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Chapter 313: Stay Together

Chapter 313: Stay Together

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It was hard for anyone to not think about the sight of the battle between the two most powerful warriors.

Karl's eyes lit up with resolution, and then he turned to Wang Tong, "One day, you would become as strong as these two!"

Zhou Sisi and Cao Yi smiled away Karl's wishful thinking. Both of them agreed that Wang Tong was a powerful fighter. However, he was still a mortal, unlike the two legends who were considered gods.

They were the miracles because what they had done could never be repeated. They had saved the human world from the brink of extinction while it was under the attacks from both the Kaedeians and the Zergs. In a twisted way, Li Feng and Rilangalos's rise to power was also a product of their time.

Wang Tong cracked a smile, thinking that Karl had spoken half the truth. As the heir of the Blade Warrior, he indeed had the potential to become as powerful as his predecessor.

That being said, Wang Tong felt that he was very different than General Li Feng, as he did not possess grand ambitions, nor did he enjoy the burden of saving humankind.

The four loitered in the Ivantian streets until the night was turning dark. Wang Tong checked his watch and realized that it was time for his cultivation. Although he was occupied with the fleet combat during the day, he never stopped his cultivation. Using the crystal, he was able to train as much as his opponents would.

Wang Tong separated from the other three and started back to the accommodation, leaving the three in awe of Wang Tong's self-control and determination.

Although Wang Tong never liked to be alone, he enjoyed the quietness of the crystal space. He registered that the crystal space was the best place to further his soul energy, as the effect of cultivation was increased with the increased difficulty. He wondered if Li Feng had purposely left the crystal to him, knowing that the Tactics of the Blade alone would not be able to help him become his heir.

Although cultivation was more efficient inside the dream-like space, it’s still progressed at a snail's pace. Persistence and forbearance had remained the key to achieving more powerful soul energies.

Meanwhile, in House of Ma, a "family meeting" was in progress.

Ma Dutian and Wu Xin had rejected Ma Xiaoru's request to go to the Moon outright.

"Mom, you had agreed that as long as Wang Tong entered the final, I would be able to go to the Moon to watch his match and —"

"He is not in the final yet, is he?" Wu Xin cut her daughter short.

Li Ruoer stood beside Ma Xiaoru and knew that the Ma parents were merely putting on a show for her. Since they had already received her family's marriage proposal, it would be considered untoward if Ma Xiaoru's parents allowed their daughter to see her secret lover freely.

"Uncle and aunt Ma, just let her go. She was Wang Tong's classmate as well as a comrade; I think she should go. I am sure if you ask my brother, he would say the same. It's normal to have friends, and even I want to cheer for him because he is from earth. Don't you worry about her safety, I will be her bodyguard!"

"Well, since Ruoer has put it this way... Fine, but come back as soon as the game is done."

"Yes, old man! Haha, roger that!"

Although Wu Xin was in a good mood because of the recovery of Ma Xiaoru's sea of consciousness, she still had a reserved opinion about Wang Tong. However, she believed in her husband's discernment, and thought that her cautious husband would not place so much faith in Wang Tong for no reason.

She also understood that sometimes, the best way to guide a teenage girl was to let go instead of tightening the noose. As Ma Xiaoru's mother, she didn't care less about who Ma Xiaoru married to, as long as he was able to look after her daughter. To protect her daughter from making costly mistakes, she watched over Ma Xiaoru's shoulder.

The perfect candidate for Ma Xiaoru, Wu Xin thought, not only had to be someone Ma Xiaoru loved, but also had to have the sense of responsibility. After all, once the two got married, the groom would inherit the FFC and its secrets together with Ma Xiaoru. Therefore, the integrity of an entire family was at stake.

Wu Xin knew that House of Ma held unimaginable secrets, but she never asked her husband for details.

Li Ruoer had spoken out her family's compromise to Ma Xiaoru's request, and therefore, Ma Dutian had finally agreed to his daughter's demand. Meanwhile, he allowed Li Ruoer to accompany Ma Xiaoru, not only for safety concerns, but also a promise to the Li that nothing would happen between Ma Xiaoru and Wang Tong during the visit to the moon. To be frank, although Wu Xin considered Li Shiming a fine young man, she never liked House of Li either.

Her parents' permission had put a skip into Ma Xiaoru's steps. She had already forgotten that Wang Tong was still in the semi-finals, and to get to the final, he would need to overcome the so far invincible Flash.

Li Ruoer thought Wang Tong would have at most 50% chance of defeating Flash. While looking at Ma Xiaoru who acted like Wang Tong was already in the final, Li Ruoer lamented the amount of damage infatuation would do to one's wits.

As Ma Xiaoru walked away with Li Ruoer, Wu Xin shook her head and marveled at the wisdom of Li Ruoer at such a young age. Before the "family meeting," Wu Xin had already exchanged a few words with Li Ruoer, asking her take on the marriage. Li Ruoer made it clear that Li Shiming was very much into Ma Xiaoru, but since Ma Xiaoru was still too young, she recommended Wu Xin not to push her daughter into the marriage. Li Ruoer also agreed with Wu Xin's notion that only the strongest would be able to hold Ma Xiaoru's hand, and she thought the tournament would be an excellent opportunity to weed out the weak.

Wu Xin didn't disclose the conversation to Ma Xiaoru. Ma Dutian's intention in offering Wang Tong an opportunity had eluded Wu Xin. However, for the sake of fairness, she reasoned that House Ma should also provide Li Shiming a chance as well. Compared to Wang Tong, who had rushed to ask for Ma Xiaoru's hand, Li Shiming seemed more respectful in his approach as he wanted to start things slow.

However, Li Shiming's opinion was a drastic contrast with that of his father. Li Zhidao treated the marriage as a business; it was nothing more than the forging of an alliance.

Although Wu Xin knew that Li Shiming's wedding proposal was not entirely without his father's influence, she was happy to see that Li Shiming didn't see things in the same extreme perspective as his father.

Recently, Ma Dutian had been very busy with the technical difficulties in the new battery FFC was working on. They were almost there, but a few technical wrinkles stubbornly persisted to exist.

Despite the already astronomical cost that House of Ma had invested in the research, Ma Dutian poured more money into the advancement of technology every day, because he was convinced that making the scientific breakthrough was the only core value that House of Ma could bring to the world.

After Wang Tong finished his cultivation, he went straight to bed to make sure he was well rested for the competition. Wang Tong and Flash knew each other well, and therefore, they both knew that there would be a tough fight ahead of them. The promise of seeing Ma Xiaoru at the final match lent Wang Tong determination. He knew that he couldn't let Ma Xiaoru down.

The next day morning, Wang Tong woke up and found out that Cao Yi and Karl were already gone.

"Where are Karl and Cao Yi?" Wang Tong asked Zhou Sisi.

"They said they are going to prepare by themselves, and told you not to worry about them." Zhou Sisi said.

Wang Tong nodded. He agreed that Karl's opponent was not an easy target, and the more he prepared, the better.