. He believed that spear was the only weapon that could help him to survive.

Wang Tong had spent a half year trying out different weapons, and eventually decided to stick with the spear.

Zachery stood with pride, but his eyes were filled with admiration. He conceded that it was not only Wang Tong's talent, but also his hardwork that had made him into such a potent genius.

Zachery, too, had been a splashing genius and an invincible warrior until he met Li Feng. However, it seemed like time had changed, since it was then his turn to end Li Feng's protege's path to glory.

Wang Tong attacked, as a black light dashed across space in between the two fighters. Speed was the key attribute in Wang Tong's attack, it went so fast as if it had broken breached the very fabric of time.

However, the lightning-fast attack was quickly stopped by a giant palm. It was apparent that the speed in a physical sense would not be of any threat to Zachery.

As the spear collided with the palm, it unleashed a wave of GN force that ripped apart the Zergs around them.

Wang Tong didn't falter. He channeled GN force into the spear once again, and the spear started to spin like a drill. As the spear spun faster, GN force arched from the tip of the spear to its body from time to time. Once delivered, the GN fused spearhead would be able to drill through any form of defense.

In the real world, this technique would be another breakthrough in human history for bringing out the so-called auxiliary force, a technique that had been long deemed impossible.

Zachery extended his left hand and wrapped his soul energy around the spinning spearhead. Time seemed to have slowed as the spearhead slowed down its speed, until it was motionless.

Wang Tong's second attack was resolved by Zachery as well.

Wang Tong reasoned that in order to gain control of the battle, he would have to act aggressively. However, despite a large amount of GN force that had been consumed in those two strikes, Wang Tong did not gain the upper hand as he had expected.

"Is that all you can do during your last moment? You disappoint me." Zachery shook his head. After Zachery had regained his soul energy, the gap between the two was unbridgeable.

Zachery's soul energy soared as the wind started to howl. The clouds, as if commanded by Zachery's soul power, scuttled to block sunlight, as the wind howled across the land. The insistent howling of the wind was laced with the rumble of thunder in the distance. This was Zachery's real power.

"You are finished. I will honor you with my most powerful coup de grace." Zachery sounded calm and placid, and there was a certain measure of respect in his voice. He reasoned that if it were any other opponent, he or she would have been defeated by him a while ago, if not by the elements of the harsh world.

Truth be told, Wang Tong was very much like Zachery, as both of them had the habit of disregarding rules. However, they had taken two very different paths.

Zachery extended both of his hands as lightening tumbled through the sky and into his body. Soon, Wang Tong felt the power emanate from Zachery seemed to take a physical form, as it pressed heavily onto Wang Tong's body.

Was this the power of the Einherjar?

Was Wang Tong really going to die?

Wang Tong had given all he got, but the gap in their power was enormous. Wang Tong felt that he was losing control of his body, and he wondered if this was how it felt to be disintegrated by an Einherjar's coup de grace.

"Kiddo, remember, even the strongest have their weakness." Old fart said with a joyful expression as he handed over an ice cream cone to Wang Tong. He was in a good mood since he had finally won a round of blackjack.

He had bet his life on a game of blackjack with the so-called "Casino King," and he won.

Wang Tong still remembered the taste of the ice cream Old Fart had bought for him on that day.

"I cannot die yet. He must have some weakness!"

A golden light shot out from Wang Tong's eyes. He had finally breached the level five bottleneck and ascended to level six. The golden energy then quickly surrounded the coal back spear.

Wang Tong attacked with abandon as golden energy pierced through the web of lightning protecting his enemy.

Suddenly, Wang Tong felt a mighty blow as pain shot through his body. He finally tasted the real defense of an Einherjar.

Wang Tong tasted blood and bitterness in his mouth; he knew that if he could cultivate another year, he might have a chance at defeating Zachery.

"Get up Kiddo!" Wang tong felt a forceful kick on his butt. He sat up and saw Zachery was right in front of him.

"You finally wake up… I thought you were dead!"

"You" Wang Tong stared at Zachery with his mouth open. Zachery looked slightly different then; he looked more like Einherjar Wannabe.

"You have graduated my Academy of Hell. Get up now. That's all I can teach you." A warm smile appeared on Mr. Wannabe's face.

"You...you...you" The dramatic turn of event had made Wang Tong forget how to speak.

This had been a terrible joke.

Mr. Wannabe cracked a smile and then said, "I told you that you were inexperienced. How could I be such a bad guy? I read some story on the internet and thought that I might be able to trick you. Haha! I was right; you are dumb as a stump."

A mixture of feelings came over Wang Tong as he felt that Mr. Wannabe's joke was too over the top.

"Don't look at me like that. I know I have great acting skills—AH!"

Wang Tong threw himself at Mr. Wannabe without any hesitation, and the two scuffled like kids until both were tired out and released each other.

Watching the starry sky above him, Wang Tong felt relieved and calm.

"Kiddo, the world outside is more dangerous than here. Be careful"

"I will be fine as long as you don't pull another one of your jokes on me."

Before Wang Tong finished his words, he noticed that Mr. Wannabe seemed to be fading away. He touched Mr. Wannabe's shoulder, and his hand went through the ghost's body, and Wang Tong felt nothing.

"What the hell? What's going on?" Wang Tong jumped to his feet and looked around him. The world was fading as well, and he was slowly pushed out of the crystal space.

"Mr. Wannabe! Are you still alive? Answer me!"

Even Wang Tong's voice was fading away as the world around him disappeared. Mr. Wannabe had used up his soul energy to create this world, and staged his show to force Wang Tong to become stronger.

Nonetheless, Wang Tong's last moment strike had impressed Mr. Wannabe, not only because of its power, but also because of Wang Tong's resolution.