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Chapter 292: It“s a Trap!

Chapter 292: It's a Trap!

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On Mars, Lie Jian was cultivating the Tactics of the Blaze with the unique method that had been passed down for generations.

He sat inside a giant cauldron that had turned red hot as it was engulfed by the soul energy from ten other cultivators surrounding the cauldron.

Lie Jian's face was contorted as he endured the unbearable heat. He couldn't forgive himself for the slip up that had caused him to lose his balance while fighting Einherjar Wannabe. The humiliation made him understand that he was still too weak to compete against either him or Li Shiming.

Only more painful cultivation could make him stronger and redeem his lost pride.

The average people always seemed to be jealous of the great houses' display of strength, but forgot to look into the excruciating process that the members of the great houses would have to endure to maintain the appearance. The members of the great houses valued the honor of the family more than their own lives.

A painful howling came out of the cauldron, but the ten red robed trainers didn't stop their flames.

In the fire, a new warrior would be reborn.

On the tallest mountain peak of Mars was set the tallest building on Mars— the Tower of the Divine Master—whose height was forbidden to be surpassed.

Michaux Odin sat quietly by himself while cultivating the tactics that required the most extreme form of asceticism. He was not allowed to drink, eat, or move his limbs while sitting for days on end. To the members of the sect, Michaux was communicating with the divines. However, to a regular person, it was a form of torture.

Michaux's face was eerily calm and devoid of any sign of life.

The internet had quieted down a lot after all the elite warriors had announced their decision to join the tournament. There was no point in arguing the outcome of the fight, since the tournament will start pretty soon. No one doubted that these elites would be able to make their way to the finals. The participation of the elite fighters did not deter the average student's motivations; instead, it made the students more determined to perform the best they could during the tournament. Therefore, everyone in Ayrlarng trained with greater intensity, as no one would like to fail on that legendary stage.

Wang Tong enjoyed watching the scene of intense training in the gym. Although, after having endured the practice in the crystal space, he could no longer take any training in the real world too seriously.

However, Wang Tong knew that he couldn't lower his guard, since winning a duel was no less difficult than winning a real-life battle, as certain moves were prohibited, and there were no environmental elements to take advantage of.

Unlike Wang Tong, who was confident in his power, Zhou Sisi was anxious for him. She noticed that Wang Tong had no time to spend on METAL training, since he had the classes during the day and had to partake in the fleet combat training in the afternoon all the way till evening.

Everyone else was focusing on their METAL training since that was the meat of the tournament. However, Wong Tong seemed to fail to see what was really important, and spent most of his time training with Flash and Bisu.

No time to train? Wrong! Wang Tong had more than enough time.

Since he had already mastered the method of entering the crystal space, he could spend time training in the crystal space. Not only time flew much slower in the crystal space, but Wang Tong could also change its gravity at will.

Five hours of training was equivalent to one hour of time in real life. So, Wang Tong had more than enough to spend on his METAL training.

Somewhere on earth…

"Young master, we seemed to have attracted too much attention this time. Shall we cool the situation down a little bit?"

"Hehe, No. We need to have patience. It is normal for an extraordinary person to do extraordinary things. "

"We only have got one shot at this, and we risk blowing our cover. Don't you think it was a bit too early to reveal....and you had just started your cultivation."

"It's not up to us. The moment he inherited the Blade Warrior's power, the situation had already been out of our hands."

"Young master, our life is a little bit... destitute. Would you like me to change that for you?"

"Hardship makes one stronger. I am fine."

"One more fight!" Hu Yangxuan was infuriated by the increasing gap in power between him and Wang Tong.

Cao Yi grinned wryly after seeing the combat strategy that he had devised for Hu Yangxuan crumble under Wang Tong attacks. Cao Yi was also caught off guard by Wang Tong's huge improvement that appeared so suddenly.

Wang Tong had spent most of his time in fleet combat, and had barely any time to spare on METAL combat. Yet, his skills and power were greatly improved. No matter how aggressive Hu Yangxuan's attacks were, Wang Tong countered it with ease.

Li Ruoer applauded Wang Tong's display of skills. She was told by Wang Tong to not visit the S club's training room, by masking his sparring as a private event, but she came anyway.

Wang Tong's bigger problem was the fact that Li Ruoer had joined the S club and become one of the official members. Due to her influence and the special background as a visiting student, Wand Tong found a lack of legitimate reasons to refuse her applications.

"Wang Tong, when are we going to fight like that?" Li Ruoer smiled and then asked.

Wang Tong's mind raced at the question. He thought that it could be an excellent opportunity to teach her a lesson before she got too confident and caused him more trouble. Also, Wang Tong was very interested in getting to know the power of her Tactics of the Enchantress.

"It's time for fleet combat. Perhaps we could do it on another day, eh?" Wang Tong asked as he put a smile on his face. He was determined to do away with his problems this time once for all.

Li Ruoer was surprised how quickly Wang Tong had agreed to her request, since she didn't expect him to do so. Li Ruoer was slightly flustered at the fact that Wang Tong had always acted against her expectation.

Li Ruoer nodded and then said, "You can pick the time." She had been observing Wang Tong for a really long time, and all signs had pointed to the same conclusion: Wang Tong had been hiding his real power. Therefore, Li Ruoer was not too confident about her fight with Wang Tong.

Watching Wang Tong swaggering off the arena, Li Ruoer felt a sense of regret for accepting the fight. She reckoned that her recent breakthrough in her soul energy had somehow made her irrational.

Porten had been busy as well. To make him look less desperate, he had decided to leave his love interest along for a few days, and instead, he focused on investigating the real identity of Einherjar Wannabe. He wagered that it was not a coincident that everyone that had acquainted the mysterious fighter had decided to join the tournament.

Porten had always despised these members of the Great Houses, as he considered them simple-minded brutes. He believed that in this post-modern society, wits and cunning would trump brute force. The success of General Li Feng was only an isolated case during a time when the human race was faced with extinction.

Nevertheless, he conceded that Li Shiming was the only one among his great house counterparts who was smart enough to use his brain. However, Porten had outsmarted him and turned Li Shiming into one of his pawns. The thought of using other people to his advantage made a smug look appear on Porten's face.

The list of names had been reduced to thirty. Soon, he would learn the true identity of Einherjar Wannabe.

He had made a list based on the fact that Einherjar Wannabe had disappeared during the period of the Confederation's Norton campaign. Once Porten located the mysterious fighter, he would try to recruit his talent. However, in the case of failing his recruiting attempt, Porten conceded that he would have to do away with the fighter before anyone else found him.

Porten was convinced that Einherjar Wannabe was a student from one of the S-class academies, with a prestigious family background. Therefore, Wang Tong's name was quickly dropped from the list.

There were five who were under Porten's radar, all of them from families that owned business in the information warfare industry, and therefore, had the capability of blocking off any tracing signals.

The feet combat skills in Ayrlarng had quickly become famous among other academies. Representing the highest level of achievement in feet battle at Bernabeu, Cao Yi, and Best were also sent to Ayrlarng by Martyrus to further their training.

Flash, Bisu, Best, Karl, Kal and Wang Tong had formed an all-star training group. They had formulated specific training routines, each aimed towards one of their needs.

It was apparent that Capth had a more detailed and advanced training method than the other two academies, since it focused on the all aspects of fleet combat, such as physical conditioning, micro control, as well as soul energy manipulations.