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Chapter 299: Zhou Sisi“s Victory

Chapter 299: Zhou Sisi's Victory

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Li Shiming didn't change his expression, "You are right Porten. But I don't have the time, so I think I will have to let the matter rest for now."

"It's a piece of cake. I can do away with the kid for you."

"That would be nice of you. Thank you so much."

"Don't mention it. I am still hoping to become your future in law, you know."

"That is my hope too."

"Great! I will be counting on you then."

"Ruo’er should feel lucky to have someone competent and responsible as you looking after her."

"Haha, thanks! I will be off now. "

The two nodded, and their image disappeared from the screen.

"My lord, how would this idiot be a good match for our lady? "

"Hehe, Uncle Quan, don't you worry about it? Plus, we do need an ally at the council meeting." Li Shiming said to the house minister Li Quan.

"I know. I just felt indignant that you would have to rub shoulders with arrogant fools like him."

Li Shiming smiled faintly. To restore the former glory of his family, his father had spent most of his life on his cultivation, without realizing that in this day and age, force alone would no long be able to bring in power and influence. Although Li Zhedao was a great fighter, he was no Blade Warrior.

The only way to dominate the world, Li Shiming believed, was to combine physical strength with a crafty method and be as resourceful as he could.

The most important quality to a great man was to tolerate others.

Li Zhedao had great ambitions when he was young, as he had sworn to take control the entire council. However, he had been mired in the matters on Earth, unable to even exert his influence further than the solar system. His failure was partly due to his conceit and the lack of tolerance for the unctuous politicians. Although tolerance and shrewdness were what his father lacked, Li Shiming had the abundance of both.

The tension between the Li and the council had been significantly relieved thanks to Li Shiming's work. Although Li Shiming was not yet the house lord, as the first heir in line, he was able to represent his father on many occasions. Thanks to his apparently mellower personality than his father, people were more inclined to deal with him instead of his overbearing father.

They said it was easier to change a country's borders than to change a person's personality. Thus, when Li Zhedao realized what he had lacked all this while, he found it hopeless in changing himself. However, he thanked the gods for having a son who was much more resourceful than him.

"Have you researched thoroughly? Are you sure that Wang Tong is the Einherjar Wannabe?"

"There is no conclusive evidence to prove that just yet. However, he is really suspicious. Do you want me to—"

"It’s already too late. He had made contact with the Ma, giving them one more reason to break our alliance."

"Should we expose his identity?"

Li Shiming smiled, "Hehe. Don't you think that is exactly what he wanted? Li Jian might have lacked a sharp mind, but it's not easy to deceive Patroclus."

"Ah! No wonder that little Dower prick showed up during the match but had done nothing!"

"Patroclus was much smarter than that brute Li Jian. Now, they are all going to partake in the tournament. This is a stage that I cannot pass up now, can I?"

Li Quan's face became serious as a sense of respect rose inside of him, "You are the most observant and resourceful, my lord."

"Thank you. You are excused now. "

"Yes, my lord."

Li Quan was the house minister of House Li. He had watched as Li Shiming grew up, so he knew the young master of House of Li very well. As Li Shiming grew older, Li Quan more frequently found himself marveling at the young boy's forbearance, a rare and valuable trait for a powerful leader.

After Li Quan was gone, Li Shiming clapped his hands, and a man cloaked in black appeared like a phantom emerging out of the shadow.

"Master, I am here to serve."

"Dispatch number ten, get rid of Wang Tong."

The man in black cloak nodded and then disappeared back into the shadows again.

Li Shiming gave the order as if he had done so for many years. Wang Tong was just another minor wrinkle in his master plan that he needed to iron out.

Li Quan was a critical member of the family, and also a public face. Therefore, Li Shiming could not let him know about the dirty work, let alone allowing him to dirty his own hands. However, Wang Tong must die, not because he was potentially the Einherjar Wannabe, but because Li Shiming felt he had spent too much time on his marriage proposal.

Li Shiming opened up a notebook, found the name of Wang Tong and put a cross right beside it.

He took a deep breath and then placed the notebook back into the crystal space, then he stepped into the gym. As the heir of House of Li, he had only one purpose in this world, to reassert House of Li 's control over the human race.

The fleet battle experts marveled at the brilliant display of skills from the students.

The Kaedeians and the Ivantians remained the most competitive groups, but the team from Earth had caught up with the two very quickly.

Team earth's rise was largely thanks to a few fresh blood: Flash, who was unbeatable due to his Macro skills and acute sense of enemy intentions, Bisu, who had unrivaled micro control, and Karl, who was invincible simply because he was Karl.

This fresh blood had made the earthlings see hope in not only entering the final eight, but also obtaining something much more glorious—title of the champion.

"Haha! Did you guys see that? I am on the front page!" Karl smiled broadly.

"Keep it to yourself, and stay low key. Come on Karl, do I have to teach you how to behave like a famous person?" Hu Yangxuan rebutted.

"What? I am letting everyone know about the news. Is that not how a famous person should do?" Karl said, seemingly confused.

Everyone heard his comment and laughed at him "As the founder of your fighting style, you have become more popular than you think. Don't act like you are so surprised by the news coverage; you should pretend its normal even if you are."

Clearly, Karl had not realized his incredible fame and popularity, and rightfully so, since he had to deal with powerful monsters such as Wang Tong.

"These guys are lame. They didn't say anything about our boss!"

"Hehe, boss like to keep things to himself so that he won't reveal too much to his opponent. You should learn from him." Tita cracked a smile and said.

"What? That's deceit! I like to fight openly." Karl was visibly distressed for being unable to bring himself to be as cunning as Wang Tong.

"They were just pulling your leg! Your fighting style is the most adaptive, so you don't have to worry about hiding your strength." Zhou Sisi encouraged Karl.

"You are the best, Sisi! Win face for us girls of the Ayrlarng!" Rumi waved a small fist in the air, unable to hide her admiration for Zhou Sisi.

"I had been lucky, that's all. I expect that It would be harder for me as I progress through the playoff games. But it would be a good practice for me nonetheless."

All members of the S club applauded for Zhou Sisi's positive attitude. As the most active member of the S club, Zhou Sisi was observant in everyone's troubles, and tried her best to guide them through their difficult times. Therefore, many members held Zhou Sisi in high regard.

Everyone agreed that without Zhou Sisi and Cao Yi, there would not be the S Club, much less its current prosperity.

"As the members of S club, we have only one word to say in the face of difficulties —FIGHT!"

Wang Tong raised the soup bowl and willing everyone to do the same.

"FIGHT!" The bowls consummated in a toast.

So, it was the new Ayrlarng, full of fighting spirit and energy, determined to regain its former glory.

"Gods! Am I really seeing this? Zhou Sisi has yet survived another close call. Three to two again, everybody! Her calmness has turned the situation around and helped her to defeat her opponent from the Moon. Let's once again congratulate the amazing fighter."

Even the game host was not able to hold back his admiration. To him, Zhou Sisi' victory was a miracle. He had watched as Zhou Sisi lost the first two rounds, and when he thought that she was about to lose the third round due to being overtaken with stress, she remained calm had defeated her opponent, who had lowered his guard in the third round.

Even with the score settled at one to two, neither Zhou Sisi nor anyone else had seen any hope of winning the next round. However, Zhou Sisi's previous victory had lent her confidence, and reminded her not to give up until it was over.