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Chapter 280: The Powerful Presence

Chapter 280: The Powerful Presence

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After the class, everyone gathered at the S club's meeting room. Every student group had their own meeting places, and S club's meeting place was much larger than other student groups, thanks to its substantial influence. At the meeting, Zhou Sisi handed out application forms to everyone.

"Please everyone, feel free to put your name down. You have been warned though. There are many tough fighters this year from just earth alone. I will count myself lucky to be able to make it to the playoffs." Zhou Sisi cracked a smile.

The qualifier games were carried out on each planet before each planet sent their students into the playoffs. This year's finale would be held on the Moon, in the newly renovated starry sky arena.

This Arena was of historical significance to the human race, as the Blade Warrior had fought against Rilangalos here hundreds of years ago. Although there had been many other significant fights since then, no fight could come close to the significance of this particular one.

The starry sky arena was finally back into service after being fully renovated.

Hu Yangxuan finished the application and handed it in, "There are so many pretty girls on the Moon… I just can't pass up this opportunity."

"Very well, let's form a training group! If the age could go as high was 25, we might even have to fight newly graduated students who are now soldiers." Wang Tong said with a broad smile.

Wang Tong wanted to consolidate what he had learned in the crystal space. He appreciated the critical lesson that Mr. Wannabe had given him. Without it, Wang Tong would still be filled with a blind self-assurance that his power was on par with that of Patroclus. However, the days he had spent in the crystal had made he realized how arrogant he was. Should he rise to the challenge and fight Patroclus without the leveling up in the crystal space and careful preparation, he would have become a laughing stock as Lie Wushang did.

Wang Tong knew that Patroclus's interest wasn't in him per se. Instead, it was in Wang Tong's tactics after seeing the unfamiliar tactics' ability to control different GN attributes.

"Training together? I was hoping to do it by myself since you have already recovered." Hu Yangxuan pulled a taut face. He had been the only person that had been deemed worthy of Wang Tong's training partner. Unfortunately, Hu Yangxuan found that being Wang Tong's training partner was an unbearable task because he could never win.

"No way!" Everyone replied to Hu Yangxuan in unison.

The overall strength of Ayrlarng students had been improving by the day, and campus had also turned into a very positive learning environment. Although it still lacked students who could rival top level fighters, Ayrlarng's rise to prominence would only be a matter of time.

The tournament was divided into two groups: METAL combat and the fleet combat. The fleet combat was on a much smaller scale than the METAL combat, and the Kaedeians dominated it. Human's feverish devotion to the METAL combat always puzzled the Kaedeians, since to them, the fleet combat was the determining factor in winning a large scale battle.

The difference in the Earthlings and Kaedeian's take on METAL combat stemmed from their different cultures. The earthlings loved the visceral feeling of a METAL combat, and considered winning a METAL combat the only way to prove themselves.

The tournament was very much like the ancient games of Olympics that had helped to keep the torch of human determination in self-improvement lit.

It would never be a good thing for a race to be overly reliant on machines and technologies, and neither was it reasonable to abandon technology altogether. Therefore, it was essential to strike a balance between the two extremes. Li Feng had discovered GN forced, and thereby changed the course of human history. However, he didn't give up on technology. Instead, he used it to enhance the already powerful GN force.

Members of the S club handed in all of their applications. The tournament would be carried out in two stages; the first stage would be the fleet combat, and the second stage would be the qualifiers and the playoffs of the METAL combat.

After everyone had left the meeting room, Wang Tong dragged Hu Yangxuan to the gym to test his new powers.

Zhou Sisi watched as Wang Tong walked out of the locker room to the combat gym. She had a nagging feeling that something was not right about Wang Tong, but she couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. Zhou Sisi had been worried for Wang Tong, as she was not confident that Wang Tong would be able to reach his former peak condition in such a short time.

Zhou Sisi had learned that the depletion of Soul energy was curable, but not only the process would take a long time, the treatment also had very rarely restored the patient's full power.

However, Zhou Sisi could feel the strong energy inside of Wang Tong right then. Despite all signs that pointed to the same conclusion, Zhou Sisi couldn't bring herself to believe that Wang Tong was fully healed. She knew that the higher her expectation was, the harder the reality would hit her.

Hu Yangxuan and Wang Tong had both changed into sparring gear. Despite his slacking behavior, Hu Yangxuan had been training very hard ever since he came back from Norton, and he reasoned that with Wang Tong's injury, he might have a chance in defeating Wang Tong this time.

Hu Yangxuan was excited about this fight, and so was Wang Tong. Wang Tong was pleasantly surprised by his new ability to accurately detect Hu Yangxuan's inner flow of energy, as if he saw through Hu Yangxuan's body. Thanks to this unique ability, Wang Tong already had Hu Yangxuan's number before the fight had started.

Wang Tong felt the new ability was refreshing, and the promise of finding out his other new skills made him even more eager to start the fight.

Hu Yangxuan seemed to have noticed the change in Wang Tong. He furrowed his brows to ponder on his suspicions, as disbelief glinted in his eyes.

This was...impossible!

Hu Yangxuan found it incredible that Wang Tong had changed so much in just one night. Just yesterday, Hu Yangxuan had found no problem in picking up clues in Wang Tong's movement as to when and how to attack. But right then, Hu Yangxuan felt he was completely lost and was unable to initiate a single blow.

This situation would only occur when one fighter's power was much more potent than the other. As a former disciple of the Templar, Hu Yangxuan had this disabling feeling before, but that was when he had to face a fighter of the sixth level. Unless, Hu Yangxuan reasoned incredulously, Wang Tong had already reached level six!

Hu Yangxuan's suspicion was correct. Wang Tong's soul energy had improved by a miraculous amount in the crystal space thanks to the effective but harsh methods of Mr. Wannabe.

Wang Tong wanted to examine the results of his training in the crystal space, and already had given his opponent a great measure of pressure before the fight had even started.

Sensing the immense belligerent energy in Wang Tong, Hu Yangxuan faltered as pea-sized sweat appeared on his forehead. He wanted to make a move, but Wang Tong's presence seemed like a huge mountain that pressed on him, restricting his movements. Hu Yangxuan conceded that Wang Tong's ability had greatly exceeded that of people of his age group, because Hu Yangxuan had only seen this kind of power once from a Templar Elder.

Zhou Sisi wanted to warn Hu Yangxuan about the danger, but she was in the same boat as Hu Yangxuan, as she struggled even to speak out loud. Wang Tong's presence seemed to project an unseen force that gripped firmly onto everything around him.

Sudden the door was slammed open, and Karl rushed into the gym.

The sudden development disrupted Wang Tong's focuses, and as soon as he was distracted, Hu Yangxuan thudded heavily onto the ground, breathing laboriously.

Zhou Sisi was also exhausted and leaned against the wall. Seeing this strange scene, Karl scratched his head and asked. "Did I interrupt anything ?"

Hu Yangxuan waved his hand and said, "Quite the contrary, you might as well have just saved me. Gosh, I was going to be suffocated." Confused, Karl looked around the room and wondered what was happening in here before he entered.

"Wang Tong! that was too much for Hu Yangxuan, even I felt it !" Zhou Sisi pressed her chest, surprise written all over her face.

"Shit! Boss, did you come up with a new technique?" A broad smile appeared on Karl's face.

"Wang Tong, have you leveled up again? No Level four fighter could do what you just did!" Hu Yangxuan's words had hit the mark.

Wang Tong cracked a smile and then said, "I had a dream last night and I was...enlightened if you will."

Hu Yangxuan slowly got up to his feet and mumbled, "Bullsh*t! There is no such thing as enlightenment."

What Wang Yong had experienced was much gruesome than just an enlightenment, as he had to live with the Zergs for a year, and had to worry about Zachery's attack constantly. It was hell.