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Chapter 290: The Future of The Kaedeians

Chapter 290: The Future of The Kaedeians

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Einherjar Wannabe left the battlefield, leaving the rest three in the arena.

Looking at the effeminate features of the young Ivantian prince, Lie Jian asked, "Dower, have you figured out who this so-called Einherjar Wannabe is? "

"Just an old family friend." A faint smiled appeared on Patroclus's face. "On another note, it looks like you are going to reach a new level in your cultivation. Congratulations."

Shocked by having his levels revealed, Lie Jian improvised a calm expression, "I wish we could arrange a fight one day. I'd be looking forward to that. "

"Brother Dower, haven't you already reached the sixth level in your cultivation? Your pure and natural energy that is untainted by the worldliness is rather admirable. Should you choose to forsake the world and embark on the journey of seeking out the divine path, you would achieve a higher state of existence than any of our divine masters. " Michaux said.

"You have thought too highly of my ability. I am nobody but an ordinary human." Before Patroclus's voice slipped away, his image started to fade. Patroclus signed off as well.

Lie Jian and Michaux both looked at each other with knowing eyes before they also signed off. This fight had already revealed more than what they had expected.

"Where did they go?" Thousands of audiences outside of the arena held the same question.

Who won? Was it a draw?

Where did they go?

The public boiled over to the sudden halt of the match. Since all the four fighters inside the arena had already signed off, even DREAM had no clue what had happened.

The audiences found it would be impossible to get any information from Einherjar Wannabe and Lie Jian, much less the elusive Patroclus and the self-abnegating young master Michaux. However, the more forbidding the information had appeared, the more eager people were in wanting to know the details about the fight.

Wang Tong walked out of the clamorous cafe with joy written all over his face. Although he had taken the risk of blowing his cover, he found the thrill of living on the edge refreshing.

He was not Li Feng, and therefore, he would accept any kind of challenge people threw at him. He was still single, so he had nothing to worry about.

Wang Tong figured that it was about time that Old Fart would show up after causing him so much trouble. The first thing he was going to do after he met Old Fart was to ask him for the money that he had got by selling him to Norton.

Wang Tong carried a tune with him as he padded home. He had finally found his own way of doing things, and no longer cared about what the other three in the arena would think about him. He would gladly accept the reality should they discover his true identity.

The next day, everything seemed normal.

The only person who had seen through Einherjar Wannabe's disguise was Patroclus. However, he intentionally kept the secret to himself, so that his scared battle with the heir of the Blade Warrior would not be tainted by the profane and twisted views of the world.

The silence of the four participants did not amount to the silence of the internet community, where numerous speculations flourished. Even the usually loud-mouthed Lie Jian who liked to brag about how awesome he was after every fight had kept quiet.

However, the seemingly calm spell was broken in the afternoon by a flood of breaking news.

Lie Jian was the first one that had announced that he would partake in the upcoming pan-solar system tournament. However, he didn't care to explain what had given him the motivation.

The fight had made Lie Jian realize that he still had a lot to do in order to prepare for the tournament. He was annoyed because not only he wasn't able to win the fight as he had expected, he had also let Patroclus discover his exact level of power.

Although the media was excited about Lie Jian's announcement, they felt that it was not a surprise. However, their jaw almost dropped when Lie Jian said he was also announcing on behalf of Michaux Odin.

What had made the young master to make such an unprecedented decision? Didn't he know that none of the masters of the sect had ever partaken in a tournament?

One news bade another. A few minutes later, Patroclus had announced that he would also join the tournament.

The second news shocked even the council members. It was evident that something had instigated the three to decide to partake in the tournament. But neither the councilors nor any journalists knew what exactly it was.

Right around the afternoon, even Li Shiming could no longer keep his silence and announced that he, too, would join the tournament. Although Li Shiming was not sure what had happened during the PA fight, he was confident the strange development had something to do with Einherjar Wannabe. He conceded that if he remained silent, he could be perceived as being weak and irrelevant in others eyes. Luckily, Li Shiming had already obtained a list of names that could belong to the real Einherjar Wannabe. Soon, this list would be reduced down to less than a hundred, and by that time, the real Einherjar Wannabe would no longer be able to hide away from him.

This would be the first time in history that all the "Four Princes" met in the same tournament. Arguments about who would come out as the champion spread across the internet like wildfire.

Wang Tong was delighted at the outcome, as his goal had finally been achieved.

"Old Fart! I don't believe that you would still pretend to ignore me when I'm on that big a stage!" Wang Tong thought to himself.

Ma Xiaoru was watching the news on TV when she heard the TV hosts' debate regarding what had happened during the fight between Einherjar Wannabe and Lie Jian.

She wondered who Einherjar Wannabe was for a brief minute, and then started to think about Wang Tong again. She had heard from Li Ruoer that Wang Tong had been fully recovered and was strong as a bull.

Ma Xiaoru hoped that her recovery could pick up speed as well. She wished to attend the tournament to cheer for Wang Tong. She was practically living in jail right now, partly because her treatment prohibited excessive outdoor activities, and partly because her parents’ fear of losing her again.

Ma Xiaoru wanted to find Wang Tong, yet, she needed to consider her parents' feelings as well.

Meanwhile on Mars, in the city of Morattis—the capital city of the Kaedeians, a strange atmosphere permeated in the air.

It was time for the Kaedeians to be reborn.

"High Priestess, are you sure he was the prophesied one?"

Inside the Kaedeian palace, beautiful women walked about and not a single man could be seen. The powerful men on Mars had tried many times to conquer this group of women warriors, but failed. The Kaedeians believed that only one man had ever almost won their hearts, and it was General Li Feng.

Inside a small but cozy boudoir sat a dozen Kaedeians. Even after a few centuries, the Kaedeians were still governed by women, much like the human society that was still dominated by men.

After the soul energy had been discovered, the Kaedeians had also adopted the new form of combat and changed their fighting styles. Soon, they found that the Kaedeian warriors were born for battles using soul energy, thanks to their innate ability to pick up subtle changes in the soul energy.

They had also divided their warriors into two categories: combat, and noncombat.

The noncombat category included the priestess. They served only the queen, and were ready to die for her at any moment.

The human scientist had already decreed the unpredictable nature of the known universe. To make a prediction or prophecy, one would need to break down all the variables at the quantum level, forming an initial state. Then, through emulation of future scenarios, one could reassemble all the initial variables into a tangible form that human could observe, hence completing a prediction. However, the scientific law stated that human observation would directly alter the quantum state, and therefore, the above-described approach would never work.

Putting it simply, since the human activity was constantly reshaping the world, the future was unpredictable.

However, Kaedeians had defied the scientific law, by mastering their soul energy.

Despite the Kaedeians' inborn ability to channel the soul energy, only a handful of Kaedians could become priestess. Although they couldn't fight like a warrior, they made prophecies that had played a vital role in the Kaedeian's history.

The priestess believed that the accuracy of their prediction was dependant on their level of soul energy. The higher the soul energy, the more focused they would be while connecting the threads of the material world against the flow of time.

To the pragmatic earthlings, the function of the priestess seemed to be merely for religious purposes.

Sitting right in front of Heidi was a girl of similar age. They two both had exceptional beauty; however, the head priestess was blind.

To see into the future, one would have to give up the view of the present.

"My lady, my ability is limited. But I saw that there... will be clashes of many great souls. Our fate will be altered."

Silence fell into the room as everyone waited for Heidi to respond to the head priestess' vision. The head priestess held a calm expression, as if she saw something comforting in her vision.