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Chapter 307: Annihilation

Chapter 307: Annihilation

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However, Flash's reinforcement kept on pouring in. Another wave of infantry pressed forward towards Paris's base. As long as Paris was able to defend against this wave, she would be able to force Flash into a 'gg'.

"Eh? What is going on? Where is Paris's reinforcement?"

The host screamed as Flash quickly made his way into Paris's base during a vacuum of the latter's unit production chain.

The two bases that Paris had just built had slowed down her unit supply. In other words, the period of force vacuum was induced by Flash's careful planning using the other two bases as bait.

Flash remained calm, as most of his forces were already in front of the Kaedeian's base. Under his command, heavy armored units started pouring steel onto the small group of METAL fighters defending the base.

The base was in danger.

While the main force was making tailwinds, two smaller units were dispatched from Flash's base and circling the map to the other two defenseless bases.

Paris finally typed in "gg."

The simulation became quiet as everyone was shocked by the turn of events.

Flash flexed his neck muscle after his victory. What he had shown was the true sense of strategy, as he was able to foresee the disconnection in his opponent's unit supply without using any scouts.

"Sh*t, Flash is getting sneakier. His ruse was the most convincing one I have ever seen."

Excitement flashed across Wang Tong's face as he was eager to fight against such a powerful commander who had learned to seize total control of the battle.

Kaedeians exchanged a few muffled words to each other as their comrade's defeat dumbfounded them. Flash's strategy was not only plain and simple, but also held a few rough edges. They were convinced from the beginning of the battle that Flash was going to be defeated in seconds.

KKK's face became gloomy. He had seen through Flash's ruse; however, he struggled to find a counter.

Most audiences didn't realize the real reason behind Flash's victory. Instead, they considered the earthling boy had struck lucky in this round and caught an opening in the Kaedeian's defense by accident. What they failed to understand was that as the top fighter among Kaedeians, Paris would not make such a critical mistake without any particular reasons.

Five minutes later, the second round started.

The two started the match with the same openings.

Flash remained calm as he started to prepare his first wave of aggression; Paris was more vigilant this time as she focused on defense instead of expansion. During the early a couple skirmishes, Paris was able to gain a drop on her opponent. However, about 15 minutes into the game, Flash sent out a massive wave of forces, and once it engaged in combat with Paris, her defense forces started to falter again for no apparent reasons. Very quickly, the Kaedeian's base collapsed, and Paris was forced to type in "gg" again.

The second round was even more peculiar than the first to the audience.

The score was at two to zero; the earthling was already half a step into the gate of final four.

Kaedeians requested a time-out at the match point to revise their strategy. Paris looked confused and helpless after being defeated twice in a row. The weak link in her units were very hard to detect even in her own scrutiny, as it wouldn’t show up until her forces were engaged in combat. She couldn't refrain from marveling at her opponent's acute battle awareness, and the ability to foretell future.

After the time-out, the third round started. Flash sipped some water, and still looking placid.

As soon as the third round started, some of the audiences shrieked in excitement as they noticed that the Kaedeian was about to unleash her coup de grace.

It was the forward base formation, the most extreme form of the Kaedeian's fighting style. Usually, only the ones that had earned the match point would use such a risky move. However, desperation had driven Paris to take the risk, hoping to surprise her opponent. Despite its element of surprise, this method would expose her base outside of her defense line. Therefore, once it was detected, she would face immediate annihilation.

Flash seemed unsuspecting of her unique opening formation as he opened the game with his usual strategies and sent out his scout. Everyone calculated that by the time Flash's scout reached Paris's base, so would the Kaedeian's first wave of the rush. Without anything to defend himself, Flash would lose this round in a heartbeat.

"Gosh! Flash's scout is moving towards the south. Did he already realize his opponent's strategy? "

The host shouted out, and the earthlings among the audiences boiled over at the development. They had become anxious for Flash after seeing Paris's unorthodox move. However, as they were about to lose hope, Flash surprised them again.

The scout had detected Paris's hidden units, and although the scout was quickly done away by Paris's infantry, information Flash had gathered should allow him to prepare for his opponent's attack. Once Flash had amassed a group of units, he would be able to easily defeat Paris's meager force due to her crippled economy.

After Paris had gotten rid of the scout, she sent out the small harassment force into Flash's base, hoping to interrupt Flash's fleet economy.

Meanwhile, Paris had given up on scouting. Instead, she ordered the construction of a starport at the corner of her base behind a little hill.

This was a brilliant move.

Although Paris lacked the number when compared to Flash's forces, she wagered that most of Fash's units would be ground units, and would lack the air defense capabilities. Therefore, she was confident that her airborne units would catch Flash off guard and tip the scale of the battle in her favor.

However, as everyone was marveling at Paris's ingenious move, one of Flash's scouting units turned around right before Paris's base and moved towards the little hill at the left corner of the map. Everyone's hearts were caught in their throats as the scout zeroed in on Paris’ construction unit who were bustling about, building the starport.

Kaedeian audiences face turned pale at the sight of the unwitting constriction unit murdered by the scout unit.

A wave of cheers erupted from the audiences.

When Paris realized her construction unit had been destroyed, her body seemed to sink into her chair as if life had been sucked out from her body.

Flash had demonstrated a God-like ability to control the flow of battle and predict enemy’s intentions. He had fulfilled the wishes that Capth had instilled in him.

Flash's power was unimaginable!

Everyone was shocked by the incredible display of strength. "Flash from Capth, everybody… He is INVINCIBLE!"

The giant arena was filled with cheers and shouts, celebrating King Flash's victory.

"What a bada*s! " Karl was impressed by what he saw, and he was one of the very few people who were able to discern the full extent of Flash's power in addition to his apparent victory.

"This is getting interesting!" Flash's incredible power ignited Wang Tong's fighting spirit as he started to doubt if he would be able to overcome him in a battle. This uncertainty and the sense of challenge was refreshing to Wang Tong. He gladly accepted the challenge in his mind, as he was determined to win the tournament in front of Ma Xiaoru.

"Flash, could you please tell us how you feel after getting the ticket to the final four?"

In front of the camera, Flash remained calm and level-headed, like a perfect commander. "The opponent was pretty strong, and she had fought well. As for me, I have only one goal… to become the champion."

"Well, I believe you have spoken out loud today for all the earthlings who were watching your match with us. Tell me, who do you think would be the biggest challenge on your way to the tittle of the champion?"

"Haha, everyone is a good challenge. I love fighting, and I always look forward to fighting any of the contestants." Flash cracked a smile and then announced candidly.

"Thank you Flash. We hope you are able to continue your good work in the rest of your matches."

In the afternoon, Wang Tong and GoRush's match started. Wang Tong was a new addition to the earthling team, as he was relatively unknown to the public before he joined the tournament. His opponent was the Ivantian's strongest fleet commander who focused on early aggression, GoRush. GoRush was the most powerful at the very beginning of the game, and so far, no one was able to fend off against his early rush attack.