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Chapter 294: Her Name Is Rosy

Chapter 294: Her Name Is Rosy

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A magnetic levitation vehicle was already waiting for him when Wang Tong stepped out of his dorm. Without asking a question, Wang Tong hopped straight into the car. The man in black that had "invited" him over to Li Ruoer's residence last time sat with Wang Tong in the back seat. Despite his cold expression, the lines on his face seemed softer than the last time they met. The vehicle dropped them off in front of a luxury restaurant.

Unlike Ma Xiaoru, Li Ruoer liked anything that was labeled with the word "luxury," including the venue she had chosen for their dinner. Wang Tong didn't mind; he was not paying anyway.

Wang Tong strolled into the restaurant and found out that Li Ruoer had reserved the entire venue for their dinner. Wang Tong had already gotten used to her lavishness, however, he found it hard to adjust to the awkward quietness of the restaurant. Privacy and quietness were considered a luxury on earth, but Wang Tong was most afraid of silence, since it had nearly driven him into madness while he was stranded on Norton.

Wang Tong struggled to rein in the memories that threatened to break their confines and flood Wang Tong's mind. He lamented being overly sentimental every time he saw Li Ruoer.

Looking at the well-dressed Li Ruoer, Wang Tong found it hard to ignore her beauty. Stylish makeup complemented her face, and her body emanated an irresistible attraction.

All this while, Wang Tong's mind reeled as he tried to figure out if it were a trap. Anything could happen when it came down to dealing with the Enchantress.

Wang Tong had thought of many ways in which Li Ruoer might start their dinner date, including a roomful of men in black. However, he didn't expect to be greeted with an attractive and amiable princess.

"Why don't you sit down, you silly?" Li Ruoer said in a tender voice.

The curve of her lips had complimented her elegant facial features, the same way her stylish white dress did to her body. Her dress had a low cut neck, revealing the ivory colored skin on her neck and a deep groove that promised treasures within.

Her dress looked simple in design, but she had made sure that no man would be able to resist her beauty.

Seeing the slightly dazzled look on Wang Tong's face, Li Ruoer figured that her time spent on putting on makeup and dressing up wasn't wasted.

Wang Tong was indeed dazzled by Li Ruoer's appearance. He cupped his forehead in surprise and then asked "Are you alright? What's up with the fancy dress?"

Li Ruoer's attractive smile suddenly froze and then faded away.

"Don't make fun of me. I was trying to be nice."

Li Ruoer held back the knot of fire in her belly as she wondered how Ma Xiaoru would have ever fallen in love with such an idiot. The questions in her mind made her feel self-conscious, as she started to doubt if Wang Tong would consider her as charming as Ma Xiaoru.

"Anyone? I am going to order. I am starving!" Wang Tong's loud voice shot through the dining hall, disrupting the serenity of the string quartet playing in the background.

A waiter appeared and filled the two's glasses with wine.

"Are we ready to order?" the waiter asked.

Li Ruoer plastered her smile back to her powered face and then said, "He is hungry, he could go first. "

"Why don't you join me? Let's order together."

The waiter was unimpressed by the uncouth behavior of the young man, but he didn't show it on his face. He quickly took the order and retreated to the kitchen.

"Their foie gras is very famous."

"Is that so? I never had that before." Wang Tong nodded, pretending he knew what the strangely named dish was. In a few seconds, the dish was already prepared. Wang Tong smelled the distinctive fragrance of liver, and he knew the contents of his dish. "Ah... foie gras...reminds me of Zerg liver. It was chewy and juicy—"

Li Ruoer's face turned darker by the second as she listened to Wang Tong's vivid description of the Zerg's liver. The knot inside her belly burst into flame again.

"Calm down, calm down." Li Ruoer reminded herself.

Li Ruoer knew that she had to remain calm while trying to exert influence onto Wang Tong, because once she lost it, she would be the one to be influenced.

Li Ruoer took a breath and gathered herself, then said in a friendly tone, "Is that right? that's interesting; I would love to try it one day."

Wang Tong showed her a broad smiled, seemingly impressed by how mature and amiable the Enchantress had become. Wang Tong had already seen through her fake appearance, but he wasn't ruffled by whatever was hidden under her disguise, because he was convinced that the tactics of the Enchantress would do little to no harm in front of his Tactics of the Blade.

Even the brain in between Wang Tong's groin was smart enough to register the danger hidden under her carefully powdered face.

Wang Tong wolfed down the dishes on the table while Li Ruoer watched him with a wicked smile. The perverse curve on her lips suggested that she was savoring this moment when her prey was still unaware of what was going to come after him.

"Does it taste good? I wonder how do you like the taste of the NDBS?" Li Ruoer narrowed her eyes, "Oh, sorry. I forgot that you might not know what it is. It's the newest hallucinogen, expensive but popular."

With only the slightest hesitation, Wang Tong continued gulping food down his throat. "You said expensive? I would like to have more please."

Li Ruoer was caught off guard by Wang Tong's answer. She rebutted. "Do you really think I wouldn't dare to do that?"

Wang Tong shrugged, "I don't care, but I was brought up being told that I should not waste anything. You said it is expensive, and it would be doubly wrong to waste expensive things."

Li Ruoer wasn't sure what to make of Wang Tong's preposterous answer. She was bluffing as she didn't add anything to his dish, but her bluff did not work.

Wang Tong reasoned that even if Li Ruoer did intend to drug him, she wouldn't do it in front of the restaurant workers. In addition to that, he didn't sense anything suspicious in the inner thoughts of the waiter and Li Ruoer—an ability he had picked up while training with Mr. Wannabe in the crystal space.

"Whatever. Finish your food and then show me what you got."

"Sure! But it is boring while there's nothing at stake, don't you think so?"

Li Ruoer was staggered by Wang Tong's change of manner from a rowdy teenage boy to a candid and openhearted man.

"Sure, what do you want?" Li Ruoer said with a seductive voice; Wang Tong knew right away that it was the Enchantress talking.

Wang Tong smirked and then said, "If I win, take me to Xiaoru, I need to talk to her."

Li Ruoer was flustered after failing to distract Wang Tong's mind away from his lover, as Wang Tong had remained practically immune to her seduction. She was extremely confident in her attractiveness, and with the aid of the Tactics of the Enchantress, she ought to be able to charm any man with ease. So, why did she failed to spellbind Wang Tong's animal instinct?

"What if you lose?"

"Tell me what you want, I will try my best as long as it wouldn't harm anyone." Wang Tong answered with confidence.

"Phf! Do you take the House of Li for gangs in the streets? I will think about it and let you know later. "

Wang Tong didn't protest. He never thought he would lose the fight, and the same unswerving confidence came over Li Ruoer as well.

"Done eating, let's start!"

"We are not doing it in a restaurant, you fool. Follow me!"

"All good to me!"

Wang Tong's manly voice tucked at Li Ruoer's heartstring, but she quickly gathered herself as her resentment towards Wang Tong intensified. She made up her mind to teach him a lesson that he would never forget.

Wang Tong waited for Li Ruoer in a well-lit gym. It was clear then that Li Ruoer was well prepared for their showdown, as the gym was not only secluded but also soundproof.

A few moments later, Li Ruoer appeared in the gym. She had removed her dazzling dress and changed into her gym clothes. Her long dark hair were pulled back into a ponytail, resting right above a long blade strapped to her back.

"Pick whatever weapon you like." Lir Ruoer snapped her fingers, and the wall opened up, allowing a weapon rack to slide forward into the room. Wang Tong saw a plethora of different weapons, including some he couldn't even name.

Wang Tong tried some of the weapons in his hand, and felt that their craftsmanship was superb, as they allowed soul energy to flow at the wielder's will. Although it paled under comparison with Charcoal, any weapon on the rack would be considered a brilliant creation by a master craftsman.

"Are you done?" Li Ruoer's held a cold expression devoid of the enchanting smile she put on earlier. Since Wang Tong was unaffected by her charm, she had decided to give up on that route altogether.

Her failure in charming Wang Tong didn't deter Li Ruoer. Instead, she felt relieved that she could finally focus on ending the matter with a much less subtle, and more visceral approach.

Li Ruoer watched as Wang Tong picked up a hammer and a shield.

"I am a coward. Therefore, I choose the most powerful weapon."

Li Ruoer shot Wang Tong a stern glance and rebutted, "Stop joking around, or else I will carve you up!"

"I knew it! Therefore, I need a shield —"

Before Wang Tong finished his words, he saw Li Ruoer unsheath her long blade, gleaming like a mountain creek under the moonlight. Wang Tong narrowed his eyes as he sensed the energy that came off from the blade. He reckoned that it was a weapon that had been passed down by generations of the enchantress. Over centuries of usage, the blade had developed on a certain power of itself.

Li Ruoer looked at the tip of the blade as if she were fascinated with her weapon, and then she said, "Her name is Rosy."