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Chapter 303: The Ultimate Weapon

Chapter 303: The Ultimate Weapon

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The two didn't drag the match on as Birance had typed in gg after seeing that there was no chance of winning.

This was the first time a human had successfully defended against Kaedeian's attack. It broke the unspoken rule that an earthling should always attack first when fighting against a Kaedeian, since any defense was proven to be useless under their incredible aggression skills.

However, Wang Tong's victory in the first round could just be a fluke. Based on the statistics, of all the human victories over the Kaedeians, 90.45 percent of the time, it was the Earthlings who had attacked first, and only 9.55 percent of the time had they won the battle with a defense focused strategy. Wang Tong's success could be that 9.55 percent. Many experts of fleet combat had ignored the 9.55 percent of the chance as legit victories, and concluded that the best way to defeat Kaedeian was to be aggressive.

"This young man called Wang Tong has struck lucky again, as he had turned his opponent's impatience into his advantage. It seems like Birance had underestimated him" The host from the Moon smiled while announced her take on the first round of the match.

"Wang Tong has done a good job. He probably had realized that there was no way he would win by attacking, so he had focused on defense." Zhang Jie, the earthling host, announced. Although Wang Tong had won the first round, the real fight had just begun.

The Kaedian host remained silent and didn't speak.

"Miss Dina, you are the expert from the Royal Kaedeian Academy. What do you think about the two's performance?"

Although Dina's age was well over forty, she still looked like as if she was in her thirties. Kaedeians held the advantage over the earthlings regarding longevity and the ability to retain their youth. Not only did they live longer, their appearances also didn't seem to change much as they aged. Even on their death, they usually looked like in their fifties.

They spent most of their life looking like a twenty years old. The humans had studied their gene, hoping to gain such fantastic ability. However, they quickly found that the Kaedeian genes were incompatible with that of Earthlings.

"I think Wang Tong has done a good job in controlling the flow. His performance was great, and I hope it was Wang Tong's normal strength." Dina paused without giving any more comments.

"Round two, start!"

At the beginning of round two, Wang Tong had put up the exact same defensive strategies. The repetitive use of the same strategy was a blatant taunt at his opponent.

Right after the first round, Birance had excluded the possibility that Wang Tong was Einherjar Wannabe, since she was convinced that the aggressive Einherjar Wannabe would definitely use the Art of Soaring Heaven instead of any other aggression tactics, much less using defense-related tactics.

Without anything to be worried about, Birance decided to release all of her power to the opponent, as she was confident that she would be able to outplay her opponent with her superior ability.

Birance didn't attack recklessly this time. Instead, she planed her moves methodically as she intentionally left some openings in her formation in order to lure her opponent into the trap. However, Wang Tong had deployed the Art of Iron Wall, and therefore, he wasn't tempted by the lure at all.

That being said, Wang Tong didn't simply let his fleet sit in the base and rot. Instead, he had proactively sent out harassment to exert pressure on his opponent.

After a while, Birance's patience was wearing thin. She felt the pressure start to weigh on her, pressing her to make an attack.

Finally, she made a move. Her initial formation was tight and seemed formidable. However, only a few seconds later, she realized that what awaited her was a failure.

Flash laughed satisfyingly after seeing that Wang Tong had recovered to his full ability. Therefore, there would be no doubt that Wang Tong would eventually win the match. Flash conceded that even if the match dragged on until the final stage, the Kaedeian would lose the match due to Wang Tong's incredible clone technique.

Flash concluded that the only way to defeat Wang Tong was to be mindful of even the slightest imperfection in his controls, and turn it into an advantage.

Wang Tong defeated his opponent in the second round with ease and greatly irritated his opponent. Wang Birance felt that Tong's defense was impenetrable, and she conceded that her defeat in the first round was not a fluke either. Instead, she registered that it was a new technique that Wang Tong had tried out many times before the tournament.

The hosts found themselves hard pressed to grasp the nature of Wang tong's new fighting style. Wang Tong' had mix-and-matched existing defense techniques that had been deemed ineffective against Kaedeians into his opponent's nightmare.

The score was two to none. It was unimaginable.

At Ayrlarng, every student was watching the live stream of the match. When they saw that Wang Tong had won the second round, the school was filled with cheers and applause.

After Birance exchanged something with her coach, the third round started.

Wang Tong once again deployed a defensive formation in the beginning. It was a ballsy move if not an outright taunt.

Having learned her lessons, Birance also changed her tactic and focused on her defense instead. The two gradually built up their economy and research and amassed huge fleet. Everyone's hearts were caught in their throats as a showdown was about to erupt at any time.

"It looks like Birance has learned her lessons. We are soon going to witness the final confrontation, and as we all know, that is the Kaedeians' strong suit. "

Dina masked a faint smile and then said, "It is still too early to say that, don't you think? I believe Wang Tong has a backup plan." Everyone felt Dina was very humble, as they all knew that the clone technique was Kaedeian's traditional technique. Due to physical and genetic differences, human's execution of the method was far less efficient.

Flash touched his chin as the development amused him. He had noticed that Wang Tong had purposely passed up two great opportunities to obliterate his opponent's fleet. It occurred to him that Wang Tong had intended to engage the Kaedeian in a showdown from the very beginning. Was Wang Tong going to unveil his real power already?

Flash conceded that if he were Wang Tong, he would have waited until the very last battle to unveil his real strength.

A small skirmish finally triggered the final battle.

Birance's eyes glinted as her hands started to speed up until her fingers had become blurry shades. She was about to unleash the pride of the Kaedeians: the clone technique.

Everyone was surprised to see that Wang Tong had not yet made any countermeasures at all in this moment of life and death.

Even Flash was caught off guard by Wang Tong's lack of response.

A thousand missiles glided across space towards Wang Tong, while releasing a thunderous crackling noise.

Birance was confident that this one round of fire would destroy at least eighty percent of Wang Tong's force.

However, before Birance was able to pull her mind out of the joy from the promise of victory, the alarm went off and warned her about the incoming hostile fleet.

Birance found it hard to believe her eyes as she watched Wang Tong's fleet march towards her unharmed by her attack.

Before she could make a single command, her fleet was engulfed by fire and light.

"Winner is—Wang Tong!"

All the viewers were shocked, and silence fell into the room.

The big screen displayed the replay immediately.

In slow motion, people were able to see that Wang Tong wasn't doing nothing while Birance had executed the clone technique. Instead, he had also used the clone technique, not to counter the attack, but to dodge. This was unheard of, because the amount of AMP required for clone-dodge was practically unachievable.

On the screen, the computer had calculated Wang Tong's AMP, and it was 563!

The simulation room was so quiet that one could even hear a pin drop.

Wang Tong had proven to the Kaedians that they were no longer the strongest in terms of final battles.

A tsunami of applause and cheers erupted amongst the audience. The students at Ayrlarng, Bernabeu and the members of the S club all fell into an ecstasy at the sight of Wang Tong's victory.

That was their leader—Wang Tong!

The ultimate coup de grace of Earthlings.