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Chapter 279: I“m Hungry

Chapter 279: I'm Hungry

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Wang Tong let out a heart-wrenching cry at the quickly fading world. He hated to be in a position where he would not be able to repay the help he had received.

Like most heroes when they were sober, they always liked to either blame everything on themselves or refuse any favor from others.

"Oh, shut up, will you! I'm not dead !"

"Balls! Why didn't you answer me? I thought you had a heart attack or something." Wang Tong then immediately remembered that, as a ghost, Mr.Wannabe most likely didn't have a heart.

"You little prick! I had lost a lot of my energy, so I probably won't be able to come out of the crystal for a while. Try to stay alive; I still need you to take me to the Hall of Valhalla! Your last"

Mr. Wannabe's voice faded away before he could finish his sentence. He was telling Wang Tong that his last spear attack had gravely injured him, but Mr. Wannabe thought it was a good sign as it had proven Wang Tong's strength.

Wang Tong was going to ask Mr. Wannabe to speak up when a bright white light flashed in his eyes.

"Wang Tong! Wang Tong! Time to go to the class!"

Wang Tong heard Zhou Sisi's voice outside of the door. He ran to the door and saw Zhou Sisi's familiar face and then smiled.

Zhou Sisi furrowed her brows as she saw Wang Tong's suspicious smile. "Hey, What you smiling at? Are you thinking of slacking off again? You are the S club leader; you should lead by being an example." Zhou Sisi announced as she placed her hands on her hips. However, Wang Tong kept his smile as if he was enjoying Zhou Sisi's voice.



"I am hungry." Wang Tong said as he rubbed his belly.

"Let's go eat then."

As they walked towards the cafeteria, Zhou Sisi felt something was off about Wang Tong, but she could not put the finger on it. What could have happened in one night anyway?

Zhou Sisi shook her head; she was convinced that Wang Tong had been slacking off, and that's why he acted so wired.

‘Closer observation and a more frequent reminder of his duty are required.’ Zhou Sisi thought to herself.

Although he had spent an entire year in the Crystal space, the time in real life had only been less than twelve hours. Wang Tong appreciated Mr. Wannabe's help. He felt that he was not fighting alone, as so many friends stood behind him and supported him.

Einherjar Wannabe's estimation of where Wang Tong stood in the real world was very accurate. Wang Tong should be victorious in most of the fights he would encounter in the future. However, his power was inadequate should he want to be the champion of the pan-solar system tournament.

The pan-solar system tournament had attracted many competitors from across all seven planets. Although the opening day was still far away, the tournament had already become the most talked about topic.

The earthlings had always been the biggest players in the tournament, as they always encouraged the students to participate, and set an additional reward for winners.

In addition to the military academies, disciples of the Templars would also join the matches. The most significant difference between the Templar's court and their Martian counterpart, the Sect of Divine Master was their outward involvement in worldly matters. The Templars were the guardians of the human race, so their interests were in the wellbeing of the world, while the divine masters cared mostly only about their personal cultivation towards the Divine Path.

The moon held their usual indifferent and aloft attitude. They recruited students and partook in the fight without any passion for victory. To the Ivantians, the tournament was merely a test to the students. The age difference among the combatants was quite large, as they could be as young as 14 or as old as 25.

An interesting fact about the tournament was that most of the champions were younger than the average age of all combatants.

Martians were the most devoted to the tournament since to them, it was a great opportunity to brag about themselves. During almost every tournament, they would send out all of their top fighters such as Lie Jian. Lie Jian had attended the tournament last year, and was expected to snatch away the title of champion. However, he was defeated by Li Shiming in the showdown when the title of champion was already near his fingertips. Despite the fact that the title of the second strongest fighter was less than what the Martian's had expected, they were quite satisfied with the outcome. After all, the outcome of one fight would not be enough to define the superiority of one fighter over another, especially when both fighters were at such a high level.

The Martians had been preparing for the tournament for a while. They were determined to do their best regardless of their opponent taking the tournament as seriously as they did. The Lie family had also trained a group of solid fighters in preparation for the tournament. They had learned from their failure in the last tournament and deepened the ranks of middle tier fighters. This time, the Lie Family planned to use these competent middle tier fighters as cannon fodder to pave the way towards success for their starfighter: Lie Jian.

Rumors had it that both the sect of divine masters and the Kaedeians were going to send a few of their fighters to the tournament as well.

In addition to the Earth, Moon, and Mars, Crete had also sent in their contestants as the rising star among the three traditional big players.

Crete was the moon of the Planet Mars, and had achieved incredible development in the recent hundred years. The miracle of the Crete's growth was in part due to the Martian's eagerness in proving themselves equal in every aspect to the Earthlings. Earth had a developed moon, so should Mars. The Crete not only had significant economic power, but also was of considerable strategic importance to the Mars and the Solar System. As the great achievement of Martians, Crete had reduced the pressure from overpopulation on Mars.

Unlike the absolute autonomy that Moon had enjoyed, the Crete had always been under the tight grip of the Martians. From time to time, a violent uprising would erupt on Crete, followed by the Martians condemning the Earth and Ivantians' involvements in instigating the insurgency. In reply, the latter two parties would blame the uprising on Martian's oppression on the freedom at Crete. Despite the fierce debate, any uprising was usually quickly dealt with using more oppressive means, and then there would be peace until the next revolution and rinse repeat.

The Crete was built with the sweat and blood of millions of Martians, and therefore, they would not give it up freely.

Although all the academies on Crete were under the control of the Martian Education system, they had sent in their own combatants in addition to the Martians' team.

Another band of warriors came from the distant Andromeda Galaxy. For a while, the Andromeda galaxy had been an undeveloped no man's land. However, due to the absence of Zergs, it had enjoyed an extended period of rapid growth. Some people had been refereeing the remote colonized planets as the backyard of human civilization.

Although that the three colonized planets had gained tremendous development with the help of technology breakthrough made on Earth, they were also entirely under the Confederation's control. Ever since the conception of these colonies, the Confederation had established a serious of laws to ensure its dominance in the future. To put it into simpler terms, colonization on three planets were well planned and organized ahead of the settlement, unlike other colonies where the rule wouldn't be improvised until the population had reached a certain threshold. To prevent the rise of localism, all the officials of the government on colonies were assigned by the Confederation, and their term on each planet would last no longer than four years.

Many of the rules served to tighten the Confederation's control and prevent insurgence of local separatists. Unity was the key to surviving the scourge of Zergs. Ever since the Blade Warrior had blocked off the portal where Zergs had transported from into the human world, no more Zergs reinforcements had been added into the Zerg army. In other words, the Zergs that the humans were fighting right now were the offsprings of those that had teleported here hundreds of years ago. That being said, no one could guarantee that the Zergs would never reopen another portal again. With the looming threat hovering above the human fate, human race at large finally learned to work together and focus their effort on collaborating in technology advancements instead of infighting.

The number of participants for this year's tournament was unprecedented. In order to defeat the ever-evolving Zergs, the humans would need to make sure that their next generation was getting stronger as well.

Many large corporations had been contacted for sponsorship, and rumors had it that the Ma family would be one of the platinum sponsors. Therefore, it was very likely to see a super METAL suit as the reward.

Although many people were excited about the tournament, no one had heard anything from the strongest fighters yet.

Li Shiming, Lie Jian, Patroclus, MiXiu, Odin, and Heidi were the five of the strongest warriors of their age.

Li Shiming and Lie Jian had joined the tournament last year, and they met at the final match. It was a fight that many people still talked about even after four years.

So far, none of the five fighters had stated their stance on whether they were going to join the tournament or not, but people were confident to see at least one of them: Lie Jian.

The academies had already started to accept applications, so Wang Tong applied. Not only he had to fulfill the promise he made to Ma Xiaoru's father, he also needed to get into the Templar's court so he could deliver Mr. Wannabe to the Hall of Valhalla.