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Chapter 324: New Hope

Chapter 324: New Hope

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As the starting day for the tournament drew near, participants of the METAL combat started the final preparations for the qualification matches. Everyone, including the "Fantastic Five," would have to go through the qualification process. This would provide a few lucky combatants with the precious opportunities to experience the most potent tactics first hand.

Meanwhile, the advertisement for the METAL tournament had reached every corner of the street. The tournament had gained support from both the military as well as many politicians, since it was not only able to encourage more people in the confederation to take up a career as a soldier, but it was also a check up on the average combat strength of youth in different factions. Therefore, the tournament provided a reliable assessment of the future recruits to the military.

What had added more hype to this year's tournament was the special award offered by the Templar's court. No one outside of the inner court had ever been allowed into the Hall of Valhalla, not even members of the House of Li, since the Templar believed that only the chosen ones favored by their god—the Blade Warrior—would have the right of entering the sacred grounds.

Rumors had it that the real intention behind the unprecedented decision of the court was to find the chosen one that would become the Master of the Templar. The Templar's augur had seen war and turmoil in their dreams, and therefore, they needed to get ready and find the heir of the Blade Warrior as soon as possible.

But who and how would they choose among the qualified combatants?

Regardless of the unanswered questions, the thought of becoming the leader of the Templar was tempting enough for all the participants of the tournament.

The Templar always had been a force to be reckoned with, and therefore, all families were eager to have the Templar's power on their side. The other four houses knew that once House of Li had gained the support of the Templar, they would quickly dominate the different factions. Therefore, preventing Li Shiming from entering the Hall of Valhalla had become the priority for fighters from the other four houses. It had been a comforting thought for the members of the other houses that the Templar's court had never offered the House of Li any special treatment. From the Templar's point of view, Blade Warrior's blessing belonged to the entire humanity.

Wang Tong was determined to enter the Hall and try to find out the real answer to Mr. Wannabe's confinement. Therefore, the award for the tournament was an opportunity he could not pass up.

Karl had taken over the businesses of the S club after the Fleet Combat tournament, so that Wang Tong would be able to focus on his preparation for the qualifications.

To defeat the strongest fighters in the world, he needed to become much stronger. However, Wang Tong started to become restless as he felt the lack of a practice partner around him. He had learned a lot from practicing with Mr. Wannabe, but he wanted more than that, as he thought that he was far from reaching his full potential.

Thanks to the space crystal, Wang Tong had plenty of time to spend on training. However tedious the exercise was, Wang Tong never once felt he was bored. Instead, he cherished every extra second he had, because he knew that while he was training, so were his opponents. Wang Tong knew that behind every splendid victory were countless hours of work and sweat.

Wang Tong not only had the crystal to help him with the cultivation, Samantha had also ordered a new set of equipment for the students who would partake in the tournament to strengthen their physical condition.

Wang Tong had gained access to the most advanced equipment at school, and no one felt that Samantha was playing favorites. Wang Tong had become the synonym of Ayrlarng, and almost all the students called him by his nickname: Boss.

Although Wang Tong had won the champion title at the Fleet battle tournament, everyone from Ayrlarng and Bernabeu knew that Wang Tong's real interest was in METAL combat.

Although there would be the treacherous road ahead of Wang Tong, no one had lost their hope in him, as they believed that Wang Tong would eventually become the strongest fighter in the world.

The S club had two managers, one was Zhou Sis who was in charge of the fleet combat, and the other was Cao Yi, who was reprehensible for matters related to METAL combat.

Cao Yi was one of Wang Tong's practice partner. After countless defeats, no one, including himself, knew what his level of power was any longer.

Hu Yangxuan had disappeared, as he had decided to enter an extended period of close-door cultivation—an extremely intense form of cultivation that often yielded surprising results. Seeing that even Karl had made a name for himself, Hu Yangxuan felt the urge to become stronger. Since the Templar's Court had announced the participation of the Inner Court Templars, many of whom were friends with Hu Yangxuan, he felt the sense of urgency as he feared that he might lose face in front of his old friends.

Despite their eagerness to improve themselves, they quickly conceded that they wouldn't improve much if they didn't have a pool of competent practice partners. Even Apache had disappeared with only one note left to Wang Tong, "Be Careful."

Wang Tong had set an excellent example for the other students, as he had shown everyone the importance of making small steps every day. Therefore, everyone dared not slack up, and the students had quickly formed a very positive and competitive environment, with everyone training with a newfound enthusiasm.

Despite Samantha's busy schedule, she managed to persuade Massa to offer a boot camp session for the tournament participants.

These students would be representing the earth confederate, and therefore, helping them was not against the interest of the TNN. Plus, Massa confessed that he liked working with students.

TNN was full of powerful fighters, and therefore, Wang Tong was elated by the opportunity to spar with them.

Wang Tong had been training day and night nonstop, slowly gathering strength inside his sea of consciousness. He had also been testing one of the secret weapons he had learned from the fight with Li Ruoer.

Meanwhile in Capth…

Wang Ben had disappeared from school and cocooned himself in his private training chamber. His dedication to his training sometimes made his mother's tears stream from her eyes.

Unlike his father, Wang Ben's mother was the much more tender caregiver. Although she had been sad when Wang Ben failed his mind opening operation, she conceded that it might be a good thing since her son would finally drop the idea of becoming a soldier and risk his life every day.

After Wang Ben's successful second operation, his mother accepted the reality and supported him wholeheartedly. From her son's determined eyes, she knew that Wang Ben was happiest whenever he was fighting.

Wang Ben punched at the practice dummy with the Fist of Racing Tiger. The tactics sent a wave of roar throughout the training room, and the fist made a large indentation on the metal dummy.

"Is this the Fist of Pussycat?" A cold voice rose behind Wang Ben.

Wang Ben turned around and wiped the sweat from his forehead, "Sorry, father."

"Punch me with all you got. Think of me as your enemy…no, your nemesis." General Hu Ben announced.

Wang Ben drew a large gulp of air and started charging his soul energy. When it was charged up, he punched at his father as his fist roared in the air.


Wang Ben crashed into the wall behind him, and blood spilled out from his mouth.

"If you want to attend the tournament, you need to do better than. Otherwise, you might as well stay home with your mom!"

Hu Ben walked away after leaving his son a cold and hard advice.

After General Hu Ben was out of his son's sight, he wiped away a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled approvingly. Although he was pleased with his son's power, he knew that his son still had a long way to go to compete with the heirs of the great houses.