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Chapter 320: Revenge

Chapter 320: Revenge

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Students at Ayrlarng had boiled over Wang Tong's victory. After defeating Flash, Wang Tong had proven himself as the King of the Fleet Battle. Wang Tong found it hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, he had been struggling to recover his depleted soul energy.

Wang Tong had become not only the pride of Ayrlarng, but also all the other A class academies.

Xiaoru hugged Ruoer in a fit of excitement. She knew Wang Tong would be successful, and she was right.

Perhaps the only person who was troubled by Wang Tong's display of strength was KKK.

However unwilling he was, KKK would have to face Wang Tong in the final. Karl's injury had forced him to withdraw from the tournament.

KKK didn't mind the investigation; he knew that the Ivantian task force would only brush the incident off with some perfunctory statements. Plus, the person who was directly involved in Karl's injury had already fled the Moon, out of the task force's justification.

However despicable the method was, KKK had finally entered the final, and despite the power of his opponent, he was convinced that he still had a chance due to the randomness in the fleet combat's outcome.

"For f*ck sake! He almost had him!" Porten shouted out angrily and kicked at the coffee table heavily.

"Brother Porten, don't be so caught up in a minor defeat. Plus, I am very pleased with Flash's performance. "

"You are too forgiving! Sometimes, you need to tighten the noose too. Doesn't matter, I wouldn't let Wang Tong take the title of Champion home. We can't rely on KKK, that guy is an idiot. Without my help, he couldn't have even handled Karl and his friend Cao Yi."

Li Shiming cracked a smile and then nodded. "No need to play the same card twice. Plus, the committee has already formed a task force investigating the incidence."

"What are we supposed to do? Let Wang Tong take the championship? " Porten retorted indignantly.

Li Shiming smiled away the question. He knew that Porten wouldn't risk getting his hands dirty again.

Porten signed off, and Li Shiming turned off the terminal.

"My lord, let me get rid of that guy, I promise no one would know who did it." A dark shadow whispered behind Li Shiming.

Li Shiming waved his had in dismissal, as the dark shadow faded away slowly.

It was already too late to kill Wang Tong. The failure of the first assassination attempt had already alerted the Ma. Li Shiming conceded that any additional bold move would disrupt the intricate balance between the two families.

He had only one shot at handling the problem in the simplest way, and he had missed his opportunity by then.

Plus, Li Shiming had prepared something even more painful than death for Wang Tong. He would allow Wang Tong to enter the final and defeat him in front of Ma Xiaoru's eyes. Li Shiming wanted to make Wang Tong see himself for who he really was, a piss poor orphan who grew up in the ghetto. He wanted to show Wang Tong the consequences of asking for things that did not belong to him.

Li Shiming was involved in Karl's incidence as well; he knew it from the beginning that the other two fools, KKK and Porten, would never handle the issue and escape without his help.

After the battle, Flash reflected on his defeat in the resting room by himself. He didn't feel remorse, because he knew that he had already done his best. Although he would not be able to claim the championship, his defeat had shown him the areas where he could improve.

The ringing of Skynet disturbed his train of thought.

"I am sorry," Flash said immediately after he turned on the Skynet terminal.

Instead of scathing criticism, Flash heard Li Shiming's applause. "You had done very well in this match. Although the outcome was not what you had expected, your battle does not end here. I believe there is a bigger stage waiting for you out there!"


"Don't blame yourself too hard on the defeat, but fight harder next time, and let your mother and I be proud of you. "

Li Shiming shut off the terminal. He didn't mind giving Flash a second chance, since he was full of potential.

The news of Wang Tong and KKK's final match spread quickly.

Samantha had taken time off to go to the Moon City and cheer for Wang Tong. She also pressed her concern to the investigation team regarding Karl's injury, as she doubted that it was a random accident.

Samantha invited the four students to a dinner. When Karl walked into the room, he didn't even seem to be bothered by the unfortunate event at all.

"Karl, you must feel relieved, don't you?" Samantha asked.

Wang Tong hadn't seen Samantha for a while, and he couldn't help notice that she had become even more beautiful than she had ever been. Wang Tong was enjoying her attractive features like enjoying a painting in the public museum, as his admiration was devoid of any sense of attachment and belonging. Their reuniting had turned out to be much less awkward than they both had thought. Although they had broken up, they didn't leave any feud or regret behind, as they simply let go of each other to chase after their dreams.

"You are very observant! What's in me for defeating KKK anyways? Only to be bullied by Boss again. Too much trouble for too little reward." Karl waved his hands as if he wanted to drop the matter.

Zhou Sisi and Cao Yi shook their heads. Although Karl was brave, if not reckless, he faltered and grew timid every time he was up against his mentor, Wang Tong.

Truth be told, Karl was one of the two people who had truly possessed the ability to fight against Wang Tong. The other person was Flash. However, even the thought of fighting Wang Tong would send a wave of panic through Karl's system and turn him into a bundle of nerves.

"It's all on you now, Wang Tong. As for Karl's incident, I am very certain that KKK was involved. I will make sure the investigation fulfills its duty. You have to make KKK pay for what he did during the final."

"You bet. I will make him give up on his fleet battle career entirely." Despite the smile on Wang Tong's face, his voice held an edge of calm that threatened to explode.

"Wang Tong, your Art of the Soaring Heaven was awesome. I have heard people comparing you with Einherjar Wannabe. "

"Bullsh*t! Boss's execution was much more fluid than Wannabe. Even I could defeat Einherjar Wannabe if he dared accept my challenge! " Karl retorted.

Wang Tong smiled away the topic and then said, "We use the same fighting style, so they ought to look similar."

There were too many dangerous secrets in Wang Tong, so he had tried his best to hide his secrets away from his friends. He had become more vigilant ever since the assassination attempt, as he had started to worry for the safety of his friends.

"The less you know, the safer you are."—Quote from Old Fart.

Ma Xiaoru and Li Ruoer had already arrived the Moon city. They were both very familiar with the city, since both of their families owned business assets here. They arrived in secrecy and waited for the match patiently. Xiaoru had wanted to meet Wang Tong, but she then thought it was better not to disturb his preparation for the game.

Unknown to Ma Xiaoru, Li Ruoer had already informed Wang Tong of their arrival, hoping that the excitement would distract Wang Tong from his training. However, Wang Tong was unaffected by her ploy.

Li Ruoer had hoped that KKK would be able to orchestrate another "incidence," but the thought of Wang Tong's fighting ability told her that it was impossible for KKK's goons to harm Wang Tong as they did to Karl.

An Earthling and an Ivantian had finally once again competed for the championship after so many decades. Although it wasn't a breakthrough for the Ivantians to enter the final stage, it was for the earthlings.

KKK was a typical Ivantian fighter, as he had impeccable micro control, as well as a good sense of overall strategy. After generations of gene modification programs, the Ivantians held an advantage over the other subraces due to their carefully selected genes.

However, this time, facing an equally potent commander Wang Tong, how would KKK handle the challenge?

Over ninety percent of the audiences were Ivantians, and therefore, KKK had also held a home advantage.

After waves of shouts called out his name, KKK stepped out from behind the stage. His stride held the same confidence as a champion.

Wang Tong had also stepped onto the stage. Under his calm appearance, currents of seething anger rolled and surged, seeking revenge.

KKK threw Wang Tong a contemptuous glance, trying to infuriate the earthling boy.