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Chapter 283: What Do They Want?

Chapter 283: What Do They Want?

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"She is just a girl… I will handle it for you!" Hu Yangxuan cracked a smile and then said. Wang Tong held on to Hu Yangxuan's hand and pleaded. "I'll be counting on you for it… Don't let me down."

It would be a weight off Wang Tong's mind should Hu Yangxuan be able to distract Li Ruoer while he was busy training for the tournament.

"Haha. I will make her regret coming here!" Hu Yangxuan said with a smug expression.

"She is an Enchantress. So, be careful not to be enchanted, if you know what I mean" Zhou Sisi reminded Hu Yangxuan.

"Don't you worry. I was a capable disciple of the Templar."

Wang Tong wasn't sure why Li Ruoer was here, but he was determined not to let her get in his way of defeating Li Shiming.

Regarding the fleet combat, Wang Tong would have three training partners: Zhou Sisi, Karl and best. Zhou Sisi had improved the most among all of her classmates. Although Zhou Sisi's techniques might fall short when compared to the others, her calm and attention to detail—both invaluable qualities of a fleet commander—would make up for her lack of micro control.

Although the advantage of the three opponents was clear, so were their downfalls. In a matter of a few simulations, Wang Tong had already gained a deep understanding of their technique, so there was no chance for the three to win against Wang Tong anymore.

Regarding METAL combat, Wang Tong's training partner was Hu Yangxuan and Cao Yi. Occasionally, he would also test his soul energy against Luo Manman. However, because of the vast gap between the two, Wang Tong had improved very little in doing that.

Although Wang Tong felt confused as to if he was his friend's training partner or their coach, he conceded that weak opponents were better than none.

Wang Tong wanted to fight with Lie Jian because he was eager to find out how he would fare among the strongest. Wang Tong considered Lie Jian a perfect opponent, since he was the weakest among the elites. So, he would be a good stepping stone for Wang Tong to challenge more

Meanwhile, Lie Jian was also brewing his plan. He marveled at Patroclus's ability to finish off Lie Wushuang without lifting a finger. Lie Jian wasn't afraid of Patroclus and his tactics, but he was intrigued. He wagered that he would only gain a better idea of Patroclus's tactics if he were standing in the same arena as him, which is not likely to happen for a while. As Lie Jian lamented at the lack of a decent opponent in his life, he thought about Einherjar Wannabe again.

Lie Jian had never believed that Einherjar Wannabe was only 16 years old because it was not impossible to cheat one's age on the PA system. Lie Jian was certain that the age of Einherjar Wannabe would be around 20 to 25.

Lie Jian was good at many things, but not compromise. However, the urge to fight a worthy opponent had rattled his firm stance, tempting him to accept the fight in the PA system.

He figured that if he didn't accept Einherjar Wannabe's challenge in the PA system, Patroclus definitely would. So, he reasoned that it would be a pity to lose such a perfect practice target to his opponent for some minor details.

Therefore, Lie Jian decided to accept Wang Tong's terms. Yet, he figured that he needed some preparation before the fight.

After the school was done, Wang Tong headed straight to the virtual cafe to check if Lie Jian had replied his message. He was greeted by the owner's gleeful face. The lucky charm had worked. His business had turned around right after Wang Tong's visit.

Although Einherjar Wannabe didn't accept or refuse any challenges, his appearance at the PA system alone was a sensational news. Without an official explanation of Einherjar Wannabe's action and intent during that brief period he was online, all kinds of rumors spread across the internet.

Wang Tong turned on the terminal and saw Lie Jian's reply, and accepted all of the terms of conditions Lie Jian had listed.

According to Lie Jian's new terms, the PA match would take place on the weekend, and it would be a closed-door competition, meaning that no recording nor public was allowed during the game, and each combatant was allowed to bring only one witness to the arena.

Despite the peculiar terms, Wang Tong singed the contract and sent it away. Wang Tong couldn't care less about the forms and conditions of the fight, as long as the fight would be able to reveal his position among the elites.

Who would Lie Jian bring with him as a witness?

And who would Wang Tong bring?

The question pressed on Wang Tong since no matter who he brought with him to the fight, he ran the risk of blowing his cover at a very critical time before the pan-solar tournament.

After the meeting with Ma Dutian, Wang Tong realized that he had unknowingly gained a certain measure of conceit after having been under so much attention which had made him think that he was the focus of the entire world, and that his slightest move would have a significant impact on the world. However, Ma Dutian had taught him that he was nothing but a tiny drop in the sea and so was the significance of his actions.

So, Wang Tong wondered what would be the harm in revealing to the world his identity as the heir of the Blade Warrior anyways.

After clearing his thoughts, Wang Tong found that being the heir of the Blade Warrior had turned into a burden for him. After recalled the brief encounter with General Li Fen, Wang Tong conceded that the extra pressure of being the heir was added by himself, since Li Feng didn't expect him to achieve great deeds or save the human race just yet. With the burdens out of the way, Wang Tong decided to worry less and do more from then on, and his train of thought came back to his problem at hand: who should he bring him as a witness? And then a perfect candidate came to Wang Tong's mind.

The visitors from Capth arrived Ayrlarng on Tuesday, and they were greeted with a red carpet treatment. Although Principal Samantha was not able to attend the welcoming ceremony, many of the Shang Jin's politicians had made it.

Walking at the front of the team was their instructor, someone who Wang Tong knew: Mr. Harmon Sandler

Among the group of visiting students stood a third-year student called Porten, who was the son of the head councilor. Everyone at Capth knew that he had a crush on Li Ruoer, and had embarked on the helpless journey of courting her.

Wang Tong also saw Flash, Bisu, and Kal among the ranks of the Capth visitors. However, he was disappointed that he didn't see Wang Ben's face.

Judging by the students that Capth had sent, it was clear then that they meant business. Despite being honored, Ayrlarng was caught off guard by Capth's splendid entourage.

Wang Tong was one of the student representatives of Ayrlarng. As the leader of the S club, he had become somewhat famous. Many visitors recognized Wang Tong, and Mr. Sandler had even nodded at him with a smile.

The visitor's attention given to Wang Tong had made other Ayrlarng's students jealous. They didn't expect Wang Tong to have such a far-reaching popularity.

The opening ceremony was soon over, and it was time for the meet and greet. Wang Tong decided to sneak away quietly as he didn't want to run into Li Ruoer.

As soon as Wang Tong turned around towards his dorm, someone called out to him.

Wang Tong turned around and saw Flash walk to him and greet him. "Long time no see, Wang Tong."

"Welcome to Ayrlarng!"

"Thank you! You know, we had come here specifically to train with you and Karl. As you know, we would be both allies and opponents in the pan-solar tournament. I look forward to learning from you."

"Haha! well, I could learn a lot from you as well."

"We shall see. I have to warn you though, I have improved a lot ever since my last defeat, so watch out! Haha."

"Well you too, haha!" The two shook each other's hand as both faces were lit up with glee.

"Ah, on another note, Wang Ben wanted me to send you a message. He said he will do all he could to defeat you in the tournament, so he wants you to be prepared." Flash said with a broad smile on his face.

Wang Tong could tell that Wang Ben had already become friends with the candid and open Flash.

"I will wait for him, and I hope he won't let me down."

The two smiled knowingly at each other before they parted.

Li Ruoer and Porten had become the most popular students among all the visitors.

Porten had been a famous prodigy, as he had finished all the university subjects at the age of five. His expertise was not in METAL combat but research related to battlefield command and strategies. He never wanted to be the boots on the ground. Instead, he focused on his reach and communication skills to pave his way into politics. He firmly believed that he was born to be a leader.