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Chapter 309: Strong Opponent

Chapter 309: Strong Opponent

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Cheers could be heard everywhere in Ayrlarng; teachers had canceled classes for the students to watch Wang Tong's game. Everyone felt that Wang Tong's victory did not only belong to himself, but also to all the students of Ayrlarng.

It had been a while since Ayrlarng had a victory in any tournament. It was much needed for this school full of glorious history, and had brought Ayrlarng back to the public's attention.

Some of the older teachers who had seen Ayrlarng falling from grace when they were young held tears in their eyes. An approving smile rose on Gansus's ever stoical face as he considered Wang Tong had done a great job in punishing the Ivantians for their deceit.

"Congratulations, Wang Tong! You will meet Flash in the final battle. Do you think your victory was largely due to your opponent's slip up?" The host was an Ivantian, and he still couldn't come to terms with GoRush's defeat.

"Hehe, yeah, perhaps. Or maybe he was not yet ready for serious tournaments. I look forward to the match with Flash." Wang Tong replied, the sarcastic undertone making Karl smile. It had occurred to Karl that he might have overestimated the Ivantian's ability, since it was then clear that the Ivantians were also prone to the effect of emotions.

The first seed group had finished its matches, and the two contestants from the earth: Wang Tong and Flash, were about to meet again in the semifinals. It would be a battle between two incredible commanders: one possessing God-like battle awareness, and the other having an impenetrable defense. But who would prevail?

Both Wang Tong and Flash had waited for this fight. Although it was not the final fight for the championship, they were happy to have each other as the opponent.

Wang Tong and Flash's victory had motivated Karl, making him more eager to send the arrogant KKK home.

The first day's match was over.

Flash was not surprised by his and Wang Tong's victory, and he wrote down his thoughts in the notebook.

The ring-tone of the Skynet broke his train of thoughts.

"Congratulations, you have done well today." A soft and caring voice rose from the terminal.

"Thank you." Flash put away his pen. Respect flickered in his eyes as he watched the person on the screen.

"I don't have anything urgent to say; I just want to tell you that I want you to defeat Wang Tong. Make sure that he won't show up in the final. " Although being caught off guard by request, Flash nodded and said, "Wang Tong is my nemesis, I will go all out in this fight." After turning off the Skynet, Flash heaved a sigh and conceded that he would have no choice but to win.

Meanwhile, in another room, Wang Tong's face remained indifferent while Li Ruoer spoke to him over the Skynet.

"You had struck lucky again. Once you have passed Flash, I promise I would bring Ma Xiaoru to the arena."

Li Ruoer's voice sounded cold and distant, but Wang Tong didn't mind, knowing that the enchantress meant him no harm.

The second half of the quarter-final was about to begin.

KKK enjoyed his host advantage as he basked in the thunderous cheers of the Ivantian audiences. While he was not engaged in fleet combat, KKK was a very approachable and polite young man. Therefore, he had won over the hearts of many fans.

The Ivantians knew that during a battle, two contestants would compete both in terms of physical strength, as well as psychological conditioning. Therefore, they took KKK's rude and arrogant behavior as a ploy of his battle.

The Ivantian's opponent was Niche from the Royal Kaedeian academy. The Kaedeian had gained considerable pressure from this year's tournament after they saw the rise of excellent commanders from Earth and the Moon. Their unique fighting style had prevailed until a few days ago, when an earthling boy called Wang Tong had successfully countered it.

The battle started.

KKK didn't use any psychological tactics, knowing that it would be useless against a Kaedeian. It was time to rely only on his skills. After five rounds of battle, KKK won the match with the score of three to two.

Despite the final victory, it had been a close call for KKK.

Karl pouted and then jested, "His skill was just so-so. Looks like Boss and I would see each other in the final. Haha!"

"You better focus on your fight at hand. " Wang Tong cracked a smile.

Karl waved his hand and then said, "A piece of cake. The Kaedeian had an obvious venerable spot. I will show you."

Cao Yi smiled knowingly.

"We will take you up on that. Don't you slip up and lose the fight!" Wang Tong threatened Karl.

"Don't you worry. I am every calm and level-headed. It's impossible for me to slip up. Hahaha!" Everyone shook their head at Karl's silliness.

Although one of the Ivantians had entered the semi-final, the Ivantians had felt it would be a pity if KKK failed at the quarter-final stage. With the host advantage, they were confident that KKK would be able to get rid of the Kaedeian.

Although KKK was able to defeat Niche, Niche was far from the strongest commander of the Kaedeians. The title for that went to Karl's opponent, Lola.

Although Lola was only a third-year student, many Kaedeians, including Paris, were her students since she was already a member of the Royal Kaedeian's instructors. Usually, for the sake of secrecy, Kaedeians would not send out their best fighter to a tournament. However, Wang Tong's appearance had made them break that rule.

KKK had heard of Lola. As he learned that Niche was Lola's student, his face became gloomy as he started to worry about the possible encounter with Lola in the semi-final. He was convinced that Karl was going to be destroyed by Lola.

KKK's fear was shared by his schoolmates, as the students at the Lustre Academy had already started to research ways to defeat Lola. Lola's fighting style was plain and simple, but extremely effective. She was able to overcome her opponent without infuriating them, as every defeated opponent was able to learn something new after finishing one match with Lola.

Niche's failure had forced the Kaedeians into a tight spot. In other words, Lola had to win since the honor of her entire race was at stake.

Lola conceded that not only the Kaedeian's opponent's had gotten used to their fighting style, they had also improved their skills by leap and bounds in a short period.

She lamented over the fact that humans were very much like the Zergs regarding their adaptivity.

The Kaedeians had conducted numerous researches on Zergs and humans, and the more experiment they performed, the clearer it had occurred to them that Human race was much more dangerous than Zerg.

They found out that humans seemed to be engineered by their creator for interstellar expansion, because they had unrivaled ability to learn new technologies and absorb new ideas. The Kaedeians conceded that the only way to keep the human power at bay was to contain it before its development gained any real momentum. Otherwise, there would be no room in the vast space for Kaedeians.

No one knew the exact terms in the pact that General Li Feng had made with the Kaedeians. But ever since, the Kaedeians had decided to work with the humans instead of against them.

The Kaedeians were aware that the humans worshiped strength, and therefore, they knew they needed to display their strength to win their human counterpart's respect. Fleet combat was the stage they had chosen to present their power.