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Chapter 321: Final Victory

Chapter 321: Final Victory

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Wang Tong smiled indifferently, he knew that he could mess around with KKK's soul energy right then if he wanted to, but he didn't do it, not because he was afraid of the investigation, but because he wanted him to "enjoy" the match with a lucid mind.

Xiaoru and Li Ruoer had also arrived at the tournament. Ma Xiaoru wanted to sit in the front row. However, after Li Ruoer's persistent coaxing, they stayed in a VIP room.

Wang Tong flexed his fingers before he rested them on the keyboard. He didn't want to show the "cruel" side of him in front of Ma Xiaoru, but he had already promised everyone to make the Ivantian pay for what he had done.

The closer it was to the start of the first round, the louder the Ivantians cheered for their player. Most Ivantians still believed that KKK would win the match with a score of three to none.

As everyone wondered what opening would Want Tong chose to use, they discovered in disbelief that it was the Art of Soaring Heaven, the strategy that had only been countered once by Flash ever since its conception.

To everyone's surprise, when KKK's scout was on his way to Wang Tong's base, Wang Tong's scout stood still in the middle of the path, as if it were waiting to intercept and destroy KKK's scout.

"Wow, that's a ballsy move! I hope that Wang Tong knows what he is doing. "

"Rumors had it that Karl's injury wasn't a coincidence, and the tournament had already dispatched a team investigating the event. If that were true, I understand Wang Tong's anger, but I hope he won't let the anger get the better of him."

The two hosts, one from the earth and the other Ivantian. Both were so infatuated with their players that they didn't care to hold back the edge in their exchange of comments.

Even knowing that it was a trap, KKK spurred his scout forward to meet its opponent. The Ivantian was convinced that Wang Tong would not be able to gain any advantage while they were both using the same unit.

However, as soon as the two scouts started firing at each other, KKK immediately felt the power of Wang Tong's superior AMP, so he quickly pulled his scout back and danced around Wang Tong's unit, trying to avoid a confrontation. After a few moments, KKK knew that he had to pull the unit back to the base. Otherwise, it would be lost for good. He also wagered that it would be a victory for him once his scout escaped alive, since failing to finish off the scout would undoubtedly infuriate Wang Tong and make him lose his inner balance.

As KKK's scout's life bar was drained to almost zero, it turned on its heels and started back.

When everyone thought that Wang Tong was about to lose his prey, Wang Tong's scout executed an incredible move, blocking his enemy's escape route and killing the other scout after firing a couple of shots.

"Gosh! Do I see this? Isn't it the METAL fighter Milotour's 720-degree spin?"

"This is incredible! Perfect micro control, Perfect! "

While Wang Tong was battling against KKK's scout, he also started constructions at his base. The Art of the Soaring Heaven did not allow even the slightest mistake in timing. However difficult it was to pull off the Art of the Soaring Heaven, Wang Tong had done it with ease.

KKK had never experienced the real Art of the Soaring Heaven, since none of his practice partners were capable of doing so.

Some experts argued that KKK had lost the game the moment he had lost his scout.

Already, Wang Tong had gathered a large group of force and charged out toward KKK's base.

"Hold on! Is it just me or there was a construction unit mixed with the invading force?" It wasn't just the host, everyone had seen the construction unit and was equally perplexed.

The audiences were even more shocked when they saw that instead of attacking KKK's base, Wang Tong's stealth units loitered outside the perimeter of KKK's base while his construction unit started building an HQ right next to the gate to KKK's main base.

Seeing the blatant taunt, KKK's face was contorted by anger. He was still a long way from setting up the radar to counter the stealth units, and therefore, he did not know how to respond other than sit and watch his enemy's base being built. The helplessness made KKK taste bile in his mouth.

Bisu shook his head and lamented that KKK's control was even worse than his, and he was convinced that KKK's defeat was imminent.

"I bet he was involved in Karl's injury. It's not smart to piss Wang Tong off." Bisu said and then shook his head.

Flash nodded, "Wang Tong's psychological condition was extremely stable, so KKK's little trick won't work on him. He would soon find out that he had ended up shooting himself in the feet."

KKK had attempted breaching the blockade, but without the aid of radar, all of KKK's units that dare stepped out of his base were slaughtered by Wang Tong's stealth units.

KKK's hands were tied, and he conceded that he was trapped inside his base, and forced to watch Wang Tong's buildings being erected in front of him like a permanent mark of humiliation on the map.

Ivantians audiences became silent at the turn of events. They had hoped to see a fierce battle, but what they got instead was a scene of bullying.

A few moments later, KKK typed "gg" and conceded his defeat. Being pushed to the corner and unable to do anything, KKK found the embarrassment unbearable. However, this was only the beginning of his torment.

The second round started. Infuriated, KKK was still trying to come to terms with his defeat. No one in any official tournament had used such a humiliating method, since those strategies were reserved only when the strongest players wanted to toy with their playthings.

In the second round, Wang Tong didn't use the Art of Soaring Heaven. Instead, he had built up his base following a standard two base strategy. After KKK's scout discovered Wang Tong's seemingly beguine opening, he was convinced that it was time for him to avenge his defeat.

KKK had used the Ivantian's preferred strategy that combined both the aggression and the defense. It had been proven to be powerful when used against other ordinary players. As soon as Wang Tong's scout sniffed out KKK's intention, Wang Tong knew that KKK had risen to the bait, and soon it would the time to deliver a soul-crushing blow.

Lured by the promise of revenge, KKK's became more focused on his micro control and the management of his base. Meanwhile, Wang Tong carried out the game nonchalantly, and his two base opening tactic seemed dull compared to that of KKK.

Both players were gathering forces. When Wang Tong started building the transport ships, everyone realized he was about to use the Art of Karl.

"A delayed Art of Karl. Interesting... It looks like Wang Tong's intention was more in embarrassing his opponent than defeating him."

"I say he was playing with fire. KKK was a force to be reckoned with after all, and he was not a rookie."

"I agree. It is too risky. If he wanted to avenge Karl, there were many safer approaches."

Despite the lack of evidence, everyone knew that KKK was involved in Karl's incident. Although many audiences sympathized with Karl's injury, they also worried that the thought of vengeance would disturb Wang Tong's calmness and lead him to his downfall.

As Bisu and Kal exchanged their concerns about Wang Tong's delayed deployment of Art of Karl, Flash shook his head and said, "There is no need to worry about Wang Tong. He knows what he is doing. His battle awareness means that he wouldn't need to follow any strategy strictly."

No one knew Wang Tong better than Flash regarding fleet combat. Flash was convinced that although Wang Tong's strategy looked like a mix match of different styles, he was in full control of the moves, including the most critical aspect of fleet battle: timing.

Seeing that Wang Tong had held back his force and didn't attack, KKK started reckless expansion and built his fourth base. He was confident that as long as he was able to gain the upper hand in the early game concerning the economy, he would be invulnerable in the late game thanks to the sheer magnitude of his economy. All the while, he snickered at Wang Tong's incoherent strategy that seemed to lack a solid goal.

In a few more minutes, KKK reasoned that his new bases would be up and running, and he was confident that even if Wang Tong started an assault right then, his force would be able to hold their ground for more than a few minutes.

Zhang Jin yawned and stretched her body. She was hoping to watch a more exciting confrontation, but this game bored her. Besides, she was disgusted by KKK's despicable act, so she had utterly lost her interest in the game. She walked to the kitchen to grab a bottle of juice, and when she was back in front of the TV, she saw Wang Tong's army had already charged into KKK's base—just like she had predicted.

It wasn't until Wang Tong revealed his real intention that the audiences realized the reason behind Wang Tong's prolonged inactivity—He was preparing four additional lines of attacks, all airdrop units.

The four airdrop units, the main invading army, and the base formed six fronts that required Wang Tong's attention, but he had managed everything with confidence and ease.

A large-scale battle broke out immediately. Although KKK was able to hold his ground at the front line for a while, Wang Tong's superior micro control had quickly overwhelmed him, as KKK was slowly losing his edge.

As KKK started to panic for the slowly crumbling defense, he found fire suddenly surrounding his buildings behind the defensive lines. He had finally noticed the four groups of airdrop units wrecking havoc deep inside his base. Controlling six fronts at the same time, Wang Tong still looked relaxed; his opponent was too weak.

KKK's front line units dropped like flies, and buildings in his base collapsed one after another. He was defeated, inside out.