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Chapter 282: Inner Thoughts

Chapter 282: Inner Thoughts

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After much thought, Wang Tong finally understood the reason why Lie Jian hesitated in challenging Li Shiming. Despite the fact that Lie Jian was eager to have a match with Li Shiming, he would have to put his family name in danger if he failed. He would be deemed too careless by the elders of the family, thereby weakening his position in the family.

However, Lie Jian was convinced that practicing with someone that was at the same level as him was the best way to improve himself. Therefore, he was insistent on the fight with Einherjar Wannabe. Lie Jian had challenged Einherjar Wannabe to fight in a real life combat instead of in the PA system, because not only Lie Jian lacked trust in the PA system, there was also the added secrecy to protect information regarding his tactics.

Lie Jian might seem brash, but he was a crafty fighter with great attention to detail. He only wanted to use Einherjar Wannabe as a stepping stone to achieve his ultimate goal: defeating Li Shiming. Lie Jian also reasoned that compared to Patroclus; Wang Tong was not only easier to defeat, but also more likely to accept his challenge. Therefore, he was the ideal opponent.

Once Wang Tong had gained a better grasp of the situation, he found it easier to draft his challenge letter as well. Wang Tong didn't have to worry about secrecy, because so far, he did not have any secret weapons hidden under his sleeves. All of his attacks and defense moves drew its effectiveness from his experience, and therefore, it would be impossible for other people to copy. The only secret he had was the name of his tactics.

Wang Tong finished the letter in one go and sent it out without giving it a second round of edit. The message in the letter was clear: he would only accept the challenge in TPA.

Wang Tong went offline as soon as he sent out the letter. His online status had already alerted thousands of PA players, but before they could send him a single message, Einherjar Wannabe had already gone offline.

The DREAM had intercepted the message the moment it was out of Wang Tong's mailbox. After reading the contents of the letter, they decided to do whatever they could to make sure that Lie Jian received and read this letter.

Although Patroclus's appearance at the PA System had attracted many people's attention, he had disappeared ever since. It wasn't to the DREAM's benefit to have the four Martians defeated by the Ivantian prince, so DREAM was elated to see that Einherjar Wannabe had finally resurfaced again and responded to Lie Jian's challenge.

The DREAM knew that they would have to spare no expense in making sure that this fight between Einherjar Wannabe and Lie Jian were carried out.

Meanwhile, Li Shiming had just returned to Earth from Norton.

"There have been some changes in your marriage proposal." Li Zhedao said.

"Father, I thought the marriage was already set in stone?"

"I have told you to tread carefully with House of Ma. Despite what you have done out there on Norton, if you fail to secure the marriage, you have failed altogether."

"Anything happened to Ma Xiaoru?" Li Shiming asked placidly.

"Focus your attention on the Ma and don't waste your time on anything else."

"Yes, father."

"Hey brother, pissing dad off again? Haha… Where is my gift anyways?" Li Ruoer smiled as she asked.

"It's in the living room. Is that Wang Tong still alive?" Li Shiming shook his head and asked his sister.

"I didn't expect him to be so lucky to survive a nuclear blast. But fret not, everything is under my control. Ma Dutian and Wang Tong seemed to have formed some kind of a pact. If we lash out right now, I am afraid that our action might only become a hindrance rather than help." Li Ruoer said.

"If what you said was true, then I agree that it would be too late to do anything. My only question is how Wang Tong managed to persuade Ma Dutian. Is Wang Tong really that powerful?" Li Shiming said calmly. He already knew that his sister had a lot to do with helping the Wang Tong and Ma Dutian forming the pact, whether she did it intentionally or not. However, Li Shiming didn't feel like he needed to blame her at all.

Watching her brother's calm demeanor, a sense of respect rose inside Li Ruoer. She had always admired his brother's coolness, as if he always held the solution to all problems.

"He was not bad, but not nearly as powerful as you. Level five at the most."

"Hehe, is that so? First year and already at level five? I think there's more than what meets the eyes." Li Shiming cracked a smile, trying to squeeze more information from his cunning sister.

Sensing her brother's will to intervene, Li Ruoer complained, "We had a deal. You said you will leave this Wang Tong to me. My plan has just started."

"Gosh... I didn't say anything yet. Fine, fine, just go ahead. I will handle things on my end." Li Shiming said indifferently.

"You are really full of yourself. You are not worried at all that you might not be able to marry Ma Xiaoru? To tell you the truth, I can sense that Ma Xiaoru is serious about her relationship with Wang Tong. You know how spoiled she is by her father, so I do worry about you."

Li Shiming shot her sister a side glance and then said, "I am not worried because you will make Wang Tong fall in love with you, and then you will dump him. Problem solved!"

Feelings ashamed for having her trick seen through, Li Ruoer stomped the ground frustratingly and then uttered, "Can you be nice to me just once?"

Li Ruoer held higher regard for her brother, even higher than for her Einherjar father. Although the House Li had abundant potent fighters, they lacked skills in political intrigues, a skill that the Ma was a master of. However, unlike his father and all his ancestors, Li Shiming had demonstrated an acute sense for political matters, and was astute in handling affairs with other houses.

After Li Ruoer had left, Li Shiming lounged on a sofa, enjoying this precious quietness.

Li Ruoer didn't transfer directly to Ayrlarng. Instead, she had chosen a compromise to satisfy both Ma Xiaoru and her family duty. By pulling some strings in the school system, she made the principal of the Capth to send out a student group to visit Ayrlarng, and she had conveniently become one of the visiting students.

While on Moon, Samantha was pleasantly surprised by Capth's request. It could be a turning point in Ayrlarng's history. Ayrlarng had wanted to establish a formal relationship with Capth, but Capth had always ignored Ayrlarng's request, much less extending the olive branch willingly to the A class academy.

Samantha knew there was more than what met the eyes, and a nagging feeling told her that Wang Tong must have something to do with it. Samantha's devotion to her career was what had defined her, so although the thought of Wang Tong made Samantha feel guilty, she was determined not to change her course for anyone.

The only silver lining for Samantha after the breakup was to see that Wang Tong had chosen the right person: Ma Xiaoru.

Despite the recent failure in her love life, her career had been progressing rapidly. She had turned the formally decadent school around and brought it back to the right track.

Although Ayrlarng was still far behind from the peak of its former glory, everyone was impressed by what the young principal had achieved in such a short time, and could feel her will of making a positive change. Samantha's ultimate goal was to become a politician, and she thought Ayrlarng would be her perfect launchpad. She had won the hearts of both older generations for restoring the school's former glory, as well as the younger generation for her ability to bring about change.

She had also gained the favor of the military by providing resources for their training in the PA system.

She had invested heavily in herself in the recent years, and it seemed like it was about time for her to reap the benefits. Samantha believed that without the hefty initial investment, she wouldn't be able to accomplish anything. Soon, the Confederation would witness the rise of the youngest female councilor, and the change she would usher to the world.

Wang Tong was shocked by the news about the visiting student group from Capth.

"Are you serious? Stop pulling my leg… It's not funny." Wang Tong announced incredulously. Although he no longer held a grudge against Li Ruoer, fear was rooted deeply in his mind.

"It's real, boss. Capth had extended their olive branch to us this time. Isn't it weird? There will be a student group of about thirty members visiting our school. They would spend some time here, studying with us." Karl said excitedly. Karl was not alone in his excitement. All of his classmates were pleasantly surprised by Capth's 180-degree turn of attitude towards Ayrlarng.

The even more striking fact about this student group was that Li Ruoer was also one of the participants, despite the discreetness she was well known for at Capth. Li Ruoer announced that she was interested in learning more about the school where her greatest ancestor General Li Feng graduated from. And therefore, she had jumped aboard.

Knowing the feud between Li Ruoer and Wang Tong, Zhou Sisi became worried. She knew that the Enchantress was as dangerous as a ticking bomb.

Wang Tong also questioned Li Ruoer's motives. He doubted that Li Ruoer would sacrifice her Family's benefit for her friend. However, she had indeed helped him last time and brought him to Ma Xiaoru. If not for her help, Wang Tong would not have gained the chance to prove himself to Ma Dutian.

Unsure of the real intention of Li Ruoer, Wang Tong pondered on with a puzzled expression.

"Boss, don't you worry about it! She is in our hood, and we will show her who is calling the shots here." Karl pounded his chest and announced as everyone marveled at his ability to think positively regardless of the situation.