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Chapter 305: Assassin

Chapter 305: Assassin

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Wang Tong waited for three more days, but the secret stalker still didn't reveal himself. Wang Tong could constantly feel the sense of danger, and wondered if he had tipped off someone important.

Wang Tong didn't waste too much time pondering, since there were too many questions that even he didn't have an answer for. It could be anyone; he would just have to handle it when it came.

Wang Tong knew that stalking was a laborious work at first hand while he was in the crystal following Mr. Wannabe. A sense of pity rose inside him for the secret stalker, which made Wang Tong decide to give him an opportunity to reveal himself.

During the midnight of the same day, Wang Tong walked out of his dorm and started wondering around in the sleepy campus. The school was quiet and the night was dark—perfect time for unspeakable things.

Wang Tong carried a tune while stretching his muscles as if warming up. He then started a countdown.

Five, four, three, two and ...one!

Before Wang Tong's last word slipped away, a light glinted in the darkness as a shadow appeared, sending a shockwave of soul energy around him. Wang Tong registered that the attacker was at least a level five warrior.

The dark shadow thrust his fist at Wang Tong, and to his surprise, the fist went through him, as if his target was simply a mirage. Immediately, he felt a dark presence surround him and pull him into an unknown dimension.

The assassin was staggered by the force, and after he finally regained balance he found himself in a virtual world. He knew right away that he had walked into Wang Tong's trap.

Wang Tong felt his surroundings with his soul energy and noticed an anomaly behind a bush. He marveled at the assassin’s excellent soul energy, but lamented over his lack of experience, since he had fallen into his trap so easily.

By then, Wang Tong had mastered the usage of the crystal. He found out that it could absorb soul energies and trap an unwitting enemy inside it.

The assassin's attention had been focused his attention on Wang Tong. Therefore, he didn't notice the crystal had been quietly altering his soul energy.

Wang Tong appeared in the side of the virtual world and regarded the unnerved assassin. He looked to be in his thirties, and had a soul energy of three hundred—a solid fighter.

The assassin didn't speak a word and attacked as soon as he saw Wang Tong. Wang tong didn't have to worry about being discrete here in the crystal space, so he unleashed all of his soul energy and raised his fist, hewing at his enemy. The GN force tumbled out from Wang Tong body and the impact of Wang Tong's punch sent the assassin flying backward.

Surprise and shock flashed in the assassin's eyes. His target was entirely different than what was on the profile he was given. The profile indicated that he should be a fifth level fighter at most, and his soul energy shouldn't have exceeded three hundred. In other words, Wang Tong should not be able to detect him, much less laying a well-disguised trap for him to fall in.

Wang Tong's lips curled into a wicked smile, and then he said, "Don't tell me who you are, because I am not interested at all."


Wang Tong punched his enemy anew. His strike was spot on, and the assassin collapsed onto the ground. Wang Tong studied the assassin while lamenting on his weakness.

Wang Tong didn't know that his opponent wasn't weak, but he was simply too strong, since the crystal space had intensified his power. In the crystal space, he was the strongest, a God-like existence.

Thinking that the battle was over, Wang Tong turned around. The assassin suddenly came back alive and thrust a sharp blade at Wang Tong. However, Wang Tong disappeared after the assassin took only a couple steps.

It took the assassin a while to realize that he was left alone in the virtual world, and he turned into a bundle of nerves as he ran around in circles, unable to find an exit.

Wang Tong watched everything from above, then his hand turned red like molten metal. In a blink of the eyes, the assassin's body pulverized and then evaporated like steam on a cold day.

After getting rid of his trouble, Wang Tong walked back towards his dorm. He could finally enjoy a good night sleep, without having to worry about being assassinated in the middle of his sleep.

Wang tong yawned, ‘It's time for bed.’ There was a lot of training to finish tomorrow, and he also needed to practice with that assassin's trapped soul essence. Perhaps, Wang Tong thought, he could even make him reveal his employer's information.

The assassin had never overlooked Wang Tong, as he had been extra careful ever since he started the mission. He could have done away with the boy as soon as he got the mission. However, his employer had cautioned him to be careful and try to kill the target in one strike, in order to minimize the evidence. Therefore, he had been following and studying his prey for a few days. Even with all the caution and planning, the assassin had failed nonetheless.

As a top assassin, he had trained in various imprisonment methods, and none had come close to what he had just experienced.

Five o'clock in the morning, Wang Tong was up and was ready for his morning exercise. He suddenly remembered that the assassin was still trapped inside the crystal, so he scanned with his soul energy and to his surprise, he found no trace of any soul essence.

The assassin had relinquished his final form of existence.

Wang Tong shook his head in disappointment. He wanted to use the assassin's soul essence as his practice target, but he had already given up to avoid leaking any information regarding his employer. Wang Tong couldn't help but admire the assassin's professionalism.

It occurred to Wang Tong that whoever he was dealing with ought to be a force to be reckoned with.

Instead of being traumatized by the assassination like any average human would, Wang Tong felt that it was a welcoming change to the lazy and comfortable life at school.

"Boss, this was the summary of the event." Parler was Ma Dutian's right-hand man. He was not only a powerful fighter but also competent in everything else aside from being very resourceful.

Ma Dutian smiled faintly, "Not bad! What do you think of it?"

"The assassin must be from the Dark Shadow of the Li. These assassins are worth their salt, but they had underestimated Wang Tong after all."

Only a very few people knew that House of Li was still in control of one of the deadliest assassin group. This group had been affiliated with House of Li ever since General Li Feng was in power, and later, it had shifted its role to that of protecting the personal safety of members of House of Li.

"I was asking about your opinion on Wang Tong."

Parler paused to reflect on the question, and said after a while "I am not sure about this boy."

"Haha, even you can't get a handle on the boy's real power?"

"Yes. I can tell that this young man possesses the experience and willpower that is unheard of among his peers. His age seemed to contradict the power in him we have seen so far."

Ma Dutian lolled in the sofa and watched quietly on the screen as Wang Tong killed the assassin with ease. He saw a cold and vile demon inside the young and energetic body, forming a perfect contradiction. There had been one such person in history that had presented such an enigma, and he had made a new world for the humans to thrive in. Ma Dutian wondered what Wang Tong would create or destroy with his unimaginable power.

One week later, Wang Tong, Karl, Zhou Sisi and Cao Yi arrived at the moon. They were received by the tournament hosting committee and were sent to their accommodations.

If Earth represented the human's glory history, then Moon represented human's future, as everything on the moon looked modern and was of cutting-edge technology.

Thousand years ago, the moon had still been a barren rock, and after centuries of development, it had become the bastion of human civilization. The streets on the moon were the cleanest and the most well organized among all other human settlements. The citizens of the moon also enjoyed the best welfare program, and the largest degree of freedom compared to that of other planets.

Despite its low rate of street gang crimes, the moon was a haven for white-collar criminals.

It was the first time the four earthling students ever visited the moon, and therefore, they were shocked by the neatly arranged streets and beautiful city scenery.

It was a city built on sophisticated artistic taste.

In a large room, Karl leaped on to a soft and huge bed.

Cao Yi studied the various equipment catering to their basic amenities while taking notes from time to time. The room even came with a hologram projector and a service bot.

Seventy percent of the Ivantian families used the service bots, a number which dropped down to twenty percent on Earth, and twelve on Mars. These three numbers were an indication of the level of development of the three human worlds.

Although the moon was smaller than earth and mars, its compact size also made the development and management of the settlements a more manageable task compared to Earth and Mars.

The four shared the same room with a service bot to take care of any need they would have.

After they had taken a brief tour of the city, the students returned to their rooms and started to discuss tomorrow's match. But it was hard to come up with any concrete plan before they knew who they would be fighting against.

Karl lay on the bed and said, "As long as I'm not up against Boss, I can handle pretty much anyone."

"Hehe, it's not very likely you will meet Wang Tong. Don't worry about it." Zhou Sisi cracked a smile and said.