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Chapter 301: Forcing It Through

Chapter 301: Forcing It Through

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As the most skilled in the Luster Academy, if not among all the Ivantians, KKK was also notorious for his battle style. To put it simply, it wasn't the victory he sought after, but the pleasure of torturing his opponent's mind.

Therefore, he had gained a nickname the "Death God."

Many people disliked him, but no one could deny his power.

Zhou Sisi's match started at the same time as Wang Tong's. However, when Wang Tong had already finished his game, Zhou Sisi was still in the second round after losing the first.

The second round was the exact copy of the first, as KKK pour out his forces in the very beginning to overwhelm Zhou Sisi and rattle her confidence. Although this method was despicable, it worked pretty well.

Despite his notorious reputation, KKK was very popular among the Ivantians. In addition to perfection, the Ivantians also worshiped power and cared very little about personality.

After having gained an unfair advantage, he started to torture his opponent again by nipping Zhou Sisi's confidence, one morsel at a time. KKK particularly enjoyed this form of slow torture on young and attractive looking female victims.

After a slow but painful burn, Zhou Sisi eventually lost the battle. She had tried her best and didn't yield until the last minute. The gap in their skill was simply too great.

KKK's skill was on par with Flash, and at that level, it was almost impossible to slip up. Therefore, Zhou Sisi was not able to catch an opportunity for a counter attack.

After her defeat at the hands of the sadistic Ivantian, Zhou Sisi felt a knot of fire in her belly. No matter how hard she tried to calm herself, the flame inside of her burnt only brighter by the second.

In the third round, Zhou Sisi had chosen Karl's unique method. However, her opponent had already seen through her intention and was prepared. When the two forces engaged, Zhou Sisi's micro control fell short once again.

The third round should have ended in ten minutes; however, it took well over thirty. It the end, when Zhou Sisi finally conceded her defeat, she turned the anger into her determination to train even harder, so she could revenge the humiliation she had suffered.

Zhou Sisi gritted her teeth and typed in "gg." However, she got an infuriating reply from her sick opponent, "hey pretty girl, come to my place. Let me teach you how to fight." The comment also caused many boos from the audience.

Wang Tong smiled wryly and lamented at the variety of freakish individuals that lived among them.

Wang Tong walked into Zhou Sisi's combat studio and found her was still there, reflecting on her defeat. This defeat seemed to have destroyed all of her confidence that she had slowly built up, and was catastrophic for a budding commander.

"Leave me alone!" Zhou Sisi shouted after hearing footsteps coming toward her.

Wang Tong paused for a brief second and then walked to Zhou Sisi. He patted her shoulder and said, "Get up where you have fallen. That's how you become stronger."

Zhou Sisi leaned against Wang Tong and then muttered, "Let me lean on you just a little longer. Just a little longer please."

The list of final sixteen was fresh out of the oven, and they were as followed.

Earth: Flash, Wang Tong, Bisu and Karl

Moon: KKK, Vitas, GoRush, Cold

Kaedeians: Paris and seven others.

After random grouping, everyone was assigned an opponent. Both Wang Tong and Karl were up against Kaedeians.

"I was hoping to teach that Ivantian b*stard a lesson!" Karl growled.

"Don't worry about it, Sisi. I'm sure boss will revenge you."

"He is done for!"

KKK's opponent was Bisu.

"Although we had been opponents before, we are all from the Earth. So, I promise I will let him regret ever bullying an earthling."

Bisu was very interested in this controversial opponent. Although the Ivantians were the so called "new humans," not all of them were suave and deferential. Some were outright psychopaths, such as KKK. Despite their superior gene, they seemed to lack a firm moral bearing.

Zhou Sisi quickly walked out of the shadow of her defeat. She had accepted this tournament as a practice, an opportunity for her to understand the area which she needed to work on later. The stake was higher in the tournament, and therefore, her opponent was willing to release their full power, thus making the battle scenarios more akin to that in real life.

Adjusting mindset had always been Zhou Sisi's strongest suit. She had turned her defeat into a turning point in her life as she had realized that, as a student, she had been living in her own bubble, and the world outside her bubble was a harsh and unforgiving one.

In real life, the price for such a catastrophic defeat was not just a deflated self-confidence, but also many lives.

Although painful, the defeat had taught Zhou Sisi a powerful lesson.

"Karl, if you ever cross path with him, make sure you are as calm as possible."

Karl nodded. "Don't worry about it. If he ever becomes my opponent, I will crush him."

Wang Tong nodded in agreement.

The final sixteen started.

Karl's first final sixteen match was significantly harder than the ones he had finished before. After the fourth round, the score settled at two to two and then there was the showdown.

This could be the last battle they would ever partake in this tournament. So, the Kaedeian decided to play safe as she used the opening that she was the most comfortable with. She had also expected Karl to do the same.

However, Karl didn't use his signature opening; instead, he poured all of his force in a surprise attack early on and caught the Kaedeian off guard.

No one had expected Karl to leave his most comfortable moves and take so much risk in a high stake battle.

When Karl saw the "gg" on the screen, he howled again with his signature victory pose.

Unlike any other fighters who had fought with their skills and discernment, Karl had fought with his instinct and an unswerving confidence.

Karl entered the final eight, and his success had even caught himself off guard.

While watching the live broadcasting, Samantha could feel that her student's hard work had finally paid off. She also felt a new sentiment that tugged at her heartstrings, which was the friendship between a teacher and her students. She too, felt excited and proud of her students' victory, and felt sad when they were defeated.

"Principal Samantha, Councilor Randolph is here."

Thanks to the success of Ayrlarng, Samantha had quickly earned a group of supporters, and Councilor Randolph was one of them.

When Karl got his ticket to the final eight, students from Bernabeu also cheered loudly for him for becoming the first earthling to have entered the stage for the final eight.